7 Best Cell Phone with Longest Battery Life 2023

Did you ever face any unusual shut down even though you bought a cell phone with longest battery life? This would be the worst situation you ever face.

On the other hand, a good battery backup is the main attention while buying a new phone. So you are supposed to know which phones come with what amount of battery that will easily last throughout the days.

In this article, we are going to discuss the 7 best cell phone with longest battery life so stick to us and get know-how and why they are best.

7 Best Cell Phone with Longest Battery Life

1. OnePlus 7

cell phone with longest battery

One Plus is now on the top-rated most popular cell phone for their innovative cell phones.

Every phone of OnePlus is infused with an amazing technological breakthrough.

One Plus 7 comes with a 3700 mAH battery so this number of mAH shows how long it can withstand while you will continuously play the game and do other multi-tasking.

Key Features

  • 3700 mAH lithium-ion battery with the fastest Ram 6GB boost the overall power backup
  • Type-C cable supported by USB 2.0 that helps to replenish battery within the shortest timespan
  • 2.84GHz Snapdragon 855 octa-core processor
  • It comes with an amazing 128GB of internal storage and it allows to sit 2 sims at a time.
  • it confirms the ultimate pixel count on the rear 48MP+5MP and at the front 16MP, that is a blast.
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Another main attention would be the Type-C cable of it so you can replenish the battery in no time. The Ram would be another essential factor to retain the power of the battery.

The faster Ram the slower the battery would be. So this phone has amazing 6GB Ram support which is more than a phone required to withstand battery life.

Apart from this, it has all the updated specifications that you are looking for at this price. The Snapdragon 855 is one of the fastest and latest editions which will also help to operate the phone function accurately and doesn’t let allow anything to consume the battery power.

2. Moto G7 Power

Moto G7 Power

If you want to get a longest lasting cell phone battery then there is no chance to escape from Moto G7 power as it has a 5000 mAH battery, which is the maximum for today. So that it can withstand up to 60 hours and so last for two and a half days.

Key Features

  • Powerful 632 Qualcomm snapdragon processor along with 1.8 GHz octa-core CPU
  • 4GB of Ram and 64 GB internal space to run the phone to the fullest performance.
  • Excellent large display 6.2″ and support HD videos with 19:9 aspect ratio
  • 12MP PDAF camera on the rear and 8MP selfie cam
  • It can withstand 60-Hour battery standby mode
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Motorola is the first mobile phone in history and recently they are trying to come back with groundbreaking and unique features. Therefore, they bring that amount of battery that is surprising indeed

But the sad news is this phone doesn’t have the Type-C port instead of that it has a USB C port. Hence, it may take a bit more time to fully charge.

But when a 5000 mAH battery phone gets fully loaded then you can easily forget the Type C. The Type-C is for that mobile phone which has a minimum battery backup so that it helps to backup as early as possible.

The other sides of this phone are also satisfactory as it has good specifications that most of the users are now looking forward to buying. The Ram is 4GB that is not outstanding but still worth using and the internal storage has 64 GB.

They have used the Snapdragon processor which is the most reliable as gives more power back up, compared to the other brands like Adriano or Mali.

3. Vivo Nex

Vivo Nex

What Vivo NEX offers to their consumers especially when they want to see more power in the battery?

4000 mAH battery itself is a giant backup that smoothly serves your day-long power consumption.

When you play a lot of games throughout the day then you should have a phone that has at least more than 3500mAH battery. So when getting this more in the Vivo Nex then it should be a phone on your bucket list.

Key Features

  • Vivo NEX has a huge battery backup with 4000mAH
  • To run the phone smoothly it has 8GB of RAm with 128GB of internal storage.
  • It has a v8.1 Oreo operating system
  • It comes with a 2.8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 octa-core processor
  • The stunning HDR scene recognition with the help of Sony IMX363 and 12MP+5MP dual rear camera
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To run the operation smoothly it has ultimate Ram power of 8GB of Ram. If you research how a phone runs then you must know the power of Ram helps to prevent battery damage.

So the more Ram you will have in your phone the less battery drainage occurs. So after the Battery backup, the main attention of this cell phone is the beast, 8GB Ram.

Apart from this Vivo has its own operating system Android V8.1 oreo so make you also like this OS. And when you will move on to the processor you will also be surprised to know it has an 845 Snapdragon octa-core processor that is enough to run smoothly any smartphone.

The super AMOLED display provides the best pixel resolution and last but not least the final surprising thing is Sony imx363 sensor which is a unique specification.

4. Huawei Mate 20 Pro

cell phone with longest battery

When power consumption is your main preference then you must know that Huawei Mate 20 Pro comes with 4200 mAH battery life and 15W wireless charging, which is great for full-day YouTubing, social networking, and gaming.

