Top 10 Boost Mobile Plans with Free Phones 2021

As a consistent competitor in the mobile phone industry, Boost Mobile is currently offering all customers different options on unlimited data plans, along with free phones. This strategy of the company aims at targeting new customers and pleasing currently existing ones. If you are looking at switching over, or are just interested in checking out your options, here are the 10 best boost mobile plans with free phones review for you.

Boost Mobile Plans with Free Phones

10 Best Boost Mobile Plans with Free Phones 2021

1. Boost Mobile LG Stylo Phone

This model is a limited offer from Boost Mobile, available only to customers who are switching over to the network. This also means that the products are only available until supplies last. One benefit that you can expect out of this offer is getting the LG Stylo Phone, which comes with unlimited data for 30 days.

Boost Mobile Plans with Free Phones - Boost Mobile LG Stylo Phone

Regarding phone specs, this model comes with a 6.2 inch HD touchscreen, with 2 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM storage. With its widescreen features, you can watch videos. The storage is also enough for storing data like pictures and videos. If you love taking photos and selfies, you are covered, thanks to the 13 MP primary camera, alongside a 5 MP front camera.

As a member of the Stylo series, this phone is sure to offer a big screen, along with an included stylus. It is a perfect alternative to the ones offered by Samsung, in its Galaxy Note series. While the stylus of this phone may not be as packed in terms of features as the S-Pen, it can still prove to be handy.

Overall, this phone is a gorgeous device when looking at it from the front, and the sides. The back features a shiny plastic back, along with a slightly textured graphic which makes it quite cheaper to look at.

One thing that impresses users is that it does not just come with a headphone jack, but it also features a USB-C charging port. It also feels good in the hands and amazing on the screen. The pen works quite fine.

Check Plans

  • Unlimited data for 30 days
  • Enough storage (2GBG RAM, 32 GB ROM)
  • 13MP/5 MP back and front camera
  • 6.2-inch wide touchscreen

  • Some reports on slow charging

2. Samsung Galaxy J3

The moment you lay your hands in this model, you already get unlimited talk and text time. The unlimited data plan is available starting at $35, which is billed every month. The phone comes with a universal 2GB high-speed connectivity, a 5-inch touchscreen display, as well as a 16GB/1.5 GB ROM and RAM, respectively. The memory available is more than enough to store your favorite files and data. Camera and photo lovers will also enjoy its 5 MP/ 2 MP back and front camera as well.

Boost Mobile Plans with Free Phones - Samsung Galaxy J3

This phone uses a Quad-core processor which is known to provide high phone performance. Other features of this phone include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE connectivity. Before getting this phone for free, you need to avail of the Boost Mobile no-contract monthly plan. This means activating with Boost mobile. Other extra plans are also available.

Aside from a bump on its megapixel features, this model is pretty much the same as with its earlier sibling. It may not be categorized as one of the high-end phones under Samsung’s line, but it is among the impressive entry-level, and mid-range models. If you are looking for a more affordable Samsung smartphone, then the Samsung Galaxy J3 is a good choice to take into consideration. It packs in some really good touches, such as its super AMOLED display. It may not be flashy, but among its strong parts include being slim and light, with a footprint that is quite similar to Samsung Galaxy S7.  This is comfortable and practical, in terms of size and shape.

Check Plans

  • No contract monthly plan with Boost Mobile
  • Monthly rate at only $35
  • Unlimited data, text and talk plan
  • Quad-core processor
  • Expandable memory

  • Low camera quality
  • Need to buy a phone case because the screen is fragile

3. Moto G6

The Moto G6 phone is available with a $30 discount from the original price if you switch from a different carrier to Boost Mobile. This model is available on both Boost mobile store and Amazon stores in the country.

Among the perks that you can expect in getting this model includes unlimited data for 30 days. The phone is also available with some interesting features, including a 13 MP rear camera, which allows you to point to snap a picture or shoot a video. It also features an autofocus mode, LED flash, and the face detection feature. All of these features allow you to capture high-quality video shoots, as well as photographs regardless of the time of the day, or night. This means good news to selfie lovers!

Boost Mobile Plans with Free Phones - Moto G6

On the other hand, the phone’s 5 MP front camera also features several beautification modes. It comes with an overall storage capacity of 16GB, which is more than enough for your image and video storage. This Boost mobile phone also comes with a 4000 mAH battery, which guarantees about 36 hours of usage time, and video streaming. All of these features are ready for viewing in its 5.7 touchscreen display.

Both the display and the design have been improved dramatically from the earlier Moto G5S model. With this device, you can get a full HD+ resolution, which means that it is a bit higher than other full HD phones, thanks to its taller screen size. While it may not be as stunning as the displays on other high-end devices, but it looks amazing, considering its price. 

The G6 model is constructed using 3D glass, which is why the back looks premium and shiny, even though it can pick up fingerprints easily. However, it only takes just a moment to wipe down the screen and the back to remove the marks. 

