How can you switch a Verizon contract phone to prepaid?

Can you switch a Verizon contract phone to prepaid? The straight answer is yes; you can switch from contract phone to prepaid. But the real question is why do you want to switch? The first reason is to save monthly cost for data. If you’re a single user and have a contract phone, you know how costly it is. So, it’s convenient for you to pay less yet have the same data limit to the contract phone plans.

Also, you can customize your plan that suits your lifestyle. What it means is that some people need more data limits and less voice and text limit. Some may use very little data every month but need heavy talk time and text limits. That’s why prepaid plans are perfect for anyone without having to spend much and wait for a contract to end to switch to better plans. In this article, we’ll try to know

Guide to Perform the Switching a Verizon Contract Phone to Prepaid

The only fee to perform the switching is an early termination fee that you need to pay to your current carrier along with the monthly due payment. On the other hand, some carriers might charge you when you switch to their network where most of them don’t charge anything. Some even cover some of your previous fees with some conditions. So, let’s see the step by step guide to switching from a contract phone to prepaid.

How can you switch a Verizon contract phone to prepaid?

  • The first step is to contact your carrier to terminate your current contract. If your contract is about to expire, you can wait some time and don’t renew once the time’s been up.
  • The second step is to pay all the required fees and due payments that are included in your contract.
  • Then, asking for your carrier to unlock your phone is an important part as you won’t be able to switch and use your existing phone unless your carrier unlocks it. If you pay all your dues, you’ll get this step done within minutes without any complications.
  • With an unlocked good-condition phone, you can get free phone deals or discount offers when you switch. So, you can call this article “how to switch phone carriers without paying” also.
  • Now, go to the website of your desired carrier and order a prepaid SIM kit for your phone. You can trade-in your phone and get a new phone at a discounted price.
  • When you get the phone and SIM card on your hand, insert the SIM card into the new phone and activate it. You can do the activation online by yourself without paying anything or let your carrier do the work with a small activation fee.
  • Finally, buy a Verizon cell phone plan that suits you the most and saves a lot of money from contract plans.

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That should answer your question if the switching is possible and how to do it. Now, let’s move on to knowing some advantages and disadvantages of both contract phones and prepaid phones.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Contract Phones

Contract phone plans are any carrier’s top priority connections. They cost more but comes with great advantages. So, let’s see all the advantages and disadvantages of contract phones.

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  • The very first benefit of having a contract phone is that you’ll be your carrier’s top priority customer. So, they’ll expose you to their premium quality customer service no matter what. The reason behind is that it’ll make consider to renew the contract after the period ends.
  • With the first point, here comes the benefit of top priority connection facility during network congestion. When there’s a lot of traffic in your area, your carrier will handle your data first and the prepaid plans will come second. It’s a great thing for the business persons who want uninterrupted service with full speed.
  • Another great benefit of having a contract phone service is that you can support all of your family members under one plan. It would cost much for prepaid plans but you can save money with multiple lines in a family account. The other benefits are a plus for family plan owners.
  • The phone deals that are offered for the contract phone users are really attractive. They can get their hands on the latest phones and some discounted-previous phones. The carriers also offer easy terms to upgrade your current phone so that you always stay ahead with the technology.
  • With lots of exclusive offers and deals, contract phone users stay one step ahead of the prepaid plan subscribers. The carriers offer different benefit offers and deals on different stores for their contract plan owners. The more you spend, the more exclusive deals you’ll get.
  • For easy insurance policies and flexible monthly installments, contract phone plans are the best. There are multiple insurance options that you can access easily without much hassle or paperwork.

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  • As we talked about those amazing benefits, you can expect that all of those come with an expensive data and voice plan. There’s no way of denying that the data plans cost way more than prepaid plans.
  • With contracts, your flexibility gets decreased. What it means is that you can’t switch plans easily and without fees. We’ll see fees at every junction in the contract phone plans. So, not only the data or voice cost is higher but also, you’ll have to spend more on the various charges.
  • Another great disadvantage of having contract phones is that you get to choose from a small pool of eligible smartphones from your carrier. This may seem frustrating sometimes when you like a phone and see that it is not compatible or allowed by your carrier.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Prepaid Phones or Plans

On the other hand, prepaid phone plans are far better in terms of cost and package customization. But you’ll have to compromise your connection’s priority to the contract phones and expect not to have the premium customer care service. In this part, we’ll see the advantages and disadvantages of prepaid plans.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Prepaid Phones or Plans


