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10 Best Spy Camera With Longest Battery Life In 2020

As we live in the era of technology, securing our private information has now become more tough. We self cannot protect our information and look at this all time. Cause we have our specific jobs and things to do then where we will get the time to look for our properties. The technology has come so far nowadays to meet up your needs. Nothing to worry about as some tech giants have started producing the best spy cameras with the longest battery life to provide you seamless privacy 24/7.

Moreover there are many spy gadgets available in the market which will help you to keep track of everything. If you are someone who is busy with work and looking for something to safeguard your nanny and household from intruders, then getting the best camera may be a critical part to retain your sound health.

Though there are many spy cameras available in  the market, it will be tough to choose the best one for your home and your nannies.

However, from our analysis on spy cameras today we will show you the top 10 best spy cameras with longest battery life. Before going to the main review, let’s have a look at the top 2 products from our list in terms of consumer’s ratings.

Compare SIR GAWAIN Mini Spy Camera G007 and ZumYu Mini Spy Camera 

SIR GAWAIN Mini Spy Camera G007ZumYu Mini Spy Camera 
Compare SIR GAWAIN Mini Spy Camera G007 and ZumYu Mini Spy Camera Compare SIR GAWAIN Mini Spy Camera G007 and ZumYu Mini Spy Camera 
Provides 1080p full HD Images and videos as it has 12 Megapixel cameraWith a wireless technology you can easily observe your properties through your mobile device
The camera has 6 invisible LED lights as night vision for clear night guardIt has a night mode without any light
Has 140 degree wide angle lens for larger coverageProvides 150° wide angle lens for a wider view
Featuring with the ability of video recording while charging with loop recordingEnsures protection by motion detection alerts with loop recording
It has 200 mAh battery with 80 minute battery lifetime which is great for this little cameraThe 600 mAh battery covers up nearly 3 hours recording
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Top 10 best spy cameras with longest battery life

1. SIRGAWAIN G007 spy camera

SIR GAWAIN has recently launched a pretty light weighted spy camera which is very tiny in size to use for investigation purposes. SIR GAWAIN is a pretty trusted manufacturer for providing you with the best spy  camera which can be used for any type of spying jobs. The spy camera will provide you a decent level of HD 1080p videos for security protection  from any types of intruders. Besides that the size and the performance of this little spy camera makes it a best choice for privacy related issues. 

This can also be used for nannies side by side; it will provide superb quality images at night as it has specific functionalized night vision mode for a clear view always. This camera is also pretty affordable than any other security spy cameras.

Key Features of SIRGAWAIN Mini Spy Camera

  • Provides 1080p full HD Images and videos as it has 12 Megapixel camera
  • The camera has 6 invisible LED lights as night vision for clear night guard
  •  Has 140 degree wide angle lens for larger coverage
  • Featuring with the ability of video recording while charging with loop recording
  • It has 200 mAh battery with 80 minute battery lifetime which is great for this little camera

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This little spy camera has versatile usage ability for your security. You can use this in your office and outdoors. Besides that for babysitters it is also a great option to safeguard your assets. This camera comes with easy setup and compatibility with nearly everything for your safety. Use this as a clip or on the neck or in the quadcopter where you want.

2. Hugum HDV-201LM Mini Spy Camera

Looking for a spy camera which will provide you with better quality performance and with easy installations at a tight budget? Then this spy camera HDV-201LM is going to be a perfect choice for you. The camera has all the features that every spy camera needs to operate perfectly for security protection. Though it has some bad sides, the camera won’t dissatisfy you in performance. This camera is a super slim and portable spy camera to ensure usage at any place any time for the sake of your privacy issues.

This is available at a pretty reasonable price tag for the security of everyone regardless of rich or poor people. Moreover it has a built in magnet in the back of this device, this will allow you to stick the camera at any iron or metal surface easily. This made the usage a lot easier because the magnet will ensure a wide range of places to set up the camera hassle free.

Key Features of Hugum HDV-201LM Spy Camera

  • Provides clear 1080p HD images and videos 
  • 150 degree extra wide angle lens to cover up to your every corner
  • The battery is decently  powerful which can record over 1 hour
  • Supports WiFi connectivity for easy look up by your phone
  • One single camera device is accessible by many users

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This little hero can cover up your whole household where you want to keep it to look for. This works as a pretty loyal guard for your interior. It is very light as it weights just 5.6 ounces. It also supports 32 GB SD cards and with a 64 GB expandable facility. You can go for it if you want true protection of your wealths.

3. ZumYu Mini Spy Camera

With the backup of a long battery life this mini spy camera will allow you to ensure a reliable protection of your household within an affordable budget range. The mini spy camera has versatile features and the utility is also awesome. The battery backup is more than any products compared to other mini sized cameras. It also provides magnet band coverage for an instant setting to any place you want.

