12 Best Front And Rear Dash Cam Reviews 2023

No one can deny the usefulness of a dashboard camera. But a single camera on the front might not be enough. The rear camera can help you with parking and record the incidents that your front camera can’t capture. That is why we are going to review 12 complete packages with the best front and rear dash cams.

Suppose you are a good driver and follow all instructions properly on the road. In that case, you must get a suitable dashboard camera today because you can’t prove your innocence after an accident unless you can show some proof of the moment. Accidents or other occurrences can happen anytime, and we urge you to act wisely.

12 Best Front and Rear Dash Cam 2023

1. WYJP Mirror Dash Cam 9.35″ Backup Camera

WYJP Mirror Dash Cam 9.35" Backup CameraThe first item on our list is a car dash camera front and rear, but it will also work as a driver camera; not a perfect one, but that is something extra that you won’t find in many.

Key Features

  • The body of the touchscreen display is made of Zinc Alloy Shell, which is resistant to high temperature and abrasion.
  • Both cameras on the front and the back can record 1080p videos so that you can see license plates, street signs and more clearly.
  • The storage capacity is only 32 GB, which is not enough, but loop recording solves it by replacing old video with new records.
  • Desh rear mirror camera comes with a G-sensor, which instantly activates the camera in case of a bump or shock while it is in standby mode.
  • As the back camera is installed outside the car, it has waterproof features so that rain or dust can’t do any harm.

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After replacing the driver camera and installing this one, you can adjust the front camera of this dashcam. With a 170-degree wide lens on both cameras, you will get a full view of the front and the back.

A Li-ion battery powers the camera, and you can charge it through your car’s lighter charger point. The metallic body design and touchscreen features will make it fit with your car’s interior.

On the other hand, it will give you visibility at night and help you with parking. With all of its features and performance, we think you should consider it.

2. APEMAN Dual Dash Cam

APEMAN Dual Dash CamWe know that truck drivers need a lot of gadgets to operate such heavy vehicles correctly.

So, we are trying to introduce the best dash cam for truckers. As a part of that effort, the APEMAN Dual Dash Cam can be considered because of its features and compact design.

Key Features

  • With the dual 170-degree wide lens, you will be able to cover most of the front and backside of your vehicle.
  • Both of the cameras can record full HD videos at 1080p resolution with 30 frames per second.
  • It is a reliable device with waterproof features and a parking monitor available in the rear camera.
  • The loop recording will help utilize its small storage capacity of only 32 GB by replacing old videos with new ones.
  • With its G-sensor, there won’t be any missed moments of accidents while the car is parked.

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It is a small device, but you will get the full functionalities of a dashcam from it. Both cameras come with wide 170-degree lenses and can record HD videos. No matter when you drive or what condition the weather is, it will be able to support you continuously.

The installation process is very easy and doesn’t take long. It will keep recording your video while you are driving and stay awake in standby mode while the engine is off or there are no movements in front of the cameras.

However, it will start recording instantly in case of any sudden vibration in the vehicle. This will give you the necessary evidence for accidents or theft attempts.

3. Crosstour External GPS HDR Dual Dash Cam

Crosstour External GPS HDR Dual Dash CamWe consider this one the best front and rear dash cam because of its features, performance, durability, and price.

It has all the necessary features that a driver needs. For example, it has external GPS support, internal installation, and all other basic features.

What those mean is that you can add an external GPS as it is compatible and not unless you want it.

Key Features

  • The front camera is capable of recording at 1080p, whereas the rear camera is capable of 720p resolution, which is enough for a clear view.
  • Both cameras have 170-degree wide-angle lenses to cover the maximum portion of the road.
  • It can sense motion or sudden attack on the vehicle with its built-in G-sensor and 3M technology.
  • You can add an external GPS module to precisely track and monitor your vehicle’s location or movement.
  • With a 32 GB MicroSD card, you will be able to continuously record FHD video as it has a loop recording feature.

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Also, both 1080p HD front and rear dual-lens dashcams are designed in a way that they are to be mounted inside the car. As a result, both will stay secured from external damage or weather.

On the other hand, you can order it worry-free because it comes with a Novatek chip and a lens with an F1.8 aperture. So, the captures will be crystal clear both at night and day.

With the 3M motion detection technology, you will never have to worry about any lost evidence of any catastrophic event that happened to your car while you are away.

4. DMYCO Backup Camera Car Mirror Dash Cam

DMYCO Backup Camera Car Mirror Dash CamHere is another great mirror dash cam with a vast 12″ full touch display. We thought it would cost way more than our budget range for its features. But the price is almost similar to the other mid-range dual dash cams.

The rear camera needs to be mounted on the outside and comes with a waterproof feature. As a result, you will never have to worry about its longevity.

Key Features

  • DMTCO uses high-quality Sony lenses to capture videos at a resolution of 2560p.
  • The monitor size is 12″ with a full touch, which is enough for clear viewing.
  • Both cameras are capable of covering large areas with their 170-degree wide-view lenses.
  • You can easily park your car with its parking monitoring and reversing aid features.
  • The G-sensor keeps working while the car is parked, which provides security.

