Top 15 Cheap Cable TV For Low Income Seniors 2021

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Senior citizens or the elderly population need a source of entertainment, and many of our loved ones love watching tv. That’s why cable providers offer cheap cable tv for low income seniors as a way to provide entertainment at very affordable prices. The major players in cable services, like Directv and Dish, offer cheap plans with great channel line-up loved by seniors.

In this post, you’ll learn the cheap cable tv for low-income seniors. It will help you choose the right cable or tv plan for you or your loved ones. Let’s get started!

Top 15 Cheap Cable TV For Low Income Seniors 2021

1. Dish TV Cable Plans For Seniors

Are you looking for a cable TV that is low cost and fits your budget? Well, Dish TV Deals offers cable TV for seniors at a low cost for $59.99. There will be no more worries about having high current bill because at Dish cable TV rates are perfectly friendly for seniors.

Dish TV Cable Plans For Seniors

Dish TV deal includes a Single TV plan with a discount and we’re glad to tell you there is aren’t any price increases for 2 years. Also, you can get good credit discounts. The application doesn’t take long since approval is just so easy through a phone call. Call Dish at (888)858-4179.

Here’s how seniors can sign up and get the deal:

  • First, you’ll be into a phone conversation with a product specialist to check which kind of card you get.
  • Next, you should select the channels which you like the most.
  • Then, wait for your service to be approved.  Don’t worry it doesn’t take long. There will be some questions asked. By the way, installation is free.
  • Finally, set the date your service will be installed. Installation usually takes 2-4 hours.

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2. Xfinity Cheap Cable TV Plans For Low Income Seniors

Xfinity has the best overall cable TV deals. Be satisfied with Xfinity’s prices that are fair and there are no contracts applied except $10 a month. It also includes a decent DVR and most importantly, seniors get to save money.

Xfinity Cheap Cable TV Plans For Low Income Seniors

In fact, it is lesser than a cable service provider at an average cost. With Xfinity, you will not miss the famous programs and shows. Meanwhile, the solid DVR can record 100 hours of high definition and six shows. Plus, it has a voice-controlled remote and integration of Netflix.

Choose from these packages which include the following:

  • Digital Starter: The Digital Starter is simply affordable, especially for the seniors. It has basic cheaper packages than the other providers. It has 140 and more channels. It’s so reasonable at $49.99 every month. This plan includes some but not all channels from the top 25 cable TV networks.
  • Digital Preferred: If you wish to enjoy more channels, the Digital Preferred has 220+ channels for $59.99 a month. Lastly, the Digital Premier is for $104.99 a month for 260+channels.

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3. Cox Cheap Cable TV Plans For Low-Income Seniors

Cox offers you only Cable TV services at the best prices to match your needs and seniors who have low-income. It comes perfectly in two plans.  You can choose from TV Starter and Contour TV.  TV Starter is only $25 a month with 75+ channels while the Contour TV which has 140+ channels only costs $ 64.99 every month.

Cox Cheap Cable TV Plans For Low Income Seniors

At the same time, enjoy the streaming app which is always on-the-go. The Contour TV cable package offers you some options like add-ons which are customizable. It gives you more flexibility and freedom to choose.

What else would you look for with Cox? Cox is simply the best for its cheap channel plan for someone and seniors to enjoy their favorite shows and programs at a very affordable price.  Also, it includes options where you can customize your channels.

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4. Spectrum Cheap Cable TV Plans For Senior Low-Income Families

Spectrum Cheap Cable TV Plans For Senior Low Income Families

For seniors who don’t want any contract with the cable TV provider, well you’ve found the right service. As mentioned earlier, Spectrum doesn’t require a contract. You don’t need to enter a contract for a year after signing up. It means you’re free to find another TV service when you want to. When talking about the price, it’s just so reasonable with the channels you get to have. In short, the prices are pretty amazing. Thus, seniors can save more money. Imagine watching about 125 channel for just $44.99 a month.

