7 Best International Calling Plans From USA

If you decided to travel abroad, you should carry the best international phone plans. Choosing the best international calling plans from USA is a little tough since there are many international plans available. But we choose 7 of the best plans for you to choose from.

In the past, international calls were very expensive but these days have gone. Now the best carrier of the country provides international calling plans at an affordable price.

If your phone is capable of using abroad then you should have some ideas of what plan would be the best for you.

Usually, three types of international calling plans are available and these are – pay as you go, international day passes, and bolt-on packs.

We have picked T-Mobile, Sprint, Google Fi, and the other four that are the best international calling companies in the USA.

7 Best International Calling Plans from USA

1. T-Mobile International Calling Plans from USA

Best International Calling Plans from the USA

For people who travel often for them, T-Mobile would be a perfect choice. Compared to other plans they provide unlimited talk, text along smartphone data. Also, on international plans, users will get 2x data speed plus texting.

These are the reasons T-Mobile is listed as the most travel friendly. T-Mobile makes travel easier than other calling plans. On the Gogo-enabled flights, they offer unlimited texts and a free hour of WiFi.

This main features of T-Mobile’s are:

  • On the abroad, you will get 2x texting and data speed.
  • Unlimited text, as well as, talk and up to 256kbps data in 210+ countries.
  • You can watch your favorite movies or any TV shows since it provides HD streaming.
  • Every week you will get some free stuff if you use the T-Mobile Tuesday app. You will get discounts, free stuff and many more.
  • During the flight, unlimited WiFi and free texting.
  • In Canada and Mexico, they provide 5GB of 4G data together with talk and text.
  • This plan contains 20GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data.
  • T-Mobile will show you the Name and ID of the calls and text from any unknown numbers.

T-Mobile provides three plans – Essentials, Magenta, and Magenta Plus. For international calling, Magenta Plus is the best choice. This premium version has unlimited plans so that you can get what you love more. If you choose this Magenta Plus then per month you have to pay $43 per line.

There are no data-roaming charges and no setup needed. You can use the plan within the minute you arrive. You may be on any cruise or ferry lines, yet the Magenta let you send texts or make calls.

Let’s have a look what are the three plans offers:

  • The essential plan includes low-rate calling and unlimited texting.
  • Magenta plans include low-rate calling with unlimited texting and data.
  • Magenta plus plans also provide low-rate calling, as well as, unlimited texting and at 2x speeds unlimited data.

If you choose Magenta then from 210+ countries and destinations, you can call only for $0.25 per minute and unlimited texts plus 2G data are available. The data speed will be up to 256kbps in the 210+ countries or destinations.

If you travel often then you can choose this plan and for this, you have to pay $15 per month. If you choose Netflix multi-screen subscription then you have to pay +$7 + $10 for an extra 10GB 4G LTE mobile hotspot.

2. Sprint International Calling Plans from USA

Sprint International Calling Plans from USA

When it comes to international calling, Sprint is a great you. They provide roaming-around features in 200 countries. If you forget the roaming feature there’s nothing to worry about. As you can set up the plan right from the airport.

The main features of Sprint are:

  • You can pair the international plans only for $15.
  • It provides more than 55 countries mobile calling.
  • Sprint provides calling in landline more than 75 countries.
  • They have to roam around features in more than 200 countries.
  • It only takes $0.20 per call.
  • The drawback is – it doesn’t provide strong data coverage.
  • For the new Sprint users, per month they charge only $35 Via Sprint Unlimited Kickstart Plan.

Sprint provides the most affordable international calling and just for $15 you can pair the international plans. In more than 75 countries Sprint provides call & text plans to landlines. And in 55 countries it provides mobile devices calls and texts – without any extra charges.

And from the rest of the countries, you can call at low rates plus unlimited texting. Sprint provides three plans – Unlimited Basic ($60 per month), Unlimited Plus ($70 per month), and Unlimited Premium ($80 per month).

Sprint has unlimited text and depending on the situation per call they charge $0.20. It has 2G unlimited data, and for 4G data per day you have to pay $5  or per week $25 – this is not available for China.

