10 Best Dash Cam For Truckers in 2023

We know that every car or truck or other vehicle is insured, but how can you prove your innocence? The insurance claim won’t be successful unless you can show the authority that the fault was someone else’s.

That is why you need to install a dash cam in your truck or car. There are other reasons too, and we want to help you with the best dash cam for truckers. With the right device, you will save some money while shopping and have some extra benefits.

10 Best Dash Cam For Truckers in 2023

1. Anker Roav DashCam C1 For Truckers

Anker Roav DashCam C1 For TruckersThe first truck dash cam on our list is the Anker Roav DashCam C1, which we love because of its high-resolution camera lens and enhanced sensors. With its motion detection capability, it will automatically record an incident even when you are not in the truck.

Another critical factor is the camera quality and the viewing angle. This one comes with a Sony Exmor Sensor for a low-light clear image, a wide-angle lens, and Nighthawk Vision technology for recording at night. As a result, you will be able to record all 4 lanes at once and at night also.

Key Features

  • The Anker Roav C1 camera comes with built-in WiFi so that you can use the ROAV app and access the video feed from anywhere and anytime.
  • There will be no possibility of not recording an accident after a long time of inactivity due to its gravity sensor.
  • Its full body is made from aluminum so that the increased temperature outside can be absorbed by it protecting internal circuitry.
  • With a wide-view lens, this device is capable of panoramic recording so that no incidents in front of the truck are missed.
  • It comes with a built-in battery and a shock sensor so that bumps or theft attempts get recorded even when the car is turned off.

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After that, the concern is about the durability of the dash cam as truckers have to travel far locations. Some areas have cold weather where some are so hot that you will get the vibe of a desert. So, you will need a camera like this one, which can operate from -20°F to 160°F.

2. KDLINKS X1 Dashboard Camera Recorder For Truckers

KDLINKS X1 Dashboard Camera Recorder For TruckersThis dashboard camera is one of the best dash cams for truckers that is GPS enabled. If you want to reduce the payment amount of your vehicle’s insurance premium, you must buy one of these.

With the proof of your careful handling, you will be able to save more money than this dashcam costs.

Another great advantage of this product is that you will get the benefits of its GPS tracker.

The GPS module is from Japan, with the highest quality one can expect. So, using the manufacturer’s proprietary app, you can track and record your truck’s movement precisely.

Key Features

  • It can record full-HD videos at 30 frames per second with a wide 165° angle so that you don’t miss any detail in the front.
  • For night vision, it has high-quality sensors and a WDR feature, which will ensure coverage for 24 hours.
  • With KDLINKS dashcam Player software and the GPS tracker, you will be able to monitor your truck’s position and movement.
  • You can expect more safety features as it has an emergency lock button and G-sensor which ensures the auto-detection of accidents.
  • Inside the package, you will get an 8 GB MicroSD card so that you can use the camera right out of the box.

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Moreover, you can add a maximum of 32 GB MicroSD cards with a loop video feature. As a result, you will get the latest recordings without worrying about the memory capacity as it rewrites the old records. This fully automated recording system won’t let any incident be lost even when the engine is off.

3. Rexing V1LG Dual Channel Dash Cam For Truckers

Rexing V1LG Dual Channel Dash Cam For TruckersThis dashcam from Rexing seems to be a popular choice and also the solution recommended by our editor. It is because the full package includes 2 cameras and a GPS module. Both features are significant for a truck, bus, or heavy automobile.

For 2 cameras recording HD video, you can understand that the storage capacity needs to be higher than other models on the list. That is why the manufacturer ensured that you could use a maximum of 256 GB MicroSD card.

With the vast storage capacity and loop recording feature, you will get many hours of continuous recording. This is possible because the old videos get overwritten by the latest ones.

Key Features

  • Rexing V1 dash cam has 2 high-resolution cameras where the front one can record at 1080p, and the back camera can do it at 720p resolution.
  • The full system is capable of recording two channels at the same time with a rate of 30 frames per second and a 170-degree wide-angle.
  • The built-in GPS module inside will give access to the live location and movement feed of your vehicle precisely.
  • The dashboard cameras come with G-sensor or accelerometer so that it can start recording at the time of an accident even if the engine is off.
  • This device is weather-resistant so you can use it anywhere in the US without having to worry about circuitry.

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As a result, you will not need more memory to get an uninterrupted recording capability. However, don’t worry, even if you can’t get the old videos because you will get enough time to recover the recording of a recent incident.

4. APEMAN Mini Dash Cam For Truckers

APEMAN Mini Dash Cam For TruckersWho likes things small and powerful, the APEMAN Mini Dash Cam is for them. With only a 2” display and almost the same-sized body, you might doubt its capabilities.

But it comes with all the necessary functionalities, and you will be impressed with the specs.

