10 Best Unlimited Mobile Hotspot Plans 2023

Finding unlimited mobile hotspot plans? A mobile hotspot is defined as a device that lets you connect your mobile device so you can connect to the internet.

You can connect more than two sometimes up to 8 wireless devices on a home or portable mobile hotspot network.

But depending on the capacity of the wireless hotspot network, only a few to a large number of people may be able to connect and use the internet.

Mobile hotspot devices are commonly used by people who live nomadic lifestyles. It is a must for families vacationing or commuting, for a group of friends camping, or for friends on a road trip.

As you may know by now, it’s a must to have strong and uninterrupted internet service wherever you are. And with the unlimited mobile hotspot plans, you’ll pay for one plan so everyone can use the internet while you’re all on the go.

Is there an unlimited mobile hotspot plan?

Let’s first define what an unlimited plan is. In most network carriers in the country, having unlimited service for mobile internet means there is no data cap. You can use as much data as you can for browsing the web, watching videos, downloading videos, listening to music, playing games, checking email,  calling people through the web and many more.

You can do anything under a particular plan. You’ll only be charged a monthly rate for unlimited mobile hotspot service.

Some unlimited mobile hotspot plans offer unlimited hotspot service but with a catch. You will only get unlimited internet service via your mobile hotspot device for a specific amount of time.

You’ll be paying for unlimited service valid for an hour, a day, a week or a month. If your subscription ends, you will be charged the regular rate for browsing the web. This is why you need to be aware of the date or time when your subscription ends.            

So is there an unlimited plan? Yes, there are unlimited plans but the terms of the plan may vary. It’s important to read the terms and conditions of any kind of mobile plan before you subscribe.

10 Best unlimited mobile hotspot plans In 2023

So without further ado, here are the best unlimited mobile hotspot plans to watch out for this 2021

1. AT&T mobile Unlimited hotspot plans

AT&T mobile hotspot plans

AT&T has special mobile plans for tablets and mobile hotspots and the good news because you don’t need any credit checks or annual contracts to take advantage of this cool promo.  This is a pay-as-you-go monthly plan through AT&T prepaid.

  • Hotspot plans cost $25/month for 2GB, $50/month for 5GB and $75/month for 8GB
  • Hotspot mobile device cost from $50+
  • Runs on AT&T mobile network at 4G, 3G, and LTE

If you have a tablet or a mobile hotspot device with no data plan then you can get AT&T‘s prepaid plans so you can connect these to the web under one low monthly rate.

You are not under any kind of contract so you can change your subscription any time you wish and you can quit your subscription any time too if you think you are unhappy with the service.

This unlimited mobile hotspot plan is available in three different monthly plans such as the $25 per month with 3GB of data/30 days, $50 a month for 10GB data valid for 30 days and $75 a month for 18GB of data valid for 30 days.

It is easy to get any of these plans. First,  you must purchase a device such as a tablet or mobile hotspot to use the AT&T prepaid service.

You can purchase compatible devices from the nearest AT&T store. If you have your own table or mobile hotspot device, take this to the AT&T store to buy an AT&T SIM card. If you have a SIM card, activate this online. Once your account is already active, you can manage your subscription online.

To refill your AT&T prepaid account, use AutoPay, pay by phone by calling the AT&T hotline, or use the refill card available online at AT&T’s official website.

2. Boost Mobile hotspot plans

Boost Mobile hotspot plans

Introducing the ZTE Warp Connect, a device that lets you connect to the web as a wireless mobile hotspot.  This device will let you connect up to 10 wireless devices at a time.

With this device,  you can set up your own private network in your home, office or in your vehicle. You’ll be confident that you’re getting the best boost with Boost’s 4G nationwide network. 

  • Hotspot plans cost $25/month for 1.5GB and $50/month for 100GB
  • Hotspot mobile device ZTE Warp Connect costs $49.99
  • Runs on Sprint 4G at LTE, Enhanced LTE
  • Let’s you connect up to 10 devices at a time.

Simply order the ZTE Warp Connect from Boost’s official website. wait for your package to arrive and then choose a plan that will work for you and your family’s needs. When you are ready, activate this plan online.