3. Google Fi International Calling Plans from USA

One of the cheap international phone calls from the USA provides Google Fi since it has the best coverage of more than 200+ countries. It provides two best plans for international roaming, that are – Unlimited and Flexible.

The main features at a glance of Google Fi:

  • Google Fi uses its own WiFi network so the users will get the fastest international data speeds.
  • It has the best coverage no matter where you are traveling.
  • Google Fi has accessed more than 170+ countries.
  • You can use an iPhone or any android phone that is GSM compatible.
  • But the drawback is – they only required a Fi phone to provide the best network coverage. Such as Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL, Moto G7 – you have to use one from these.

The Unlimited plan includes 

  • Unlimited data
  • 20¢ per minute call
  • Unlimited texts

While the Flexible plan includes 

  • Unlimited texts
  • 20¢ per minute call
  • $10 per GB data.

But the downside of the Google Fi is – it is compatible with only a few devices. Your device should be Pixel 4 & 4 XL, Pixel 3 & Pixel 3 XL, or Moto G7 and LG V35. Without these devices, you are not able to use their plans. Your iPhone and Android can be used as well in the Google Fi network.

Google Fi provides low rate calls, unlimited data plus texts that are much more affordable than the above two. You can consider choosing their network.

Since Google Fi calling plans only require certain devices, make sure you have these or purchase a new one.

4. Ting International Calling Plans from USA

Ting International Calling Plans from USA

Ting is another international calling company in the USA and it contains low rates of phone calls as well.

Ting offers free calling in 60 countries plus it doesn’t have any specific plans so you are permitted to use what you need. And at the end of your billing cycle, they settle up the bill. You just pay according to your usage.

This main features of Ting

  • Ting includes more than 60 countries for the best international calling coverage.
  • From $0.05 per minute the international calling charges range.
  • International texting is 0.25 cents per SMS.
  • Ting provides 6 lines and per line, it charges $6 and it grew up by 6.
  • Before starting to use the Ting international calling plans service, you have to be active in the Ting service for 3 months.

On both CDMA and GSM, Ting offers international roaming. In terms of roaming around, GSM phones are the best since CDMA doesn’t have a removable sim card.

Follow the below steps before traveling to set up your phone to Ting:

  • First, log into the Ting website to my account and then click on device settings.
  • Select your device, next, scroll down to the international roaming and click the edit option.
  • Next, you have to enable the “Can use international roaming”. And if your phone enables international data roaming then enable the next option.

If you want to use Ting plans, then your account should be active for 3 months. When this 3 months activation tenure is met, the international roaming service will enable automatically.

For one line, Ting charges $6, for 2 lines it charges $12 and up to 6 lines the charge increases by $6.

5. Metro PCS International Calling Plans from USA

Metro is a prepaid mobile brand that is owned by T-Mobile. Metro does not provide any contract to use their services.

They come with low-rate prepaid plans that include unlimited text, talk, as well as, 4G LTE network on android phones that start from $40.

The main features of Metro PCS

  • By adding extra $5 you will get unlimited talk, texts with unlimited data in Canada and Mexico.
  • They provide Global voice for $10 so you can call more than 140 countries along with texting.
  • You can use a $20 Global voice that doubles the minutes that you will get for $10. This is very convenient as you can easily get in touch with your loved one.
  • Metro is a subsidiary of T-Mobile.
  • Per month $50 it provides unlimited data and it doesn’t require any contract.
  • Metro provides high-speed data, you can share your traveling photos social media in a matter of time.

Metro PCS has some good features that make this a nice choice for international calling. Metro PCS would be the cheapest phone plan for one person. You can go for this if you are going abroad alone.

To use the international calling just sign up their national calling plan that is available in $40, $50 and $60. And then you are eligible for a $5 unlimited international calling plan also you may review the AARP cell phone plan which may suits your local necessary.

6. Mint Mobile International Calling Plans For the USA

Mint Mobile International Calling Plans For USA

Mint Mobile is our 6th choice that provides the best budget option for international calling. Mint Mobile provides three plan options these are – 3, 6 or 12 months plans. You will not get a single month’s service from Mint.

