5 Best Cell Phone for Seniors with Dementia

Cell Phone these days churns out with many technological revolutions that even come too complex to the tech-savvy person. On the other hand, different ages prefer different types of cell phones. The seniors, in that case, are not an exception indeed. When they are affected by the dementia disease that caused them to remember, and most importantly, they can’t deal with cell phones unless they have the best cell phone for seniors with dementia.

So I believe that they badly need an easy cell phone for dementia to call via speed dial easily. Again, they need to have the most user-friendly experience. Keeping this in mind, we will let you know the 5 best cell phone for seniors below.

What’s the difference between normal senior phones vs. dementia

The cell phone has lots of types, as I have mentioned earlier. Therefore, when it’s come cell phones for seniors, there would be some differences and choices. According to many types of research conducted in the USA, seniors are aged between 55 to 65 tend to have smartphones, and somewhat they are not that seniors to be distinguished. Before we go through an overall review, based on the research and review, I recommend you these 2 models would be the best choice, Jitterbug Flip Easy-to-use Cell Phone and, of course, the Jitterbug Smart2.

On the other hand, when the age rises, it comes to change, especially requiring particular cell phones. More or less, every older adult at this age (65 to 80s) doesn’t love any compact or sophisticated phones.

5 Best Cell Phone for Seniors with Dementia

Besides, senior people who have dementia disease at their last age have many issues using a phone. First off, they have memory loss problems, and thus they frequently forget many things that one needs to keep in mind for daily activities. Such as, they forget about people, names, and numbers. Hence, when they use a phone, they face many difficulties, especially when they handle smartphones.

5 Best Cell Phone for Seniors with Dementia

1. Jitterbug Flip Easy-to-use, Cell Phone for Seniors

Jitterbug Flip Easy-to-use, Cell Phone for Seniors

The jitterbug is a great cell phone that comes with tons of features, especially when a senior has dementia disease. A clamshell phone would be a great piece of the phone for this particular type of seniors to handle easily, and it is durable too for the sustainable clam used on it. When they look at the phone design, they will find it absolutely sleek, and the vivid color red makes them wow.

Key Features

  • It has big buttons and large numbers, keeping the Yes/No menu buttons for receiving calls and cancellations.
  • It is compatible with the GreatCall network that is the nation’s most trusted network.
  • The powerful speaker is absolutely loud enough to hear, and that is clear without any noise.
  • It is compact with the link app so that user’s families come to know about their health and safety.
  • No cancellation fees and no contracts
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As I am talking about dementia disease hence, I need to focus on that more. I found it one of the best for dementia patients due to the large button with bigger fonts, louder speaker experience, and more importantly, the phone can track current phone numbers. Since seniors like them tend to have memory loss situations, this phone will help them.

The user experience of this cell phone is remarkably unbeatable when you will compare it with modern devices. As you are looking for a phone that can minimize the compactness and other boastful features, it would be perfect. It is small and less sophisticated, and seniors love to use it and easily make a call from the speed dials. Moreover, there would be no contract plan. Thus, you can make affordable calls to any corner of the USA after activating the great call. They exclusively design it by adding the M4/T4 system, and thus the sound quality is great.

2. Jitterbug Smart2 No-Contract Easy-to-Use 5.5.”

Jitterbug Smart2 No-Contract Easy-to-Use 5.5

Some seniors do love touch screens phones instead of keypads for them; Jitterbug brings this cell phone. The 5.5″ size of a cell phone is easy to grab in hands with lightweight as we know that most of the seniors and especially the dementia patient unable to read small texts on the phone. Keeping this in mind, it comes with easy-to-read features.

Key Features

  • It has a bigger touch screen and UI features that are specially designed for seniors.
  • Large letters and easy to understand icons present it as simple as possible to the seniors
  • The network stands by the GreatCall network that is the US’s most trusted and secure network.
  • The 13 MP camera can take excellent shots and is easy to use for photo sharing.
  • It is a US-based phone, and the customer service has an award-winning reputation.
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The phone is made in the US, and thus whenever you need any help to solve the problem, the US-based customer service will pull you out from the trouble. Surprisingly, the service has a 5-star rating. More or less, it has some common features which are truly important to call a smartphone. Like the voice, typing would be great instead of typing.

When you can’t find a good camera in another regular cell phone, it has a 13MP camera so our seniors can enjoy taking pictures. Apart from that, it has 16 GB of memory that is expandable up to 32 GB. The battery life would be even better, whereas the smartphone easily dried up with power, and it can run 12 hours of constant conversation.