Check Plans

  • $30 discount upon purchase online
  • Unlimited data plan for 30 days
  • 36 hours of phone usage
  • 13 MP/5 MP back and front camera
  • 5.7-inch touchscreen display

  • Cannot be unlocked for Boost Mobile accounts (for a year) 

4. LG Tribute

The LG Tribute model is carrier locked, which means that it can only be availed of when you use the phone under Mobile Boost network. In terms of phone features, you can expect a 5-inch display screen which promises the best viewing experience. It is run under Android 6 marshmallow. This OS offers different features and allows for several applications that you may want to install.

Boost Mobile Plans with Free Phones - LG Tribute

The camera comes with an 8 MP/ 5 MP back and front cameras. Other features of this phone include 4G LTE and Bluetooth connectivity. Upon getting this phone, an activation code coming from Boost Mobile is required. Afterward, you need to select a preferred monthly plan out of the Boost Mobile service plans. These plans also include unlimited data and talk time. 

Check Plans

  • Phone runs on any application
  • 5-inch touchscreen display
  • Android 6 OS
  • Different monthly plans to select from
  • Carrier locked 

  •  Low camera quality
  •  Battery drains fan 

5. Samsung Galaxy J7

When you get this device under the Boost Mobile plans with free phones, it will be locked under the network. This means that a competitor’s sim card cannot be used with this phone. Only one slot for sim card is available in this phone, reserved for Boost Mobile carrier.

Boost Mobile Plans with Free Phones - Samsung Galaxy J7

The phone also comes with several impressive features. This includes having a bigger screen compared to other Samsung models. It also comes with a sleek design. The phone features a 5.5-inch display, which is wide enough for your preference in watching some videos and images. It also comes with a 13 MP back camera and a LED flash. This means that you can easily take some pictures even though the lighting may not be enough.

The battery also lasts for long hours, thus allowing you to be entertained for a long time. The battery cannot be removed under any situation, thus helping to avoid battery theft and fraud. On top of that, it also comes with enough storage capacity at 32GB, allowing you to store HD videos, as well as other related items without worrying about storage.

The phone needs to be activated with Boost Mobile plans for a monthly rate. A $29 discount is also available on the final price.

Check Plans

  • $29 discount available
  • 5.5-inch screen
  • Sleek design
  • Battery last long
  • High quality camera

  • Phone hangs when switching from Wi-Fi to data

6. iPhone X

When you switch over to Boost mobile service, you can expect to get the iPhone X phone along with a $100 discount from the final price. Other things that you can also get to enjoy include several monthly data plans, such as unlimited data for 30 days, as well as unlimited talk and text time.

Boost Mobile Plans with Free Phones - iPhone X

In terms of phone features, the iPhone X comes with a 5.8 inch OLED display. This display is widescreen, giving you amazing viewing experience. You can also expect to have access to 12 MP dual back camera, as well as a 7 MP front camera. This phone is no doubt recommended for those who are interested in availing of a no-contract plan with their providers.

Other features of this phone include being dust and water-resistant. It also comes with a face recognition ID which can further secure your phone. Upon actual purchase and activation of your Boost Mobile service, there is no need to pay anything for the activation. The color options are also great, as it does not fade while being used. The battery can also last quite long after a full charge, with no interruptions whatsoever in your everyday routine.

Check Plans

  • $100 discount off the price
  • High-quality dual camera
  • 5.8-inch OLED display
  • Dust and water resistance
  • Face recognition feature

  • Battery tends to overheat during charging when Bluetooth is on

7. HTC One

If you are interested in availing a no-contract Boost mobile plan with free phones offer, the HTC One is a good option that you can take into consideration. This model comes with several impressive features. For one, it comes with a dual-core processor which offers you high speed and phone performance.

The battery of this phone lasts all day while offering high capacity. This means a guarantee that you will not have to deal with interruptions throughout your activities. With its amazing screen display at 4.3 inches, you can enjoy improved camera features with this model. It also comes with a one-press continuous shooting feature which allows you to capture continuous slots.

Boost Mobile Plans with Free Phones - HTC One

In terms of appearance, this device features a mix of white and aluminum plastic. It is, in fact, a plastic-metal sandwich. The middle part is made of aluminum, with some thin strips of white plastic that run along the edges. The aluminum plates also give the phone the sleek, cool and hard feelings that are usually common among iPhone models. No doubt, the HTC One phone is one of the most gorgeous phones there is, with a more cohesive and striking look than other more expensive models. Its dual front speaker grills, oversized camera housing, and the high-contrast look complete the package.

Another feature, the HTC Videopic, is really important when it comes to improving the quality of your videos. In terms of multimedia features, the beats audio technology makes HTC stand out, as it supports different audio sounds. Other features of this model also include an 8 GB storage capacity and 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity.

