Top 7 Boost Mobile Plans with Free Phones 2023

Free things are always attractive. Low income families can get free phones with Lifeline program certification. The Lifeline program’s participant carriers distribute those free phones to customers. You need to qualify to get a free phone.

Unfortunately, Boost Mobile isn’t a Lifeline program participant. Also, there isn’t any free phone program running by the operator, so you can’t get a boost mobile plans with free phones.

But, they offer the phone at a large discount. So, you will be able to purchase a smartphone at a low cost. Moreover, if you qualify for the lifeline program, you’ll be able to get another discount.

Anyways, today I will tell you what discount phones you are getting from the operator. So, without waiting any further, let’s start with the article –

What Is Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is an MVNO or mobile virtual network operator. If you don’t know what an MVNO is – they are mobile phone carriers that don’t have their own network. They use the network of other providers. Boost provides its phone service using T-mobile’s network.

Boost used to be owned by Sprint but was sold to Dish after the Sprint merger with T-Mobile. The Dish will build their network, that was said.

Although Boost isn’t a large name among the MVNOs, the operator stands out for its varied collection of prepaid plans and family-friendly cell phone plans, as the more lines you get, the higher the discount is available.

Boost Mobile plans’ are not too affordable or expensive; it sits somewhat in the middle. Of course, the plans are cheaper than large carriers, like AT&T and Verizon, but more expensive than Mint Mobile.

This operator offers two versions of the same unlimited plan – the difference is one has a higher cost and an increased mobile hotspot cap. The $60/month unlimited plus plan includes free health care advice through K Health.

Top 10 Boost Mobile Plans with Free Phones 2023

As I said earlier, Boost Mobile doesn’t offer free phones currently. But, there are several discount phones you can get. Now, let’s see the discount mobile phones –

1. Galaxy A10e

Samsung Galaxy A10e

Galaxy A10e is one of the best-selling budget smartphones. The phones come at an affordable price.

It shares the design of other budget mobile phones – a plastic body coated with a glossy finish. It has a 5.8-inch IPS screen with a 720 x 1560 resolution.

Thanks to the size, the phone is easy to use with a single hand. Besides, the screen is acceptable for its vivid colors and decent contrast. But, the screen isn’t an AMOLED screen.

At the bottom, there is a single speaker, a USB Type-C port, and a headphone jack, the same as most low-budget phones. It runs on Samsung’s flavor of Android 9 Pie, which is also known as One UI 1.1. Besides, it has an Exynos 7884B SoC, which is on par with a Snapdragon 632.

It isn’t surprising that this model has an excellent battery life; with the low-power process and 3,000 mAh battery backup, it stays on for days without charging. But, the camera of this device is a disappointment. The rare camera is 8MP, which isn’t that great. There isn’t any specialty about the camera.

Comes at an affordable price.
Has useful ports.
Display is large.
Has a long battery life.
The cameras aren’t that great.
Only 720p resolution.
Only 32GB internal storage.
Lacks Biometric Sensors

Deal: If you have switched to Boost Mobile, you will be able to get the phone at only $49.9 with 90 dollars off as its price is $139. 99.

2. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

boost mobile plans with free phones

Samsung Galaxy Ultra is known as the best Samsung ever because of its outstanding camera, particularly the optical and digitally-enhanced zoom capabilities.

The phone has everything you can ask for. From the design to features, components, and utility, it ticks all the important boxes.

The design is inarguably the best with the 6.8 inches Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The model is really a hybrid as it combines different models.

You won’t have any complaints about the ultra-high-resolution 6.8-inch screen, which offers brilliant colors and smooth motion at 120Hz, but is smart enough to stop down all the way to 1Hz, when that’s all you need to save on battery life.

The camera array is also strong. But that isn’t a complete overhaul of the Galaxy S21’s camera system, but it was already quite excellent. Moreover, what is better is that the Optical and Space Zooms are simply marvels of modern technology.

You will also love the thin and light S Pen, which is finally integrated into the Galaxy lineup. This model comes with Samsung’s One UI 4.1 software.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has a 4nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, which comes close to Apple’s A15 Bionic process.

But that doesn’t mean it can beat it. Anyways, you won’t find any sluggish or disappointing apps on the mobile monolith.