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On the other hand, the display will give you all the options for recording, still image capturing, and dual or single camera view. So, those factors helped us enlist this one for your consideration.

5. Z-Edge Dash Cam Front and Rear

Z-Edge Dash Cam Front and RearThis dual dash cam front and rear from Z-Edge has some features that will help you more than other models.

First of all, it has more storage capacity, a better camera mounting system, and a touchscreen with an intuitive user interface.

Key Features

  • The rear camera is capable of assisting you while parking to avoid silly mistakes.
  • The memory capacity is 128 GB, but it still is not enough, and loop recording solves insufficient memory issues.
  • Its cameras can record HD videos and cover a large area with their 155-degree wide-viewing lenses.
  • It comes with a built-in battery, and you can charge it with your car’s charging system.
  • You can mount the front camera with a suction locking system so that you don’t have to face problems with adhesives.

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It is a matter of the fact that one needs different option preferences for multiple situations. That is why this dash cam comes with 4 preset modes, and you can quickly choose one for the current environment.

The rear camera is designed to mount inside on the back glass so that nothing can damage it. The price is a bit higher than average, but we liked it anyway because of its performance and durability.

6. APEMAN 1440P&1080P Dual Dash Cam

APEMAN 1440P&1080P Dual Dash CamThis is another dual-camera package that can be considered one of the best front and rear dash cams. You will love it for its minimalistic design and durable build quality.

Moreover, it has G-sensor technology that locks the video recording from the moment of a sudden bump or attack. As a result, the records of the incident won’t be overwritten ever, leaving you worry-free about the evidence.

Key Features

  • The cameras are specially made to view 170-degrees on both the front and the backside.
  • Both are capable of giving you super high definition at a resolution of 1440p and 1080p.
  • The Sony IMX335 sensor will give a balance of light and dark areas, ensuring a clear view.
  • The whole system is easy-to-install, and you can manage them without any hassle.
  • Its display screen is 3″, which is enough for a quick view and set the preferences.

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APEMAN dual dash cam has a user-friendly operating system and convenient design. Because of it, the dashcam will suit your car’s internal decoration perfectly and work secretly.

7. Crosstour FHD Dual Dash Cam

Crosstour FHD Dual Dash CamThe previous model from Crosstour dual dash cam is our favorite, and this one also caught our attention.

It is due to its price and features, and performance. With high-quality cameras, you can expect evident video capturing capability.

Key Features

  • The front camera has a 170-degree wide lens that can record FHD videos.
  • On the other hand, the rear camera has a 120-degree wide lens to record HD videos.
  • The internal memory capacity is 32 GB, which is enough for the loop recording feature.
  • Due to the rear camera’s waterproof feature, you can mount it on the outside.
  • The camera sensors are capable of providing clear night vision, and the rear camera will help you with parking.

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The G-sensor and its video-lock mechanism will give you a 30-second video length, which won’t be overwritten. So, you will be able to collect the evidence whenever you get a chance.

The device is small and compact, which gives it a stealthy look. As a result, the perpetrator will not know that he/she is being recorded, and legal actions can be taken against him/her.

8. VVCAR 12″ Mirror Dash Cam

VVCAR 12" Mirror Dash CamWe have got another mirror front and rear dash cam with a massive 12″ touch screen.

It can show you individual camera feed or both at the same time. And, you won’t have a hard time looking at the feed due to its large and high-quality display.

Key Features

  • The manufacturer used a high-quality chip for high-resolution video recording.
  • The touch screen has a low-reflective IPS LCD so that you can clearly see the camera feed in the daylight.
  • There will be no blind spots in the front and the back due to its 170-degree wide-angle cameras.
  • It has a loop recording function for continuous recording using only a 32 GB MicroSD card.
  • You will get very clear videos with the low-light sensor, F1.8 large aperture, WDR, and HDR.

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Moreover, you will be able to track your vehicle with its built-in GPS. In this way, you will not only be able to record the evidence of theft but also find the vehicle’s precise location.

The device can cover a lot with its wide-angle lenses and help you with the parking monitoring feature. This is even better than the same feature from other models because of the large display. With a tiny display, it wouldn’t help you much.

9. Karsuite M7 Backup Camera 12″ Mirror Dash Cam

Karsuite M7 Backup Camera 12" Mirror Dash CamAre you looking for the best front and rear dash cam on which you can rely? Look no more because this is one of them with great reviews and a very reasonable price tag.

Key Features

  • The front camera supports 1440p, and the rear camera supports 1080p video recording.
  • With G-sensor and video-lock mechanism, you will get a 20-second recording at the time of the incident for sure.
  • It allows a maximum of 64 GB MicroSD card, which is not enough for continuous recording, but you can count on its cycle recording feature.
  • Using the parking monitoring and speedy camera feedback system, you will be able to park without any mistakes.
  • With the Hisilicon Hi3556V200 processor and Sony IMX335 camera sensor, you will get the best surveillance system for your vehicle.