3. Volwco Seniors Cell Phone

Volwco Seniors Cell Phone

Volwco Seniors Cell Phone comes with a lot of attention that you need to think about. It has so many things that a senior can be benefited from it starting from the bigger buttons with larger fonts. So, they can easily track the numbers, and the flip feature also gives them ease to keep it in the pocket. By the way, the GSM cell phone would be the best for seniors who hate being smart with smartphones at their elderly age.

Key Features

  • It has a separate dual display, and both of them come to great use and maximize user-friendliness for elders and kids.
  • Keypad dialing mode is easy with bigger buttons, and larger fonts, and one can easily see it through
  • SOS button specially designed for the dementia patient and kids for an emergency call to family
  • Large battery backup (1200 mAh), and it has a detachable battery that keeps standby 168 hours
  • 0.3 MP back camera and the phone supports 8GB memory, an FM radio, and mp3/mp4 are included as features.
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Now comes the display of this cell phone. The dual display phone comes with a 2.8″ display, and the external display on the flip side is slightly smaller (1.77″). This display will help seniors to track easily, and the two display has a great versatility indeed. The dialing mode is fun and easy to read when a call is going to someone or receiving.

Most importantly, they design it with the SOS button for the emergency that helps them track with the families. And, surprisingly, it works with the one-touch connection. The call quality is excellent, and a senior with less hearing power can easily and properly hear over the phone. By the way, all these features included in it are also suitable for kids apart from the elders.

4. Unlocked Senior Flip Phone

Unlocked Senior Flip Phone

Unlocked Senior Flip Phone is a sleek designed phone for seniors. It is not a smartphone but whatever it infused is great indeed. The flip phone has dual cards with dual standby mode. The dual-screen mode will make you wow as they are colorful and sleek. The main attention of it you can answer any call without opening up.

Key Features

  • It has a dual-screen advanced mode with 2.4 inches of HD display and an external display that shows the clock and answering calls.
  • SOS bigger button specially designed as larger, separated from others, and excellently raised markers for easy dialing or browsing.
  • Excellently versatile in many set up such as English, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Ukrainian, and Arabic.
  • A bigger battery with 800 mah supports longer hours, like 6 hours incall is an absolute win.
  • Other additional features like Camera, MP4, MP3 player, Dual SIM Dual Standby, FM radio, Recording, Bluetooth, SOS
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This is made as simple as possible as most aged senior citizens don’t like sophisticated designs. For that, it has 2 G-supported GSM and is surprisingly run by many languages separately. The high volume of it helps a lot, especially with the hearing problem with the seniors.

By the way, when they will see a call is coming, they can see it through the external display and promptly answer that call. This phone is small in size that makes it great ergonomics to use. The battery backup is great to deal with calls and standby longer hours than you can imagine.

5. Snapfon

Snapfon ezTWO Senior Unlocked GSM Cell Phone

Snapfon has brilliantly designed for senior people with three special features. The keypad lock slide switch avoids accidental calls, if necessary. As you know, elder people, especially those who have dementia disease, make many mistakes, making accidental calls pretty common. Hence, it really helps them while the lock is activated. However, they can receive the call while locking it.

Key Features

  • It has an SOS emergency button that alerts 5 cellular responders within voice and text message
  • The keypad lock slide switch can avoid any unusual calls but can take incoming calls
  • Speaking keypad allows   without even dialing the keypads
  • The volume can rise to 120 dB, and it can be adjustable at the side rocker
  • Additional features like 4 alarming modes, a hearing aid (M3/T3) Single battery with the
    wall charger and low battery warning system
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Secondly, the speaking keypad is another great feature, and pretty sure you won’t see it common in other phones. Therefore, they can now don’t even need to dial the numbers and speak it over the phone, and the phone automatically dials the numbers. This will help them use it with a great user experience and make it easy to make any call.

Afterward, the volume rocker is located at the side, and it helps them the volume level according to what they want it to be. Besides that, the menu is so easy to surf with tons of features like alarming mode, hearing aid support, low battery warning indicator. The overall experience said that this is the best cell phone for seniors with dementia which is user-friendly to aged people.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best cell phone for seniors with dementia, you need to consider a few things. They are easy to track the phone with minimum sophisticated features, an SOS button to send calls instantly to the family, large buttons with bigger fonts. I have shown you the best five of them, and each of them has some differences, as you can see.

Suppose some of them are mostly not smartphones, excluding the one, and all of them have great user-friendliness. Based on the patient’s condition and causes of dementia, you may choose any cell phone for the elderly with memory loss.