10 Best Verizon In Store Deals of 2023

Every year, Verizon in store deals launches a range of offers to help people save money on their favorite gadgets. Verizon is a celebrated name in the telecommunications world. No wonder that the brand is already ready with its new deals and offers for the top-rated branded smartphones available in the market.

It has also come up with the latest Verizon smartphone deals only meant for its existing customers as well. Verizon comes up with different sorts of discounts and attractive deals, which are pretty straightforward, without any hidden prices or risks. Right from slashed prices to easy monthly installments, Verizon comes up with all sorts of offers to cater to the clients’ needs.

It also has exchange offers as well for the ones looking for replacing their handsets with the new one. What should you do to get such offers and benefits? Pretty simple! Become a Verizon customer today and get any of these deals in no time.

But which Verizon deal would be a profitable investment for you? To find that, you need to go through all the best Verizon smartphone deals available for you. It might be quite a tad tricky given the enormous benefits of these deals, but their offers are product-specific. All you must do is choose the appropriate iPhone or Samsung model and instantly get your discount deal.

If you ask me which is the best deals in Verizon store currently? I would say, For OS users its definitely iPhone 11 Pro deals, and for android users you must consider Motorola Moto Z4, even you can check $0 down payment deal on LG Stylo 5.

Here are all the detailed features of the top ten Verizon in-store deals of 2023 for your reference:

10 Best Verizon In Store Deals of 2023

1. Verizon In Store Apple iPhone 11 Pro Deals

You must have been shortlisting this product since its announcement in the market. But the price is the biggest turn off for many clients. It is quite impossible to shell out such an amount in just-a-go for many phone users. That is what Verizon understands pretty well. Hence, it has come up with lucrative iPhone 11 Pro deals only for its customers.

Verizon In Store Apple iPhone 11 Pro Deals

The model is available in four elegant colors: silver, gold, midnight green, and space gray. When you sign up for exclusive deals from Verizon, you get amazing deals for these iPhone models. You have the opportunity to buy the handset at lower prices than any other competitor brand. Also, you can pay the money in easy monthly installments for around 24-months cycle.

In the 64 GB model, you need to pay $27.08 per month, $33.33 per month for 256 GB, and $41.66 per month for the 512 GB model. All-in-all you also get the chance to save on your activation charges as well by $20.

When you choose to pay the deal online, you get to save around $350. You can get till $850 w/trade on the selected unlimited plans from Verizon. Also, you get a great deal to save $150 on the Apple watch. It isn’t ending here. You can switch your connection and save till $150 more on Verizon Stream TV deals.

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2. Verizon In Store Deals on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Verizon not only brings incredible iPhone offers but has amazing Verizon smartphone deals for other brands like Samsung. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ has been quite popular in the market for its alluring features. One of the most significant reasons this smartphone is attracting the users is its unbelievable battery backup feature. As the tagline goes, it is built to impress the users with its sturdy yet classy design and facets.

Verizon In Store Deals on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

But as well as it looks, it is pretty on the costlier side as well. Hence, getting this handset might be a little difficult for many gadget freaks. But not anymore as Verizon offers are here to help you out. You can save up to $ 1000 along with a new line when you buy this handset from this company. Or you can also get till $700 w/select trade-in offers.

Along with these offers, you get 5G access at no extra charges at all. To get this benefit, make sure to apply for the unlimited package available from Verizon. The handset is available in aura black elegant design, and you need to pay only $ 45.83 per month for the 256 GB handset.

Verizon also has a promotional offer available with this Samsung phone set. You do not have to make any additional down payment while you make the purchase. You need to book it online and get $20 off on the $40 activation fee. With such an ongoing offer, you can afford two phones for your family at the same cost.

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3. Verizon In Store Discount Offer Available on Google Pixel 4

You have been saving all the extra hours’ wages for getting the best creation of the Pixel range available in the market. But in case you are a Verizon member, you no longer have to worry about the prices. That is because; Verizon is here with some of the incredible deals on Google Pixel 4 for you.

Verizon In Store Discount Offer Available on Google Pixel 4

Verizon phone deals for existing customers are already quite popular among the users. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be getting a chance if you are a new customer. You just have to choose the unlimited plan available from this company, and you can get the opportunity to get Pixel 4 at the lowest prices in the market.

The offer helps you save $550 and $150 extra when you switch to get the Verizon Stream TV connection. But is that all? Not at all! The phone is available at easy monthly installment at $33.33 per month for a 24-month cycle.

Also, Pixel 4 is available in the black color and with 64 GB internal memory. There is no need to think about the down payments as you can be eligible for the $0 down payment option. If qualified, you might also get the chance to exchange your old handset for the new one from the Verizon store.

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4. Never-Seen-Before Verizon In Store Offer on Motorola Moto Z4

Motorola Moto Z4 has been grabbing the limelight in the market for quite a time now. The handset is available in flash gray and frost white elegant designs. Also, the phone’s internal memory is incredibly sufficient to accommodate all your essential files and data. But the price of the phone is on the expensive side.