There are 3 plans to choose from, including the following:

  • The TV Select includes 125+ channels for only $44.99 a month.
  • Get more channels with TV Silver offering you 175+ channels at $84.99 a month.
  • Last, watch more exciting shows with TV Gold at $104.99 a month with 200+ channels.

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5. Optimum Cheap Cable TV Plans For Seniors

Watching TV and enjoying great shows is one of the best ways for a family to spend time together, so wouldn’t it be great to have it with only the best cable, Optimum. With Optimum, there is no need to enter a contract.

Optimum Cheap Cable TV Plans For Seniors

Select from three TV plans which include the following.

  • First, Optimum Core TV comes with 220+ channels for only $59.99 a month.
  • Increase the channels with Optimum Select TV with more than 340 channels and pay $74. 99 a month.
  • You can get the most channels with Optimum Premier TV for $104.99 every month with over 420 channels.

Your quality time with family would be more fun with a lot of channels to choose from. Enjoy the time by having a share of your favorite shows and programs. To keep a copy your favorite show, the DVR lets you record 15 shows and you will not miss every scene of it.

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6. AT&T U-Verse Cheap Cable TV Plans For Low-Income Seniors

AT&T has extended its services to seniors who they believe greatly needs a sort of entertainment while staying at home. That’s why they have AT&T U-Verse TV.  It works with U-Verse internet and cheap cable TV. It comes with 15 to 200 channels and an HD DVR.

AT&T U-Verse Cheap Cable TV Plans For Low Income Seniors

Here are some bundle deals you can choose from or AT&T cheap cable tv for low income seniors:

  • The AT&T U200 gives you 300 channels for $55.00 a month.
  • Add 5 dollars and you get 470 channels with AT&T U300 for $60.00 a month.
  • Get 550 channels for $110.00 a month.
  • But to those who don’t want bundle products, their DirectTV includes a DVR and live TV with movies for only $35 a month. If they use both internet and TV they can have U-verse TV. It is a combination of more than 190 channels for and internet fiber at $75 per month.

In terms of discount, there is no clear discount about it yet; however, they have a 10% discount for a bundle of low-speed internet plus TV services. For seniors, AT&T prides provides free activation, no hidden charges, and most importantly, services and equipment are made simple and uncomplicated. You may also consider the cheapest AT&T cell phone plans for seniors and of course the best cell phone for seniors with dementia.

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7. Mediacom Cable TV Plans For Low-Income Seniors

Mediacom is offering cheap bundle services for everyone and also works well with seniors. Get to enjoy watching movies and other shows and programs on your TV and maximize your internet. Mediacom has always been working hard to compete and make their services better. Their packages are lower than other providers.

Mediacom Cable TV Plans For Low Income Seniors

Here are the best deals offered by Mediacom or cable tv for low income seniors:

  • First, their Mediacom TV package and internet service which has more than 100 channels are only $49.98 a month.
  • Their Family TV and internet with over 170 channels, 75 channels are High Definition. It costs $99.98 per month. In other words, Mediacom offers good bundle plan for a cable TV and internet. Seniors may try to negotiate to get some discounts by calling their retailers in the local.

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8. Comcast Cable TV Plans For Low Income Seniors

Comcast is offering assistance especially for seniors known as the Internet Essentials. It includes three points. First, it has cheap and internet at a high-speed service for $9.95 per month and a choice to buy a computer and digital training.  To be a part of it, you should be 62 years or older and eligible.

Comcast Cable TV Plans For Low Income Seniors

This essential has 15/2 Mbps that costs $9.95 a month plus tax. Don’t worry there are no fees for activation and rental fees. In addition, you get access for free digital learning online both with a module and a teacher and other perks. Comcast offers a 10% discount for basic cable package for seniors.  The basic package has inclusions of CBS, NBC, and other cable news locally.

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9. SLING TV Cable Plans For Low-Income Seniors

SLING TV offers no contract. Its entry cost is actually low, yet it has customizable plans. It is actually applicable for internet streaming.  Thus, it relies on your connection for its content delivery so then there will be no equipment and installation fee. With Sling TV, paying is every month. Quitting is easy at any time.  Exclude all fees for startup, cancellation, and rent for equipment.