For your security and surveillance requirements you can use this mini hidden camera. The camera can be hidden at any places such as your wall, curtain, desk, plants, sofa, TV etc. For the mini size of this camera it is easy to hide.

Features of ZumYu Mini Spy Hidden Camera

  • With a wireless technology you can easily observe your properties through your mobile device
  • Provides 150°wide angle lens for a wider view
  • It has a night mode without any light
  • The 600 mAh battery covers up nearly 3 hours recording
  • Ensures protection by motion detection alerts with loop recording

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ZumYu is a specialist in producing home security camera devices. With the proper product for your household you can stay assured and stress free as their service is pretty trustworthy and qualitative. This mini hidden spy camera is committed to make your home security easy, safe and convenient.

4. Mansso hidden spy camera

For a complete home security protection you must need such a device which has the proper ability and performance to do so. The following camera will be a perfect guard for your home, assets and your childrens. Within a little budget you can access a lot of the premium security features with this best selling camera. The consumer satisfaction is also good rather than other similar products of different companies. 

You can put this in every corner of your interior, at a suitable place in your backyard or garden, place it in your office or warehouse, protect your wealth by setting it outdoors and much more. The Wireless remotely control of this device will also provide a real time live view of your assets and your loved ones.

Features of Mansso Mini Hidden Camera

  • Excellent features of live stream with 1080p Full HD videos and images
  • Comes with a IR night vision mode for clear glow view at night
  • Activated motion detection alert will notify you instantly with an alarm
  • After full charge with a 600 mAh battery you can record maximum 3 hours
  • Comes with wide angle lens to cover more with the tracking of free app

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This is a Do It Yourself Spy camera as it comes with the facility of shifting and setting it anywhere in your home, office, gym and much more. The powerful magnet shell of this camera allows you to set it instantly without any trouble. Besides all those excellent features the price will also astonish you since it is super affordable and price under 40 dollars.

5. Tekpluze TEK-1 Spy Camera

Tekpluze is committed to cover your house with the guard of protection. They are professional level mini Security camera producers and they ensure good quality products for everyone. Mini Spy Cameras are a best way to cover the whole house because they are hidden and the intruders or target people have a lesser chance of noticing them. 

These little cameras can cover a lot bigger things than their size. As it has a wider angle lens for more extended coverage of your household interior. Furthermore the batteries of the camera is just the irritating part as it takes a longer period to charge and stays for a shorter time. But the overall quality and coverage at this rate is just awesome.

Features of Tekpluze Mini Spy Camera

  • The 12 MP camera will give a sharper HD videos at 1080p
  • Built in wide lens of nearly 140 degree will ensure huge coverage 
  • Auto motion detection feature will instantly start recording when any slightest motion is detected
  • A 200 mAh battery will cover nearly 100 minutes of recording
  • Loop recording feature records videos within every 5 minutes so that you don’t miss any details

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The camera is also nearly the same with some of the aforementioned spy cameras but the noticeable difference is found in its lower price tag. The price is under 25 dollar thus everyone can have this to safeguard their house and childrens within a pretty lower cost.

6. Tekpluze TEK-7 spy camera

Wondering how a spy camera could weigh less than 1 ounce? This is the spy camera you may have a look at as a model. Tekpluze LLC launched this device in March this year with a lot of stunning features. The overall weight balance is just awesome and the price tag is just up to the mark.

The legendary spy camera is super portable and the same features of other competitors are included with some unique updates. The size will first of all make you say wow. When the question rises about its performance it will give you a lot at this budget range, a jaw dropping performance at this size and price.

Key Features of Tekpluze TEK-7 Spy Camera

  • Super compact and lightweight as it weights just 0.2 ounces
  • 4 invisible LED lights will turn on the night mode for the same qualitative coverage even at night
  • A built in 200 mAh mini Lithium Polymer Ion Battery will cover 80-100 minutes easily
  • Image proportion of 16:9 with a 140 degree viewing lens will cover most of the area
  • Loop Recording and Motion Detection with 30 FPS of video coverage will not let you miss any details

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Superb performance with the portability is the new achievement of this mini spy camera. The tiny camera is priced just under 22 dollars, which is going to add a new turn in the world of mini spy cameras. Thanks to Tekpluze for this awesome device.

7. Relohas S93 Mini Spy Camera

If you are someone who doesn’t bother spending money for having something best at everything? Then the device may come handy for you from a security and privacy perspective. The overall performance of this camera is not up to the mark at all. Furthermore, you may miss some of the common features of the maximum number of devices available in the market. 

Obviously the device is not going to be the best choice for everyone. Because of the higher price range of this device compared to other security spy cameras in the market maybe the bad side of this device. After all it has some good features, let’s look at them.

