The 10 Best Printers for Homeschool in 2021

These days, a printer is already a part of our education. Modern school curriculums are filled with assignments and projects. If you are an advocate of homeschooling, a printer is a must-have tool at home. Whether you are a student or a parent of a student, a printer is no doubt a good investment to consider. In fact, it will not really be considered a wise move if you just get the first printer that you see on sale. Still, it does not mean that you need to spend a huge amount of money just to get a good printer.

When it comes to the best printers for homeschool, there are amazing candidates out there. Choosing anyone out of the list below will certainly help you with your concern in finding a solution to your children’s seemingly endless projects in school. One thing is sure – these printers feature good quality and built. As a bonus, they also have some extra features that can help you finish those projects effortlessly and easily.

10 Best Printers for Homeschool in 2021

1. Canon Pixma iX6820 Wireless Printer for Hoomeschool

If you are looking for a quality printer that you can use for your homeschooling, the Canon Pixma is a good find. It is one of the best low-cost options out there, especially if you are looking for a home office or micro office printer that can print pages as large as 13 x 19 inches.

Best Printers for Homeschool - Canon Pixma iX6820 Wireless Business Printer

Key Features of  Canon Pixma iX6820 Printer

  • OS Compatibility: Windows  XP SP3, Vista SP1, Vista SP2, Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
  • Technology Used: Fine print head technology
  • Print Resolution: 9600 x 2400 dots per inch maximum; Black – 600 x 600 dpi
  • Number of Nozzles: 5,120 (Black – 1,024) (Color: 4,096)

Easy to Moderate Setup

Right after opening the box, this printer can be setup and used within an hour. The instructions that are included are image-based, with less text, thus making it easy to follow. This means that even though you may not be that savvy in terms of technology, you can still set it up without any problems at all. This printer requires another software. This part could be challenging to some, since some errors may be encountered along the way.

Straightforward, Basic Design

This model from Pixma is a straightforward one. For one, this is not an “all-in-one” printer, which means that it does not have scanning or copying capabilities. It has a dimension of 23 x 12.3 x 6.3 inches, which is quite huge, requiring the need for space where you can use it. Both of the front paper tray and the rear paper feeder protrude, which is why extra space should be prepared. It is also a heavy printer at 17.9 pounds, made of attractive yet solid material.

Excellent Printing Quality

After the tests done on printing, the text produced is well-defined and crisp, without any presence of smearing or smudging. The black texts are pronounced and deep, and easy to read, regardless of font. Printing colored documents are also excellent. The text, color, and graphics were smooth and bold, without uneven ink and print lines produced.

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2. HP LaserJet Pro M281fdw All-in-One Wireless Color Laser Printer For Hoomeschool

The HP M281fdw model is an entry-level, all-in-one printer that offers a strong set of features. Among the favorite features of this model includes a compact size and design, making it ideal for home-based offices, smaller offices, as well as small workgroups.

Best Printers for Homeschool - HP LaserJet Pro M281fdw All-in-One Wireless Color Laser Printer

Key Feature of HP LaserJet Pro M281fdw Printer

  • Functions: Print, Copy, Scan, Fax
  • Print Speed: Up to (Black – 22 ppm; Color – 22  ppm)
  • Input/Output Capacity: 250 sheets, 100 sheets
  • Recommended Monthly Volume: 150 – 2,500 pages

Compact Design

In terms of design, the M281fdw model is simple and compact. In fact, it can easily fit on a desk, with dimensions at 16.6 x 16.5 x 13.2 inches. While it is compact in terms of size, it is quite heavy at 47.7 pounds. It features a small touchscreen with easy to follow options for scanning, faxing, or copying. The power button is on its lower right part, while the paper tray is at the bottom part of the printer.

Fully Wireless Connectivity

This entire unit is completely wireless. This means that you can easily connect on a WIFI network, and directly print from your mobile phone or tablet using the HP Smart App. With this app, you can also scan documents easily, sending them to the printer, even though it may be located in your home.

Two-Sided Color Printing

The manufacturer of this printer, HP, claims this model as the fastest out there with its capability to print double-sided documents. It has the capacity to print 22 ppm, while the input paper tray has the capacity to handle up to 250 sheets.

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3. HP Envy 4520 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer For Hoomeschool

What the HP Envy 4520 all-in-one photo printer brings to the table includes using the latest technology in ink delivery. This serves the goal of prolonging cartridge life, thus saving you money. It is also preferred because of its print speed while producing high-quality output.