Boost Mobile is under Sprint’s 4G LTE network. You’ll have a clear, uninterrupted signal as long as you are under a 4G LTE network. The ZTE Warp Connect has 2,300 mAh battery so you can get up to 10 hours of downloads. This is one of the longest-lasting lithium-ion batteries.   

Depending on where you are located, you may be provided with another type of mobile hotspot device. The ZTE Warp is simply Boost’s basic device used in more locations in the US.

3. FreedomPop hotspot plans

FreedomPop hotspot plans

FreedomPop offers free mobile phone and high-speed internet depending on your location. With their hotspot plans, you can connect with family and friends for free, you can stay connected wherever you are in the world and you are free to play or do anything you want to do with the money you saved by switching to the carrier.

  • Hotspot plans start at $19.99 for  2GB up to $74.99 for 10GB
  • Hotspot device costs may vary
  • Runs on 4G network
  • This carrier is supported even overseas in many countries

Depending on your plan, you can get more than mobile data. You also get Wi-Fi calling as well as texting anywhere you are. You’ll get free unlimited calling and texting when your family is also under FreedomPop service.

You’ll have access to more than 8 million hotspots and free international calling from more than 60 countries. You also have a virtual number no matter where you are located. You will also earn free data in 4G LTE every month when you add more friends and by completing offers from their partner companies.

With FreedomPop, you can get connected to the web no matter where you are in the US. And because you are not in any contract, you can always stop your subscription. There are no termination fees, cancellation fees, whatsoever.

4. Karma Hotspot plans

Karma Hotspot plans

With Karma, you can choose from two mobile hotspot plans: Black or Orange. Black Karma helps you surf the web safely with the ability to obscure your location, encrypt your online activity and protect your identity no matter what you do online.

Black is your mobile hotspot when you are on the road. It also supports Bitcoin purchases.

  • Hotspot plans start at $3/month plus $10/1GB used with no expiry to as much as $99.99/month for 20GB                
  • Hotspot device is from Karma Co. and price may vary
  • Runs on Sprint 4G, LTE, and 3G networks
  • This plan is for people who love to connect to the web all the time

Meanwhile, the Karma orange is Karma GO with super-fast LTE hotspot. You can get connected no matter where you are with nationwide coverage. It is a small device that fits your pocket weighing only 2.3 ounces. You can use this as you drive, as you commute or wherever you are outside your home.

The Karma Go is at $199, the Karma GO plus Pulse 5GB is for an additional $39.99 a month and the Karma GO plus the Pulse 10GB for $79.99 a month. And since this carrier runs on Sprint’s reliable network, you can get the best coverage no matter where you are located.

5. NetZero hotspot plans

NetZero hotspot plans

The NetZero Hotspot is a  device for laptops, iPads, tablets, netbooks and so many more. 

It uses the Netgear mobile hotspot device which will allow from  5 to 10 devices to connect at the same time. This number of devices vary depending on the device model.

  • Hotspot plans start at 0$ for 200MB to as much as $89.95 for 5GB
  • Hotspot device costs $79.95 which is a certified pre-owned device
  • Runs on Sprint 4G, LTE, and 3G

This mobile hotspot device has a micro USB charging port and includes a wall adaptor for easy charging. It can tether via USB so you can connect your laptop or PC easily. it weighs almost like nothing and is small enough to fit inside your pocket.

You can choose from NetZero’s different plans with the cheapest starting at 0$ for 200 MB speeds. Their Basic plans is $17.95 for 1GB, Plus plan for $27.95 for 2GB, Pro plan for $45.95 at 4GB, Platinum plan for $63.95 at 6GB and the Platinum Plus plan for $79.95 at 8GB.

These plans can be availed at any time with no contracts, coverage fees or any commitments, You can stop your subscription at any time. 

The best thing about NetZero is you can find the most suitable plan according to your budget and the way use the web.

There is even a plan for 0$ which is not available in any other carrier. This must be the reason why it’s called NetZero.

6. Total Wireless hotspot plans

Total Wireless hotspot plans

Total Wireless offers fast and uninterrupted mobile wireless hotspot service for you and for the whole family. You can use your own phone or purchase a phone from Total Wireless. 

Then activate your phone online through their official website. When your phone has been activated, you will be asked to choose a plan that’s right for you. Plans start at 0$ and can be as much as $100 monthly for their fastest 25GB internet speeds.

