10 Cheap Cable Service That Does Not Require A Credit Check

Since the inception of color television, much of humankind’s day has been spent in front of this slab of plastic and glass that is filled with all forms of entertainment and amusement. Like with every other consumable in high demand, retailers make it their sole purpose to provide that so-called product in the most enticing manner possible.

This is why the internet is riddled with articles like this one that talks about the 10 cheap cable services available to you without a credit check required.

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This is because who does not want to enjoy their favorite talk show host making funny comments about cute pets without the mental burden of bad credit hanging over them? Especially knowing that bad credit will mean no cable the following month. Now for those 10 cheap cable services we promised.

10 Cheap Cable Service that does not require a Credit Check 2022

Under this section, we are going to enlist 10 cheap cable service that does not require a credit check. So, without further ado let’s check it out:

Cheap Cable Service that does not require a Credit Check


With DIRECTV, you can enjoy all your favorite shows with bad credit simply by just choosing not to have a credit check done when you set up your subscription. Here are the steps you would need to follow:

Step 1
Go to DIRECTV’s website.

Step 2
From the grey menu below the DIRECTV logo, click “TV Packages.”

Step 3
Choose the language you want to order your channels in from the drop-down menu. If you also want to order Internet and telephone service, you can select “bundle.” You can also select “International” to order channels from other countries.

Step 4
Fill in the prompt with your zip code. This will determine if DIRECTV is available in your area or not. The website may ask you to select your county from a drop-down menu.

Step 5
Choose the right channels and receivers for your needs.

Step 6
Click the bottom right corner of the orange “Check Out” button.

Step 7
Specify your address. You will see a section below your address information requesting a credit check. You can opt out of credit checking or allow DIRECTV to check your credit. You may be subject to a steep fee if you choose not to have a credit check.

Step 8
Wait for the credit check to be taken to the next screen or passed through. You will be quoted a fee that will be due at signing based on your credit.

Step 9
Complete the process by entering a username and password; entering your payment information, and scheduling an appointment for installation.

Simple and straightforward signup process
May receive a steep subscription fee

2. Comcast

Comcast has chosen to deliver internet service to its clients without any credit checks or deposits required. The company, however, needs its clients to pay for a plan before it provides its services and therefore does not require any credit check or deposit.

Due to the new undertaking of Comcast, many individuals belonging to low-income households can subscribe to the services of Comcast by originally depositing a tiny amount to take advantage of its services.

Comcast also started to provide the households that had earlier subscribed to its Internet plans with its cable TV services. You are supplied with an X1 TV box that provides you with a complete YouTube, Netflix, and live TV experience.

Otherwise, you can pick your channels on request if you want to skip the box. You are supplied with remote voice control for your TV set and cable services, which take your voice to the channels you want to see.

In your Xfinity stream app, Comcast also provides you with a live TV experience. It can be obtained through the service Comcast which provides all the channels accessible on your smartphone in the cable network.

If you already have Comcast internet service, you can get cable service too.
Access to shows on your mobile phone through the Xfinity App

3. Spectrum

Spectrum provides cable service without having to check credit. You can enjoy more than 10,000 cable TV channels along with quick internet with Spectrum. They also give you free installation, free internet set-up, and DVR, and you can hope to enjoy your own home’s benefits. Because of the excellent network infrastructure below, Spectrum is said to have better facilities than Comcast.

Several bundles you can choose from Spectrum range from $20 to as much as $100 a month. You can choose from a broad spectrum of channels, and each package has a list of advantages earlier calculated along with the expenses associated.

Cheapest cable option
Wide range of packages to choose from

4. Flex TV by Dish

The dish is another business not requiring a credit check from their clients. If you want to enjoy the services, you do not need to enter into an agreement or deposit early termination fees. They give a cable TV link via Flex TV, which provides you with many channels for the first 3 months of service, including HBO free.

This is the best cable television service with more than 6 000 subscribers, according to viewers. They offer you the best TV viewing experience and have many plans to ease you with the investment process.

You must be either a new subscriber or an old subscriber who has unsubscribed from the dish for no more than 90 days to use the services of Flex TV. If you want to keep the service on hold for a limited time, you must call Dish and inform Dish Pause, after which you will withhold your services for $5 a month.

