5 (Provider) Buy iPhone 12 mini and Get up to $700 Discount

In October 2020, the iPhone company has revealed the lineup of its iPhone 12 series that will follow along with 4 different categories of iPhone 12s which is great news for those tech freaks. They have also announced some of the greatest deals which include a discount on the iPhone 12 Mini Buy one get one free.

The iPhone 12  and the iPhone 12 Pro have already fired up the market. In this lineup the other two phones are the iPhone12 mini and the iPhone 12 Pro max and they are the smallest and the biggest iPhone models of this iPhone 12  lineup version. The good news is they all are now available for preorder with a great discount offer for shifting new carrier lines.

It would be great news if you are looking to upgrade your older iPhone and buy the newer and latest model of iPhone. Below we will discuss where you can preorder the latest phones as well as how and where you can avail of great deals from each retailer.

5 (Provider) Buy iPhone 12 mini and get upto $700 discount right now

If you have made up your mind to trade with your old iPhones and shift to the new iPhone 12 mini, then you may be surprised to know that there are a couple of retailers available who offer great deals with the new iPhone 12. Here you will find the 7 best iPhone 12 mini buy one get one free deals on new line offers with various retailers.

1. Buy iPhone 12 mini at $700 discount from AT&T

Buy iPhone 12 mini at $700 discount from AT&TAs the new iPhone 12 mini is launched and ready for preorder then you must have looked for some of the great deals with the new line shifting offers.

Many carriers and retailers are offering iPhone 12 mini at a great discount at this time. Among them, AT & T is one of the best carriers in the country for providing great deals and facilities for new phones.

You can preorder your new iPhone 12 Mini from them and get a chance to avail of 700 dollars discount. Here is the procedure you have to follow to get the discount offer from AT & T.

Applying process

  • First of all, select the version or the variation of your iPhone 12 Mini for preorder purchase
  • After that select and choose the installation package of the AT & T carrier for preorder
  • The condition from the company is you have to choose their 30-month installment plan
  • If you have the previous version of the iPhone then you can save upto 500-700 dollars by trade-in from apple
  • Without the trade-in and single pre installment process, you have to pay approximately 28 dollars per month for accessing the carrier service it will follow upto 30 months (it will issue a monthly credit)
  • Last but not least, the online pre-order has started this Friday (November 6) so grab on your discount offer of new lines with the new iPhone 12 mini from AT&T

Forget to mention that you have to subscribe to one of the unlimited plans from AT & T as well as you need to trade in a phone that is now in a good state and thus it will value 95 dollars or more.

2. Buy iPhone 12 mini at $412 discount from Verizon

Buy iPhone 12 mini at $412 discount from Verizon

Verizon is a leading carrier company in the country which provides great deals on various smartphones.

In November 2020, iPhone 12 mini has started their pre-order offers and deals which also include some of the great facilities like buy one get one free iphone.

Verizon recently started offering the iPhone 12 mini at 699 dollars as well as they include 29.16 dollars per month for a year or at a lower rate of 12 dollars per if you trade with them in their selected smartphones.

Application Procedure

  • The promotion offer will allow you to trade through older iPhones and other selected smartphones at a great discount
  • Select your required variation of the iPhone 12 mini and their required installment plan for a specific period
  • If you are a new customer then you can get a new iPhone 12 mini free if you are switching from another carrier
  • You can also avail of the buy one get one free offer of iPhone 12 mini if you purchase an unlimited plan from verizon
  • While buying a new iPhone with one of the unlimited plans from Verizon, you can get the chance to win another iPhone 12 mini for free

First of all the great news for all is, if you have decided to pick up your new device with a new unlimited data plan from Verizon, they will offer you another iPhone 12 mini for absolutely no cost.

Moreover, if you trade with an older phone with them, then you will be able to get a 412 dollars discount which will literally cut down around 12 dollars from your per month cost.

3. Buy iPhone 12 mini at $250 discount from Xfinity

Buy iPhone 12 mini at $250 discount from Xfinity

If you are wondering to get the best and the biggest discount or rate-cutting on your next iPhone 12 mini purchase? Then there are no other carriers available for you which will provide you the biggest rate-cutting on your iPhone purchase.