Expensive model.
No microSD slot.
Battery Life could be better.
The cameras aren’t that great.
Only 720p resolution.
Only 32GB internal storage.
Lacks Biometric Sensors

Deals: Boost Mobile offers a generous discount on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. New customers can get a $400 discount if they purchase the phone.

3. iPhone SE

Amazing Apple iPhone SE 2020 Deals

iPhone SE second generation provides modern features into a classic design that is small enough to fit in your pocket. Despite its retro vibes, the phone is the most inexpensive iPhone ever.

Paying less than fifty hundred dollars, you get 5G connectivity and the A15 Bionic process, also into iPhone 13. That means you will get to enjoy the best performance and great photos.

Besides, this new iPhone SE also allows two hours of extra battery life compared to the previous version. And the design is also more durable.

But, you need to trade off a few things to get the affordable phone, like the chunky bezels, lack of Night mode, and no Ultra Wideband.

But instead, you get a super powerful small phone with multiple powerful and capable features. Undoubtedly, iPhone SE is the best cheap phone on the market currently.

The phone has the same screen size as the iPhone 8, which is the reason many users stay with the phone.

Best performance at this price range.
High-quality photos.
Compact phone and suitable for use with one hand.
Made of high-quality materials.
Display is small; the bezels are large.
No night mode option for the camera.

Deals: Boost Mobile offers a $150 discount for new customers. The phone starts at $429, but you can get it at $279.

4. Samsung Galaxy A53

boost mobile plans with free phones

Samsung does a great job when it comes to making mid-range mobile phones. The Galaxy A53 is swapped in a house-made processor, bumped up the battery capacity, ditched the in-box charger, and ultimately the price is lowered by $50.

The phone is big; it has a 6.5 inches screen. So, if you are a minor phone user, it will take time to get comfortable with the model.

But, even though the model is large, it isn’t that heavy. Its flat edges make the phone quite comfortable and properly fit into your track pants.

The 6.5-inch screen is an AMOLED display, colorful, rich, detailed, and full HD+, 2400 x1080p resolution. All this, along with a 120Hz display refresh rate, which is excellent for playing video games and scrolling social media feeds.

This model is powered by the Exynos 1280 processor, which isn’t the best option, but it lowered the overall price.

That being said, the phone is fast, and you rarely get sluggish leaching apps. It’s paired with 6GB RAM or 8GB with 128GB of storage, and it is expandable.

Large battery life.
Guaranteed four years of OS updates and five-year security updates.
High-quality build.
No charger included.
Samsung software lag sometimes.
The camera isn’t that great.

5. Motorola G Stylus

boost mobile plans with free phones

Motorola G Stylus 5G is one of the most famous low-budget smartphones, offering one base configuration, carrying 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

You will get the Motorola Moto G Stylus out of the box with Android 11. And, you can expect to get one full update with two years of security patches, which means the device will go up to Android 12.

The phone comes with a large 6.8-inch LCD panel, a 90Hz refresh rate, and Full HD+ resolution. So, you can play games, but heavy games will be a little sluggish if you play for long hours. Besides, it also has a hefty 5,000mAh battery life.

Motorola G Stylus has a 48 MP main camera and 16 MP ultrawide, and 2 MP macro cameras. It shots excellent photos. At the price point, very few phones perform better than this model.

Offer Built-in stylus.
Great Bargain.
Decent cameras.
Excellent battery life.
Slow charging.
Automatically Beaty filtering on selfies.
Fingerprint Magnet.

Deal: Motorola G Stylus is already a cheap smartphone. Boost Mobile offers an additional $120 discount for new customers.

6. Apple iPhone 11

Apple iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is a great phone with more advanced technologies, like excellent camera capabilities and a powerful processor at a lower cost than other models.

It comes in a combination of a large 6.1-inch display along a premium body and multiple colors.

Despite the phone launching in September 2019, there won’t be much difference between new models. The newer models have improved cameras, a new chipset, no curved, no edges, and they are 5G capable. If you value the price gap more than these features, iPhone 11 is worth considering.

The most eye-catching feature of the iPhone 11 is its cameras. It comes with two sensors on the rear, which allows you to take wider-angle snaps beside the ‘normal’ images. Each of the sensors is 12MP each.

