The 5 Best iPhone Deals Verizon in 2023

Want to get the latest iPhone model for your daughter? But the price is the one factor that stops you from investing in one? Why buy the newest iPhone models with the full price when you can get the best iPhone deals Verizon? Yes, you get not only amazing deals to save money but also get lucrative associated offers. Also, there is the availability of Verizon iPhone deals with existing customers exclusively for loyal ones.

Verizon is an eminent telecommunications organization that brings you fantastic bonus deals on your favorite iPhone range. It is wise to invest in the products available from a carrier as you get to enjoy easy monthly installments. With such a proposition, you cannot only get a phone for you but also for the entire family. You get buy-one-get-one offers as well.

Here is a detailed summary of the best deals available on iPhone models available in the market from Verizon. You can purchase these deals singly or combine them with their data plans as well. Here is a thorough description of the best iPhone deals Verizon for your reference:

5 Best iPhone Deals Verizon in 2023

1. Verizon Apple iPhone SE Deals

The iPhone SE is one of the trending models introduced by Apple to the market. The phone is available in three storage capacities, like 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. If you have been saving lately for the phone, Verizon will offer you an exclusive offer to get this handset right now. No matter whichever model you select, you get some awesome deals along with it.

Best iPhone Deals Verizon in 2020 - Amazing Apple iPhone SE 2020 Deals

Verizon brings you easy monthly installment plans starting at $5 per month for 64 GB handsets. The installments are meant for 24 months payment cycle. But the essential point to consider here is that you no longer have to worry about the down payments.

That is because you get a $0 down payment offer from Verizon once you get qualified. The retail price of the handset is $399.99. You can order online to get $20 off on the $40 activation fee.

In case you choose the 128 GB handset, you need to pay $10 for 24 months, and the retail price is $449.99. In the 256 GB handset, you need to pay $15 for two years, whose retail price is $549.99. The handset is available in red, black, and white colors.

These offers are available based on the packages that you use from the company. For getting the appropriate monthly plans, you must be hiring a new connection for the unlimited packs available from the brand. You can modify the data plans and the unlimited calling packs to save some extra bucks while investing in your desired iPhone.

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2. Best Deals on Verizon Apple iPhone XR Models

You have always been shortlisting the Apple iPhone XR for your wish list instead of the cart. That is because of the high price of this handset. But what if you get to know that you can get it for only $24.99 a month? Will that motivate you to get one for your sister as well?

Best iPhone Deals Verizon in 2020 - Best Deals on Apple iPhone XR Models

Verizon offers an incredible offer on the iPhone XR series for both its new and the existing customers. They offer $zero down payments for the easy monthly installment plans for the clients. You get to enjoy the unlimited plans of the company once you purchase the phone from them. So, you cannot only switch to Verizon deals, but you also get a chance to buy the expensive phones at an affordable rate.

If you want to purchase 64 GB iPhone XR, you would be paying $24.99 monthly installments for two years. However, you have to pay $27.08 monthly payments for two years for the 128 GB model. The offer doesn’t end here. You get to enjoy free two-day shipping from the company as well. The phones are also available in multiple colors like red, blue, black, white, yellow, and coral.

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3. Verizon Deal on Apple iPhone 11 series

The retail price of the Apple iPhone 11 series tends to range from $699 to $849.99. Such a price can be quite expensive for many users. As a result, many people tend to compromise a lot to get their Apple iPhone. But not anymore as Verizon brings you an exclusive deal on this range.

Best iPhone Deals Verizon in 2020 - Excellent Deal on Apple iPhone 11 series

Verizon phone deals for existing customers are also available for the new customers. You get to save $550 on selected unlimited plus plans when you buy the phones from them. You get to save $150 on the Apple watch and switch to the Verizon Stream TV, Echo Dot, and Amazon Smart Plug by saving $150 more. The company offers an additional deal to save $20 on your $40 activation charge for the new clients.

The phone is available in 64GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. The monthly installments tend to vary depending on the phone model that you choose from the series. In the case of 64 GB variation, you need to pay $29.16 per month, $31.24 per month for 128 GB model, and $35.41 per month for the 256 GB model. The installments are available for a 24-month cycle.

You also get to enjoy the $150 Verizon gift card available when you plan to switch to the unlimited plan. With the availability of such awesome deals from Verizon, you can buy more than one iPhone for your family.

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4. Verizon Apple iPhone XS (Certified Pre-Owned) Deals

Many people like to invest in pre-owned gadgets available in the market. However, the offers available on Apple iPhone XS aren’t quite significant for the ones looking for an affordable deal. That is why Verizon brings you an exclusive range o certified pre-owned Apple iPhone XS series, which are excellent in condition. But you might get some tiny scuffs and scratches around the phone, which might not be even visible properly.