SLING TV Cable Plans For Low Income Seniors

SLING TV offers three different cable plans or cheap cable tv for low income for seniors such as:

  • The Orange plan which costs $25/ month includes 28 live channels like TBS, TNT, AMC, CNN, and ESPN. Streaming is at a time for one channel regardless if it’s live or recording.
  • The Blue plan which is also $ 25/ month has 43 live channels but it doesn’t include Disney and ESPN.
  • Last, the SLING Orange +SLING Blue which costs $40 a month have the same channels from both orange and blue plan and get to stream 4 channels. If you want to get DVR feature, just pay $5 more and record for 50 hours.

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10. DIRECTV Cable Plans For Seniors

DIRECTV is a cable TV service and an internet provider as well. It is one of the largest cable television providers in the United States. With $65/month you get the package known as Select. It includes internet and TV together.

DIRECTV Cable Plans For Seniors

Take note, TV package has a contract that lasts up to 24 months. Meanwhile, there are 12 months for the internet. For two years, you should have these accounts active. For the first year, the entry price is $65/month, then in the 2nd year, the price would go up to $106. But it would reflect an auto pay discount for $5/month.

By the way, the “Select” package gives you over 150 channels, like Disney, Discovery, AMC, Food Network, and Comedy Central. Plus, a Genie High Definition DVR and inclusion of three receivers free. With it, record HD for 200 hours and stream four. This Genie is matched HD 4K Ultra.

For sports lover seniors, the sports package includes the ticket for NFL Sunday delivered, so they enjoy watching eight games at one time. The CHOICE package gives you Sports Pack add on for $13. 99 a month. With it, access This gives you 30 regional networks about sport. There are other features.

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11. Verizon Fios Cable TV Plans For Seniors

Verizon Fios biggest advantage is their network which is fiber optic. This optic fiber carries bigger data compared to cables made of copper or coaxial. This fiber then makes the internet faster. Since their connections are symmetrical, the speed both uploading and downloading is the same.

Verizon Fios Cable TV Plans For Seniors

Fios offers three packages known as the ‘double play’. It means and the internet together. For the lowest price of $49.99 a month, you get 50 Mbps, Fios TV which has more than 15 channels. The channels air big networks like PBS and the like. This package may be basic but the good thing is the absence of a contract. If you want to upgrade, you should sign up for the contract which lasts for two years contract.

Rates are locked in for this period. Enjoy 15Mbps and your choice of HD TV for $94. 99 per month. This Preferred HD TV has over 255 channels and more than 80 are HD. It has SHOWTIME, and DVR for a recording of 6 and 100 shows recorded. You may also consider Verizon internet for low income families.

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12. RCN Cable TV Plans For Low Income Seniors

RCN has programs like digital programming given to homeowners and having big networking services. their services include videos, Internet, streaming and even digital television. Seniors would greatly love it. Enjoy the tv channel line-up RCN offers relatively cheap prices that seniors can afford.

RCN Cable TV Plans For Low Income Seniors

Here are the low income internet and cable offered by RCN:

  • RCN offers bundles that let you save up to $35 per month. You get a Signature TV, an internet speed of 50 Mbps and Unlimited Phone.  You get over 295 channels on your TV. This is charged with $79.99 a month for 12 months.
  • The Digital Basic TV with 50 Mbps Internet is only for $39.99 a month for 12 months.  Watch from 72 channels. Use the internet option to check your social media account like Facebook or your email.
  • The last one is Signature TV and 250 Mbps of the Internet, an Unlimited Phone plus over 295 channels for $89.99 a month within 12 months. Now you can watch basic and popular channels, and at the same time use the internet to check your email, social media, and browse the internet. It is a nice deal for seniors to make their lives more social and exciting.

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13. Time Warner Cable Plans For Low Income Seniors

Time Warner Cable will make things easier for our seniors with their bundle offers. With the bundle are free installation plus your TV, internet and your phone which you will use at home. They’ve got three tv plan options to choose from.