It may last up to 32 hours in standby mode. Again the super-fast charging with 40W voltage will charge up 70% not more than 40 min.

Key Features

  • 4200/4000 mAH supported lithium battery can withstand full day usage
  • It has brought the most innovative 15w wireless charging
  • It has 4GB/6GB of Ram variation and is supported by the Mali G76 GPU
  • It has a 40MP sensor and the main rear has a 12Mp camera sensor
  • It has a 2.6 GHz octa-core CPU along with Huawei Kirin 980 chipset.
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However, the charge backup depends on how much battery you consume each day. According to our usage, we found it to finish a 40% charge at the end of the day. So if you are a heavy game user you will at least save 20% charge out of it.

By the way, the other spaces are as good as you want them to be. It has a 6GB Ram which is enough for a device to provide a smooth experience even playing PubG at high graphic mode.

If you know about Huawei then you must know that they have their own chipset and thus it has HiSilicon Kirin 980 octa-core processor along with the Mali G76 so stay with the highest performing phone.

5. Google – Pixel 3a XL

Google - Pixel 3a XL

Google Pixel phone is renowned for taking stunning photos and it is a hidden gem for phone lovers.

As the battery is your main thing to consider then you will get a 3700mAH battery that will last 7 hours standby at 15 min fast charging.

Moreover, it comes with the latest Android update 9.1 and will update up to 10. So, you can seamlessly use this handset without any worries.

Key Features

  • It has a 3700 mAH Li-Po battery which can last 7 hours standby at just 15 min charging
  • It has a 6″ display with 1080×2160 pixels which is a visual blast for you
  • It has 4GB Ram with the 168 GB internal storage
  • The single shooter on the rear has 12.2MP can take stunning photos.
  • It has a USB C port and cable with an 18W charger which provides battery fuel in no time
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When you check out the common species in every handset like the Ram, Cpu, and camera, and both are common, in Google pixel, you will find more than that.

Google has designed it as the best performing set with some amazing software like Google assistance, for that many people love to keep it.

As a chipset, they use Snapdragon 670 with 4GB of Ram support. So performing games or any other media consumption would be flexible. Furthermore, the phone is a bit heavier which is 167g and the thickness is 8.2mm.

6. Samsung Galaxy A20

cell phone with longest battery

Samsung Galaxy A20 is another great cell phone with longest battery life and it comes with 4000mAh along with the fast charging option. It can bring amazing performance and fuel your battery in no time.

Key Features

  • It has a 4000mAh battery along with the Type C cable
  • 3GB Ram comes with 32 GB of internal storage
  • It has a Super AMOLED Infinity V display  6.4″
  • It has 1.6GHz octa-core Exynos 7884 Soc
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The phone itself is a great budget phone and you don’t need to think twice about its affordability. Within this price range, it brought very good species that will blow your mind.

First of all, the Ram of this phone is 3GB and the internal space is also good to go with 32GB space. By the way, don’t forget the latest update of Android what it has like Android 9 Pie-based One UI.

Furthermore, the main attention after battery backup is Type-C cable, If you are a heavy user then you can refill the battery in no time with the help of this Type C

It comes with amazing build quality along with the AMOLED panel. Moreover, it comes with four versatile offers and each of the colors will blow your mind. So based on your performance you can bring one of them home.

7. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

sung Galaxy Note 10+

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is the latest hype in the mobile phone arena and it comes with lots of features.

The price of it is worth investing your money especially when you are looking for the best phone for battery longevity.

Key Features

  • The battery power of this phone is 4200mAh with a USB 3.0 fast charging port
  • It has a maximum RAM capacity that is 32GB with the 256GB of storage
  • It comes with the 9W of reverse charging technology
  • It has a 45W super-fast charging cable
  • It has 15W of wireless charging
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For that, you are going to get the 4300mAh battery that will withstand a full day even though you play the HD mode of games and consume lots of media.

This phone has the best specifications out of all on this list. The Ram capacity is the highest in the industry like 12GB also the 256GB internal space can hold tons of files on your phone.

As you know Samsung is giving more importance to this handset and trying to sell it as much as possible they didn’t compensate to bring anything that you know in the mobile space.

Now come to the main point for what you will love it. This is about the battery segment and I’ve already shared with you the amazing 4000mAh but this is just the beginning.

As you know the fast charging is the new innovation so it has the best choice for you with 45W of the charger and the USB power is 3.0 whereas most others are followed by 2.0.

Last but not least the reverse wireless charging 9W can bring power from another user, which is a tremendous revolution in the phone industry.

Final Verdict

If buying a cell phone with longest battery life is your main concern then you must know what is hidden inside every best cell phone.

That’s why we elaborately describe the battery power and how long each of the handsets may last.

Depending on other preferences like the chipset, OS, Ram, internal space, Camera specification, you may make a move out of this 7 best cell phone we reviewed here.