Best iPhone Deals Verizon in 2020 - Best Apple iPhone XS (Certified Pre-Owned) Deals

As you would be getting a pre-owned device, hence you can expect awesome deals on the range. For the 64 GB variant, the monthly installment is $21.45 per month, where the retail price is $514.99. There is no requirement for any down payments to avail of this offer, only if the company selects you. But the deal is available only for online purchases.

These phones are available for a 90-day warranty period from Verizon. The warranty services apply to any mechanical or electrical failures. You can also get some additional offers if you choose to upgrade your Verizon plan. These deals are available for both new customers as well as Verizon iPhone deals existing customers.

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5. Verizon Deals on iPhone 8 Plus (Certified Pre-Owned)

Verizon’s last but not least deal is on the Apple iPhone 8 Plus series. The company provides you the best certified pre-owned Apple iPhone 8 Plus with little to no scratches on the gadget’s body.

Best iPhone Deals Verizon in 2020 - Best Deals on Apple iPhone 8 Plus (Certified Pre-Owned)

You get the 64 GB variant available at $16.66 monthly installments for a 24 months cycle. The retail price offered is $399.99. No need to pay any additional down payment to the company if you get to qualify their rules.

Also, you get $20 off on your $40 activation charges. Not only that, but you also get an exclusive 90-day limited warranty on the mechanical or technical functions. These offers are available only for online purchases.

Remember that your iPhone doesn’t have to always come for an expensive rate in the market. With the awesome calling and data plans from Verizon, you can get the best handsets in the market for lucrative deals and offers.

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What Kinds of Deals are offered by Verizon?

Verizon happens to be a celebrated telecommunications company that offers you a plethora of deals on your favorite iPhone series. Right from easy monthly installments to lowest prices ever, you can get all sorts of deals on different iPhone models. Here are some of the current trending offers that you might check out for reference:

  • Verizon Phone Deals For Existing Customers

One of the best deals available from Verizon is solely meant for their loyal customers. If you have been using this company’s connection, you must know how they love to reward their customers with time. That is why they have exclusive offers for the existing customers on their wide range of iPhone models. For example, you can get a $5/ month installment to buy Apple iPhone 6s.

How awesome will it be to know about Verizon’s deals that allow you to get an Apple phone for minimum charges? No kidding because Verizon brings you a limited one-on-one offer for their customers.

You can get the selected Apple iPhone models for lower prices, and along with that, you get another handset for literally minimum charges. With such deals, you get to save around $500 off specific iPhone models. To know more about these buy one get one offer, you get to browse the brand’s webpage.

  • Get A Phone Free With Verizon Phone

Another ongoing offer by the company helps you get a phone free of charges when you invest in the top Verizon phone. It is mostly related to the Apple iPhone series. If you buy a phone from them, you get the chance to get another one free of cost. To know more about the deal, visit the store page. 

  • iPhone SE With Unlimited Plan

The next ongoing deal is the most happening in the town as you get the luxury to grab the SE model from the iPhone series. The offer is solely made of the new customers when they select the unlimited plan available from Verizon. Make sure to check out this offer on the brand’s webpage. 

  • Save $700 on iPhone 11

Verizon offers you an exclusive deal to save around $700 on your next iPhone 11 model. In the case of new clients, one needs to apply for the unlimited package from the company. Also, to get the appropriate offer, you must be eligible for a trade-in plan available from the company. Check this offer out before time runs out.

What Are The Terms And Conditions Required To Get The Limited iPhone Deals From Verizon?

All the primary plans available from Verizon are mainly for their existing customers. However, the telecommunications company has also released a panel of offers on Apple iPhone models solely for motivating the new customers to join their company.

The company offers an annual upgrade program to help people purchasing the eligible iPhone models to replace the device within 30 days. They can do so to get another available smartphone with at least a 50 percent upgrade depending on the device payment contract.

You might also get the deals on the Apple iPhone series, depending on your data plans. For example, the company is offering iPhone SE plans with at least 500 MB data packages. For iPhone XS deals, you need to trade-in by switching to the unlimited plans. You can also get amazing deals for the best unlocked phones under 300 from the company.

Apart from this, the company has deals available for military services as well. To get the maximum discount, you can sign up for Verizon’s veteran’s offer. You can also hire a shared family plan to get a few fantastic deals on the phones. Make sure to ask the company’s representative about the ongoing offers to get the best deal for your family.

Final Verdict

So, if you have always been looking to upgrade your phone to an iPhone, nothing can be better than getting it from Verizon. You get to enjoy the unlimited talk time deals along with manageable monthly instalments and relatively lower prices than the market. You can also save on the next bill by around 50 percent of the total amount. 

In case you are switching to the company’s connection for the first time, then also, you get exclusive series of offers like buy-one-get-one deals on a selected range of iPhone models. So, have you visited the website recently? Do these deals excite you to get your most desired iPhone model? If you got any of these deals or want to buy one, then which one would be the best iPhone deals Verizon for you? Do comment below!