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The 12″ display and the high-quality back camera will give you a more unobstructed view than a mirror. The front camera is slightly better than the rear camera, but both are good enough for HD video recording.

With the Sony IMX335 and Sony STARVIS technology, the dash cam can provide an excellent night vision. Parking is a tough task for drivers, and this device will make it easy for some assistance.

10. Z-Edge Z3D Dual Dash Cam

Z-Edge Z3D Dual Dash CamFor an effective and powerful dash cam with a front and rear camera, you can go for the Z-Edge dual dash cam Z3D.

We didn’t see many cameras with such pricing and features. One specific feature is that it has a GPS module for location tracking.

Key Features

  • The front camera comes with a 2.7″ display and a suction mechanism for mounting on the glass.
  • The super night vision will give you a clear recording even at night.
  • Moreover, the rear camera will provide a clear back view and quick parking.
  • Both cameras are capable of recording 1080p videos with a loop recording feature.
  • Due to the above function, its 256 GB memory can record continuously and give you a generous buffer time.

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However, we couldn’t give this a 5-star rating and recommend it highly because of the camera angle. The wide-angle lenses of this package can only support 150-degree coverage, where others are capable of 170-degree recording.

To make that up, they gave a very high-quality camera that can record at WQHD. So, the main feature that makes these products worth is ensured. It even has 150-degree surround coverage, which will support you for a smooth parking experience.

11. VAVA FHD Dual Dash Cam

VAVA FHD Dual Dash CamThere is one feature that makes this one different from all other models. It is capable of connecting to your car’s WiFi, making it a wireless dash cam with front and rear cameras. As a result, you can see the live feed in your mobile app.

Key Features

  • The front camera has a 155-degree wide-angle lens, and the back camera has a 126-degree wide-angle lens.
  • The cameras come with Sony sensors, which ensure a clear image even in low-light conditions.
  • Using WiFi and a mobile app, you can monitor your car while it is in the parking lot, increasing security.
  • The device allows a maximum of 128 GB MicroSD card and ensures continuous recording with a decent buffer time.
  • With an accessory called the snapshot button on the steering wheel, you can instantly start a 20-second overwrite-restricted video.

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VAVA dual dash cam will give you a lot of flexibility for monitoring, maintaining, and storing important footage. Moreover, the onboard memory is capable of recording instant videos with a loop recording feature.

This is a low-profile camera and comes with the excellent build quality. It can take a clear video at night because of its 4 IR LEDs. So, those who don’t want a built-in display can seriously consider this one.

12. CHORTAU Dual Dash Cam

CHORTAU Dual Dash CamThis is the last one on our best front and rear dash cams list. So, it comes with almost all necessary features and a meager price tag.

Key Features

  • The front camera has 6, and the back camera has 4 IR LEDs so that you can see clearly at night.
  • Both cameras can take HD videos and show them on display at once.
  • With the G-sensor, it can lock a video for 20 seconds and store it safely in the SOS file during an accident.
  • The 32 GB memory can record endlessly only due to the cycle record feature.
  • The operating system can detect reverse mode and help you with parking.

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The device can be installed with a suction mounting system, which is superior to all other techniques.

The rear camera is waterproof so that rain or dust can’t do any damage to it as you will mount it on the outside.

Also, the rear camera is capable of giving you a 130-degree broad view and helps for smooth parking. The CHORTAU dual dash cam 3-inch front camera can take high-resolution videos and record endlessly with its loop recording feature.

Which are the best front and rear dash cams?

Choosing the best front and rear dash cam is no big deal if you know the specific points. So, we gathered the facts you should look into a dashboard camera.

Firstly, the camera and display quality will give you a lot of indications. Without high-resolution images, the whole point of buying a dash cam will be invalid.

Secondly, look for the sensors that will allow the cameras to capture clear videos in low light conditions. Also, it is necessary to ensure that the device you have chosen has G-sensor.

Thirdly, check if it has the loop or cycle recording feature. With this feature, you won’t need to care about the internal memory capacity.

Fourthly, read the specs and see the angle of the camera lens. With a higher value, it means that the camera can cover a large area.

Finally, the WiFi compatibility can be helpful but not a must-have feature for the dash cams. It will only allow you to watch the live video feed on your mobile, manage the settings, and playback the previous records easily.

If you do not have enough time to research and find one from marketplaces, you can see our recommendation in the end. Also, you can read the reviews above and choose the most suitable one for yourself.

Final Verdict

As drivers, we can realize the necessity of the best front and rear dash cam. That’s why we go to great lengths and choose the most suitable one for ourselves.

After much consideration and testing, we decided to recommend the Crosstour External GPS HDR Dual Dash Cam. If you are not still thinking about ordering one, you should not take too much time, or it will be too late after an accident.