Boost Mobile bring your own phone – FAQ & How-To Guide

There was a time when we had to do a lot of things for switching carriers and all seemed very puzzling. But the time has changed and all operators agreed on some terms that made the switching process easier and simpler. Boost mobile bring your own phone process is not different.

With our guide to doing the effortless switching and some need-to-know FAQs, you’ll be good to go in 10 minutes.

Not only the switching cost is very low but also, you’ll get mind-blowing deals for the switching. Let’s see the process first and the frequently asked questions’ answers later.

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Process for bringing your own phone to Boost mobile

Switching carrier along with your phone is a process that a 7-year old can do within minutes. Boost mobile bring your own phone is also not a difficult process.

In this section, we’ll discuss it with easy-to-follow steps and after that, we’ll answer the questions regarding the switching.

Boost Mobile bring your own phone
  • The very first thing to do is check your device’s compatibility for the network of Boost Mobile which uses CDMA technology. There is an eligibility checker made by Boost Mobile and you’ll find it on their official website. Without the green signal from this point, you won’t be able to move to the rest of the steps.
  • After that, you need to unlock your phone which can be done by your carrier’s official app or ask their customer care to do it. There are some third-party apps too who do it for free if it’s the first time. 
  • Once unlocked, you can get a confirmation from Boost Mobile and you can start the switching process. Check their offered deals for the BYO phone and act accordingly.
  • Then, choose a suitable plan and opt for the offer.
  • Finally, activate your phone online or from the Boost Mobile store, and enjoy the new connectivity. 

That’s all about the process of bringing and activating the phone to Boost Mobile’s network. Now, check the questions and answers and you’ll find the process for phone activation along with other solved issues.

FAQ About the Boost Mobile bring your own phone

This question and answer section will cover almost anything that your mind can ask. Read each one of them and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

I have unlocked my previous phone; can I activate it on Boost Mobile network?

Yes, unlocked phones can work with Boost Mobile but it depends on the carrier and the phone’s technology. Firstly, you’ve to check if the existing carrier activated on the phone is eligible to switch to Boost Mobile. Another issue is the phone’s radio frequency compatibility. Old technologies seem to be not working on 4 major US networks. So, you should check the phone’s network compatibility.

Does MetroPCS service allows you to use a Boost phone?

Yes, you can use the phone with MetroPCS service if it is new or compatible with the 4G LTE network. The old phones often are not compatible with the current technology. So, you’ll be good if your phone has the latest technologies.

I want to use a Boost Mobile SIM card on an AT&T phone; is it possible and how?

No, you can’t do that. It’s because Boost is a PCS MVNO and AT&T or any GSM network doesn’t have PCS network compatibility. As a result, you can’t use the Boost SIM card on an AT&T phone.

I heard that Sprint phones support Boost Mobile SIM card; is it true?

The simple answer to that question is yes and you can use a Sprint phone with Boost mobile service but the phone needs to be compatible with Boost mobile network’s specification.
As not all phones from Sprint are compatible, you can check your phone’s compatibility by using an online tool made by Boost. Find out to see.

I want to change my Boost phone to AT&T; is it possible and how can I do it?

With only the compatible phones, you can change your Boost phone to AT&T. Check your device’s eligibility and you can switch to AT&T to get amazing deals.

Is there any way to use a SafeLink Sim card on a Boost mobile?

After a certain time of service taken from Boost Mobile, you’ll be able to unlock your phone and then you can use a SafeLink SIM card. You can check whether your phone is unlocked or not from the website of Boost Mobile. If it’s locked, you can ask them to unlock it.

I have a prepaid Verizon SIM card; can I use it in a Boost Mobile phone?

No, you can’t do that. It’s because of the compatibility issue. Neither Verizon SIM card will work on Boost Mobile phone nor Boost SIM card will work on Verizon phone.

I’ve an iPhone 6s and I’m a T-Mobile user; can I use the phone in the Boost Mobile network?

Sorry to say but your iPhone 6s that is activated on T-Mobile will not work on the Boost Mobile network. But you can talk with the Boost Mobile’s customer care to see if there’s any way possible.

I don’t know if it’s a valid question or not but what carriers support a Boost mobile SIM card?

Because of some loosely used technical terms, we often get the idea of using one carrier’s SIM card to another carrier.
But it simply isn’t possible. In fact, using the term SIM card for the Boost Mobile phone system is wrong. You can switch carriers but still you’ll have used that certain carrier’s SIM card.

Which phones allow to use a Boost SIM card?

The list of Boost compatible phones is very long and it gets updated continuously. So, check the compatibility of your desired phone model. However, tablets are not eligible for using the Boost SIM card.

Is it possible to switch to Boost Mobile account with a MetroPCS phone? If yes, how can I do it?

The process of switching MetroPCS phone to Boost Mobile account is easy. 
At first, check the phone’s eligibility to switch to Boost Mobile because MetroPCS and Boost use different network technologies.
Then, unlock the device so that you can apply for the switching.
After that, make sure that everything is set with Boost Mobile from their official website.
Nest, you’ll see amazing offers for bringing your phone to Boost. Pick one and buy line with a data plan for the phone.
Finally, activate your phone to work on the Boost network.
If I want to use a Sprint SIM card on my Boost Mobile network supported phone, how can I do that?
Yes, you can use Sprint SIM card on your Boost Mobile phone but you’ll have to unlock your Boost Mobile first. As both run on the same network technology, you’ll be able to do this.

Is there any relationship or similarities between Boost Mobile and Straight Talk? How do you compare them?