Also, the night mode is an impressive part of the iPhone 11’s imaging capability. But, the phone lost all its spotlight after the new model came out. That also means you are getting a better discount on iPhone 11.

Improved Camera.
Multiple colors.
Large battery life.
Similar design to iPhone XR.
No headphone dongle comes with it.
Camera bump is a little sharp.

Deals: Boost Mobile offers a $150 discount on the iPhone 11. The market price for the phone is $499.99; you can get it from Boost Mobile at only $349.99.

7. Celero 5G


If you are thinking of purchasing a budget-end smartphone, Boost Celero 5G is a great option. The phone is a sleek, modern smartphone that will fit well with the crowd.

The whole body of the phone is plastic-made, but it will give you an aluminum feel.

It has a large 6.5-inch display, which is preferable for users who enjoy watching videos and playing games. It also offers HD+ resolution at 60Hz. However, 60Hz isn’t the best option for playing games, but at its price point, that is standard.

As for performance, the phone comes with a Mediatek MTK5G-C processor under the hood. This process isn’t the powerful chip, like – Qualcomm Snapdragon, offered in high-end devices. Still, you can use everyday apps without any issues.

If you are a heavy gamer or play heavy games, this phone won’t be an ideal option for you. It will often lag while playing heavy games, ruining your game experience.

Anyways, the Mediatek processor with 4GB of RAM is good enough for browsing the internet, scrolling social media apps, and taking photos. Celero includes 64 GB of internal memories, which you can expand with a memory card.

The Celeron has a sizable 4,000 mAh battery life, which is advertised to last for 45 hours. Though not that long, you can easily pass your day with single-time full charging.

5G phone at an affordable price.
Large 6.5-inch HD+ display.
Includes a large 4,000 mAh battery.
Not a praiseworthy camera system.
Full with pre-installed apps.

Deals: You can get the best deal for the Celeron 5G. The usual price for the phone is $279.99, and if you are a new customer, you will receive a $200 discount and purchase it at only $79.99.

Boost Mobile Plans

Boost Mobile has several plans, including unlimited and prepaid plans. Does boost mobile family plan free phone? No, Boost Mobile doesn’t have family plans. Let’s take a detailed look at the plans –

Boost GO Unlimited $50/month

Boost Mobile’s unlimited plan is the most cheaper option. Paying $50 per month, you can get unlimited calls, text, and 35 GB of high-speed LTE data ( after the cap, the speeds go down to 2G for the rest of the billing cycle.)

The plan also includes a 12GB mobile hotspot. If you pay an extra $10 a month, you will be able to enjoy 30GB of Boost Mobile hotspot free per month.

Boost Prepaid Plan $10/month

The cheapest phone plan from Boost Mobile. The plan costs only $10 per month, but you will be limited to only 1GB of data.

So, it is pretty limiting for most people; if you don’t use your phone for occasional internet searches and emails. Also, if you pay another $5 a month, you can add another 1 GB of data.

Boost Prepaid Plan $25/month

Paying your monthly rate up to $25, you can get an increased 5GB of data. This plan is suitable for many people’s needs, offering a bit of light video streaming, using social media, and so on. The plan also includes mobile hotspot data.

FAQs About the Boost Mobile Plans with Free Phones

Can I buy a phone from boost mobile without a plan?

For the new customer, it isn’t possible to purchase a phone without a plan. It would force you to go through the activation process.

Does boost mobile offer lifeline?

No, Boost Mobile doesn’t offer lifeline benefits. But, several other providers are offering free phones under the lifeline program. There are no boost mobile plans with free phones.

Is Boost Mobile giving away free phones?

Boost Mobile used to offer free phones. But, currently, the program isn’t available. So, you won’t get a free phone.

How do boost mobile plans work?

With Boost Mobile, you pay for everything upfront and get what you pay for. The provider offers unlimited high-speed data at low prices with no annual contracts, no credit checks, no bills, no overage fees, and no roaming charges.

Final Verdict

Is there any Boost Mobile free phone deal? Boost Mobile is among the best MVNOs for its flexible and high-speed internet. The provider has several plans, but they don’t offer free phones with any of these plans.

Usually, you can get a free phone from the Lifeline participant carriers, and Boost Mobile isn’t among them. That is all for the boost mobile plans with free phones.