Canon Pixma G5020 Review – Compare with PIXMA G3200 Printer

Canon Pixma G5020 ReviewSuppose, you are in a workplace that requires you to print high-volume pages regardless of photos or documents then you may look for a heavy-duty printer to tackle the situation. Besides, if you go out with a tight budget for a powerful printer then you may have to go through a hassling process to find the suitable one.

You don’t have to undergo any troublesome process since we are here with a comprehensive guide about an inkjet printer under the Canon Pixma series. The Canon Pixma G5020 is an entry-level MegaTank inkjet printer that has a high page yield to meet up your workload demands.

In this Canon Pixma G5020 Review, we will unearth all the specifications, features, shortcomings, and pros of this wireless budget inkjet printer. Without any more chit chats, let’s jump into the detailed view.

Noteworthy Features Of Canon PIXMA G5020 Wireless MegaTank Single Function Printer

  • The Pixma G5020 features a specific GI-20 ink tank that has a functional nozzle that is intended for an easy ink pouring process without any spills or messes.
  • It is packed with a MegaTank ink system that lasts up to more days than any usual ink cartridges thus it provides greater savings on long term usage.
  • Compared to any conventional or standard ink cartridges it comes with SuperTank inks that last 30 times longer. So, no hassles of frequent ink replacement.
  • With a wireless connectivity feature and an App-based control system from any smart device, you can easily set up, print, and manage all tasks. 
  • Offers an easily observable and huge capacity paper tray cassette that can handle more papers at a time for convenient usage in busy officer schedules.

Compare Canon PIXMA G5020 With Canon PIXMA G3200 Printer

Struggling to find a suitable inkjet printer for your day to day official usage? Since there are a bunch of inkjet printers for efficiency and productivity, it is usual that one has to break a sweat to find out their preferred one. Thus we have restricted the way to two inkjet printers with nearly similar configurations to help you out.

Canon PIXMA G5020 Printer Canon PIXMA G3200 Printer
Canon Pixma G5020 printer Canon G3200 All-In-One Wireless Supertank Printer
Canon PIXMA G5020 is a GI-20 SuperTank ink-based inkjet printer that offers easy ink refill, long-lasting usage, without any spills or hassles. Canon PIXMA G3200 also has a MegaTank ink system that allows printing more than 6000 black or 7000 color pages within a single set of inks.
It has a printing speed of 13 impressions per minute (ipm) for Black and 6.8 impressions per minute for color page prints The inkjet printer offers a printing speed of 8.8 impressions per minute (ipm) for Black and 5 impressions per minute for color page prints
With a paper capacity tray of 350 sheets, it can handle all your required workloads of sheets at once without refilling multiple times The G3200 comes with an input tray of 100 sheets capacity and an output tray of 50 sheets capacity for decent workload handling.
It has an included compact LCD screen as well as has arrayed button controls that will provide simple operating, printing task management. It has a variety of functions including printing, scanning, copying, and all can be a smart mobile device with the help of WiFi and Google Cloud/ Drives.
The printer has an overall dimension of 15.9 inches in width, 14.6 inches in depth, 6.6 inches in height, which is decent in size for office environments. With an overall dimension of 13 inches in width, 17.6 inches in depth, 6.5 inches in height, it is a bit sleek in size for smart office suitability.
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What Users Are Saying About Canon PIXMA G5020 MegaTank Wireless Printer

What the majority of the users are pleased with this printer is for the MegaTank or the Supertank feature addition. This is a handy ink system that is proven to be far better than any other usual ink cartridges. According to the user’s opinion, it is said that the G5020 has remarkably enough ink that it can last more than a year even if you go for printing an average of 15-20 sheets per day. The printing quality is super smooth and the printing speed is quite fast to run average official printing tasks effortlessly.

If we go by mentioning some drawbacks, it does have a few. On heavy-duty printing tasks (on an average of 40-50 sheets daily) it gets some pages a little bit jammed. Besides, the Pixma G5020 lacks a backlight on the LCD. The big issue which can be a real headache for users is the hassling and sluggish user interface of this printer. The user interface is a bit hassling for the consumers. Except for these split issues, it is a cost-efficient, productive, heavy-duty printer for under 300 dollars. 

What is the Key Features Of Canon PIXMA G5020 Dual Sided Wireless Printer

Key Features Of Canon PIXMA G5020 Dual Sided Wireless Printer

Efficient Ink System

All the ink cartridge systems available in inkjet printers are not that efficient, similar to the MegaTank ink system. In any other ink toner/cartridge system you need to refill the ink often. But in the SuperTank system, the ink cartridges are equipped with a high page yield of more than 6000 black pages and 7000+ color pages with crystal clear prints. 

When you go for a frequent ink refill process, it costs you more bucks. Where SuperTank requires less frequency ink refill procedures, thus ensures cost-efficiency in the long run. Canon claims that it can save up to 1170 dollars when you go for a full ink set with a box, and it also offers additional 2 black bottles, all leading to greater savings.

Great Print Quality 

Since it is an inkjet printer and they use a set of dye based inks, it is usual that the printing speed can be a little bit slow. But after all the procedures, it delivers fine quality printed sheets, and the printing speed is just decent for regular average usage(20-30 pages daily). 

The inks which are used by G5020 are a bit thinner, you can use some third party inks instead, but the printer can be problematic. The third-party inks are great, but thicker inks can be troublesome for the print head and it can create blockage issues also. Pixma G5020 also offers a dual sided printing engine for more enhanced productivity.

Additional Features

First of all, it is a wireless printer that can run with both USB cables and WiFi connectivity options. It also has an Ethernet cable connectivity feature, which offers high speed wired connection for printing and operating. For Mac users, it supports Apple AirPrint for mobile based prints. 

If you are an Android user don’t worry since it is compatible with the Mopria print system. It begins with a monthly service cycle of 5000 sheets, which is overwhelming. For clear output, it offers a printing resolution of 4800 x 1200 dots per inch(dpi).

FAQs About Canon PIXMA G5020 SuperTank Wireless Mobile Printer

Q: How long will the included ink last?

This is a bit of a tricky question. The longevity of the ink will depend mostly on your usage. If you go for printing an average of 20 to 25 pages, then the packed ink bundle will last for more than one year easily. 

Q: Does this printer work with cardstock papers?

From the user’s view, we can say that this is not really intended for card stock paper usage. Still, you can check if yours is compatible or not by putting some information in the customer service and they will let you know. 

Q: What does a single function actually mean?

The term single function means that the printer is capable of performing just one sort of task, and it is printing. It cannot perform any scanning or copying tasks, it also can’t perform faxing.

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Final Verdict

From our guided Canon Pixma G5020 Review, we hope you have got all the necessary pieces of information about this inkjet printer from canon Pixma’s SuperTank series. This is a printer of great value which offers unique features under a moderate budget tag. 

It saves greatly overall, particularly it saves on the ink cartridges because you don’t have to replace the inks frequently. The printer comes with a one year warranty as well as the ink lasts for more than one year. This is a one way printer for you if you are conscious about your budget savings on inks for prolonged usage.

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