10 Cheap Cable Service no Credit Check Required

Every household has a TV, internet, and other gadgets. These are a few things which are common in every house around. People are really concerned nowadays, about which cable service has the highest ranking, which is also cheap.

Everyone wants the best, but they are more focused to find cheap TV services for low income seniors. Are you also looking for a cheap cable service with no credit check required?

What do you basically look for before getting a TV service? We look for that it should be channel lineup, price and lastly equipment and features. TV service is providing you with a bundle of channels at different prices. 

If you want all the channels in one package it will cost you accordingly. So, choose your required channels timely. You have registered for a cheap TV service cherry on top of that cheap cable service has no credit check isn’t it amazing?

Cheap Cable Service no Credit Check Required

Yes!! First, your cable service will be installed without making any down payment. There are few cheap cable service which has made their name in the world of technology let’s have a review on the best of them.

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10 Cheap Cable Service no Credit Check Required


DIRECTTV is available in 50 states; Arizona, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, and many more. It promises you 99% signal reliability.

It offers you endless entertainment packages like Select All Included, Entertainment All Included, Choice All Included, XTRA All Included, Ultimate All Included, and Premier All Included.

There are some cable services that charge you even for installation and activation. This causes users to fatigue because they are already paying a handsome amount for getting a bundle of channels.

In this case, DIRECTTV provides you with free installation and activation, so you don’t have to spend an extra dollar. It also gives bundles discounts for AT&T wireless customers. Its price increase after 12 months and it is already mentioned before you register with them.

It also promises you the best satellite signal reliability. With this cheap cable service no credit check is required to connect to your home.


AT&T U-VERSE brings you all the popular channels like Hair Club, Derma Wand Lisa Pro, GENENTVODAPP, Hello Sunshine, KIDSVODAPP and many more.

Cheap Cable Service no Credit Check Required 2019 Updated - AT&T U-VERSE

It comes with various package plans; U-Basic-25+ channels, U-Family-190+channels, U200-380+channels, and U-450-565+channels these cost you accordingly. It also gives you TV plans through DIRECTTV it is the segment of the AT&T family.

This package gives you many other features such as HD service included; you can rescored more than four shows at a time and watch them later, remote access to DVR settings and get the benefits of Live TV streaming via the U-verse app.

Its price also increased after the agreement of 12 month time period. Their contracts are only up to 12 months long on behalf of this, and there is no early installation or activation fee.

This TV service is specially designed by keeping in mind that you and your family get the required program you want.

3. Verizon Fios TV

Verison Fios TV service offers you three major plans; Fios Gigabit Connection with Ultimate TV & Phone which will cost you $79.99/ month, Fios Gigabit Connection with Custom TV & Phone will cost you $79.99/month, and Fios Gigabit Connection with Preferred TV & Phone will cost you $94.99/month. All these plans have different bundles of channels. 

Many cable companies provide require the customers to sign the full page contract, which can cost you a lot. But it gives you a plan which is only dependable month-to-month, and no cancellation fee is added.

This TV service travels to your home via fiber-optic cable; you should have a router to receive service. There are two options available; you can buy or rent router with Verizon.


DISH TV is proving for a long time that it has 99% signal reliability. It provides efficient picture quality. This company has always made itself proud by making sure that connection should always be at its peak performance so nothing could disturb its users. You can watch live, and you can only play something On Demand.

Cheap Cable Service no Credit Check Required 2019 Updated - DISH TV

It has a feature which is known as On Demand programming which is accessible on any of your devices. It can be your phone, laptop, or your personal tablet.

It also includes one more feature which is Hopper HD DVR. It is one of the strong DVR devices available which allows you to record up to 16 shows at the same time. You can also store up to 2,000 hours of SD content, easily skip the commercials, and many more.

It comes with a package DISH and INTERNET BUNDLE which will cost you $79.99/month. This is totally reliable, offers you a lot in one package, and this cheap cable service no credit check required.

5. Comcast Xfinity TV

Xfinity offers you a package that is Save with an Xfinity bundle which will cost you $79.99/month. It gives you a combined TV, internet and home phone service.

Its pricing may vary by location and availability. There is no contract option available for this TV service, and for this cheap cable service no credit check is required. It provides you with 10+to 200+ channels. You should try it because it provides you with a flexible contract option.

