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10 Best Pay As You Go Phones Plans in 2020

What would be the best pay as you go phones plans this year? Well, the data plans and other charges are fluctuating and many service providers bring out different data plans. To be frank, not all of the phone plans may not suitable for all. Hence, you need to find out what suits you best.

Depending on the different plans and service providers, you will come to a decision. For that, we are going to let you know the 10 best plans in 2020. So choose your plans wisely from below

10 Best Pay As You Go Phones Plans in 2020

1. Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile has a lot of attractive offers that catch the eyes of millions of users. Their network spread out almost everywhere and consequently reaches 99% of people. Hence, it keeps connected to the users constantly without any interruption.  Currently, they have three different variety of data plans, and all of these are the monthly packages.

Best pay as you go phones plans - Virgin Mobile

Let’s say the 5GB of data plan that costs $35, 10 GB plan costs $45 and finally, the biggest plan costs $60 which offers unlimited data plan. They try to bring attention from the unlimited data plan and for that, they offer a lot of choices. However, it may not suitable for some people hence, the limited data plans are still there for them.

Facilities available in this plan

  • You can get 50 domestic voice roaming minutes
  • 4G LTE strong network spread out among 290 million people
  • You will have the nationwide coverage
  • You will get 24/7 customer service

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2. T-Mobile

T mobile churns out with a lot of plans under the hood. The versatility of these plans will make you amazed besides, you will have plenty of choices to choose. You can pick up any three plans, and they are Essentials, Magneta and Magenta plus. Apart from it, Magenta’s military plan is another choice.

Best pay as you go phones plans - T-Mobile

These plans vary from $30 to $45. The main attention of the plans is to give multiple lines, for example, you will have the 3rd line free whenever you will hit the 2 lines also, you will get $100 back to the credits. In all plans, you will get the unlimited talk, data along with texting abroad. Other benefits may come to very one from another.

Facilities available in this plan:

  • You can get unlimited talk, text smartphone data
  • You will get free stuff every week
  • You can get SD or HD streaming
  • You can text to abroad
  • You get unlimited 3G/4G LTE data

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3. Republic wireless

Republic wireless has plenty of choices in regards to the data plan and you can divide it into two types mainly, they are monthly and yearly. So the best thing you will love it the annual package as not all service providers have the annual package. On the other hand, the monthly packages are pretty affordable and versatile too.

Best pay as you go phones plans - Republic wireless

Their monthly package started from $15 and then $20, $25. The first one has only unlimited talk time and texting whereas the next two come with 1GB and 2GB data plan respectively. When you will switch to the annual rate then it will be costs at $150, $200 and $250. With an annual offer, you can reduce the overall monthly costs.

Facilities available in this plan:

  • You will get unlimited talk and text
  • You will have the nationwide coverage
  • You may have 4G LTE data
  • You will get 24/7 customer service

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4. ATT plans

AT&T pay plans are based on advance basis and no long term contract, you can find your best plan out of many choices they offer. So now you can easily be connected with your beloved and watch Live TV, stream and do whatever you want. In the US you will have 4G data plans and outside in Mexico and Canada, it may be reduced up to 2G speeds.

The main benefits are there will be no annual contract, no tough activation process, and no credit check. Besides, that they have monthly, daily and even per minute nationwide calling offers. All of these will offer unlimited nationwide talk and texting. The monthly offer costs $30 ($25 for autopay), the daily will charge $2 and if you pay for a minute that charges for 25 cents only.

Facilities available in this plan:

  • You will get autopay within the discounted offer
  • you will get domestic unlimited talk and texting
  • You will get 4G LTE nationwide services
  • You will get multi-Lines and discounts
  • You will get hotspots and international calls

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5. Cricket wireless

Cricket wireless is now meeting the demands of 10 million people and the number is ever increasing. All of the packages are offering monthly packages avoiding the annual or daily packages. So you can see they avoid the annual contract and make the plans as simple as possible. They have 2 unlimited packages and they cost $30 and $40 dollar and the rest of the three has 2GB and 5GB data offer but the first one is only limited to the talk and text.

