5 Best NEC phone system Reviews in 2023

The first 2 things that got us interested in buying the NEC phone systems are scalability and industry-independent features. What it means is that this phone system can be implemented in any industry and can support from 2 persons to more than 500.

Also, NEC has been providing high-quality and reliable communication solutions for more than 120 years. Their client portfolio is very strong and includes businesses from many different industries.

That’s why we’ve gathered the top 5 NEC phone systems that will serve your purpose without looting you. So, you can simply say that this is the best PBX phone system for small businesses.

Why should you buy an NEC phone?

NEC is a leading phone systems manufacturer doing business for more than 120 years. But that’s just a number that can’t give you enough reasons to spend thousands of dollars on a phone system. From a businessman’s point of view, we have gathered some explanations to consider an NEC phone.

  • The first important reason is the phone system’s scalability and flexibility. Spending too much capital at the beginning of your business is illogical. Also, not being able to add more phones later is a waste of money. So, you need a phone system that doesn’t cost much in the beginning, and you can expand the network as you go. NEC phone systems give you that freedom and save a lot of money throughout your business operation.
  • Considering the features of a phone for businesses, it can cost you a lot. But you can own an NEC phone with all the necessary features without paying much.
  • You always need to stay ahead with inventions to stay on the winning side. That’s what NEC does at its research center and has over 65000 patents in IT, communications, and biometrics technologies. So, you can enjoy all the latest technologies in your phone system by buying one from NEC.

Top 5 NEC Phone Systems Reviews 2023

Here are the 5 best NEC phone systems reviews in 2022

1. NEC DTL-24D-1 (BK) DT330 Digital Phone

NEC DTL-24D-1 (BK) DT330 Digital Phone

The first noticeable features of this digital phone are its display and buttons.

This phone has 24-line keys which make it perfect for multi-line phone systems for small businesses. The display is big enough to see caller ID clearly and comes with LCD backlit.

Key Features

  • This phone can operate from 0°C to 40°C and withstand 10% to 90% ambient humidity.
  • With a 168×58 Dot Matrix Grayscale display, you can get a bright and clear view which is supported by LCD backlit for low-light operation.
  • The phone’s LAN network involves the RJ9 cable connection, and the network is interconnected by a digital switch.
  • The headset is wired and supports Bluetooth handsets for maximum mobility and flexibility.
  • You can check call history, which is switch-dependent, and the phone weighs approximately 2.2 pounds.
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Also, it has 11 fixed feature keys, and those keys have a backlit that keeps lit for 10 seconds. There are 4 soft keys for menu navigation and dedicated help and exit button. With a dimension of 8.31” ×10.16” ×4.41”, you can easily place it on your desk and still get plenty of room to keep other things.

Sound quality is an important factor for day-to-day operation, and you can get HD call quality on NEC phones. With its full-duplex speakerphone feature, you can listen and talk simultaneously, hands-free. As a result, you can continue the conversation without interruption or noise.

2. NEC ITZ-8LDG-3 (BK) IP Phone

NEC ITZ-8LDG-3 (BK) IP Phone

This one also has a unique display that stands out from the same-range phones. It has a dual-screen, and you can tilt one for a quick and better view.

However, the fixed screen helps you navigate the menu and manage the calls more efficiently. With backlit, the LCD can open the XML interface so that you can operate the phone without any complications.

Key Features

  • It has 2 LD/DESI-less with Backlit LCD where one is fixed to the terminal, and another one can be tilted for a better viewing angle.
  • The large keys on the keypad help mistake-proof actions, and the backlit helps low-light operability.
  • It also has a navigation cursor, directory dial keys, and line keys for quick calling and easy setup.
  • The phone is capable of opening the XML interface and VoIP encryption so that you can talk without the risk of being hacked.
  • You can have 10, 100, or 1000 Ethernet network support and very quick access to a conference bridge.
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On the other hand, this phone will give you mobility with a Bluetooth headset and flexibility with a hands-free speakerphone feature. The full-duplex technology helps the caller to use the speakerphone with clear hearing and uninterrupted talking.

Moreover, this phone has a USB port, and you can charge your smartphone with it. If you think that the phone is taking too much of your desk space, you can wall-mount it with the necessary hanging equipment that comes with it. All features of this phone are ideal for an IP phone, and you can rely on it.

