10 Best Cisco Phone Systems For Small Business 2023

What are the Best Cisco phone systems for small business? Cisco is a world leader for networking hardware, telecommunications equipment, and high-end communication service provider. So, wouldn’t it be more convenient that you have a phone that is made by the company that ensures the backbone of your telephone connectivity?

Yes, it’ll make more sense and that’s why we’ve gathered 10 Cisco phone systems for small business. These are Cisco IP phones that also have all the standard functionalities of a PBX phone. So, let’s start to know more about the Cisco phone system.

10 Best Cisco Phone Systems For Small Business 2023

1. Cisco SPA525G2 5-Line IP Phone System For Small Business

Cisco SPA525G2 5-Line IP Phone System For Small Business

The functionality of this IP phone has crossed its boundaries and supports you like a Smartphone. This is the perfect solution for your small business as it falls between wireless and desk-sire communication. However, SPA525G2 is the first IP phone in the industry to have both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth integration.

Key Features

  • This full-featured IP phone has 5-line operability with 2 SPA 5005 attendant console support
  • With its Mobile Link support, you can connect your smartphones to make and receive calls and import the contacts
  • It includes 2 Ethernet ports for PC connectivity with a substitute option for Wi-Fi connectivity
  • It supports MP3, digital photos, RSS feed view, and 4 video cameras with Cisco MonitorView
  • It’s compatible with both SIP and SPCP using the Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series
cisco phone systems for small business

Moreover, it has advanced VoIP technology from Cisco with top of the line hardware. Using its mobile connectivity feature, you can manage calls; import your personal contacts to the phone’s directory.

Also, the base station allows your phone to charge. The phone has a power-saving feature that is done by shutting off the LCD display when it’s not in use.

If you’re concerned about secure communication, this phone will remove your worries. It has the most advanced security features like SIP over Transport Layer Security, HTTPS, and Secure Real-Time Protocol.

Thus, it ensures a secure connection between you and the service provider. Also, you can connect with your phone remotely and securely via Any Connect SSL VPN and make calls over the internet. You won’t even need to add anything for this feature as it is integrated. 

2. Cisco 8841 VoIP Phone System For Small Business

Cisco 8841 VoIP Phone System For Small Business

The Cisco IP phone 8841 is designed for enhanced voice communication that boosts productivity. It is easy to use, has an extra-large screen, and programmable keys for quick operability. Also, it allows remote access without any VPN client using the Cisco Expressway.

Key Features

  • It has 5 programmable line keys and they can be configured to support speed dial or access multiple directory numbers.
  • The display size is 5 inches with 800×480 pixels widescreen VGA and 24-bit color.
  • The phone set connects through an RJ9 port and capable of standard wideband.
  • It’s compatible with Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager or Call Manager from Cisco.
  • It is capable of running with power over Ethernet with its IEEE PoE class 2.
cisco phone systems for small business

Moreover, the phone’s power over Ethernet feature reduces your cost. On the other hand, the 8841 IP phone has impressive network security features. It has SIP, SDP, UDP, DHCP, DNS, TFTP, HTTPS, VLAN, RTP, RTCP, LLDP, and all Cisco supported network protocols.

Also, the security of this phone is ensured with enhanced firewalls, encrypted data transfer, and security protocols mentioned above. The phone supports all major languages so that you can use it in most of the countries. To use it in any condition, it has 14 to 140-degree Fahrenheit operability. It means that the phone is durable and reliable.

3. Cisco SPA303-G1 3 Line Small Business IP Phone System

Cisco SPA303-G1 3 Line Small Business IP Phone System

With an affordable price tag, the SPA303-G1 is a basic IP phone for business or home. If you’ve started a new business and don’t require many functions, this phone will be perfect for you as it has all the standard features of a telephone and an IP phone.

Key Features

  • This is a 3-line IP phone with a 2-port switch that connects directly to the IP PBX or an internet telephone service provider.
  • It has an easy installation process with highly secure remote provisioning and web-based configuration.
  • It supports SIP and SPCP with Cisco’s Unified Communications 500 series.
  • This has all basic telephony features with the advantages of an IP telephone.
  • The phone has a volume control option with a 4-way menu navigator, 2.5mm headset jack, and dedicated buttons for more features.
cisco phone systems for small business

However, the phone is compatible with Cisco’s Unified Communication devices and has the capability of running VoiceView Express and Cisco XML applications. This is a fully password-protected system and has several protocols for secure connectivity with your service provider and protection for administrators.

The hardware features indicate that this is a durable and reliable IP phone. In addition, you can have features like selective and group call pickups, call park and unpark, shared appearance, and music on hold with the support by call server.