Never-Seen-Before Verizon In Store Offer on Motorola Moto Z4

But what if you can buy it for only $5 per month installment? Does this offer seem like a scam to you? Oh, don’t worry about scams or frauds when Verizon is here. If you aren’t much aware of the brand, it is a reputed telecommunication company that dominates the market for multiple reasons. Among these reasons, one of them is its luring Verizon smartphone deals, and discount offers for its loyal customers.

The company is offering this majestic phone at only $5 per month EMI for 24 months cycle to its customers. The price provided by the company is $499.99 for the handset. You get complete assurance from the company both for your phone connection as well as the handset. Also, you get to save around$20 on the $40 activation charges. You would be eligible for the offer only if you apply for a new line connection from Verizon.

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5. Exceptional Verizon In Store Deal on Nokia 3V

Nokia has come up with a fantastic range of smartphones in the market. One of the USPs of these phones is its camera quality. But how incredibly great would it be to know that you can get this smartphone completely free of charge? Did it sound like a weird offer to you?

Exceptional Verizon In Store Deal on Nokia 3V

Although this deal might sound unrealistic to you, it is true solely because of exceptional Verizon smartphone deals. As a reputed telecom company in the market, this company is always trying to look out for its customers and requirements.

That is why; Verizon has come up with a new idea of proving this handset free of charges to the ones applying for a new line connection from the company. The model is available in a classy blue color with 16 GB internal memory.

The customers qualified for the $0 down payment offer won’t have to even worry about any payments. Also, you are eligible for free 2-day shipping. But in case you do not want to wait, you can get store pickup facilities or same-day delivery from the company’s website as well. So, do not keep waiting for the right time to arrive. Instead, check out the availability of the offer today!

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6. Verizon’s In Store Brilliant Deals on LG Stylo 5

LG Stylo 5 is quite an elegant yet functional smartphone that comes with a fantastic battery back up to 17.1 days of usage. The phone has an excellent interface with attractive features that can be your ideal gadget buddy.

Verizon’s In Store Brilliant Deals on LG Stylo 5

But getting a new cell phone might not be on your list right now due to the money issues. No worry as Verizon in store deals is here to provide you this phone for free. Yes, the company is offering the handset at $0.00 EMI every month to apply for a new line connection from it.

When Verizon is here, why worry about the EMI down payment for getting your smart gadget? That is possible as the company chooses some of its existing or new customers for zero down payment schemes. If you decide to place the order via an online platform, you will qualify to save some extra $20 on the $40 activation charges for the new connection.

That means that if your family sign up for the new connections from Verizon, you might end up getting these handsets for free. It is an unbelievable deal and a profitable one for those who aren’t looking for investing in phones right now.

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7. Tempting Verizon In Store Deals on Apple iPhone XR Series

The latest trend for the Apple iPhone XR series is dominating the market. Right from retina display to incredible precision and seven-layer color details, this phone is a one-of-a-kind product offered by Apple. Every individual wants to get this fantastic set on their hands but seldom is it possible due to its unrealistic price range.

Tempting Verizon In Store Deals on Apple iPhone XR Series

But the new Verizon customers can get this handset for a pretty cheaper price. How so? That is because Verizon isn’t only offering you unlimited plans but also Verizon in store deals on the iPhone XR series.

You can get the phone at a simple monthly rental basis for 24 months cycle. You also get to select the phone in different colors like black, red, blue, coral, white, and yellow. You have to pay $ 24.99 per month for the 64 GB handset while $ 27.08 per month for the 128 GB.

You can get the pre-owned handset at $19.79 per month installment as well. The price offered for the 64 GB phone is $599.99 and $649.99 for the $128 GB one. Along with this offer, you save $20 extra on the activation charge, which is around $40. Also, you might even get the fantastic deal from Verizon, which allows you to get the zero-dollar down payment scheme.

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8. In Store Verizon Deal on Samsung Galaxy S10+

Samsung Galaxy S10+ is one of the popular gadgets available in the market. Wireless charging and incredible camera features have made this gadget quite famous among gadget lovers. But the price of Samsung Galaxy S10+ seems to be somewhat in the question as many users do not find it profitable to invest so much in it.

In Store Verizon Deal on Samsung Galaxy S10+

But what if you can enjoy all these benefits of S10+ without investing a considerable amount of money in it? If you happen to be an existing Verizon customer, you can get this handset for much lower prices. If one isn’t a Verizon member already, then you might need to switch to Verizon deals to get such offers.

Verizon offers an exclusive price of $849.99 for Galaxy S10+, which you do not have to pay at once. All you must do is get a connection from this service provider, and you would be eligible for their easy monthly installment plan.

