How To Get TruConnect Free Phone 2023

The Lifeline program has many participants who provide free phones to low-income families and individuals. Among them, TruConnect is a considerable one. Today, I’ll tell you how you can get a TruConnect free phone.

How To Qualify For Truconnect  Free Phones

TruConnect free phones aren’t just available for anyone. One needs to meet specific criteria to get government phones. There are two different ways to prove your eligibility.

If you or someone in your household is enrolled in any federal programs, your household would automatically qualify for the best TruConnect free phones. The programs slightly vary from state to state, but the followings are typical everywhere –

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Medicaid
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8)
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • Head Start
  • Veterans Pension and Survivor’s Benefit.

Without that, one will also qualify if their household income is at or below 135% of the federal poverty guideline. In this case, the more people in your household, the more significant benefit you get from the program.

If you are sure you qualify for the Lifeline program, you select a phone and apply for it.

What Kind Of Free Phone Truconnect  Offers In 2022

In 1985, the federal government started the Lifeline program with technological advancement in mind. This program assists with a free cell phone, landline, and internet service to those who can’t afford it. And, to achieve this feat, the government collaborated with several providers.

Yes, as you expect, TruConnect is also on the list. They not only offer free phones and services, but you can also get Truconnect free data. And, similar to other phones, there are top-up plans if anyone needs additional data.

Before we start, let me remind you something. You can’t expect an iPhone or the latest model flagship from other large brands. Free phones are inexpensive and straightforward phones. You can later upgrade the phone as your situation improves.

1. ZTE Maven 3 Z835

Best Truconnect Free Phone - ZTE Maven 3 Z835

ZTE Maven 3 Z835 is a pretty old model of the ZTE. This top-rated phone is nearly outdated today. But, that can be an excellent choice for you, like a free phone. And, its performance is still pretty good for basic tasks.

Key Features

  • The phone comes with a 4.5 inches display, but it doesn’t support HD video.
  • Provide a decent performance with its 1 GB RAM and Snapdragon 210 Quad-core processor.
  • The internal storage of this phone has an 8 GB capacity, which is expandable up to 32 GB.
  • On the rear, it has only a 5MP camera. There isn’t any front camera.
  • Its 2100 mAh battery makes sure you can operate it for long hours.

The phone isn’t as large as other phones on the list. Its 4.5 inches is pretty small, and it only supports 480 x 854 pixels, not HD quality. So far, you can understand it’s not for watching videos and playing games.

But, with its 1 GB Ram and Snapdragon 410 Quad-core processor, there won’t be any issue with regular calling. Keep in mind, you can’t connect with your friends and family by video calling, as the phone doesn’t support video calling.

This is another suitable phone for seniors. But, the screen size could be an issue. Anyways, I found it to be the most commonly obtained from TruConnect. Even if you get it, it won’t be the wrong choice.

2. ZTE Blade Z Max

ZTE Blade Z Max

At one-tenth of the price of high-end phones, the ZTE Blade Z Max comes with a large 6-inch screen. And, the phone offers plenty of space for a sizable battery and has a dual rear camera for a budget-friendly phone. With the combination of a minor older software system and overall solid performance, ZTE Blade Z Max is the best phone on the list.

Key Features

  • ZTE Blade Z Max’s 6 inches large HD+ display lets you watch 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution videos.
  • The phone’s performance is decent, with 2 GB RAM and Snapdragon 435 Octa-Core CPU.
  • You can store all kinds of files into the 32 GB internal space, which is expandable to 128 GB with an SD card.
  • It has a 16MP camera with a 2MP sensor as a rear camera and an 8 MP camera as a front camera.
  • For long-lasting use, the phone comes with a 4080 mAh battery.

The 6-inch phablet is pretty large for many users. You may need two hands to hold the phone and operate it. Its screen supports HD+ videos, which no other phone on the list will offer. Thus, you can get an excellent watching experience.

As expected from a budget-friendly phone, the whole mobile is made of a plastic frame. But, it’s better for the big phone; instead of having a slippy glassy back, it has a grippy texture to help you to hold the phone.

Unlike the previous phones, Z Max comes with 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. And, you can insert a memory card up to 256GB.

