What is the Best Sprint Plan for Seniors in 2023?

A mobile phone is a necessary tool that helps people to keep in touch with one another. Human beings cannot live alone, and this applies more so for the aged people to help them remain connected with family and friends.

Mobile can make life easy for other elderly. They can reach out to people easily for their medical needs. The best Sprint plan for seniors must be affordable and reliable.

What is the Best Sprint Plan for Seniors in 2019?

What is the Best Sprint Plan for Seniors

1. Sprint Unlimited 55+ Plan

One of the leading providers of cell phone services in the United States of America is Sprint. The sprint phone plan offers a fair amount of discounts and is a completely-featured plan which helps in maintaining a connection with family.

The Best Sprint Plan for Seniors has the following features


The cost related to the plan of Sprint Unlimited 55+ varies based on customers. The project needs a credit check, which determines the array of costs involved.

For example, each of the lines is subjected to a $30 activation fee. The plan covers a phone as well as a monthly plan. However, the program covers surcharges, taxes as well as roaming fees. 

Global Roaming

An ideal feature of the plan is that consumers can use it anywhere for unlimited access unlikely other programs which offer limited access.

It provides the feature of ‘Global Roaming’ which is easy to activate and helps the user connect with friends, relatives, and acquaintances even while traveling across several places. 

Mobile Phone Price

The plan invites the customers to lease or buy the smartphone. They provide many high-quality smartphones which the customers can buy outright with their credit check. They could buy the smartphone for a new monthly lease price.

Monthly Plan: Sprint Unlimited 55+ plan covers the following features:

  • It has unlimited data, text, and talks
  • The plan offers international roaming in over 200 locations all over the world. 
  • Top-grade quality ‘video streaming’ of up to 480p
  • Limitless mobile hotspot for 3G speeds for connecting all the gadgets.
  • Streaming of music for 500 kbps
  • Streaming the games for 2 Mbps. 
  • The plan is easy to use 
  • Reliable coverage is a crucial criterion of the mobile plan

The new customers of the Sprint plan for the seniors who are more than 55 years can sign for the plan. It is provided for $ 50 every month for a single line and about $20 every month for the second. The senior citizens can avail of the plan for $5 every month for an ‘Auto Pay discount.

They can make use of the plan for a total of $70 every month. To avail of the ‘Auto Pay’ discount, the plan of Sprint Unlimited 55+ would cost the customers an extra $5 to about $10 every month.

The plan would cost in such instances $55 every month for a single line as well as $80 every month for double lines. 

Discounts for the Seniors

The Sprint plan for the seniors provides $20 savings every month for a single line and about $ 50 every month for double lines. When the customer makes use of the ‘Unlimited 55+ plan’, they are not eligible for receiving other discounts provided through the agency.

The discounts include all the AAA membership benefits, the ‘Advantage Airline’ mileage program, Credit Union Cash Rewards, etc. 

Customer Service

The customer service of Sprint is dependable. In the last couple of years, they have become more user-friendly. Access for help is either available at sprint.com/swwsupport or sprint.com/mysprint all around the clock.

The company provides toll-free numbers that you may call for help. Many of the locations have the brick and mortar stores that the customers can visit for help.

Comparison with Other Company’s Senior Citizen Plans

What is the Best Sprint Plan for Seniors in 2019?

AT&T Senior Nation Plan

AT&T offers a senior-specific phone plan geared for people over 65 years of age. The plan includes 200 minutes, limitless mobile-to-mobile talk time with the other AT&T customers with 500 weekend minutes and nights.

The plan, however, does not provide any data. The plan is available only for basic phones. Thus the Sprint Unlimited 55+plan proves to be better since it offers unlimited data, text, and talk time.

Unlimited data permits a massive opportunity for using the cell phone for absolutely any need. It is thus the best Sprint plan for seniors who are looking for a cost-effective way of accessing the Internet. 

T-Mobile One Plan

T-Mobile One Plan was specially designed for active senior citizens. It is ideal for travelers and couples. The plan incurs no extra taxes and fees and is available with a predictable monthly expenditure.

However, a significant drawback of the phone plan is it is not for the high users. Hence the Sprint Unlimited 55+ Plan proves to be useful as it is designed for highly active users. It is ideal for massive data, text, and call users. 


Verizon provides a host of shared data, unlimited data, global mobile phone plans, and single gadgets. It has the biggest selection of smartphones compared to the different carriers. It offers everything from tablets, smartphones, wearable tech, and smartwatches.

The biggest drawback of Verizon is that it provides expensive monthly plans. Thus the Sprint Unlimited 55+ Plan is a better deal as it offers unlimited data, text, and calls for a monthly fee of just $35 apart from an activation fee of $30.

Consumer Cellular

One of the ideal senior mobile phone plans is Consumer Cellular. They provide plans for all budgets and a host of mobile phone options, including iOS.

However, one of the drawbacks of the plan is that it does not offer unlimited data options, unlike the Sprint Unlimited 55+ Plan, which offers unlimited data, text, talk time, and mobile hotspot. 

From the overview mentioned above of the various senior citizen cell phone plans, it is possible to get an idea of the best mobile plan for the senior citizens.

By carefully going through the features of each of the plans, you would be able to realize that Sprint Unlimited 55+ is the best Sprint plan for seniors.