Another feature of the APEMAN dashcam that caught our attention, which is its wide viewing angle. The overall design and look are practical and useful.

Key Features

  • The camera can detect any vibration and start recording automatically so that you stay legally secured.
  • The full setup is effortless and takes very little time so that anyone can do it without any assistance from a professional.
  • With 1.8 aperture and 170-degree wide viewing angle, you will be able to get a clear view under low-light conditions without missing a spot on the front.
  • You are allowed to buy and install a class 10 MicroSD card with a capacity of 32 GB to capture hours of 1080p video.
  • It features the Starvis sensor from Sony so that you get a clear image even in the dark without the IR LEDs.

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Moreover, it uses a suction mounting system so that there will be no possibility of a weak adhesive joint. With 32 GB internal memory capacity, you can expect many hours of full HD video recording. But no matter how large the storage capacity is, it will never be enough. That is why the loop recording feature is essential, and this one has it like other models.

5. Pyle PLCMTR72 Rearview Backup Camera For Truckers

Pyle PLCMTR72 Rearview Backup Camera For TruckersAlong with heavy vehicles, we are also reviewing some cameras for semi-trucks. As big trailers, buses, or trucks are big in size, they need at least 2 cameras to cover the most important sides. So, you will get 2 high-resolution IR cameras in this package.

Not only that but also the camera modules are weatherproof, making them perfect for installing on the outside.

On the inside, you will only have a monitor and a recording setup. Moreover, the Pyle backup camera comes with a built-in speaker so that you can record the audio of some particular incidents.

Key Features

  • It comes with 2 LED Night Vision Illumination Cameras and a 7” color LCD monitor for surveillance from the inside.
  • Moreover, the cameras are waterproof with an IP68 rating and dustproof so that the rough weather can’t damage it.
  • The monitor has a shade so that you can watch the outside recording live even under direct sunlight.
  • The angle of the recording is 120 degrees wide so that the culprit of an accident can’t hide the sight.
  • With the detailed instruction manual and easy design, you can expect the full setup to be done within 30 minutes.

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The LED IR illumination will give you the visual of the outside at night, where there is no light. Among many other benefits of dashboard cameras, you will get something extra here. The 2-camera setup is beneficial for parking in tight spots without any assistance. So, this will be a wise choice for professional truckers.

6. WheelWitness HD PRO Camera For Truckers

WheelWitness HD PRO Camera For TruckersFrom lots of real users’ reviews and expert opinions, we came across another best dash cam for truckers. This one is from WheelWitness, and it is a semi-truck dashcam.

What you will love about it is the excellent video recording capability. Also, the camera is capable of covering the full front of the vehicle with its 170-degree wide-angle lens.

Moreover, you will be getting the Ambarella A7 Processor and very durable build quality. Considering all these features, we realized that this is more than a traditional dashboard camera. But we were surprised to see the price, and we think this is the best deal you can get if you don’t need 2 cameras.

Key Features

  • On its 3” color LCD display, you will be able to see crisp and clear 2K video recording with a resolution of 2304 x 1296.
  • You will be secured even in the dark because the camera has night vision technology with WDR for a balanced exposure.
  • Its 64 GB memory capacity is not enough for 2K video recording and that is why it features loop recording.
  • Due to the GPS module, you will be able to track your vehicle precisely in case of theft.
  • It has got G-sensor in order to detect bumps or shocks and you will never miss an incident even if the engine is off.

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On the other hand, it comes with a GPS module in the package that needs to be mounted separately. It is because of the compact design of the primary device. After the setup, the interior of your truck will look more stylish.

7. ITRUE X6D Dual Car Dash Cam Pro For Truckers

ITRUE X6D Dual Car Dash Cam Pro For TruckersA little bit of research is enough to find a dash cam with a truck GPS feature. That is how we got a couple of such cameras and shortlisted this one along with some other models.

A great thing about this model is that you will get an additional camera for a rear-view with IR LEDs.

Key Features

  • Both cameras on the front and the back are capable of recording HD videos at a rate of 30 frames per second.
  • For wide viewing, the 6-glass camera lens can take images from left to right with an angle of 170 degrees.
  • The G-sensor is particularly helpful for auto-recording and auto-locking the recording during an accident or theft attempt.
  • With a powerful GPS module, you can expect to have a precise position tracking and movement monitoring feature.
  • The storage capacity is more than enough to record hours of HD videos, which allows a 64 GB MicroSD card.

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As a result, you will be able to record clear video even at night time. After unboxing, you will see a small and compact device that might seem less capable.

But make no mistake because it has superior night vision technology and a module for the global positioning system. Let’s see its key features in brief and make a decision.

8. Pyle Mobile Video Surveillance System For Truckers

Pyle Mobile Video Surveillance System For TruckersThis is more than a dashcam with its 4-camera surveillance system and is suitable for 18 wheelers. It is because you can’t see all the sides with only one or two cameras. For full security and a proper insurance claim, this will help you a lot.