Key Features of Relohas S93 Mini Spy Camera

  • Comes with four specific recording modes for more options
  • The phone recording mode is the best as it records all the videos to your mobile device
  • 1080p video capturing with upgraded night mode for clear sight at night
  • Has a wide range of settings with a hooked zoomable build and 3M stickers.
  • Suitable for all types of scenarios and super compact as well 

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This spy camera may hit a very higher price range but it will provide you with awesome and unique features which others cannot. Overall the performance and the unique features are going to be the key selling point of this spy camera. Now the choice and decision making is totally up to you. If you care for your money then don’t go for it, otherwise it will be a great option for someone who doesn’t mind the price.

8. GooSpy S09-V4 spy camera

GooSpy may have produced the smallest camera in the spy camera industry. The Do It Yourself camera is a great option for your home, office, warehouse, super shop and much more.  The easy setting of this camera is the key point so far. With that the battery is pretty decent compared to other spy cameras. This DIY spy camera will provide another eyes of security to your valuable properties and your cared ones. 

The module adds a new twist in this spy camera’s design making as it comes with a unique design and build quality. It has a changeable and easily adjustable build quality and tiny little design for perfect security experience.

Features of GooSpy spy camera

  • Compatible with Apple Operating System and Android OS 
  • 5 Megapixel Camera sensor for 1080p HD videos and clear images
  • With a 300 mAh lithium Polymer battery it easily runs 60 minutes
  • The Micro SD Card is expandable upto 128 GB for more captures
  • Comes with a viewing angle of 90 degree for a decent area coverage

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With this tiny and stylish designed camera you can easily leave your home without any worry. Side by side the design is a super portable spy camera. It is able to suit in any place to ensure your protection regardless of any situation. Jump with this portable device for a more enhanced view of your home security.

9. LENOVE Mini Spy Hidden Camera

Whether you are in your meeting in the office or shopping in the supermarkets, your house and nannies are not going to feel alone as for the LENOVE Mini Hidden Camera is by your side covering your safety zone. With that being said, the camera is also an excellent choice for your overall privacy protection as it comes with various types of features to save your assets from those intruders and thieves.

When this camera detects any moving things, it instantly sends alert notification to your connected mobile device. So, you don’t have to worry about your children as it’s eyes are always open for your safety.

Features of LENOVE Mini Hidden Camera

  • It has dual detection option both for audio and motion
  • Comes with a 150 degree angle viewing lens for more coverage
  • It is easy to setup and operate for your privacy
  • The rechargeable lithium battery has 1.5 hours continuous working ability
  • This mini camera supports multi viewing options as well

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The mini spy camera from LENOVE is going to be your next surveillance partner with a reliable performance. Thanks to it’s built in magnet feature, this makes the setting a step easier and easily movable to any place. With 6 specific IR LED lights it will cover your wealth in the darkness of night also. So, sleep relentlessly as the guard is watching for your safety.

10. OUCAM Mini Hidden Spy Camera (OUCAM P2)

Maybe you are looking for a thin and portable spy camera for making your go to partner. This mini spy camera is a hidden camera with all the facilities for your privacy issues protection in the size of an apple watch. It’s thinnest part is just 6 mm. And the overall area is just 42 mm, which is going to be a superb lightweight and portable spy camera ever.

With all the required features of spy cameras, it will add the feel of an ultra thin and ultra mini security device. It also has a stand to mount it in the wall or any vertical plain surface. SIde by side the built in magnet also helps to fit your camera in any places you want to attach.

Features of OUCAM Mini Spy Camera (OUCAM P2)

  • Ultra thin camera sized just 1.65 x 1.65 x 0.48 inches
  • Connects the wireless WiFi network within 3 simple steps
  • The tiny battery doesn’t lasts longer, it works just 0.5 hours
  • Records up to 24 hours with the ability to support 64 GB Micro SD Card
  • Provides 1080p HD Video quality with night vision 

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OUCAM Mini Spy Camera is committed to provide you with superb quality images and videos with the reliable service. The mini spy camera will cover the whole area of your targeted zone as it has 150 degree viewing angle with 6 LED lights for IR night view. Don’t judge this device by the price because the quality matters.

Final Verdict

The overall article will help you to have clear concepts about those mini spy cameras. If your security issues are a greatest concern in your daily life then the above mentioned security spy cameras are going to be the perfect option for fulfilling your needs. 

Now, the budget and the overall quality performance is the key factor for your spy camera selection and purchase. For any of your safety issues they  are a great option, but the concept needs to be crystal clear before the purchase. So, take a look at our selected products and have a clear concept about spy cameras, then make up your mind for purchasing the suitable one in terms of your budget and requirements.

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