  • Hotspot plans start at $35/month for 5G and as much as $100/month for 25GB
  • Hotspot device is a Unimax  U240C at 0$
  • Runs on 4G, 3G, and LTE

After you have settled on a plan, complete the phone setup and then finalize everything. After you’re done, you may now use your unlimited mobile hotspot. Total Wireless is under the largest 4G LTE network but has rates that you will surely love.

You can also get more out of shared family data plans. Consumers use this, especially when traveling with family or friends.

They can provide data for every member of the family from a teen who wants to stay updated on social media, to a toddler who can’t be without his YouTube kid’s videos.

7. Straight Talk hotspot plans

Straight Talk hotspot plans

Forget about contracts and lock-in periods with Straight Talk. You’ll get only the best and the coverage that your family needs. You will get the best coverage too because Straight Talk offers the best coverage using 4G LTE networks. Straight Talk has the best plans with unlimited calls and texts, unlimited data and so much more.

  • Hotspot plans start at $15/month for 1GB up to $75 for 2 months for 7GB
  • Hotspot device varies and may cost from 0$ and up
  • Runs on Verizon 4G, 3G, and LTE
  • The company’s two-month plans have solid- pricing with enhanced flexibility

Straight Talk also offers the best phones at the best and the most affordable price. Or you can also use your old phone under the Straight Talk network. You may also switch to Straight Talk and still keep your phone.

To order from Straight Talk you must first choose from the service you need (home phone service or mobile hotspots). Then select your plan depending on your needs. Afterward, you may now activate your service. Once your service has been activated, you may now use unlimited internet and even share your services to others.

8. T-Mobile hotspot plans

T-Mobile hotspot plans

At T-Mobile, you’ll get prepaid mobile internet starting at $10 a month. You can use your tablet or your favorite mobile device outdoors, as you shop or as you commute.

What’s great about using prepaid mobile internet from T-Mobile is that these plans have no annual contracts, no credit reviews and credit checks and more.

  • Hotspot plans start at $5 valid for one day at 500MB. There are Simple Choice automatic renew plans up to $95 per month at a22GB
  • Hotspot device is an Alcatel Linkzone at $99,99
  • Runs on T-Mobile 4G, LTE, and 3G
  • Take advantage of the auto-renew plans when you are located in a T-Mobile covered area

It is so easy to start with  T-Mobile. First, choose your monthly data at 4G LTE.  You can select from 2GB to 22GB and when you’re set, just choose the plan that’s right for you.

You may use your own phone or buy phones from T-Mobile to get started. Once your phone is activated, you may now use this as a mobile hotspot.

Other popular promos from T-Mobile include the add a day of data special for just $5 and a month of LTE for $30. T-Mobile is one of the most popular and most trustworthy mobile networks.

If you want to get to know more T-Mobile offers to visit a local shop near you or visit their official website for more details.

9. Xfinity Mobile hotspot plans

Xfinity Mobile hotspot plans

The most recent product from Xfinity is the Xfinity Mobile. This was launched in 2017 and was available from all Xfinity markets in August of the same year.

This service offers 4G LTE coverage and has more than 18 million wifi hotspots plus affordable plans.

  • Hotspot plans start at $12/GB that resets each month. $45 a month for an unlimited plan
  • Hotspot device is an Xfinity Mobile-compatible device
  • Runs on Verizon 4G and LTE
  • This is available only for Xfinity internet subscribers. The unlimited plan has speeds that exceed the regular speeds at 4G LTE up to 20 GB in a month then the speed is reduced.           

Xfinity provides service under Verizon and this means that you are getting the best out of your money’s worth since Verizon has one of the largest coverage, especially with their 4G LTE coverage all over the US.

Aside from providing customers with reliable service under Verizon’s network, it offers the most number of hot spots in the US.

This is done by using modems that the company leases to customers. With a modem, you have more control of your data usage. You can reduce data coverage at a minimum as well when you use Xfinity’s mobile hotspot.

With your mobile hotspot plan, you will also get unlimited nationwide calls and texts for free, no line access fees (you can connect up to 5 lines), free access to all the 18 million hot spots and 100MB data that you can share for free.