 In order to activate your phone under the Boost Mobile network, all you need to do is to go to their website and enter the phone identification number. You may call them for monthly plans.

Check Plans

  • Beats audio technology
  • Android 4.0 OS
  • 1.2 GHz processor
  • 4.3-inch display
  • Li-Ion 1800 mAh battery

  • Small internal memory
  • Poor connectivity concerns

8. Moto E5

The Moto E5 model is locked under the Boost mobile carrier. This means that it only features one sim card slot and that there is no way to unlock it. If you get this phone, you can also expect to enjoy unlimited data and different monthly plans.

This phone features a 5.2-inch display, with an internal storage of 16 GB, along with a 2 GB RAM. It also features a 1.4 GHz Quad-Core processor, giving your phone overall efficient performance. The rear camera also features an autofocus technology, with an 8 MP camera that can capture high-quality images.

Boost Mobile Plans with Free Phones - Moto E5

The front camera for selfie also comes with LED flash, which allows you to capture images even in low light conditions. Its 2800 mAh battery also assures that your phone activities will not be interrupted. This model also comes with a water-repellant design which protects the Moto E5 from accidental rain splashes and spills.

As part of its extra security, the phone also comes with a fingerprint sensor. Buy this phone and be able to enjoy all the features, along with the monthly no-contract data plans offered by the Boost carrier.

This device might be considered as one of the more affordable models, but the features are not sacrificed at all. It is even also impressive that this model comes with an aluminum rear cover, and not just plastic as expected. Overall, the phone looks stylish, even feeling nice in the hands too. It features an impressive range of specs.

Check Plans

  • High capacity battery
  • Quad-core processor
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Water repellant design
  • Unlimited data 

  • Cannot be unlocked

9. LG X Charge

The LG X Charge phone is available only on Boost mobile service. With this model, you can enjoy a $35 monthly plan. This includes unlimited data, talk and text time. This phone operates on Android 7.1 Operating System, allowing you to install and run several applications that you need. It also features a 13 MP/ 7 MP back and front camera system, which enables you to capture high-quality images, and viewing them on the phone’s 5.5-inch screen display.

Boost Mobile Plans with Free Phones - LG X Charge

With these features, you can enjoy watching vivid and high-quality videos on the screen. Even the processing speed is also quite high. The phone also features a 1.5 GHz Octacore processor. The battery also features high capacity at 4500 mAh. This will allow you to browse and stream for a much longer period, thanks to its unlimited data plan inclusion. Upon buying, all you need to do is to visit the Boost Mobile website to activate your phone. This phone cannot be unlocked in any circumstance, which means that you need to use it only with Boost Mobile.

One thing amazing about this model is that it is one phone that comes with no pretension. It has a textured, simple, gray plastic back, large black bezel, and slick plastic sides. The back is grippy and nice, while the polycarbonate build is free of creakiness that is sometimes present on less expensive phones. It does not feel cheap, even offering a metal, nicer build.

The call quality is also decent. The transmissions may sound different on outgoing calls, though noise cancellation is quite effective at removing background noise. Overall volume is also impressive.

Check Plans

  • 5.5-inch display
  • High-quality HD camera
  • Octa core processor
  • Long battery

  • Apps crashing issues
  •  Phone updates regularly before resetting

10. Tribute Dynasty

One thing that you need to note about this model is that it is locked with the Boost Mobile network. This means that you cannot use a different sim card for this phone. It runs on Android 7.1 Operating System. With this OS, you can install as many applications, and the Operating System will be able to support all of them.

Boost Mobile Plans with Free Phones - Tribute Dynasty

It features a 16GB internal storage, which is just enough for stuff to be stored on your phone. With its 5.5 inch HD touchscreen display, you can also watch your favorite videos with ease. The image quality is quite high, as it also features an 8 MP back camera, making it a perfect option for selfie lovers. There is also a 5 MP front camera. The processing speed is also high, thanks to its use of Octa Core processor, along with a 2 GB RAM. The speeds are fine. In terms of battery, this phone features a 2500 mAh battery, making sure that your phone can run the entire day without the need to charge.

The Tribute Dynasty model is an expensive device without unnecessarily being cheap. Aside from having a stylish and sturdy exterior, it also runs with a speedy processor. Compared with other smartphones, this model is on the smaller side. The good thing about this is that it is compact enough to easily slip into any pocket, and can be wrapped in your hands. It is quite heavy compared with its size, but it feels more premium and sturdy than it is.

Check Plans

  • High processing speeds
  • 5.5-inch screen
  • 16 GB internal storage
  • High-quality camera
  • 2500 mAh high capacity battery

  •  Loses signal quite often


Among the things that you can expect by switching over to Boost mobile plans with free phones is the unlimited data plans which are available at half the price. This strategy is a result of the demand for prepaid wireless services. Why not take advantage of these available Boost mobile plans with free phones. They come with discounts off the actual price and comes with impressive data plans which can help you save money eventually.

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