You can take their services for how long you want. It also promises you a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied you can call them anytime they will pay your money back without any sort of hesitation.

6. Sling TV

As above Sling TV comes with no contract. You don’t have to worry about the installation fee or activation fee. They do not even charge an equipment fee. You have to pay month-to-month, which means you can continue with them and end it anytime you feel suitable.

Cheap Cable Service no Credit Check Required 2019 Updated - Sling TV

This is basically an internet streaming application which allows you to browse as fast as your internet connection will work.

It is currently offering you three plans which are feasible enough such as Orange Plan which will cost you $25/month, Blue Plan will also cost you $25/month, and the last one is Sling “Orange”+Sling “Blue”  which will cost you $40/month.

They all come with different packages and feature like in “Orange Plan” it allows you to watch 28 live channels, you can only stream one channel at a similar time. In “Blue Plan” you can watch 43 live channels, and it doesn’t involve ESPN and Disney.

You can stream almost 4 channels at the same time. The last one consists features of both so you can avail all the channels and stream up to 4 channels at the same time.

Just keep in your mind that it is an internet streaming application so you need to be careful with your internet data.

7. Dish Network

Dish offers you four different packages in which you can avail of different features. One of them is known as America’s Top 120 which will cost you $59.99/month in this you will get 190 channels that involve CMT, CBS, FOX, Disney, and many more.

The second package which offers is known as America’s Top 120 Plus which will cost you $69.99/month in this you get more than 190 channels which also include local channels.

The third but not last package is known as America’s Top 200, which will cost you $79.99/month and allows you to watch 240+ channels.

After buying this package you would be able to watch premium channels such as Lifetime Movie Network, Discovery, and many more.

The last one is America’s Top 250 which will cost you $89.99/month. This is one of the ultimate packages you can watch 290+ channels. Like the above cable service, this cable service has no credit check.

8. PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is one of the other cheap TV Service. This is an application which you can easily download on your smart TV.

Cheap Cable Service no Credit Check Required 2019 Updated - PlayStation Vue

It depends upon the internet speed. If your internet connection is working perfectly, you won’t face any sort of issue in video quality. It comes from PlayStation, but there is no need of gaming console.

You can anytime install it in many devices such as; Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and many more. The pricing of it plans starts from $39/month to $75/month. This is expensive as satellite TV and cable service.

You can stream more than four devices with one PlayStation Vue account. It also provides you cloud DVR which allows you to record unlimited live shows only for 28 days. You can bookmark your favorite TV channel and create a list of them separately.

It also recommends shows which you might like. One exclusive feature is that every member of the family can create their own profiles and watch whatever genre they like.

9. Netflix

Netflix is also an online streaming application. It doesn’t show you the live content, but it shows you on-demand and original content.

There are so many movies and seasons are uploaded on it you can watch them anytime if you have a good internet connection because it requires it. You can choose what you want to watch and check if it’s available or uploaded in Netflix and watch it anywhere you want. Its subscription is a bit different than TV.

It has three plans one is Basic Plan which will cost you $7.99/month, Standard Plan which will cost you $9.99/month and the last one is Premium Plan which will cost you $11.99.

In all of these you purchase different screens, and those can be allocated to different family members so that they can watch their shows. It doesn’t require any sort of contract.

You can start using it and stop using it of your will. It is easily accessible you can even download the application on your phone, and take full advantage of it.

10. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is the same as Netflix. You can choose what so ever you want to watch and stream it without any sort of disturbance. Only your internet connection should be good enough.

There is no term for such a contract on Amazon Prime. If you want to subscribe it this will cost you $8.99/month. You can also get a yearly subscription which will cost you $99/yearly.

You can even download the movies and shows and watch them later. But there are some certain limits to how long you can watch it offline downloaded content.

There is one more thing if you have reached the maximum number of downloads and you want to download more content here you have to delete the previous one to download the new one to free up space.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best cheap TV service, it depends upon several factors in which you can include pricing, and most important is your location. Internet streaming applications are the cheaper ones. You also don’t need to sign any sort of contract.

Satellite TV provides you with more channels and efficient DVR functions. If you have more people in your house, then it’s better to sign up for Satellite TV.

We hope this article is helpful to you. Let us know in the comment section below.