4. Cisco VOIP Phone CP-8861-K9 Small Business Phone System

Cisco VOIP Phone CP-8861-K9 Small Business Phone System

For high-fidelity, reliability, security, and you should choose 8861 IP phones from Cisco. The phone has business-class features and advanced security so that you can take confidential calls and converse without any interruption.

Key Features

  • The phone has a high-resolution widescreen VGA display with a length of 5 inches. 
  • It has a built-in Gigabit Ethernet switch and you can use it for both network connectivity and PC connectivity.
  • With approval from EnergyStar, this phone is proven to be energy-efficient and eco-friendly.
  • It supports up to 3 additional 8800 series phones for more feature keys and lines.
  • For hands-free use, it has a full-duplex speaker and capable of giving extra security.
cisco phone systems for small business

With its large color LCD display and easy-to-configure settings, you’ll manage, monitor, and administer without spending much time. Moreover, the phone has 5 programmable line keys and more accessibility with a simple one-touch solution.

Unlike the telephone’s speakerphone feature, this one ensures security by masking audible dual-tone multi-frequency tones while the speakerphone is in use. Also, it supports HTTPS, SSL, signaling authentication and encryption, random bit generation, and more techniques for state-of-the-art security.

5. Cisco SPA504G 4-Line IP Phone System For Small Business

Cisco SPA504G 4-Line IP Phone System For Small Business

At a glance, the Cisco SPA504G IP Phone has 4-line operability, HD voice quality, full-duplex speakerphone, integrated switch port, and easy-to-use applications. This is a phone that’ll support you to pass the busiest days without much stress. Different businesses require different functionalities and this IP phone serves them all.

Key Features

  • It has 4-line operability with the capability to add an additional 2 expansion modules for 64 phone lines.
  • It also has a message-waiting indicator, call history directory, and many on phone applications.
  • The dedicated buttons for mute, headset, volume control, hold, menu settings, speakerphone, and voicemail access reduces phone-operation time.
  • The support for both SIP and SPCP is important for making calls over the internet.
  • The phone connects with as RJ45 Ethernet cable which is also compatible with your PC connection.
cisco phone systems for small business

For clear calling and hands-free use, it has voice clarity with HD voice, enhanced full-duplex speakerphone, and decreased fatigue on long calls. Also, the phone supports the headset for remote use. For wired connectivity, the phone can save a lot of money.

It’s possible because you can connect the phone and the computer on the same cable. Again, the need for a technician will not be required as often as you can shuffle the phones without losing its profile, speed dials, and user settings. So, if an employee changes his/her desk, he/she will not need to spend a second on setting up the device.

6. Cisco SPA508G 8-Line IP Phone For Small Business

Cisco SPA508G 8-Line IP Phone For Small Business

This IP phone is almost similar to the version reviewed above. The differences make this phone a bit superior and perfect for some businesses where the SPA504G won’t be sufficient.

Key Features

  • The design of this phone ensures easy and quick operation with minimal training.
  • Connecting with RJ45 Ethernet cable, the phone supports 8 lines and 2 expansion modules.
  • The integrated Ethernet switch port helps you to connect your PC with the phone for the internet without running an extra cable.
  • The large monochrome backlit display ensures easy usability and more functionality for on phone applications.
  • Without the help of a technician, you can set up the phone with its quick installation guide.
cisco phone systems for small business

You might be thinking that it has poor call management capability as you don’t see any programmable buttons for speed dial. But the thinking is wrong as you can add additional expansion modules and have a maximum of 64-buttons programmable devices.

If your business needs a smaller-size and Wi-Fi connected desktop phone with Bluetooth functionalities, you should consider this phone. This IP phone also ensures voice clarity with HD voice features. For more flexibility, it has a full-duplex speakerphone and headset compatibility.

7. Cisco Unified IP VoIP Phone 7911G For Small Business

Cisco Unified IP VoIP Phone 7911G For Small Business

The hold button of this Cisco IP phone has a unique feature. It has a dedicated light with the button which shows a signal for a call on hold. The light keeps blinking until the call is being resumed.

Key Features

  • It has a large 3-line scrollable display with text-based XML applications.
  • The calling features include a hold button with a dedicated LED indicator.
  • For improved call quality, it has comfort-noise generation and voice-activity-detection integrated with the phone’s software.
  • Having any Cisco Inline Power-capable switch, you can power up this IP phone with its power over Ethernet feature.
  • The phone is compatible to work with Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
cisco phone systems for small business

Moreover, it has a monochrome graphical display with 3 lines that’s scrollable. The unit runs on power that’s been carried over the Ethernet cable. So, no external power adapter will be needed. But the Cisco Unified Communications Manager will be required to have this function.

For intuitive operability with dynamic features, it has a pixel-based display. You’ll also get XML services available on this IP phone. 