It is available for the 24-month cycle, and you need to pay $35.41 per month only. If you qualify for the down payment waiver offer, you might have to pay only $0 down payment for starting the EMI. When you activate the connection from this provider, you have to pay only $20 instead of $40. 

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9. Verizon In Store Grand Deal on LG V50 ThinQ

Are you recently thinking about applying for a new phone connection from Verizon? Did you hear about the Verizon deals for new customers? The company always looks forward to rewarding its existing as well as the new clients in the market. And that is why they have come up with an incredible deal on LG ThinQTM 5G.

Verizon In Store Grand Deal on LG V50 ThinQ

LG ThinQTM 5G is the latest 5G ultra wideband phone that is quite popular for its impressive camera quality and screen clarity. The phone has the presence of five cameras in total, thereby providing the best platform for trying out mobile photography.

The phone might be available at an elevated price range in the market. But with Verizon connection, you can get it for $41.66 per month, whose retail price is $999.99. The easy monthly installment plan is available for a cycle of 24 months.

With the Verizon connection, you do not have to worry about making any down payments as well. Also, you get to save $20 on the $40 activation fees too. But do note that the offer is limited for a specific period. So, do check out the price and the offer before it ends soon.

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10. Verizon In Store Unbelievable Offer on Motorola moto g7 power

Motorola moto g7 power is the last one on this list of top ten Verizon in store deals available in the market. The handset is available in chic marine blue color with 32 GB internal memory. It comes with 26.5 days of standby time and an excellent user interface for the gaming enthusiasts. The HD screen offers you an enhanced viewing experience to enjoy your videos and games without any hassles.

Verizon In Store Unbelievable Offer on Motorola moto g7 power

Since the phone has astounding features, it is undoubtedly available at a relatively higher price in the market. But not to worry as the Verizon users can get it for as low as $10 per month. Yes, you read it right as this company is offering a trouble-free monthly installment offer on the Motorola moto g7 power series.

The lucky ones can also get to enjoy a $0 down payment option while applying for EMI. If you choose to place the order online, you no longer have to pay the entire connection activation fees. That is because the company is charging only $20 on its activation charge instead of $40. The retail price of the phone offered by Verizon is $240.

Do not wait for any longer as these people are continually eyeing these offers for themselves. Just within a few days, the company has reported being out-of-stock for many mobile handsets. So, if you want to get one for your family, then make your move right now.

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What Are The Best Verizon In Store Deals And Why?

All the top trending Verizon deals have been stated above with every intricate detail for your reference. Seeing all these lucrative offers, every individual would be tempted to get all the deals right in his kitty. But unfortunately, it isn’t a feasible plan. So, be wise enough to narrow down the choices correctly.

But the selection procedure isn’t easy, especially when you enjoy so many popular smartphones at such lowest prices in the market. However, if you have to choose only one, you need to be careful about your requirements and desires. 

If you want to invest in a good camera phone, you might prefer the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ deal. But if one is more inclined towards getting an iPhone, then iPhone 11 Pro deals are the best. If you are a new customer and in no mood to invest any extra money in any phones, you might consider the Nokia 3V deal available from Verizon. You can find Verizon internet for low-income families deals as well.

How To Choose A Verizon Unlimited Plan?

By this time, you are entirely aware that to get the best smartphone for cheaper rates in the market, you must have a Verizon connection. But how to choose the best data unlimited plan for your benefit? Here are some points to consider:

  • Make sure to have a strict budget while choosing your unlimited plan from Verizon. You can also ask for professional advice from the company and research the best policies available.
  • If you are taking a new phone and the unlimited connection, make sure to get the one ideal for your handsets. Most of the phones come with unlimited plans for a reasonable rate. So get the one that satisfies both your necessity and pleasures.
  • Verizon offers an excellent coverage network, and hence you never have to worry about the speed or your exposure. However, make sure to check the availability of the connection in your neighborhood before signing up.
  • Lastly, do not forget to browse through the additional services offered by the company as well. It provides you with Apple Music, TV streaming facilities, and many more. Generally, these offers are available along with phone exchange or new smartphone offers as well.

Along with these, you must keep an eye for the ongoing Verizon in store deals as well. That is because the company keeps on modifying and updating the offers based on market activity.

So, do not be astonished if you come across an offer where you might get the latest iPhone model entirely free for your new Verizon connection.


Your requirements are the only determining factor for choosing any smart gadget. But not all devices are affordable and readily available in the market.

That is why Verizon deals are quite famous among the users. The company always comes up with amazing deals and discount offers for both new and existing customers.

Among all these Verizon deals stated above, the one ideal for every smartphone user is the Apple iPhone 11 Pro deals. You get the handset with astounding features at just $27.08 per month for 24 months cycle.

Not only can you now get one for yourself but your beloved ones as well. Not only that, but you can also enjoy buy-one-get-one deals as well on selected mobile phones. Therefore, tell us which of these top ten Verizon in store deals appeals to you the most?