Mount the cameras and the monitor in your convenient location and do the necessary wiring. After giving it the power from your vehicle, you will be able to see all 4 channels at once or separately.

Key Features

  • The full system supports multiple cameras so that you can cover all sides of a large vehicle.
  • All of the camera modules come with night vision technology and can withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • For quick and precise monitoring of the outside, it has a 7” LCD monitor with an anti-glare shade.
  • The package includes a remote control and universal stand mount so that anyone can install it on their vehicle.
  • With its 170-degree wide viewing angle, the recordings will clearly show the fault of other drivers.

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The full package comes with professional and high-grade materials so that you can use them for years without any maintenance. Finally, you will have no blind spot and can park the vehicle very quickly. 

9. Camecho Vehicle Backup Camera System For Truckers

Camecho Vehicle Backup Camera System For TruckersAnother very popular dash cam for truck drivers is the Camecho Vehicle Backup Camera System. It comes with remote control for navigation and 2 heavy-looking cameras. Both of the cameras are waterproof, which will ensure continuous service in harsh weather conditions.

The cameras are also capable of recording at night with its IR LEDs, ensuring a wide viewing angle. The camera mounted on the back will help you park smoothly in a tight space with parking marks on the monitor.

Installation of the full system is straightforward, and it won’t take much longer to set up. With hours of clean driving and some proof, you won’t have to spend a lot on premiums.

Key Features

  • The monitor and the cameras will give you multiple installation options for your convenience.
  • The technology used for its night vision is capable of clear viewing at night, unlike many other cheap cameras in the market.
  • With the remote control, you will able to switch between cameras very easily.
  • With a 120-degree wide-angle lens, most parts of the front and the back will be covered.
  • The cameras are very reliable and come with an IP68 rating for withstanding the weather.

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10. Rear View Safety Backup Camera For Truckers

Rear View Safety Backup Camera For TruckersThis is the last one on our best dash cam for the truckers list, but it can reveal some unique features for you.

For drivers driving heavy trucks, it is impossible to have a full view of the backside. That is why you will need a camera that can show it with a large 7” monitor.

The rearview camera build quality is top of the line and comes with an IP69K rating. So, you can rely on its continuous performance for years.

Key Features

  • The 7” TFT LCD display is capable of very crisp and clear image reproduction.
  • You can add a maximum of 3 cameras to the system with a 120-degree wide viewing angle for each.
  • With its weatherproof IP69K rating, you can rely on it without any doubt.
  • The display has an auto-dimming feature so that you don’t get disturbed while driving at night.
  • It has a built-in mic so that you can record the conversation of an unwanted situation for proving your innocence.

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What are the factors in choosing the best dash cam for truckers, and why?

There are some major and minor features you need to consider so that you can buy the best dashboard camera as a professional trucker.

First of all, the camera quality needs to be good so that it can record the moments very clearly. It is crucial because you can’t prove an incident or report against someone if the video is blurry.

Secondly, think about your requirements for backup recording time. What we mean is that calculate the difference between the occurrence and possible video rescuing time. After that, see if the camera is capable of storing that much longer before rewriting the old footage.

Thirdly, see for its night vision technology. Some cameras come with IR LEDs, and those are the perfect ones for night-time deliveries.

Fourthly, see if it comes with a G-sensor or not. This will ensure that your camera starts recording after a theft attempt or some other car gets bumped into your car in the parking lot.

Finally, read the specs to see the viewing angle of the camera. It is essential because we are relying on a single camera to cover a large area. That is why a wide viewing angle is necessary to distinguish between the victim and the perpetrator.

Now, let’s see some minor factors and keep in mind that all do not require the following items. That is why we are considering them as small features, and you can choose one accordingly.

  • Some truck owners feel the necessity of tracking their vehicle and that is why a GPS module inside the camera is necessary sometimes.
  • Almost all of the heavy vehicle drivers prefer at least 2 cameras set up to cover the backside also. That is why we listed some 2-camera packages on the list.
  • Next, you will need to consider the weather resistance features so that your investment doesn’t go in vain within a few months.
  • Lastly, consider a built-in mic that comes in handy during some particular situations. The recordings of the conversations are as important as the videos.

Based on the above guidance, we have chosen two different models for different types of vehicles. Let’s wrap it up by seeing the recommendations and some advice.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best dash cam for truckers is no big deal with the help of our expert panel. People who know their requirements can easily select the most suitable one for their vehicle. So, we recommend the Rexing V1LG Dual Channel Dash Cam if you are not sure about which one to buy.

The camera will cover both the front and the rear, making sure that no recordings of incidents are lost. However, if you are looking for the best dash cam for semi trucks, our recommendation is to check out the WheelWitness HD PRO.