Time Warner Cable Plans For Low Income Seniors

Here are the Time Warner Cable low income internet and cable plans:

  • First is the TRIPLE PLAY SELECT which lets you watch over 125 channels plus service with free DVR. Your internet would be 100 Mbps and you get unlimited calls nationwide. It has 18 features which are popular and this is only $99 per month within 12 months when it’s bundled. 
  • Next, is the TRIPLE PLAY SILVER having more than `175 channels and free of charge DVR service, 100 Mbps of internet, calling unlimitedly nationwide, 18 popular features and over 50 channels of your favorite shows by adding $20 more.
  • Last is the TRIPLE PLAY GOLD plan. It has over 200 channels. Get to call anyone in the nation with its unlimited calls. The DVR service is free. You get 25 channels more by adding $20 more.

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14. Buckeye Broadband Cheap Cable TV Plans For Seniors

It is formerly called Buckeye CableSystem, which is a telecommunications and cable provider located in Ohio, United States. It is owned and operated by Block Communications, providing cable television, home telephone services, and broadband internet to elderly customers in some parts of Michigan and northwest Ohio.

Buckeye Broadband Cheap Cable TV Plans For Seniors

Here are the cable plans offered by Buckeye Broadband:

  • HD Cable TV and Broadband Internet (Discounted Price: $49.99 a month): It includes 30 channels with free EPIX good for three months and basic internet.
  • HD Cable TV and Essential Internet (Discounted Price: $49.99 a month): It includes 30 channels with free EPIX good for six months and basic internet.
  • Popular Standard and Broadband Internet  (Discounted Price: $99.99 a month): It includes popular channels and basic internet with free EPIX good for six months.

Note: All Buckeye Broadband plans have no contract.

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15. Wide Open West or WOW Cable TV For Low-Income Seniors

It is the sixth biggest cable operator in the USA. The company is not only offering cable television but also landline and broadband Internet. Wide Open West is one of the top ten Netflix performance providers in the northeast and midwest regions, offering truly “unlimited” service without overage fees and data caps.

Wide Open West or WOW Cable TV For Low Income Seniors

Customers can bundle phone plan, internet, and TV. The Internet 100 Plus Medium Cable is the Best Double Play priced at $69.99 with 100 Mbps of internet. The complete channel listings differ based on your service area. Aside from NFL Sunday Ticket, the TV options of Wide Open West are similar to DirecTV. All the premium options available include NFL Network, Viceland, and HBO.

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How Choose Cheap Cable TV for Low Income Seniors

  • Determine if the cable plan includes a contract. While one year or two-year contracts have discounts, freebies or privileges, no-contract options allow you to change provider if you’re not satisfied with the services.
  • Consider customer service by choosing one that can provide patient, courteous, and world-class customer service.
  • Check the channel line-up of the cable provider you’re considering and make sure you see your favorite channels on the list. Remember that add-ons are usually charged extra from the price of the package.
  • Contact sales and customer service before making a final decision. In that way, you’ll have a good idea of how the company treats its customers. Make sure you also read testimonials or comments of previous customers.
  • Read the terms and conditions as much as possible. If you can’t read well, ask your family member or a trusted friend or caregiver to assist you, which is helpful if you’re asked to sign to an agreement.
  • Check the pricing. Don’t hesitate to ask the sales agent or customer representative about the things included in the package being offered to you. Also ask for additional fees or possible charges, such as the installation cost and DVR and HD service.

Remember that most cable providers may offer free premiums or channels. Watch out the expiration date of these freebies to make sure you won’t be automatically billed once they expire. Take note of equipment charges too which are mostly upfront.

Ask referrals from family and friends who are also using the service. You might have neighbours or friends nearby who can give you an idea of how the cable provider works. Don’t hesitate to ask relevant questions about the reception, pricing, and customer support.


Senior citizens have better options when it comes to tv viewing or cable entertainment nowadays. It is crucial to check the channel listings before you choose a cheap TV plan for you or your loved one for a satisfactory viewing experience. Once you have chosen the right plan for you, you’ll be able to watch the news and your favorite movies, even the old ones you long been looking for, enjoying watching with friends and family.

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