3. NEC DTZ-12D-3(BK) DT430 Digital Phone

NEC DTZ-12D-3(BK) DT430 Digital Phone

We think 12 keys for different lines are enough for a phone to support a small business. If you think the same, you can choose this for easy call handling.

The phone also has 9 fixed featured keys with backlit, 4 softkeys for menu settings, and cursor keys for navigation.

Key Features

  • Grayscale 165×58 pixels are the resolution of the display, which is tiltable for a better viewing angle.
  • There are 12 line keys with dual-color and other standard keys for quick call handling.
  • The speakerphone comes with full-duplex features so that you can talk and do other essential things at the same time.
  • To see previous call history, it has switch dependent call history checking feature.
  • The phone comes with a wired headset, but you can use wireless headsets with electronic hook switch features.
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The display is big enough like other models, and you can see texts even under direct sunlight. The technology for the screen allows you to have such options.

NEC phone system allows you to use an electronic hook switch so that you can use Bluetooth headsets with this phone. Moreover, you can talk about enabling the loudspeaker and have a conversation like real because of the full-duplex technology.



The DTR-16D-2 is slightly advanced or has some more features than the previous NEC phone model. This has more line keys and more functions.

But the screen size is not as satisfactory as the other models. However, the display is adjustable to a better angle.

Key Features

  • Compatibility with the NEC 2000 phone systems makes it a perfect choice when you expand the internal phone network.
  • It has 4 soft keys at the top for menu selection, cursor keys for menu navigation, and featured fixed keys for basic operation.
  • You can talk hands-free as it has a full-duplex speakerphone and high call quality.
  • There is an LED status indicator so that no message gets unattended for a long time.
  • You can get interoperability for maximum productivity with a built-in headset jack and modular connectors.
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This is a user-friendly phone with a message indicator light, 16 programmable keys, volume control feature, recall, conference, microphone, redial, answer, speaker, transfer, and hold keys.

You can say this is a basic phone, but you can make it worth running your business smoothly by adding some accessories. For example, this has IP compatibility, and you can add an IP-R adapter.

5. NEC-1100009 Landline Telephone

NEC-1100009 Landline Telephone

The NEC-1100009 is a complete phone system for small businesses with very low pricing for such features and functions.

Anyone can use it as the settings and options are designed for intuitive operation.

Key Features

  • It features a voicemail option that you can access from your desktop, mobile, or even email.
  • Includes 6 24-line keys desk phones which are highly efficient for businesses to manage calls.
  • The daughterboard is capable of transferring a call in a line in case of power failure so that your important call never gets interrupted.
  • They included phones have all the basic features of a PBX phone, and they can save energy by sleeping more.
  • With full-duplex speakerphones, you can talk clearly without stopping any important tasks.
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This system is compatible with adding digital desk sets and DECT handsets, IP desk sets and IP DECT multiline handsets, and DSS consoles for more programmable keys. No matter how small your business is, this phone system can give you the option to start and grow with maximum convenience on all sides.

If you can stretch the budget a little bit, you can check out the cisco phone systems for small businesses. The package of this compact phone system comes with a Main KSU, 4-port CO trunk daughterboard, 2-port InMail CompactFlash, 6 24-button digital telephones, and some manuals.

That’s all about the NEC phones, and we might be wondering why there are no conference phones. We think a VTech conference phone will be a great option for your business. Also, Panasonic small business phone systems and AT&T small business phone systems are recommended as different manufacturers offer different benefits. So, you should choose the one that fits your requirements the most.

Final Verdict

We can tell that you can’t experiment with new solutions in your day-to-day operation. Your business needs mature and reliable technology for maximum customer satisfaction. To ensure that, NEC has employed over 1000 researchers in their 6 research facilities worldwide.

With the experimentation done in the lab, you get an out-of-the-box phone system ready to take calls. Among hundreds of phones, we’ve selected 5 phones for your NEC phone system.

So, if you’re still hesitating about making a final decision, you can go with the NEC ITZ-8LDG-3 (BK) IP Phone. It’s because the phone has everything you need to manage calls and increase customer satisfaction.

At the same time, it has every feature to support you while expanding the network and not costing much. So, order one today with other necessary setup equipment.