  • The main disadvantage of having a contract phone is the main advantage of having prepaid phones or plans. You can save so much money on a monthly internet plan and more that you can buy your desired latest smartphone at the smartphone festivals. With no hidden charge or fee, you’ll feel like having a more transparent relationship with your carrier.
  • In addition, you’ll get the maximum flexibility with prepaid plans. If you own an unlocked smartphone that is compatible with both GSM and CDMA networks, you can go any corner of the planet and use that location’s bets service provider’s SIM card. You can still change carriers or data packages inside the US. One can’t expect more flexibility than this.
  • If you run a small business and can’t afford to pay the premium price, the prepaid plans will benefit you greatly. For your employees, you can get different data plans as per their role and requirement. So, you’ll get to save money as well as grow the business without any compromise.
  • If you feel uncomfortable to use any service or buy anything on credit, contract phone plans are a strict no to you. Only with prepaid plans, you can stay worry-free of any credit dues. It’s for those who believe in spending as much as you earn without any dues.
  • With the flexibility of having your own phone and less compatibility issue, you can enjoy the latest smartphones. Just look for the network compatibility of your phone and your desired carrier’s network technology. If your phone supports both GSM and CDMA network technology, you won’t even have to check which carrier you’re using. This is the benefit of having more smartphone choices than contract phone plans.


  • We bragged about the phone flexibility but the opposite side of that benefit is that you’ll need to pay full retail price for those unlocked smartphones. On the other hand, the contract phone users enjoy the benefit of leasing those phones or buying them with easy monthly installments. Even, the contract phone owners get discounts while buying the phone from their carrier’s online store.
  • Prepaid plan users are always every carrier’s second-top priority. So, your data speed may get reduced during network congestion where contract phone users enjoy a full speed. So, this might not be a good solution for businesses.
  • Along with the last disadvantage, you get less-priority customer care from those carriers. So, if you contact the customer care on a busy day with contract phone users, you might get the solution not so quickly even if the problem is serious and needs immediate attention.
  • There are other lifestyle benefits for certain contract phone customers that are not available for the prepaid phone users. This includes some exclusive access or discount offers for food or other consumer products.

Some Attractive Switching Deals from Verizon

There are a lot of deals that include free phones when you switch. You can get Verizon deals for switching, sprint deals for switching, and more from other carriers.

1. $750 switching deal

You can get a maximum of $750 discount on various smartphones and other products from Verizon when you switch. All you’ll require is keep your old number by porting-in to Verizon, get a new phone line, and apply for the devices that are eligible for this discount offer. The discounted amount will be paid in monthly credit added to your account each month with 24 equal monthly installments. To get this offer, you’ll also need to trade-in your previous phone which needs to be eligible and in good working condition. You can get to know the eligibility list and more details of the offer.

2. Echo Dot and Amazon Smart Plug Switching Deal

This is a limited time offer that includes an Echo Dot and an Amazon Smart Plug which is completely free if you meet some criterion. With eligible and selected trade-in, up to $1600 purchase, a new phone line, port-in, you can get a maximum of $700 or $750 discount with those 2 amazing devices. Get the offer from here before it ends.

3. $500 iPhone Switching Deal

You can get an amazing $700 discount on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro when you switch to Verizon. It is required to port-in, get a new line for the phone, and make a selected trade-in. Purchasing within $1450, you’ll get a $200 discount in a prepaid card and a maximum $500 discount on the selected iPhone model. All of these deals are for a limited time and you can get it from here.

4. Free LG Phone Switching Deal

The LG V50 ThinQ is offered by Verizon when you switch to the carrier by porting-in, purchasing a new plan for the phone, and trading-in the selected model good condition phones. With all those requirements filled, you can get a maximum discount on smartphones and have this phone for free. You’ll have to buy this one on a monthly installment plan and apply for the discount with the necessary documentation. After the approval, you’ll start getting the amount in monthly installments. In other words, Verizon will be paying your monthly payments for the smartphone.

Final Recommendation

So, you understand that switching between contract and prepaid plans are not a big deal. There was a time when switching could cost you a lot of money, time, and it was a complex process. But now, it’s not the case anymore. Both contract phone plans and prepaid plans are suitable for a group of people.

Here goes our final recommendation for different use cases. If you own a business or have a family and need to support multiple users at a time, you should go with the contract phone plans. Buying packages with multiple lines can save you a lot of money and give you the benefit of having the best service from your carrier.

On the other hand, if you are a lone wolf and want freedom with custom packages, you must go with the prepaid plans. In this part, you might have to compromise speed sometimes.But in the end, you’ll get to pay the best price for data and voice.

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