There are no relationships between Boost Mobile and Straight Talk but they are similar in a that both of them are MVNOs.
Boost is simply a subsidiary of Sprint Mobile which is a prepaid version. But StraightTalk uses the network services from all 4 major mobile operators in the U.S. So, you can bring any phone to StraightTalk and enjoy cheaper data plans without much complication.

I want to switch to Boost Mobile. Will it be wise to do that? How good is their network?

First of all, measuring how good a network depends on its network performance. Unfortunately, you won’t get much coverage if you move to rural areas. But the Boost Mobile’s service can be really good with very decent data plans in the city areas.

I heard about a monthly $5 discount offer from Boost Mobile. How can get that offer?

Unfortunately, you’ll not be getting the $5 monthly discount anymore. Boost Mobile has canceled the offer for new customers. But if you’re an existing customer and enrolled with this offer valid, you’ll continue enjoying the discount as long as you are an active customer to their service.

I have a Boost Mobile phone and I want to switch to T-Mobile. Will it be possible to do that and what are the procedures?

Yes, it might work on T-Mobile although those carriers use different network frequencies. You should check your phone’s compatibility first. After you get the green signal, you should unlock the phone and then follow the procedure to switch to T-Mobile.

What do need to do to set the Boost Mobile APN settings?

Go to your phone’s APN settings and for the ‘APN’ field, input ‘Boost Mobile’. Then, the ‘MMSC’ field should be filled with ‘’.
After that, fill the ‘MMS proxy’ field with ‘’ and ‘MMS Proxy Port’ putting the value ‘80’. Finally, write ‘default, admin, fota, MMS, sulp, hipri’ in the field of ‘APN type’.

Is it possible to switch from AT&T to Boost Mobile and bring the phone?

The answer depends on the compatibility of the phone. If your AT&T phone supports both GSM and CDMA, you can switch your phone to Boost Mobile.

I have a Boost Mobile account and an LG G3. Will I be able to use it in Boost Mobile network? If yes, how can I activate it?

LG G3 supports only GSM network. But Boost uses CDMA technology. That’s why you won’t be able to LG G3 on Boost Mobile’s network even if you have a Boost Mobile account.

After purchasing the unlimited plans from Boost Mobile, which add-ons will be available for me?

A Todo Mexico plus add-on for $5, 1GB 4G LTE data for $5, and $10 for 3GB data are available add-ons for each month. These are all add-ons that you can get for monthly unlimited data plans.

I want to block annoying phone numbers and telemarketers. How can I block those numbers as I use Boost Mobile service?

From any phone that’s using Boost mobile, you can block annoying numbers easily. Here, we’re telling you the method that can be done by both basic and smartphones. Go to the messages section of your phone, type “block <phone number>” and send it to 9999. To clarify, type block and then the number and don’t forget to put a space in between. There are other easy methods you can find on the Boost Mobile’s community.

I saw 3 different sizes of SIM card after I opened the SIM card kit. What do I do with those and which one do I insert into my phone?

Actually, you’re not getting 3 SIM cards. The main module is in the middle. The outer parts make it different fit for different phones. See if your phone supports the Standard-SIM, Micro-SIM, or the Nano-SIM. then, take out the desired one from the kit and put it in your phone.

How and where can I buy a Boost Mobile SIM card for my phone?

You can either go to a local shop and buy a Boost Mobile SIM card or order it online. Activating your phone is also easy as you can either do it online or you can go to a Boost Mobile store and they will do it for you.

Will there be a reactivation fee when you purchase and activate Boost Mobile SIM kit?

You can use the Boost Mobile SIM card right away following some simple steps and there is no reactivation fee.

What plans will be offered when I apply for Boost Mobile bring you own phone program?

Every plan available on the Boost Mobile’s official website is eligible to use on your newly brought phone the Boost Mobile’s network. But the offers and deals are for a limited time. So, if you’re interested in a deal today and act after 2 weeks, you might not get the deal.

What’s the reason for needing my phone’s IMEI number?

Along with other information, IMEI number is needed so that your carrier can complete the process of registering and activating that phone to their network.

Will Boost Mobile bring your own phone option allow me to use all features and services after the switching?

The straight answer to this question is no even if your phone shows that it’s compatible with the Boost Mobile’s network, you might not be able to use certain features and services due to your device and previous carrier. It may include International Roaming, some browsers, some Boost Mobile products, MMS, Mobile Hotspot, or eCare.

I want to activate my phone and what are some recommendations that’ll help me?

The only and highly recommended tips before activating the phone are to do a factory reset so that all previous network settings and previous owner’s credentials get removed. It’ll help you use the as a new one without any complexity.

It says my phone is not compatible with Boost Mobile’s network, why it that?

As different mobile operators use different network technologies like GSM or CDMA, different phones are manufactured with different network compatibilities. So, you may find compatibility issues while switching. Switching carriers who use the same network technology have fewer issues in this regard.

Is it possible to buy a used or second-hand phone and bring it to Boost Mobile?

As long as the phone is unlocked and compatible with the Boost Mobile’s network, the answer is yes. But how can you make sure that the phone is not previously lost or stolen? So, stick with the new phones or verified pre-owned phones.

When I bring my iPhone to Boost Mobile, what will happen to the AppleCare agreement?

The AppleCare comes along with your phone and it will stay active for your phone.

Final Verdict

Boost Mobile bring your own phone or get a new phone, whatever the decision is, it’ll be a wise decision. Because you’ll get a competitive price for the monthly unlimited data plans with affordable add-ons.

There is an issue regarding Boost Mobile’s poor network coverage in rural areas but you can be tension-free if you’re a city dweller. So, don’t use overpriced data anymore and switch to contract-free plans from Boost Mobile.