Brother HL-L3210CW Review – Is it better than HP?

Printers may not be a favourite gadget like other modern devices, but that doesn’t mean it lost its value. Every business knows the importance of a printer in daily life more than anyone.

Same for small businesses, they must need a printer to keep going with their work. But, unlike big businesses, they need to care about the price-tag. So affordable priced laser printers are the best option for them.

In this article, I’m going to review Brother HL-L3210CW. The low purchase price of this little laser-class gadget made it affordable for nearly all small and home-based offices. The high paper handling capacity, low cost, volume ratings and several other features made it a perfect candidate for the small businesses’ category. Then, without further ado, let’s dive right in. 

At A Glance Of Brother HL-L3210CW Printer

  • Brother HL-L3210CW speeds up your work with 19 ppm(page per second) printing speed.
  • Finish your printing job with a large page handling capacity of 250 sheets.
  • Print in your way with its vast number of connection options.
  • 256 MB in-built memory (RAM) allows you to do more complex work.
  • Save money with up to 1,000 pages amount of inbox toners.

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Compare Brother HL-L3210CW and HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Printer

Brother HL-L3210CW Printer HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Printer
Compare Brother HL-L3210CW and HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Printer Compare Brother HL-L3210CW and HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Printer
Brother HL-L3210CW is small enough for any small office. Which measures 18.1 inches wide, 16.1 inches deep, and only 9.9 inches thick and weights 37.8. HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 is an all-in-one printer with a compact design. It is 18.38 x 23 x 15.1 inches in WHD.
You can print without the hassle of replenishing pages, often with a 250-sheet paper tray and one-sheet override tray. With a humongous paper input capacity of 500 sheets is so much for an entry-level home and small office printer.
HL-L3210CW lacks auto-duplexing, which means you have to flip pages manually to print double-sided printing. You can copy, scan, and print with 35-sheet ADF on both sides (auto-duplexing) and finish your job hand-freely.
The printing speed of this laser model of Brother is not that fast, but 19 ppm is enough for most of the low-volume printing in small offices. Printing speed is not bad compared to its competitors with 22 pages per minute(ppm) for black and 18 ppm for colour.
The operating cost of this printer is quite reasonable, with the brother’s high-yield toner costing 2.6 cents per page and 15.6 cents for black and colour. It offers to 11×17 printing, copying and scanning at a very affordable price, and the printing quality is also first-class.
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What Users Are Saying About Brother HL-L3210CW Printer

In the printer industry, Brother is a very reputable name. And Brother’s laser printers produce excellent, well-shaped and highly legible text and same with this model. 

Brother HL-L3210CW is highly praised for its high text and photo printing quality. Its printed colour photos are highly detailed which are more than enough for small offices for the report. The paper capacity is also vast for this type of printer. And, you can also print from your phone. This is offering the perfect value of your money.

There are also many flaws with HL-L3210CW like it doesn’t support Ethernet. Nor did it support auto-duplex printing, although most of the small business doesn’t need it. And, the same old problem Brother printer, it also shows even when the cartridge is quite full. Toner cartridges are quite expensive as well.

The screen is tiny in this printer. But everything is except-able when you lock at the price (less than $200). You can’t compare it with the best wireless printer in the market and perform like them. However, the majority of the users loved this product and using this for a long time because of its durability. 

Key Features Of the Brother HL-L3210CW Printer

Noise-Free Mode

In a busy office, noise is the most annoying thing you can expect. And printer noises are an addition to this. But with Brother HL-L3210CW newly introduced quiet mood, it doesn’t add the office noise within a busy office environment.

HL-L3210CW prints at a speed up to 18 ppm in full colour at under 45dB. It is classified as quieter than your daily office conversation. And its specifications make it perfect for desktop working. 

Make Your Business Colourful

HL-L3210CW impact on your business document by making it colourful. It prints at a resolution of 2400dpi quality and uses LED technology to produce high-quality professional colour prints. It can print at any kind of paper and 19 ppm make printing speed let not wait for you.

Time and Money Saver

This desktop printer is fast, reliable, and adds great value to your business. The in-built 250-sheet paper capacity allows you to keep working without having to replenish the paper tray again and again. 

By using high yield supplies, you won’t have to spend time changing your toner as often and also costing low in mono or colour. Boosting productivity and reducing any downtime, your business can run more smoothly. 

FAQs About of the Brother HL-L3210CW Printer

Q: Can Brother HL-L3210CW print on 110 lb card stock and transparency?

Sorry to say, Brother HL-L3210CW can’t handle 110 lb card stocks, nor does it print on transparency.

Q: Will it work on labels for candles?

HL-L3210CW printer can use Avery laser labels of different sizes.

Q: What maximum card stock thickness I can print with this printer?

The maximum thickness that this printer can handle is 43 lb from the manual feed slot. The Manual feed slot has only one paper capacity. 

Q: Does it leave roller tracks on the documents?

No, Brother printer doesn’t leave these marks on documents. The printing quality is very good and clean.

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Final Verdict

Brother is a reputable brand for pool cleaners. They offered some of the best pool cleaners in the market and continue doing so. Brother HL-L3210CW is a suction pool cleaner of Brother designed for a small office. It is a step down from its sibling HL-l3270CDW. 

It is offering high text and photo quality, vast connectivity options, direct print from mobile and huge paper handling capacity and more useful features. The work in quite a mood without noise makes it a perfect suit for home-based offices. Being said that, we reached the end point, it is your time to decide whether to buy it or not. Good Luck.

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