8. Cisco Unified IP Phone CP-7941G For Small Business

Cisco Unified IP Phone CP-7941G For Small Business

The first thing you’ll notice about this phone is its large screen and distinguishable button design. The display is graphical with 4-bit grayscale which supports double-byte characters and Unicode text.

Key Features

  • With the phone’s high-resolution 4-bit graphical display, the visibility is confirmed under any circumstances.
  • The phone features Gigabit Ethernet port which integrates with PC or desktop server.
  • It supports power over Ethernet and any Cisco inline power.
  • You can return calls without spending time with its direct dial-back capability. 
  • The 4 soft keys will guide you through the call features and functions, audio controls, and more.
cisco phone systems for small business

Other than that, you’ll have 2 programmable backlit buttons that you can customize according to your needs. It suits your office network with the top of the industry call management features. 

Also, the setup process involves no complexity and it takes very little time to master the options. With minimal training, anyone can operate this device within a very short time.

9. Cisco CP-8831-K9 Unified IP Small Business Conference Phone

Cisco CP-8831-K9 Unified IP Small Business Conference Phone

As a Cisco conference phone system, the CP-8831-K9 you can expect more functionality from it than a simple IP phone. If your business required meetings over the phone quite often which is the case for most businesses, this IP conference phone system will be the perfect solution for you.

Key Features

  • The phone features Session Initiation Protocol and all latest codecs including the Internet Low Bitrates Codec.
  • The application menu allows you to adjust contrast, volume, configure network, and do more customizations.
  • With the fixed keys, you can mute, hold, and redial with quick one-touch buttons.
  • it has a full-duplex high-quality wideband speakerphone with Automatic Gain Control, comfort-noise generation, voice activity detection, Echo Suppression, silence suppression, and dynamic noise reduction
  • The IP phone also has multiple language support and device authentication through TLS and SRTP for added security.
cisco phone systems for small business

It supports SIP signaling and optional Digital Equipment Cordless Telephone attachment which is necessary for the wireless extension of the phone.

Moreover, it ensures the ultimate conferencing experience with its superior wideband acoustics. What it does is capturing the full voice spectrum of the different parties present at the conference. In addition, it features enhanced speech quality and speaker recognition.

Also, the phone is expandable with a daisy-chain configuration that includes a maximum of 2 units to be connected via wired or wireless connections. The display size is not that big but it will allow your easy and quick navigation.

10. Cisco CP-7937G Unified IP Conference Station For Small Business

Cisco CP-7937G Unified IP Conference Station For Small Business

Here’s another unified IP conference station from Cisco. This conferencing phone system is important for small businesses. Because it would be illogical to have interrupted bad quality conference calls as your business depends on it. So, buy this conferencing IP phone for the ultimate call quality with its superior wideband acoustics.

Key Features

  • It supports G.722 wideband codec which is important to listen to all parties during conference calls.
  • The phone can expand its network up to 30 feet by 40 feet with additional microphone kits.
  • It also supports XML services like Cisco Unified Communications Manager, third-party directories, Cisco Web Dialer, Extension Mobility features, and Personal Assistant.
  • For more improved call quality and hands-free operation, it has a full-duplex wideband speakerphone, Automatic Gain Control, Echo Suppression, and Dynamic Noise Reduction.
  • For ultimate durability, the phone is made with ABS plastics.
cisco phone systems for small business

The phone also features expandable room coverage with a wired or wireless external microphone kit. Also, for better performance, you’ll need an additional Cisco Unified Communications Manager. With the complete setup, you’ll get a hands-free IP-based conferencing system.

Moreover, it has large backlit LCD display for increased visibility, improved dialing keys for easier pressing, 4 quick access soft keys, and enhanced power features. Also, you can add a lapel microphone kit from a third-party vendor.

How to set up a multi-line phone system

Setting up a multi-line phone system for small businesses is no big deal. The phones have become very advanced. It’s so advanced that the default settings meet 80% of our required customizations. 

Also, these IP phones don’t need much configuration work. The network and device technology have become mature and follow a predefined standard. That’s why the whole process of setting up has become so easy that you can plug-in the device and start making calls.

The wired connection from outside to your phone is the responsibility of the telephone service provider company. After that, you need to power up the device and do the basic configuring.

For the configuration part, all necessary information will be provided by your service provider. Once you have done the basic configuring, you’ll need to add numbers to the phonebook, customize the speed dials, and customize other functionalities.

Finally, you should use the phone for a few days and see if you need more extensions. There are a large number of accessories available from Cisco. So, whatever you need, you’ll find a device to address the situation.

Final Recommendation

All these multi-line phone systems for small business are loved by industry professionals. You can rely on the Cisco phone system without any doubt. Among all the Cisco phone systems for small businesses, Cisco Business Class VOIP Phone is the best judged from our experience. Also, you can consider the Cisco CP-7937G Unified IP Conference Station for an IP phone with great conferencing features.