Key Feature of HP Envy 4520 Wireless Printer

  • Functions: Print, Copy, Scan
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Printing Speed: (Black – 9.5 ppm; Color – 6.8 ppm)
  • Input/Output Capacity: 100 sheets, 25 sheets

Attractive Design

The Envy series from HP heavily leans on having a slim design, which is also evident in the Envy 4520 model. An enhancement, however, is the use of a curved chassis. Among several multifunction printers available, this model is one of the sleekest in terms of design.

Easy Setup and Networking

The package includes a manual that provides a guide for the initial setup. It also includes basic troubleshooting. It comes in a driver CD form which is very easy to follow. It features a guide that is labeled clearly, designed for easy connection of the printer into your home network and your computer.

Efficient Paper Handling Capabilities

This printer comes with a 100-sheet input tray which can be pulled out from the drawer that is located at the bottom part of the machine. It also features adjustable sliders that can handle common media sizes such as A4, A5, and A6. The tray also features size markers that are etched into the tray, guiding to ensure that the paper will property fit right into the feeder.

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4. WorkForce WF-7710 Wireless Wide-Format Color Inkjet Printer For Hoomeschool

The WorkForce WF-7710 printer is fit for a small office or home staple. It is a machine with heavy features, including the capacity to produce high quality prints, up to a size of 13 x 19 x 19 inches. Aside from being able to fax and copy, it also allows duplex printing.

Key Features of WorkForce WF-7710 Wireless Printer

  • Functions: Print, Scan, Copy, Fax
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Printing Speed: (Black – 8.7 ppm; Color – 6 ppm)
  • Input/Output Capacity: 250 sheets, 20 sheets

Wide Format Printer

The WorkForce WF-7710 printer is a wide format printer, which means that it has the capacity to print at least 11 inches x 17 inches (tabloid size). This capacity is also made possible by its large screen. It features huge icons that are also easy to click. As a result, this printer is easy to use for everybody.

Amazing Scanner Capabilities

The scanner feature of this printer is no doubt a representation of the quality of printers under this brand. This model features a scanner that comes with a maximum resolution at 4800 DPI. Other features include amazing color and contrast replication, which means that you can expect high quality scans.

Great Quality of Prints

The WF-7710 comes with a 2400 DPI maximum print resolution, which is actually twice the capacity of most of the all-in-one style printers. On top of that, it also features amazingly dense blacks and vibrant colors compared to others. As a result, this printer can create attractive dynamic prints of different sizes.

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5. Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer For Hoomeschool

This printer from Brother is described as a low-cost monochrome scanner and printer. It offers above quality graphics and text, with dependable paper handling, as well as a wide-range option on connectivity. It also offers low operating costs.

Key Features of Brother Compact Monochrome Printer

  • Functions: Print
  • Printing Technology: Laser
  • Printing Speed: 32 ppm
  • Input/Output Capacity: 250 sheets, 250 sheets

Compact Size and Design

This monochrome laser printer is compact in design, perfect for a micro office. It only measures 14.2 x 14 x 7.2 inches, with a 15.9 pounds weight. It is also included in the manufacturer’s affordable monochromes. Its input tray has the capacity to accommodate 250 pages, with its augmented one-sheet override slot.

Dependable Monthly Duty Cycles

This model from Brother produces 15,000 pages, along with a recommended volume for printing up to 2,000 pages. This model also comes with a built-in duplexer which easily handles double-sided printing. All of the features and controls can be managed using the control panel that features a minimalist design and a couple of buttons.

Straightforward Setup and Connectivity

The setup and connectivity features of the HL-L2350DW model is straightforward. In fact, it can be completed below 5 minutes. It requires a Windows PC and a Windows 10 system. Other connectivity requirements are just standard for a USB-connected monochrome laser printer.

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6. Epson Expression Home XP-430 Wireless Color Photo Printer For Hoomeschool

If you are looking for a printer that offers multiple functionalities, this is the option to go. The best part is that it comes in a space-saving design, combined with a very affordable price. Among its favorite features include remote printing, giving the capacity to print from various mobile devices.