Xfinity Mobile offers no contracts and no fees. You can always leave if you feel like it and you can connect anytime at anywhere. You’ll find this a good idea if you travel often or you want your family or friends to connect to only one network.

10. Verizon hotspot plans

Verizon hotspot plans

Verizon offers 3 kinds of hotspot devices to its customers: the Jetpack, Global Modem USB and Elipsis Jetpack.

You may also bring your own device or your own phone. If your device or phone is compatible with Verizon then you can activate this and use it as a  mobile hotspot.

These devices are available for sale but you may lease the device under a two-year contract. 

  • Hotspot plans start $20 a month for 2GB up to $80 a month for 14GB
  • Hotspot device may vary and cost from $19.99+
  • Runs on Verizon 4G, LTE, and 3G
  • This carrier has the best 4G   LTE network when it comes to speed and coverage

All these devices are easy to use. You can connect more than 5 to 6 devices in a hotspot and still enjoy fast and uninterrupted service.

You can use these devices to connect to Verizon’s large network. This carrier has the widest coverage in the US. If you have any questions about your coverage, you can contact Verizon’s customer service ASAP. 

What makes a mobile hotspot better than tethering from your mobile device?

Another way to share internet service to your family and friends is to tether data from your phone. If your phone comes with this internet sharing feature then you might be aware of how to use this.

There are many advantages as well as disadvantages of using tethering features from your phone

Advantages of tethering

You don’t need to buy or lease a mobile hotspot device

You will save money because you don’t need to purchase or lease a costly mobile hotspot device. It costs less than $200 or $150 and may be covered by warranty but these are still very expensive.

In tethering, you only need a SIM card that supports 4G LTE and this costs only a few dollars. To activate a SIM card is free whereas mobile hotspot devices may ask for an activation fee and device fee. The money you save, you can save to buy a new phone or additional accessories for your device.

You can easily manage data connections from your phone

Your phone has all the apps and features that can help you manage your data. You can power the device on or off or restrict usage to users. With a mobile hotspot device, you need to connect this to a laptop or PC to make any changes or to modify your device.

From your phone, you can change your network password or username or network name. This way, you can restrict usage and allow usage as well.

You will know instantly who’s connected to your network

You can also easily see how many are connected to your network and manage it. For instance, you know that only you and your friend are connected but there is another unknown device on the network.  You can restrict access to stop this unknown user from taking advantage of your internet service.

Disadvantages of tethering

Your phone will lose battery power fast

One of the most devastating reasons why tethering is not a  good idea is that it can easily eat up your battery power.  Your phone will naturally use power to find a network and then to throw a signal to the many devices connected to it.

You will notice that before starting to tether, your device is fully charged. But after just a few minutes of use, your battery level has gone down 70%. It won’t be long when you’ll have a half-charged phone and soon you need to recharge.

When you have a mobile hotspot device you don’t need to worry about battery power on your mobile phone, Receiving a Wi-Fi signal and connecting to the web uses less power compared to tethering.

The mobile hotspot device is a rechargeable device as well but it has limited use so it will consume less power despite providing mobile internet service.

It is very easy to charge a mobile hotspot device. Just connect a USB charger to the device and plug it in a socket. It will continue sending a signal even if it is recharging.

A mobile phone that’s recharging and used as a tethering device will take a long time to recharge.   

 Your phone will overheat

If you have used this internet sharing feature before, you may have noticed that your phone seems to be getting warmer.

But as soon as you disconnect from tethering, it will quickly cool down. Tethering requires more power compared to the ordinary use of a mobile phone.

Overheating is dangerous. You might hurt and burn yourself. When an overheating phone is left inside your bag it can melt plastics and burn the paper.

So instead of relying on tethering, you must make sure that the mobile hotspot device you have handy is compatible with your mobile device

If you notice that your batteries are starting to become inefficient then it must be time to change it or to get an upgrade.

You might be charged if you forget the data expiry

If you’re not careful and you miss the promo or offer’s expiry date, you may find yourself regretting tethering. Once the offer has expired, you’re back to regular rate browsing.

If you are not careful and you forget this even for an hour, you will be charged because of your negligence. But if your mobile hotspot plan has no expiry, you don’t have to worry about getting extra charges.

If you use your  phone, the data connection may stop

So you’re tethering internet to three people and suddenly, a friend calls you up on your phone. In some phone models, tethering stops.