On the backside of the phone, you can see two camera sensors. They can take 16 MP pictures, and the front one can take 8MP shots. And, you can capture 1080p video from both phones. So, for a free phone, that’s pretty decent quality.

What surprised me the most was Z Max’s large battery life. The 4080 mAh battery can run for a day or more without any issue. And, the phone is 18w fast charging enabled.

Overall I loved the phone more than the others. And the exciting fact is, its price is under a hundred dollars. So, you are getting a budget phone with tons of features, including a great camera and large long battery life.

But, there are also a few limitations, like the 2 GB RAM doesn’t work with most of the used apps nowadays, and sometimes the phone feels lags.

3. Sengei Smartphone

Best Truconnect Free Phone - Sengei Smartphone

Although this no-name phone isn’t something exciting or worse, it is just a passable phone. I have somewhat had a mixed experience with the phone. Sengei Smartphone offers pretty decent specs, but the performance isn’t up to its specs.

Key Features

  • The phone has a 5.1” large display that supports HD video streaming. So, you can hope a clean and broad view.
  • It has only a half GB RAM and features an MTK6589 Quad-core processor.
  • You can only shore one GB of data; thankfully, extra storage support goes up to 32 GB.
  • The front and back camera also isn’t impressive; the front shots are only 0.3 MP photos, whereas the rear captures 2MP images.
  • 1400 mAh makes sure you can use the phone for around a day, even with a large screen on time.

Out of the box, the cell phone is slim and has a slick outlook to attract users’ eyes. The strand 5.1-inch screen size is enough to provide a good viewing experience.

But, as expected from a free phone, the performance quality is less than an entry-level model. I even had a hard time using original social media apps. But, you can use the lite versions without much issue.

And, if you are thinking of even playing some small games, then forget about it. The lagish experience will make you avoid any kind of gaming or whatsoever.

Regular use like voice calling, listening to music, video calling, texting, and so on will be acceptable. It would be an excellent phone for seniors as they don’t have many things to do with their phones.

There’s one earphone, one USB cable, and one chagrin adapter inside its box. You can put two sim cards at a time, and it keeps a solid connection.

As the phone is unlocked, you can continue using it even if you later switch from TruConnect to other providers. So, it’s a positive side of the phone.

Overall, as free TruConnect phones, it could be considered pretty well. But, with the improvement of your financial conditions, you need a better phone sooner or later.

4. Drindf Smartphone

Drindf Smartphone

It’s another Drindf Smartphone TruConnect free phone with nothing outstanding, just for basic use. And, it’s expected from all free phones. Even if you look for other providers’ free phones, there won’t be much difference.

Key Features

  • It comes with a large 5.7 inches display, which lets you have HD video streaming.
  • Operates with MTK6572 Dual-Core processors and 512 MB ram.
  • The Rom of the phone is 4GB, which is expandable up to 32 GB without a memory card. You can insert an SD card if you require more space.
  • Its front camera is 0.3 MP, and the rear camera is 2 MP. You can see two LED lights on the rear.
  • It supports 3G and 2G networks of all providers.
  • A large 3800 mAh battery provides support to the phone to continue operating for days.

Anyway, similar to the previous phone, it also comes at a low price (but that doesn’t matter, as you can select it for free. But, its performance is better than its initial specs.

At a first look, you can see its 5.7-inch HD-capable screen. When I tested playing some videos on it, the viewing experience wasn’t bad at all. The whole phone has plastic framing, and you will notice it as soon as you touch it.

One good thing, you get four color options, including gold, red, black, white. So, there’s more choice for you with the phone. Inside the box, there comes an earphone, a USB cable, an Adapter, a case, and the phone.

What amazed me about the phone was its battery life. I never expected to see a 3800 mAh battery with a free phone. You can’t run heavy apps, and the effective power processor means the phone will stay one for days without charging.

As you heard, you can’t run large apps with their 512 MB ram similar to the previous one. And it will be sluggish even while functioning. Internal storage is 4GB and expandable to 32GB without an additional card.

5. Gravity 55 GO

Best Truconnect Free Phone - Gravity 55 GO

Gravity 55 Go can be a better free phone TruConnect user’s with somewhat modest performance. The phone has a few things that make it a worthy selection. First of all, the medium size screen, which isn’t too large or small. Then comes the decent battery life, and lastly, its camera quality as a free phone.