Best pay as you go phones plans - Cricket wireless

Based on multiple plans the rate will increase to some extent but the more lines you will add to your system the more money you can save. On the other hand, when you will go outside the USA that is Canada and Mexico then you can easily take the roaming service from them. The mobile hotspot is not free by the way, so you may need to pay some extra cash like $10.

Facilities available in this plan

  • You can get unlimited calls and texting
  • You will get a 4G uninterrupted  data plan
  • No annual contract or fees included
  • You will get data roaming outside of the USA (Canada & Mexico)

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6. Boost mobile

Boost mobile has the best pay as you go phone plans and the main attention of the plan is for 4 lines within $25. They have a total of 4 packages and each package has some versatile offer based on the price. The lowest package is under $35 dollar, and the highest is $80. If you want to have unlimited gigs that will cost like $50. So depending on your priority you may fix your eyes on any of them.

Best pay as you go phones plans - Boost mobile

On the other hand, the multiple plans have great versatility so you can pick up any of these depending on the price. They have almost covered the 99% nationwide areas so no worries to lose the connection. All you need to do is to stick to the best plan that you will choose.

Facilities available in this plan:

  • You will get unlimited talk and text
  • You will have the nationwide coverage
  • You will have 4G LTE data
  • You will get Hotspot data coverage

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7. Telus mobile

So far I know Telus has a lot of packages and they are not sticking to the three or four packages rather they churn out a lot that you can imagine. The starter kid package comes with just $10 and the giant package costs $180. Between these two you will have 4 other packages. By the way the last big two plans are annual.

Best pay as you go phones plans - Telus mobile

The main exciting thing is you will get unlimited talk and texting in most packages. All of them have minimum drawbacks and provide nationwide services so that you can reach out to the maximum people around the USA.

Facilities available in this plan

  • You will get unlimited calls exciting data plans
  • You will get unlimited incoming and outgoing texting and MMS
  • You can stream videos in DVD-quality
  • You will have 4G LTE data

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8. Visible

Visible exclusively provide the best pay as you go phone plans which costs $40. There is no other offer except this one. When you may find other providers have multiple ones then why visible just stick to the one. Well, that’s their amazing policy which brings the most simplistic plan. Besides that, they don’t open the choices to go for multiple plans.

Best pay as you go phones plans - Visible

Therefore, if you are always going for a single plan then you may have a look at what visible is offering to you. Now you will be glad to know what exciting thing they offer that is an unlimited hotspot. When you will find most of the service providers are charging for it, now you will get it free. Again, they offer unlimited texting and calling facilities which worth investing your forty dollars indeed.

Facilities available in this plan

  • You will get one simple plan in one package
  • You will get unlimited hotspot data
  • You will get unlimited texting and calling
  • You will get only monthly package no annual contract

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9. Verizon wireless

So far Verizon is the industry leader of all other service provider and they nail it by offering tons of plans. So, you need to research a bit while switching from one plan to another. The most exciting thing you will find is the huge data plan up to 16GB within just $45 but to get this offer you may need to enroll the autopay.

Best pay as you go phones plans - Verizon wireless

They have single plans, prepaid family plans and both of these have a number of best pay as you go phone plans. The family plans have two separate lines that are line one and line two. On the other hand, the single plan also has three different charges starting from the $35, $45 and $65. All of them have unlimited calling and texting and the last one can provide you the unlimited calls even outside the USA.

Facilities available in this plan:

  • You will get to send unlimited international texts
  • You can use as much mobile hotspot
  • You will get unlimited 4G LTE data
  • You may get stream videos in DVD-quality

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10. Air voice wireless

Airvoice will charge you more precisely than any other service provider. If you don’t want to go with the monthly and annual plan and the daily plan or the per minute plan would be the best for you then think about their plan. I believe, if you talk over the phone not frequently and thus you think covering the big or even small monthly plan cost way much then this one would be perfect.

Best pay as you go phones plans - Air voice wireless

So when you will minimize everything like texting, calling or sending MMS then you may need to pay every penny for them. But the good thing is you can keep it as simple and as lowest as possible. Apart from it, you need to pay some additional charges as a monthly maintenance fee.

Facilities available in this plan

  • You will have the prepaid plan for every calling, texting or sending MMS
  • You can minimize unwanted charges avoiding the monthly and annual tariff
  • You will 411 directory assistance

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