7 Best Cell Phones For The Blind In 2023

There’s no argument about the benefits of using cell phones. But it can be really challenging for blind people to use a normal basic phone. What they need is specially made cell phones for the blind.

It’s because some of the phone’s features would be different to help the visually impaired. For example, we won’t need large tactile buttons, a dedicated SOS button, a large battery capacity, etc. But these features are the best cell phones for the blind can use.

7 Best Cell Phones For The Visually Impaired 2023

1. Ray L5

Ray L5

Another great cell phone for the blind is the Ray L5. This is an Android phone but with basic flip phone features.

When the phone is folded, you’ll see a display on the top in which gestures can operate. Unfolding the phone, you’ll see a keypad and a large display.

Key Features

  • Real big-button keypad with a 4-key navigation pane to have tactile control over the phone.
  • It has a tag reader that can identify NFC tags on special objects so that you can understand the product and pay securely.
  • It also has a voice command feature so that you can use this phone without even touching and listening to what’s on the screen.
  • Its remote assistance feature gives you access to their support team, and you can use your camera for visual assistance.
  • It allows the blind to check messages and emails with its voice assistant that’s available on any Android phone.
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As a result, anyone with any difficulties can use the best cell phones for the blind. There is a dedicated remote assistance team available 24 hours and 7 days a week for any kind of help to the user.

It’s really helpful as we don’t always get people on the go to assist. The support professionals can also assist you with your contact information.

The phone runs on Android 7.0 and has the specs of a high-end Android smartphone. It is compatible with the GSM network and can connect to the internet with 4G speed. The battery capacity is 2000mAh which is enough for this kind of phone to support you for long hours.

2. Mosthink Cell Phones

Mosthink Cell Phones

Not the cheapest cell phone for the blind on this list, but it surely can impress you. We selected this phone because of its mid-range pricing and long battery life. For a phone like this, a 1400mAh battery is more than enough.

So, you can talk continuously for more than 6 hours. Also, it has a charging dock so that you don’t have to deal with wires.

Key Features

  • The buttons are big and have raised marks which help you identify each just by touching them.
  • Its high-end speaker is capable of supporting people with hearing problems and features quick volume adjusting buttons on the side.
  • 1400mAh battery for such a low power consuming phone gives it a standby time of 10 days.
  • The dedicated button on the back doesn’t get activated by accidental pressing, and you can call for an emergency by pressing it down for 5 seconds.
  • This phone is unlocked and compatible with the GSM Network and allows only AT&T or T-Mobile SIM cards.
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On the other hand, this phone prevents any accidental button press and unwanted actions. Unlike traditional feature phones, you can lock the keypad with a dedicated button on the side.

Also, there are volume control buttons on the side and a dedicated SOS button on the back. Pressing the SOS button for 5 seconds will call the number you’ve set previously for emergencies.

The screen size is not that big, but it supports large fonts so that any elderly person with low sight can easily use this phone. The phone has a loudspeaker that generates clear and loud talk so that you can hear even in a crowded place.

3. Snapfon ezTWO GSM Cell Phone

Snapfon ezTWO GSM Cell Phone

The outstanding feature of this phone is its SOS button on the back. It’s a big red button that you can set for an alarm and add up to 5 contacts for emergencies.

Pressing the button will call and text all 5 contacts at once. The first received call will end the other 4 calls, and you can be assured that at least one person will pick up for sure.

Key Features

  • You can hear what you’re typing and listen to whatever is on the screen so that anyone with partial or full blindness can operate it.
  • With the dedicated SOS button, you can text and call the 5 previously set contacts at the same time.
  • It has a large battery capacity for 5 hours of talk time and a low battery warning feature.
  • This phone also supports a Bluetooth hearing aid so that people who have a hard time hearing can use the phone.
  • This is a GSM-compatible phone that you can use on AT&T and T-mobile or their related carriers.
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The phone’s big buttons can help you dial and operate the phone without any mistakes. It’s possible because of the easy menu settings and speaking keypad.

For more assistance, you can subscribe to the SnapMobile Service Plan named sosPlus, which will make sure that you never have to deal with a situation alone.

Moreover, this phone has a large battery that can keep the phone on for up to 120 hours in idle mode. As a result, you won’t need to charge the phone too often and stay outside your home for long hours without worrying.



We didn’t expect much from the cheapest cell phone for the blind on our list. Under 30 bucks, you can buy this featured phone from Amazon today. This is a great phone for seniors, blind people, and people with hearing problems.

Key Features

  • On the backside, just below the camera, there is a dedicated SOS button so that you don’t feel helpless during an emergency.
  • The buttons are enormous so that you can easily differentiate the keys and operate them error-free.
  • There are two dedicated buttons on both sides for a powerful flashlight and a keypad lock.
  • You can enjoy MP3, MP4, and FM radio on this phone and take pictures with a VGA camera.
  • You can only use a 2G GSM SIM card on this phone, and that’s why your only option is T-Mobile and its related carriers.
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It supports dual SIM cards so that you can enjoy different plans for different purposes. Moreover, it has a 2.4″ display which provides a very clear vision and operability. With that display and a large battery, you can enjoy hours of entertainment.