Key Features of Epson XP-430 Printer

  • Functions: Print, Copy, Scan
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Printing Speed: (Black – 9.0 ppm; Color – 4.5 ppm)
  • Input/Output Capacity: 100 sheet

Space-Saving Design

The main focus of this printer is its space-saving design. It features dimensions at 15.4 inches x 20.8 inches x 11 inches when the trays are completely extended. When the trays are closed, the printer can be placed in a 15.4 x 11.8 x 5.7 storage space.

Smart Setup

The manufacturer of this printer offers the option to connect it to a computer using either USB, WIFI, or WIFI direct. The smart setup located on the touch panel of this printer is composed of a two-part process. All you need to do is to turn the machine on, and going into the Network Setting, designating the wireless network, and entering the password. The setup takes less than five minutes.

Easy Installation Process

The installation process of this printer is quite easy. The procedure includes a step which inquires if you want the system to hunt and install updates (firmware) automatically. It is recommended to choose “yes” after the prompt. The appeal of this model is that there is no need to wait for the manufacturer to feed software updates.

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7. Canon Selphy CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer For Hoomeschool

The Selphy CP1300 compact photo printer is a huge step in the mini-print printer category. It is designed to produce 4 x 6 inches of photo prints, coming from a Bluetooth connected device. Even though it may not be something that can fit in your pocket, it can fit in your backpack or handbag, making it one of the most portable options out there.

Key Features Canon Selphy CP1300 Printer

  • Functions: Print
  • Printing Technology: Compact Photo Printing
  • Input/Output Capacity: 18 sheets (postcard size)

Wireless Compact Photo Printing

The CP1300 Canon Selphy model is a small-format, portable photo printer. It has the capacity to print up to 4 to 6 photos. It is not just petite, but also easy to use, featuring an accompanying app. It is also quite affordable to use while rendering high quality prints. It even also comes with an auxiliary battery which will allow you to print images from anywhere.

Easy Setup

The setup metric of this printer is an evaluation of its ease of use. Printing from a smartphone or a laptop is a breeze. The setup involves downloading the app and allowing it to access the photos of your device. After everything was connected properly, it was quite easy to choose the images, sending them to the printer.

Amazing Photo Quality

The overall quality of photo printers is judged by evaluating the clarity and color of the images produced. The Selphy CP1300 offers a 300 dpi maximum printing capacity. The photo sizes produced using this printer is satisfying. Overall, this printer has the capacity to produce acceptable pictures for both personal use and for sharing.

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8. Brother MFC-J995DW Color Inkjet Printer For Hoomeschool

If you are searching for an entry-level option on printers that produces a good output quantity, the Brother MFC-J995DW model is a good option to take into consideration. Even though the operating costs may not be the lowest, but still competitive enough, making it an amazing all-in-one printer for home-based or small offices.

Key Features of Brother MFC-J995DW Printer

  • Functions: Print
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Printing Speed: (Black – 12 ppm; Color – 10 ppm)
  • Input/Output Capacity: 150 sheets

Efficient Design

This printer features a front control panel which angles up to 45 degrees upward, making it quite easy to use with its 2.7 inches touchscreen. The display also worked quite well for most of the selections in the menu, even though those that need a complete QWERTY keyboard that fits on the screen may pose some challenges for the fingers.

Entry Level Speed

This printer is rated at 12 ppm for monochrome pages, and 10 ppm for colored ones. The MFC-J995DW model has the capacity to print and copy the colorful image and graphical content. The text produced is well-shaped, crisp, and highly legible.

Competitive Operating Costs

This model unexpectedly delivers above-average operating costs for its value. Even though the per-page cost of this model is quite high, this is not really that critical for a model that is designed to print a modest volume. When compared with other non-bulk-ink printers, the operating costs are somewhat reasonable.

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9. Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless Printer For Hoomeschool

There is no question that the Pixma MG3620 model from Pixjma is a decent printer that you can use at home. It is designed to deliver an amazing cost per print. The printing quality of the photos produced by this printer is good. It comes with a built-in scanner, adding value to this printer, with the assurance of a small footprint.

Key Features of Canon Pixma MG3620 Printer

  • Functions: Print, Copy, Scan
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Printing Speed: (Black – 9.9 ppm; Color – 16 ppm)

Straightforward Design

It is easy to notice that the lid of the scanner consumes most of the upper part of the unit. A control panel is located to the left of the lid, with buttons that allow you to switch from a plain letter-size paper, or a 4 x 6-inch photo paper. These are the only sizes that are accepted. One paper tray is included, which means that you can swap in the photo paper when you need to print the photos.

