How to Get Boost Mobile No Contract Phones

All phones from Boost Mobile need no contract. So, all phones you see in their online store are Boost mobile no contract phones. From getting new lines, purchasing a new phone, and activating the phone to paying the bills, everything you can do online.

As a result, you’ll not have to pay any extra fee that might require you when you ask the company to do these processes for you.

In this article, we’ll see the detailed process to get Boost Mobile no contract phones. Also, we’ll cover some free phone offers and some attractive phone deals.

How to Get Boost Mobile No Contract Phones

The first step involves having an active Boost Mobile account. So, if you’re an existing customer, you can skip to the second step.

The second step is about purchasing a new plan and ordering a no contract phone online. The final step is about activating the phone.

How to Get Boost Mobile No Contract Phones

The First Step Of Boost Mobile No Contract Phones (for new customers)

For new customers who want to switch to Boost Mobile or get a new connection, this is the step for you. 

  • Everything begins with ordering a SIM card kit online. When you get the kit in your hand, go to the next point.
  • Now, go to the online activation page of Boost Mobile. Then, select the option where it says that you’re a new customer and have your own device to use the Boost Mobile SIM. After that, you’ll get the option to either get a new number or bring your existing phone number.
  • For keeping the existing phone number, input the current phone’s ESN/IMEI/MEID and then the SIM card number that you ordered from Boost Mobile.
  • Then, you’ll need to follow the procedure of port-in. This is important to keep your old phone number. But it is not necessary for a new number.
  • After that, given all the required information to set up the account on Boost Mobile and finish it by agreeing on the terms and conditions of Boost Mobile.

The Second Step

Once the signing up process on the first step has been done, you’re now eligible to get a data plan and a no-contract phone. 

  • Now it’s time to get Boost Mobile no contract plans for your new account. There are plenty of plans to choose from and we’ll discuss those in some other article.
  • After paying the charges for a new plan, choose a no contract phone from the Boost Mobile store and order online. For your convenience, we’ve gathered some great-deal Boost Mobile no contract phones.
  • When you order the mobile and get the phone delivered to you, you’ll need to activate it following our last step. If you’re bringing your phone to Boost Mobile, you’ll still have to follow the activation process below.

The Third and Final Step

You might see some fees regarding phone activation. The thing is you’ll not need to pay that if you do it yourself. To do the activation via phone is easy and we’ll guide you through the process.

  • Call the official number which is 888-BOOST-4U (1-888-266-7848) from another phone. 
  • The first option is for existing account holders. Just type your Boost Mobile number and you’ll be good for the next step. If you’re new, wait for the automated voice to select an option for a new number or port your current number.
  • Now, input the IMEI or SIM ID number by the phone’s keypad.
  • Finally, you’ll be asked to input some more required and important personal information. Put them correctly and the call will end. This means the process is complete. After that, wait for some time and then try to make calls using your new Boost Mobile number. If you can’t make a call, wait for some more and try again. Even after a few hours of waiting, it is not activated, call their customer care to solve the issue.

So, that’s all about the process. This way you can get any of the no contract phones easily and quickly without paying any extra fee.

Some free Boost phones with no contracts

These free phone deals are only when you switch to Boost Mobile. 

Free LG Stylo 5

When you port in a number from an eligible carrier to Boost Mobile, you’ll get a free LG Stylo 5. The limit is to have 4 port-ins per account. So, you can get a maximum of 4 phones for an account. The offer is for a limited time. So, to see the availability.

BOGO Samsung A10e

By porting in a number except for Sprint-related carriers, you’ll get a buy one and get one offer. For each account, you’ll get a new Samsung A10e when you buy one. There are other conditions and the offer is for a limited time. For more info and availability.

Other Boost no contract phones

There are a lot of Boost Mobile no contract phones with discount offers. But listing every phone here would be illogical.

So, we selected only the deals that have a discount amount of over $200. It includes some pre-owned phones and we made different categories so that you won’t get reconditioned phones thinking it’s a new one.

New no contract phones

The retail price of a new iPhone 6 is $449.99 according to the online store of Boost Mobile. With the discount, you’ll be able to buy it for only $179.99 and a new data plan will also be required.

For the 32GB version of the iPhone 6s, this discount is applicable. The retail price shown on the online store is $449.99 and you can buy it at only $199.99. Like the previous one, this one also needs a data plan to complete the buying process.

Pre-owned no contract phones

Sometimes, we get pre-owned phones that have many problems. But this iPhone 7 is Apple Certified Pre-owned phone and you can rely on it. The retail price for the 32GB version is $399.99 and you can have it for only $179.99.

With a $220 discount, you can own a Galaxy S8+ phone for only $229.99 which is tested for full functionality and gently cleansed. So, you’ll get almost a new phone.

Another $220 discount offer and it is for Galaxy S8. After the discount, you can have this mobile for only $179.99 with a one-time payment option.

The last one is Samsung Galaxy S7 and it has a $200 discount. So, get it for only $99.99 and it requires no contract.

Final Verdict

So, you now know that getting Boost Mobile no contract phones is super easy. If you’re switching carriers, it is even better as you’ll not need any extra cost and can own a new phone for free.

For existing customers or customers with a new Boost Mobile phone number, there are amazing discount offers for new and pre-owned phones.

Enjoy the features if the latest smartphones with Boost Mobile no contract plans which completes the package.