Canon Pixma TS9521C Review -truly what users saying?

Canon Pixma TS9521C ReviewFor those who want to do all in one task in a single printer, their dreams may come true. Canon Pixma TS9521C is the predecessor or you can say as the sibling of the Canon Pixma TS9520 Printer. Canon Pixma TS9251C is a wireless printer which is called as the crafters all in one printer. 

When you are in need of doing multi-tasks of printing documents, photos, graphic designs, and cards in a single printer, it may require some exceptional features for sure. The multitasking printer has to have a standard printing quality, borderless and tabloid-sized prints, faster connectivity, and much more.

For crafters, the printing requirements may vary from paper to paper and different types of designs and logos. As it is specially designed for doing crafter’s work with delicateness and sharpness this printer will stand out. If you are in the job of doing versatile printing tasks, then you may find our Canon Pixma TS9521C Review helpful.

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At A Glance Canon Pixma TS9520 Wireless Printer

  • Print photos and cards with an excellent and constant tone from this printer as it has 5 different dye-based inks 
  • Print borderless  greeting cards and scrapbook pages with the 12 inch X 12 inch wider inkjet feeder
  • With the oversized scanner and auto document feeder, print multi-paged and different sized documents and photos
  • From the ChromaLife 100+ inks feature, get banners and sheets with more fade resistance
  • As it works with Alexa, save 10% of your inks through toner smart reorders and prints

Compare Canon Pixma TS9520 And Brother MFCJ6945DW Inkjet Printer

Canon TS9521C Printer Brother MFCJ6945DW Inkjet Printer
Compare Canon Pixma TS9520 And Brother  MFCJ6945DW Inkjet Printer Compare Canon Pixma TS9520 And Brother  MFCJ6945DW Inkjet Printer
Canon TS9521C is a wireless inkjet printer with the printing media type of Card Stock. Brother MFCJ6945DW is a duplex Inkjet Printer with the printing media type of plain papers as well as it is wireless
Photos and cards from this printer come with an excellent and contrast tone  as it has 5 different dye-based inks cartridge As it is a printer of plain paper it has an INKvestment tank with the cartridge of black color.
The LCD color touch screen of Canon TS9521C is 4.3 inches longer for a clear operating The LCD color touch screen of Brother MFCJ6945DW is 3.7 inches in the area for a decent operating.
It is launched with the utility of doing printing, copying, and scanning tasks at once for multitasking This Duplex printer is made with the ledger technology of printing black/colored docs only
Has a maximum printing speed of 15 coloring pages and 10 black pages per minute It has a maximum printing speed of 20 coloring pages and 22 black pages per minute
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What Users Are Saying About  Canon Pixma TS9521C All-In-One Wireless Printer

The most stunning addition of this printer to the users is the 12X12 Inches borderless printing and the thing makes the consumers buy this. Side by side, the color quality, and photo printing quality are far better than the previous versions of the Canon TS series. The paper handling capacity of this printer is also wider and versatile.

The issues with this printer come to fewer customers, and they found that the ink is finishing faster(especially the Cyan and Magenta). Moreover, some have found black streaks at the bottom of every printed page. Its tech support is also an issue for some of the consumers as they suffered for the lack of it. Without these little and split issues, a large number of the users rated it positively.

Key Features Of  Canon TS9521C Wireless Crafting Photo Printer

Outstanding Printing Form

This inkjet printer prints like most of the contemporary models and the printing Photo quality is in a continuous tone and level. In the high-quality printed colored photos, the dots of ink that consist of the photo is not visible at normal viewing distance or even in a close look at fair light. So it means that the printing quality is excellent and vibrant.

Broad Connectivity

When it comes to the discussion of connectivity, this Canon TS9521C will stand further with its versatile connectivity options. With the High-speed USB cable, you can connect it to computers. Moreover, the Wireless LAN and WiFi 802.11b/g/n with  2.4 GHz frequency, let it connect faster. Side by side it also has Bluetooth 4.0 LE and a memory card slot for ease in connecting.

Quality Settings and Greater Utility

The printing setting is a greater option for completing versatile printing tasks. When printed in higher quality settings, the photos become sharper and flawless. Moreover, the noticeable thing was the intelligent color rendering in the evaluated settings. With this, the option of utility will meet a new horizon as you can do Copy, scan, and print tasks from it at once.

FAQs About Canon Pixma TS9521C All-In-One Wireless Printer

Q: Is it hard to print borderless papers and photos?

It is not hard to print borderless images. If the selected image meets with the size of the paper and you select for borderless printing, it will print without borders simply.

Q: Can I use scrapbook papers brought from a retailer or website?

You can use them, but pre-printed or blank scrapbook paper is not coated for photo-quality printing.  They will work only for the text and light graphics and in photos, it will look washed out.

Q: Does It scans 12X12 inches Scrapbook paper?

No, it doesn’t scan 12X12 inches scrapbook papers. So far we know that it just prints scrapbook paper tasks. To most of the users, it will be a big disappointment.

Q: Does the ink smear when printed with wet stuff?

The wet crafts printed on Canon Pixma don’t make the ink smear. When used podge at thick paper samples, it doesn’t smear at all no matter what.

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Final Verdict

This printer from Canon is also a small-format photo printer which is pretty affordable and reasonable at the price tag. The TS9521C is a pretty great option for home printers, crafters, artists, and so on.  If you prefer printing greeting cards then this is one of the best options in our opinion. But if you want to use this for Apple, then it will lack the built drivers.

As it has smart home ITFFF enabled printing features as well as borderless square and tabloid-size media for convenience, you can have a look at this if you prefer these attributes. But if this budget tag seems comparative higher to you compared to the features, then opting for this may not be a great choice. Last but not least for crafters, it is a great printer in overall performance but for others, it may not be a preferable option.

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