By unsubscribing the Dish Network, the services can be permanently cut off. You have to pay the subscription quantity for one month and any exceptional dues to subscribe to the Dish network again.

Dish provides a wide variety of Dish JOEY and Dish Hopper 2 network products. All of these products assist you in regulating the channels you want to watch, and you can choose according to your job routine.

Good for families and people who have relocated
Wide internet premise coverage

5. Fios by Verizon

Verizon’s Fios service may be the most sensible and cheapest cable TV service on the globe. In their package, Fios provides you with some stuff and does not include credit checks. The package includes one router, one Fios Internet HD set-top box, a home phone, and a custom television. Overall, it is among all cable tv service suppliers the most appealing package.

This package is useful for individuals who have moved homes recently or refurbished their lifestyles. The Wi-Fi enables all your home members to enjoy a network link inside the house premises. In addition, Wi-Fi can be linked to more than ten devices, and it provides uninterrupted service for all the months the scheme remains.

The cost of subscribing to the Fios package is 110 bucks, and by paying an additional 5 bucks, you can boost your internet speed to 50 MBps. To subscribe to the Fios package, you must provide the company with your name, service address, email, and telephone number. A method is relatively easy and does not involve bank information. Consequently, many clients feel confident about Fios’ security, and when selecting Fios, they do not consider other options.

Allows you to put your subscription on hold
Available to both old and new members

6. Home Cable Internet ON

This is another excellent service within the nation that is limited to some areas. You need to pay in Canadian dollars, which is much cheaper than USD, to use their facilities. You are permitted to have a flexible plan while maintaining contact with your customer service. They give their services without a credit check and thus attract many individuals from within and outside the US.

Home cable internet and home DSL internet are two kinds of internet service. There are several packages in Canadian currency with a cost ranging from $25 to $100. They also propose their plans depending on the number of accessible internet strategies and then provide the finest home service for you.

For this service, those who expect to work on the web at a very low price must go as it is one of the cheapest of the five facilities that have been enlisted. You can only hope to completely update your phone or laptop as they need a contemporary machine to install their services.

Cheaper due to payment in Canadian dollars
Access to shows on your mobile phone through the Xfinity App.
Limited to certain areas
Not payable in multiple currencies

7. The Trapp as

This is what you may call a bootleg service; however, you will not be required to have a credit check done. They offer two packages, one being Cable service priced at $40 per month, and the other is what they call a “Jailbroken Firestick” priced at $80 a month.

Same-day installation service
Risk of committing a crime by using an illegitimate service

8. Orby TV

This was a service launched in 2018 by a group of TV industry veterans who aimed to deliver a service of integrity that is trusted and transparent with the consumer.

It offers a $40 cable service as well as a $50 package that includes extras.

Started by industry professionals
You can join a rent-out service.
Available on the mobile app too

9. SuddenLink

Suddenlink Communications is one of the largest cable internet service providers in the United States, operating in St. Louis, Missouri. Suddenlink provides high-speed internet, digital television, home phone, and home security services. Founded in 2003, the firm was recently purchased by Altice USA.

Suddenlink TV packages offer several decisions for clients to accommodate their monthly entertainment requirements. Most TV packages from Suddenlink come bundled with the internet and include Netflix at no extra charge.

Offer an all-in-1 product.
Limited to a few channels
Do not specialise in Cable service.

10. Streaming Services

There is a new age of digital entertainment upon us brought about by services such as Netflix. Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Now, and Sling TV. These are not like traditional cable services; however, they have numerous benefits that go hand-in-hand with those of traditional broadcasting. Packages vary from as low as being free on Vevo to $35 on PlayStation Vue. The options are endless, and the upside is no credit checks.

You can watch your favorite show from anywhere, anytime.
Cheaper than regular cable services
No need to extra fees like installation fees and hardware
You may have to sign up for more than one service for a variety
Do not broadcast live events

Final verdict

It is quite a challenge to sift through all the fluff and find a reliable, trustworthy, and affordable cable service provider and not have to go through with a credit check, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. This list will make your quest for stress-free entertainment way easier.