Canon PIXMA TS5320 Review – Is it worthy for money?

Canon PIXMA TS5320 Review - Is it worthy for money?Are you a student who want to do regular printings of photos from your mobile, for academic purpose? Or, Do you want to do regular basis prints in a decent quantity from home? This Canon PIXMA TS5320 has something for you to express. Here we have represented the Canon PIXMA TS5320 review to provide you an in-depth concept of this entry-level printer from the Canon PIXMA TS series.

To speak about this cute looking and lightweight printer, you don’t have to bring a bunch of materials as it is super simple and easy to operate. While going to use this you will understand the portability as well as the print quality. To be honest, the print quality has just set the bar compared to the budget.

Finding the day to day usage printer for home wouldn’t be a sweat breaking task at all. But in this age, people tend to get things at their fingertips. So as we are here to guide you through the Canon PIXMA TS5320 Review. No more adding, Let’s jump on to the body part!

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At A Glance Canon PIXMA TS5320 All In One Wireless Printer

  • Canon PIXMA TS5320 easily lets you navigate and do your printing tasks through the 1.44 inch  OLED status bar display
  • Fits with your tight spaces perfectly as it has a sleek and compact build design which is also pretty much stylish
  • Lunched with 2 ink cartridges that make your printing tasks pretty much simple and hassle-free
  • Works with AirPrint as well as the Google Cloud Prints, Drive, DropBox, Mopria, and so on through your Mobile Devices(iPad, iPhone)
  • With a decent printing speed as well as the wide range connectivity you won’t have to break a sweat

Compare Canon PIXMA TS5320 And Brother MFC-J995DW Printer

To get the overview of these inkjet printers from different brands and to judge, find out the best one for your printing purpose we have illustrated an at a glance comparison of features about two selected printers.

Canon PIXMA TS5320 Wireless Printer Brother MFC-J995DW All in One Printer
Canon PIXMA TS5320 has a maximum printing speed of 13 pages per minutes to let you do things faster. Brother MFC J995DW is made for decent printing as it has a printing speed of 12 ppm for black/white and 10 ppm for color prints.
It has a decent 200-page input capacity as well as an automatic document feeder with duplex print. Made with a 150 sheet paper tray capacity and 20 sheet auto Document feeder capacity to emphasize your printings.
The 1.44 inch OLED display delivers clear information about your prints and functions. There is a 2.7-inch color LED display inserted for better and intuitive control of overall tasks.
Canon PIXMA TS5320 runs on only 2 ink cartridges within 4 separate colors for a vivid photo print. It is made with an INKvestement tank that has backed up with 1 year of inks for an interruption-free printing.
Works with Alexa, voice command prints as well as supports AirPrint and Google Drive Prints for convenience. Comes with Bluetooth, wireless Connectivity technology, and app-controlled prints to let you accomplish things hassle-free.
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What Users Are Saying About  Canon PIXMA TS5320 Printer

Within a decent amount of reviews, it is considered as an entry-level printer by the majority of the users. From that perspective, it is best for the students who want to do his/her regular printing tasks smoothly within their pocket. Those who run home office can avail moderate black & white prints and it suits them who doesn’t bother about the speed rather than the quality. Canon TS5320  lacks in the display and status bar since it’s pretty small than expected. If you want better display than that, then you can check best printrers for canvas instead.

As it runs with 2 ink cartridges that’s why the per print cost is considered a little bit costly to the users. With that when the printer is run with normal as usual plain papers the print quality remains pretty much faded and unclear as well as some shade and noise are also seen. When it goes with glossy photo papers, the print output quality is delivered superb and the best one at that budget.

Key Features Of Canon PIXMA TS5320 All In One Printer

Versatile Function

With the PIXMA TS5320 printer, you will be able to do prints of black and white photos and documents from your Phone as well as print color photos with a decent level of quality. Side by side with voice-activated printing and Alexa Compatibility you will be able to do things easily. Besides, the dual paper feeding and auto-duplex system printing become trouble-free. 

Easy Management

If you talk about the settings process of Canon PIXMA TS5320 it is super simple as it is accessible from your Apple devices. Simply download the Canon Print App and go through the sync process with the QR code and here you are done with your printer. Print, Copy, and scan smoothly without any hassle just with the mobile App.

Smart Design

While talking about the build quality and the design of this Canon TS 5320 printer, it is pretty cute and stylish in this perspective. Besides, the sleek and compact design makes it easily suitable for any sort of interior whether it is for a house or any office. Moreover, it is launched with four smart colors to match your space and choice.

FAQs About Canon PIXMA TS5320 All In One Printer

Q: Does one have to use only Canon inks?

Yes. If you tend to sue any other third party inks rather than the Canon compatible inks for this printer, it will run abnormally. After that, you may face the issue of being stuck in the middle. This may cause the printer to be unusable or invalid.

Q: Is there any connectivity option available other than wireless?

It has wireless connectivity as well as it is Bluetooth supported. More than that, you can also use the USB port to connect it with your PC or computer for functioning your prints.

Q: Is it compatible with all operating systems?

It is compatible with Windows and Mac IOS. As well as it supports iPhones, iPads, and Morphia for Android-based printing. Besides you can print photos from your devices through the Canon Print App from Google Play Store or App Store.

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Final Verdict

After the long informative review of canon PIXMA TS5320, you will be able to choose that if this suits your requirements or not. Since it performs decently throughout all perspectives whether you say about black & white or color prints. In addition, it provides some other valuable features to make your tasks easily done.

May have some flaws like a small display/status bar for controls. And the prints with plain paper may not be so sharp as they are in the glossy photo papers. So you have to do things wisely to fit with it since it is again an entry-level printer. If you own a Mac device then have a look at best wireless printers for mac toget your printing tasks done.

Whether you are a student or a worker you will need a decent amount of printing tasks for your everyday life to move on. The utilities as well as the reasonable budget will suit the students most. More to the workers, those who do simple printing tasks will prefer this under the price.

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