What is The Best iPhone For Visually Impaired People?

What is the best iPhone for visually impaired people, and why do you need a Visual impairment cell phone? Visual impairment or vision loss is a diminished capacity to see to the degree that causes a nuisance, which is not determinable by usual means suchlike glasses. Some also diminish the vision quality because of not accessing glass or contact lenses.

Visual impairment is a disease of eye-sight which cannot be corrected to a normal level. It can also be said that visual impaired is the operative limitation of the eye or eyes or vision system.

A visually impaired person can use a smartphone by using software called a screen reader. A screen reader, as it implies, reads the screen. It mainly does this through synthesized speech. 

Several smartphone brands have been designed to be easy-to-use smartphones for people who are blind or visually impaired. Especially Apple iPhones are designed elegantly for them. And let’s not be late to see which iPhones are providing service for visually impaired people.

The Best 2 iPhones For Visually Impaired People

1. iPhone SE  for Visually Impaired People

Apple iPhone SE

The iPhone has been accessible to visually impaired people. But this was a subsidiary of an aristocrat. The general public doesn’t know how someone with little sight can use smartphones. In this case of the iPhone SE, Apple has included a screen reading program called Voiceover.

Most of us think that mobile phones increase the problem of eye-sight; in this case, mobile phones have turned into less convenient and more problematic.

Key Features of iPhone SE

  • It has a 4 inches display screen.
  • Its battery capacity is amazing. With a single charge, it can run easily for 14 hours and 240 hours on standby.
  • It has 2GB of RAM.
  • It has a 12MP rear camera and a 1.2MP front camera.
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Fortunately, there are enormous options out there for those who have had bad vision or even no vision at all, and today I am here to guide you through the process of finding the best iPhone for the visually impaired. Let’s move on to the details.

For substitute, the mid-range buy iPhone SE can be one of the best choices. Though it has some disadvantages, the big plus of an iPhone is its intuitive interface. The iPhone SE is incredibly simple to use; in fact, it can use by people of any age, which could be a big selling point depending on who you are buying it for. 

iPhone SE’s screen is 4 inches with high definition. If you buy it, you will get dual-core power and 2GB of RAM, so it can be said that the SE is fast enough to get the job done. The cameras of SE are solid.

The best part of this phone is that the latest IOS version does allow for zooming and playing with text size, thinking of visually impaired people, and of course, Siri has awesome voice recognition. Moreover, the iPhone SE is easy to use as it has Voiceover capabilities, so it could still make a good choice for short-sighted or visually impaired people. 

Advantages Of iPhone SE

  • This phone is intuitive and straightforward to use.
  • It has great voice recognition.
  • It has ample storage for those who capture a few photos and download a little amount of videos and movies.

Disadvantages Of iPhone SE

  • The screen is a little small at 4 inches which is a nuisance.
  • The Apple Store has fewer vision impairment apps than the Android Play Store.
  • For extra storage, it doesn’t buy an SD card.
  • It has a heavy weight of 113 grams.
  • Fewer vision impairment apps on the Apple store.

On the Whole, iPhone SE is neither groundbreaking nor extraordinarily exciting. It is a sum of a bunch of familiar parts put in a familiar package.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t good or unworthy. Moreover, it is an excellent product with an abundance of convenience for people with disabilities.

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2. iPhone 8 Plus For Visually Impaired People

Apple iPhone 8 Plus, 64GB

The new iPhone 8 plus is an elegant model phone that catches the eye at first sight. The manufacturer designed it with a familiar design and some new features.

This Apple iPhone has the giant screen of the last year’s models. So, for sure, you will get an ample amount of screen space in a small package.

Features Of iPhone 8 plus

  • This phone is with 5.5 inches LCD.
  • The glass back enables easy wireless charging.
  • It features a Retina HD display which is convenient for visually impaired people.
  • It features a more advanced 12MP camera and a 1.8 mp longer camera.
  • It’s portrait lighting.
  • It comes with a true tone.
  • It also has optical image stabilization for photos and videos.
  • It has large bezels and rounded corners.
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Advantages Of iPhone 8 Plus

  • This iPhone 8 Plus introduces an all-new glass. The world’s most popular camera is better than the iPhone’s other models.
  • It is the smartest and most powerful chip ever in a smartphone.
  • It supports Qi wireless charging support, which helps to charge faster.
  • It is a great photoshoot. You can take photos like professionals, and it adds a telephoto lens so that you can zoom in without losing image quality.
  • Its battery life is better than iPhone’s other models. It can work all day long with a single charge without any problem.

Disadvantages Of iPhone 8 Plus

  • It has no portrait mood.
  • Its speaker quality is not amazing.
  • It is a little bit more pricey than other models.
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Why Should use these phones

These two phones have been designed for those visually impaired. There are several options, but these two are extraordinary. The screen is protected for older hands and as well as easy to use.

In general, a customer will find big buttons easy to read text, so these are best who have disabilities. These two phones are designed for those with poor vision, so there is no messing around with settings.

After all, these two are out and out the perfect phone for visually impaired people. You may also find some simple telephones for the elderly or the best cell phones for the blind.

What Do You Need to Think About Before Buying

There are a few special needs before buying you should think about it. These are;

Screens and Vision

The most important need is a larger screen so that it is easy to be seen. Today’s smartphones allow text size larger so that a user can easily see anything or read properly.

The Necessity of Speech

The main purpose of purchasing a phone is to speak. If a user can’t see anything, then he would be unable to speak. It is a matter of joy that iPhone SE and iPhone 8+ come with a digital assistant and voice recognition.

Easy to use

Being easy to use is important for a visually impaired person. 

FAQs About Best iPhone for Visually Impaired People

What is better for visually impaired iPhone or Android?

For the visually impaired iPhone is the best choice. You will still have a wide selection of apps to choose from. But the easy mood will help the visually impaired use the phone more easily than an Android.

Can visually impaired people use computers?

Yes, Visually impaired people can use both laptop and desktop computers by using screen readers. Screen readers can give audio and video feedback so they can connect to computer displays.

Final Verdict

So, what exactly can people who are visually impaired do on the iPhone? This is clued in this article. A visually impaired person can make and receive phone calls, read and send text messages, play music and check social media pages, listen to audiobooks, take pictures, and do many other important things independently because of having an iPhone. All in all, it must be acknowledged that the iPhone is the best choice for visually impaired people.