Fast Color Copying

This model is one of the fastest options when it comes to producing color copies. It has the capacity to produce a copy in just an average of 27.3 seconds. The black and white copies are produced in just 17.4 seconds.

This printer uses both pigment and dye inks, using pigment in the black cartridge and dye in the color cartridge. The theory associated with this approach involves the idea that dye inks offer more vibrant color, and the pigment ink produces heavier and sharper text.

Above Average Scanning Performance

What this printer is really good at is scanning, giving off a performance that went beyond those that are produced by other similar models. It is able to capture a 60-dpi photo image in just 39.4 seconds. It is also fast in terms of scanning black and white documents at 300 dpi at only 8.9 seconds.

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10. Canon PIXMA TR4520 Printer For Hoomeschool

Another entry-level printer model that you may want to take into consideration is the Pixma TR4520 model from Canon. It is designed for home-based or smaller office use. As expected from an all-in-one printer at this price range, it comes with strong features, being able to print quite well, particularly photos.

Key Features of Canon PIXMA TR4520 Printer

  • Functions: Print, Copy, Scan, Fax
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Printing Speed: (Black – 8.8 ipm; Color – 4.4 ipm)

Traditional Design

The Pixma TR4500p printer may not look dated, but its control and interface seem traditional and old-school. It comes with a small LCD display, along with a huge variety of physical buttons. The display of this printer is quite sparse and quite challenging to read if you are not looking at the display from the appropriate angle. The huge buttons, on the other hand, are easy to use, making it easy to use.

Easy Setup Process

Setting up this model is quite easy. In fact, it only starts with setting up the 2 ink cartridges securely, one black and one color, and closing them up right in front of the printer. It can then be set up with its Canon Print App. Once the printer is settled well, the process becomes easier. It can be setup and connected to WiFi through the app.

Fantastic Printing Quality

This printer performs quite well when it comes to its printing quality. It produces acceptable output in an office environment where a lot of limitations may rule out its purpose of use. The text is clear and sharp, with both printings black and white text, and with smaller fonts. No doubt that this printer is a cut beyond expectations out of a photo printer within its price range, though the cost involved with the use of ink is high enough. As such, this printer can be used as a secondary printer.

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Buying Guide Best Printers for Homeschool

The following tips are among the things that you can look for when looking for the best printers for homeschool. After all, purchasing the best printer for home use is a task that involves research and wise decision making.

Laser vs. Inkjet Printer

The huge question that you may take into consideration is whether you are getting a laser or an inkjet printer. This may be a challenging decision to make, especially if you do not have a complete understanding of the differences between these two varieties.

Inkjet models, for one, utilize liquid ink droplets in order to create those images on the paper. On the other hand, a color laser model printer for homeschool utilizes LED beams in order to relocate images on the specific media. Also, inkjets use printer cartridges which tend to run out quicker than toners which are used by laser models. As such, you may have to anticipate higher costs involved in using inkjet printers than laser models, though they may have lower initial prices.

Volume of Prints

Your choice of a printer may also have something to do with the output that you expect. What is your expected volume for printing? If you are expecting to print a lot while homeschooling, then you may need to find a printer that will match the volume required with a printer that can offer that.

How can you do so? You may want to take a good look at either the monthly or yearly duty cycle of a printer to identify the expected volume of prints. Choose a printer that can handle more than your expected volume. This will give you an allowance in case a work upsurge comes up.

Quality of Prints

Another very important factor that you might want to take into consideration when choosing a printer is the print quality. Why? You surely would not want to get low quality printouts. Now that you are looking for the best laser printer for home use and not a mere photo booth, it is quite important to match your need for quality with the actual running costs.

Note that a printer’s resolution is the determining factor of the quality of the prints. It is very important to take into consideration a printer that offers amazing print resolution which can guarantee the quality of prints that you need.

Final Verdict

Getting the best printers for homeschool can make a huge difference. As such, it does not hurt for you to take the time in doing your research and getting prepared before actually purchasing the best printer for home use. Just like an actual school, homeschooling may also require a huge amount of assignments and projects. Having the right printer at home is quite important. The options that are mentioned above are among the most popular models out there. They have features of their own, which means that you can prepare a list of required features to find a match from the list above.

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