Its design is very practical to hold tightly and operate. To ensure that, it has a keypad with large keys. Moreover, this has 3 dedicated buttons for SOS, flashlight control, and keypad lock. So, nothing will happen due to accidental key presses.

5. Jitterbug Flip Easy-to-use Cell Phone

Jitterbug Flip Easy-to-use Cell Phone for Seniors (Red) by GreatCall

This is a complete package with an activated SIM card on GreatCall. So, you just buy the phone, get a plan from GreatCall for as low as $15, and get started calling immediately.

Key Features

  • This flip phone features big buttons, a simple yes and no button, and a dedicated speaker key for quick operability.
  • It comes with activated flexible GreatCall plans, which you can get without any contracts or activation fees.
  • The large screen can show numbers with big fonts for a clear view.
  • There is a 5 Star button at the bottom for emergency help that you can get at any time.
  • The phone has a large battery, and it charges through a charging dock.
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This is a phone perfect for seniors in every way. You can call for any emergency with a dedicated button at the bottom of the keypad. Moreover, the keypad has simple keys for quick and simple operation.

You can get hours of support from this phone because of its large battery. Get this award-winning phone that has a great reputation for satisfying its customers in the US.

6. LUCIA Cell Phone

Best cell phones for the blind - LUCIA Cell Phone

This is a very simple and basic phone that is perfect not only for blind people but also for seniors or those with hearing problems. First of all, the buttons of this phone are large and have different colors with little bumps on some keys for better navigation. You would know which button does what by only touching it.

Key Features

  • A high contrast display shows numbers in a large font and up to 7 colors so that people who aren’t completely blind can also use it.
  • The voice guide reads whatever’s on the screen aloud in English or Spanish with 10 different voice options.
  • The large buttons have decent gaps between them and are large so that you won’t press the wrong button.
  • It even has a dedicated sound boost button so that people with hearing loss can hear loud and clear.
  • This phone supports the GSM network and has a practical design for the elderly that helps anyone hold the phone tightly.
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Moreover, those buttons are programmable for speed dialing and SOS calls. You can set a number for the SOS button on the back so that you can call for help within seconds. Also, the speed dials are helpful by allowing you to call with one touch those you frequently have a conversation with over the phone.

This phone’s last two important things are its long battery life and a voice guide. It is tested that the phone can stay awake for 7 days. So you won’t have to charge it too often. The voice guide is another most important feature like the buttons because the blind can’t operate without it.

7. Moto G7 Power

Moto G7 Power

Don’t get surprised as we’ve listed a fully functional Android smartphone on the list of cell phones for the blind. We could’ve added an iPhone, but we didn’t because of poor battery backup.

Considering all features of smartphones, we thought the perfect smartphone for the blind would be the one with the largest battery.

Key Features

  • The display is 6.2 inches with a 19:9 aspect ratio so that it can support large fonts and magnifiers.
  • The 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM give you enough space for hours of video and smooth performance.
  • The fingerprint lock ensures the security of your phone as well as prevents you from doing anything by accident.
  • The phone has a feature that allows you to use gestures for some frequent actions.
  • It has a 5000mAh battery which is more than enough to go for 2 days without charging again, depending on your usage.
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That’s why we chose Motorola Moto G7 Power which has a 5000mAh battery that supports you for 2.5 days. Also, the phone has some exclusive features that are particularly helpful for the blind or those with a hearing problem.

The phone has a large display so that seniors and low-vision people can use it easily. This is a very powerful phone with the latest specs and runs on the latest Android version.

Any Android phone has features like Talkback and Voice Command. Visually impaired people use those features to operate a smartphone. After this phone’s review, you’ll see how they operate an iOS or Android smartphone.

How a blind person can use a smartphone

To ensure that any blind person can use a smartphone or, you can say, a cell phone, the US government passed the Telecommunications Act in 1996. This forces Android, iOS, and other mobile operating systems to design in a usable way by the blind.

A feature called Voiceover on iOS and Talkback on Android ensures that you hear everything on the screen. Also, they have voice recognition technology so that you can use the phone with a voice command.

You can do the calling, texting, taking notes, get directions, shopping online, and do many more actions just by saying it to the phone. Also, there is a feature called a magnifier on iOS and Android for low-vision people.

So, visually impaired people can use an iPhone or Android smartphone model without any problem because of different manufacturers.

Not all smartphones are suitable the best cell phones for the blind. The cell phone with the longest battery life is the one that suits them the most. Charging your phone too often is convenient for people with challenges.

So, consider buying the Moto G7 Power as it doesn’t cost much and has all the features that a blind person would need. Please consider reading the articles on the best cell phone for seniors with dementia and simple telephones for the elderly so that you can guide and help the people in need.

Final Verdict

We’ve listed 7 cell phones for the blind, but there is one cell phone that we love. That phone is Ray L5 which we think is perfect in every way for the blind and people with hearing loss.

We love it because of its basic features as well as the smart ones like GPS navigation, remote assistance, and gesture operability. As it costs a lot of money, you can choose Mosthink Cell Phones that are under the budget and feature all that’s necessary for a blind person.

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