The main features of Mint Mobile:

  • Best budget international calling option with low minute rate.
  • You can call Canada and Mexico for free.
  • Per-minute Mint Mobile charges 6 cents for international calling.
  • It has accessed more than 160 countries.
  • You have to recharge your balance through the Mint Mobile UpRoam service.
  • The drawback is – that data speed reduces sometimes.

Mint Mobile’s low minute rate makes this an affordable choice that makes this a decent international coverage. But when it comes to data speeds, you will not get the best speed as it has a slower data speed than others. So this would be a little hassle if you want to browse the web.

However, it provides free international calls to Canada and Mexico. Also, worldwide you can call for 1 cent per minute from the USA. While outside of the USA per minute they charge 6 cents. Mint has UpRoam service – with this feature you can add your international roaming balance.

The international calling features of Mint Mobile’s are:

  • $0.20/MB of data.
  • Per-minute calls $0.25.
  • Per text $.05 and receiving international SMS is free.

All Mint Mobile accounts now include International Roaming, you can take your Mint Mobile abroad and can enjoy the best features. To enjoy the Mint Mobile roaming feature, you have to add money to the UpRoam. You can add $5, $10 or $20 at a time to UpRoam. If you have any unused international roaming balance, they’ll not expire that can be used next time.

You can log into the UpRoam account online or simply you can text “UPROAM” and send it to 6700 from your Mint Mobile.

Mint Mobile would be one of the great choices for International Calling from the USA. Though it is running at T-Mobile, the data speeds fall down sometimes yet you will get the lowest price offer from this.

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7. AT&T International Calling Plans from USA

AT&T International Calling Plans from USA

AT&T is very renowned nationwide and while traveling it gives you the best data plan. AT&T provides a very affordable price along with the strongest coverage.

They offer two plans for International calling – (i) International Pass and (ii) AT&T Passport. You will require an AT&T compatible phone to use their service.

The main features of AT&T 

  • It provides two plans for international calling.
  • The International Day Pass would be best for you if you need to a lot throughout the day.
  • If you choose the AT&T Passport, you have to pay monthly.
  • Both plans provide unlimited texts as well as calls.

For the International Day Pass, you have to pay $10 per day. If you need to make a lot of calls then this would be a perfect plan for you while traveling. While for AT&T Passport, per month they charge $70 that make sure you stay connected with the home wherever you are.

You can connect more than 100 countries if you choose the AT&T International Day Pass, on the other hand, AT&T Passport provides more than 200 countries to connect with.

Let’s check the International Day Pass features 

  • You will get 24 hours coverage for only $10.
  • You can access your mobile data without any WiFi connection while traveling around.
  • It provides unlimited texts worldwide.
  • You can call 100+ International Day Pass countries as many you want with just $10.

Here are the AT&T Passport best features

  • This plan provides coverage to more than 200 countries.
  • Per-minute call it charges $0.35 that is very low-cost.
  • You can choose 2 Gb or 6 GB data pack – 2 GB price is $70 per month and 6 GB required $140 per month.
  • Unlimited texts.
  • You can use the coverage as long as you need to use it.

AT&T provides two best calling features for its users. You can choose the International Day Pass (until you start making calls or texts or using data – this plan won’t be activated). Or you can get the Passport plan and it requires a monthly charge. Use the best suit with your traveling feature.

Note: Always make sure you turn off the background data so that it won’t use your data unnecessarily.

Alternative International Calling Plans

You can use different apps instead of phone calls if you don’t like to take the hassle of different plans. Some of the best apps that you can use instead of calling plans are –

Viber: Viber is the easiest way to make calls, send photos or make a video call. Don’t worry about the carrier you use as it can be used in any mobile carrier you choose.

WhatsApp: WhatsApp allows you to make a call or send texts plus photos to your loved one. You can use any phone to use this app.

Skype: Skype is another best way to interact with family from wherever you are. You can create group calls from this app simply.

Final Verdict

Those 7 international calling plans are best in the USA that you can use for your next abroad trip. These are also the best carriers nationwide and provide unlimited texts and calls at the cheapest price for international plans.

We’d suggest you can choose T-Mobile or AT&T International Day Pass plans, the rest is your choice.