Xfinity will give a flat 250 dollar discount on the next iPhone 12 mini purchase. The iPhone 12 mini is priced at 699 dollars and you will get this at just 449 dollars at Xfinity.

Applying methods

  • You have to change your line (number) and switch from one carrier to another for claiming this offer
  • Their 250 dollar rate cutter discount offer is valid from November 2020 to January 2021 
  • If you don’t have a trade-in available way for this deal, you can pair it with Xfinity cheap prepaid plans for sure
  • The best point of Xfinity is they have launched their offer for all sorts of iPhone 12 models at a cheaper rate
  • They provide the discount offer for 24 months at a minimum of 20 dollars which is 729 (retail price)

Apple’s iPhone 12 mini is a great option for you if you want to avail the newly launched iPhone at a very decent discounted rate and deals. Shop and preorder your iPhone 12 mini from Xfinity carrier and get the cheapest rate-cutting deals and great new line switching offers.

4. Buy iPhone 12 mini at $500 discount from T-Mobile

Buy iPhone 12 mini at $500 discount from T-MobileT Mobile has been a great option for consumers who want to get great services at a pretty reasonable rate of discounts.

While going to select a new phone especially when it comes to purchasing the new iPhone 12 versions, you may need to consider something to get a great discount on your new carrier shifting.

T mobile will be a great option for you if you want to purchase your new iPhone 12 mini with a great discount for new line offers.

Application process

  • First of all, chose your preferable installment package for the new iPhone 12 mini and follow the preorder instruction
  • When you purchase any of their plans with the trade of an older model of iPhone then you can avail of a 500 dollar of credit discount 
  • The full retail price of the new iPhone 12 mini package is 829 dollars and they will allow you to set it a monthly credit
  • The plans and installments packages of the New lines will charge no down payments for taxes which is a greater benefit
  • The package of T mobile is a 30-month credit transfer which is just as low as nearly 28 dollars per month

The overall process of purchase will start in the 1st to 3rd week of November, till then wait patiently and pre-order for your newly arrived iPhone 12 mini with the new lines and avail of a great discount on the overall purchase.

5. Buy iPhone 12 mini at $35 discount from Visible

Buy iPhone 12 mini at $35 discount from VisibleThe new iPhone 12 mini is about to launch this November and we Are hoping that it will fire up the tech market.

The iPhone 12 pro max is the largest model of the new iPhone 12 lineup. On the other side, the iPhone 12 mini is the smallest model of the new iPhone 12 lineup.

The new iPhone 12 purchases with new lines will allow you to get a great discount while shifting with the new line carriers. Visible is such a retailer shop which will let you enjoy the great discount of this 2020 Year.

Applying mechanisms

  • Visible will allow you to purchase the new iPhone with the discount offer of 35 dollars per month
  • The full installation package will also include free delivery on the next day of purchase
  • With all that the Package purchase will also add BOSE Soundlink II headphones with ports and activation included
  • The total retail price of this new iPhone 12 mini with the carrier facilities is 840 dollars with the taxes which is divided into monthly credit transfers for at least 30 months.
  • The overall discounts package also includes a 100 dollar free prepaid MasterCard

Go through your new iPhone 12 mini purchase with Visible for availing great discounts with the new line shifting offers. The installation package includes a SIM Card which will also run through a full-speed 5G network connectivity for a faster user experience.

Final Verdict

The iPhone 12 mini in my opinion is one of the greatest upgrades from the Apple company. The iPhone 12 mini is packed with a lot of new and stunning features which will give you a new experience of the new tech world inventions and wonders.

iPhones’ new bionic chipset is one of the fastest and smallest chipsets in the world now. With that new iPhone 12 minis is launched with super fast 5G for the fastest experience ever.

Those aforementioned carriers and retailers will allow you to have the discount offer in iPhone 12 mini purchase. With the new line shifting those offers can be accessible. With that, the trade-in option is also a great option to save money of your credit card. Without any delay pre-order and own your new iPhone 12 mini with great sales and discounts.