Canon Pixma Pro 200 Review – Who is the best PRO-200 or PRO-300

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As an individual photo printer can take a troll out of your pocket. What? Do you also think so?  It is an undeniable truth that a photo printer’s price and operating cost more than an ordinary printer. But there is a printer in the market which can provide you with all the premium features at a reasonable price, and the cartridges cost is also cheap.

Canon Pixma Pro 200 Review

The Canon Pixma Pro 200, the recent addition to Canon, is built for photographers and graphic designers with tight budgets. This little handy printer machine with its super performance and verity printing ability took its place in the heart of almost all freelance photographers. 

So, with no delay, let’s have a look at the features of Pixma Pro 200. 

At A Glance Canon Pixma Pro 200 printer

  • Canon Pixma Pro 200 offers professional printing with the improved 8-colour dye-based ink system.
  • The compact design saves space in your home or studio. 
  • It provides fast A3+ high-quality border printings just in 90 seconds. 
  • Supports a wide range of media sizes; borderless up to 13 x 19 inches or customized 13 x 39 inches.
  • The 3-inch LCD display shows when to refill the cartridges.

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Compare Pixma pro 200 vs 300 Wireless Printer

Canon Pixma Pro 200 Printer Canon imagePROGRAF Pro 300 Printer
Compare Pixma pro 200 vs 300 Wireless Printer Compare Pixma pro 200 vs 300 Wireless Printer
The Canon Pixma Pro 200 is designed with a small footprint to fit in on your desktop and save space. The Canon Pixma Pro 300 is the elder sibling of Pixma Pro 200, measuring the same as the younger sibling Pro 200.
To deliver professional color printing, the Pixma Pro 200 has an 8-color dye-based ink system. Pro 300 has a Lucia Pro 9-color pigment ink system to provide more accurate colour reproduction.
It offers fast speed printing, which can print an A3+ bordered photo just in 90 second or 8 x 10 inches in 53 seconds. The printing speed of this device is a little slower than the Pro 200, which takes 2 minutes 30 seconds for 11 x 14 inches print.
The in-build 3 inches display of Pixma Pro 200 lets you check ink levels and printer status with setup and performing maintenance. Same as Pixma Pro 200, imagePROGRAF Pro 300 has a 3-inch colour display which lets you control most of the things without a computer.
Pixma Pro 200 with the ChromaLife100+ CLI-65 ink delivers an enhanced colour gamut in magenta and red. Printings from Pro 300 look deeper in black, thus creating a vibrant colour that improves overall printing quality.
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What Users Are Saying Canon Pixma Pro 200 Printer

Canon Pixma Pro 200 is a successful product of Canon. It offers excellent quality printing and brings the operating cost down to minerals. Thus, customers loved that product. It is one of the best printers for real estate agents. And you can know that by a glance at the reviews on Amazon. 

It comes with dyed 8 ink cartridges, and the price of new cartridges is also quite low. And it is easy to use. Without that, the size is smaller than the previous model but larger than any standard printer than it can print 13 x 19 inches paper.  

Although, I don’t find any problem with this and my graphic artist friend also finds it exceptional. But some guys are complaining about it not coming with ink. However, my one came with 8 cartridges, just like the Canon advertisement said. That being said, I found it as one of the best printers for photographers and graphic designers at an affordable price. 

Key Features of the Canon Pixma Pro 200 Printer

Key Features of the Canon Pixma Pro 200 Printer

Vibrant Quality

The Canon Pixma Pro 200 presents you with realistic printing. The 8-colour dye-based ink system enhances the quality of photos even more. This system, including two monochrome inks like grey and light grey, has 8 basic colours to produce accurate colour and vivid hues with professional printing. 

Fast Photo Printing

The Pixma Pro 200 offers quite high-speed printing. It provides a bordered A3+ photo in less than a minute and a half or a bordered 8 x 10 inches in only 53 seconds. With this efficient fast speed, it can drastically increase your productivity. 

Better Color Range

The Pixma Pro 200 comes with the ChromaLife100+ CLI-65 ink, which is exceptionally prepared to provide an improved colour gamut in magenta and red, deepening the black. Thus it changed the dark colour in the photos. The printing with this printer looks more realistic. 

Variety of Prints

To express your creativity, you may need different types and sizes of prints. And the Pixma Pro-200 abjectly does that for you. It supports a diverse range of photo paper to print, from glossy and lustre to matte or fine art; whatever best suited for you, just choose that. 

User-Friendly Display 

The 3.0-inch display of Canon Pixma Pro 200 shows you the ink level and printer status just in a single look. You can also set different printer settings and perform some basic maintenance directly from the LCD display. You don’t need a phone or computer to do that. 

FAQs About Of The  Canon Pixma Pro 200 Printer

Q: Does it only print photos?

You can print anything with this printer despite it’s designed for photo printing. People print cards, tags, etc. But I won’t recommend you to do that, as the ink is costly for regular printing. 

Q: Why can’t I download the drivers on my MacBook?

Canon Pixma Pro 200 is compatible with MacBook. You have to make sure you have the latest version of the OS. 

Q: Does this model come with ink cartridges?

Yes, it comes with ink cartridges. But some users are complaining, they don’t get any ink with their product.

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Final Verdict

Photo printing can be expensive, and good printers also don’t come at a cheap price. That is known by all photographers or graphic artists. But, Canon Pixma Pro 200 comes to market to break this traditional belief and let you have a photo printer at a relatively low price. Additionally, with all those convenient features mentioned above. 

Realistic and vibrant colours with an easy and convenient system put this out of the ordinary list of printers. And the last thing I want to say is, you definitely won’t find any better printer with this price tag. The rest is up to you: what to choose.

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