Key Features

  • Great screen HD quality resolution and is 5.5 inches.
  • It comes with 1 GB RAM and uses Quad-Core 1.3GHz processor. It supports multitasking, but some will automatically close when several apps are opened at once.
  • It has an 8 GB of ROM, which is expandable to 32 GB and 1 GB ram.
  • Surprisingly the cell phone comes with a 5 MP front camera and 13 GB back camera.
  • The 3000 mAh battery life makes sure you keep the phone running for long hours.

Its 5.5 inches HD LCD is perfect for watching videos and scrolling social media with a single hand. And, to back up your entire day using, the phone has a 3000 mAh battery.

But, it surprised me with the 13 MP camera resolution. I didn’t expect this level of camera quality from a free phone. Its overall performance is also better than the previous phones. You get one GB ram and eight GB internal storage.

The phone is so far the best free phone from TruConnect. Its screen resolution and color reproduction capability aren’t wrong either. And, there won’t be any lag while doing the basic tasks, even when playing simple games. It supports some of the light social media apps, but you can always go with lite versions if not.

These are the top phones provided by TruConnect free phones. Most of the time, you don’t have a choice to pick a phone, but if you do, choose carefully as you will use it for a few years.

But, keep in mind, there are a few restrictions from TruConnect before you ask for your favorite phone. Let yourself a check, what are those:

TruConnect Phone Restrictions

  • The free device, monthly service, and discounts aren’t allowed to transfer.
  • Each qualified household can take only one lifeline free phone and service discount.
  • If you or any member of your household is enjoying the benefits of other provider lifeline programs, you won’t be able to apply for the
  • TruConnect Lifeline program. The opposite is also correct.
  • You at least need to use your free phone once every 30 days. If not, there are chances of disenrollment from the program.

Similarly, if you are no longer in the criteria of the lifeline program, inform Truconnect at least 30 days before. USAC checks your qualifications every year.

TruConnect Plans

After you get your free phone, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have phone services. Thankfully, TruConnect has free phone service for all LifeLine participants.

But, if you find it insufficient with the free internet, talk, or text, you can always go with the prepaid plans. And, you will also get a commission with your free lifeline certification.

Free Plan

  • Offers unlimited minutes for local and domestic long-distance ( Varies by the state to state).
  • Free unlimited talk in the US and around.
  • Monthly free data up to 4.5 GB. ( Varies by state by state).

Top-UP Talk Plans

  • Get 500 minutes at only $5 (local and domestic long-distance.)
  • Get 1000 minutes at only $10 (local and domestic long-distance.)

International Top-Up

  • With only $15 each month, get access to unlimited talking to Mexico, Canada, India, and more than 55 countries. It includes both landline and cell phone numbers. But, you are limited to ten unique numbers, which reset every month.
  • With only $5 each month, get 300 cell phone minutes to Mexico.
  • With only $5 each month, get 200 landline minutes to Mexico.

TruConnect Data Top-Up

  • Pay 5 dollars to get 500 MB of high-speed data.
  • Pay 10 dollars to get 1 GB of high-speed data.

FAQ About the Best Truconnect Free Phone

What network TruConnect uses?

TruConnect is an MVNO, which operates under T-Mobile’S 3G/4G LTE network.

Does TruConnect offer unlimited data?

Yes, TruConnect also has unlimited data plans. But the price bit on the upside, which is $50 per month. But, the lifeline participants can get huge in this plan. The plan only includes the first 4 GB LTE data, and the rest will be 3G data until the billing cycle (30 days) ends.

Can I get a discount for both Lifeline and EBB programs?

Yes, if you are qualified for both programs’ benefits, you can ask for the discounts of both programs in the same service. This way, even the expensive plans will be affordable for you.

Final Verdict

The Lifeline program is an excellent initiative to make low-income people technologically knowledgeable. And, TruConnect is doing outstanding as a participant. They are offering free phones and free service. Even their offered phones are better than some top free phone providers.

In this article, I have listed how you can get a free phone from TruConnect and the top five best options. I hope you find it helpful. That being said, I would like to take my leave.