Anyone connected to your network who is watching a video, downloading photos or sharing something on social media will lose connection momentarily.

With a mobile hotspot, you can receive calls and texts from your device and it won’t affect its operation. In fact, every user connected can do their own things and this won’t affect the way the mobile hotspot works. 

We recommend using a mobile hotspot rather than sharing your data to your family or friends through tethering.

Although there are some advantages to using tethering features, it is still more efficient to use a mobile hotspot. You can save battery power and get to use your device even while connected to the mobile hotspot.           

How to choose the best mobile hotspot device

First of all, select the network you want to use. The network to use depends on your area or location and the mobile hotspot offer or promo that the company is offering.

It’s true that some networks boast better or wider coverage than other networks but the best way to find out is to directly contact the network representative if this service will work in your area.

After you have determined network availability, compare the offers of the companies that serve your area. Compare and choose by looking at the price, the amount of data offered, the expiry of the offer (if there is an expiry) and other significant details.

Don’t forget to check if your device is compatible with the mobile hotspot device. Take note that older phones may not be compatible or may find it hard to connect to an updated mobile hotspot device. Also, check how many devices can this mobile hotspot device connect to.

Once your mobile hotspot, hotspot plan, and mobile device are ready, you may now connect to your mobile hotspot service.

Some important mobile hotspot maintenance tips

When do you recharge your device?

Naturally, you need a fully-charged mobile hotspot device when you’re on the go. Devices like these vary in design but most of the updated ones come with a small LCD screen that tells you the battery status of the device.

A few hours before heading off, charge your device to full. Power it on only when you need to connect to the web and power it off when you are done.

Take note that as your device becomes older, its battery power weakens and this can affect the way you use it outdoors. You may need to repeatedly charge and recharge the device when you’re outdoors so you must have a charging dock, charger or a mobile charging port.

Avoid overcharging your device and always check if it fully charged if it is connected to a charger. Never sleep or leave your device while it is being charged.

Is there an operating temperature?

As with all electronic devices, a mobile hotspot device should only be operated in an environment that is not too hot and not too cold. If you feel that the device is too hot, power it off for a few minutes.

You might want to check out the manufacturer’s instruction manual to find out details about the operating temperature of the device before you use it.

Can you really connect 8 to 10 devices on this mobile hotspot network?

Now, this is a very controversial question. Some manufacturers guarantee that a mobile hotspot device can take 10 or more wireless devices at a time. Although this may be true there is a question of quality. Yes, a mobile hotspot device can connect to the number of users it has indicated in its specs BUT not all these users will enjoy fast, uninterrupted signal.

Some users with older devices may find it harder to work although these are still connected to the network. Stronger and more updated devices are more likely going to dominate the signal and thus will work better than older models. 

How do you keep your mobile hotspot network when not in use?

To keep your device, power it off and place this in a safe, non-humid space in your home or office. If you still have the box where it was stored, use this to keep your device safe. If the device is still hot, allow this to cool first before storing it away.

Where do you place a mobile hotspot device?

A mobile hotspot device is similar to a mobile phone. It also uses a built-in antenna to capture signals and then send these to the devices connected to it. Therefore, your device has to be placed in an area in your home where it can get ample signal to work.

Usually opening a window or a door works.  It is not good to place this device inside a bag or cabinet. This will prevent the device from working well and will only overheat the device since it will continuously look for a network.

Place the device near a window or a door so it can get enough signal to provide the best mobile service.   If you think that your device needs technical help, contact your network provider. If your device is under warranty, contact your provider to avail of the manufacturer’s service. 

Some troubleshooting tips for your mobile hotspot device

if your device won’t power on, make sure that it is well-charged. Press the power button to check if it powers on, if not, connect it to its charger or charging dock. If it does not provide any signal, check from a different device. Turn the device off and on again to reset it.

If there is no signal, contact the customer representative for any service interruption. Look for the IMEI number which is unique for all electronic communications devices. This number may be needed by the representative to help you troubleshoot your device.

Use another charger if the device still won’t charge. Charge from another outlet to check if the charger or the power outlet may be at fault.

Finally, if some devices can’t connect, change settings from the device to permit connection. Check if the correct password is used if not, correct the password and reconnect.