10 Best Cell Phone Deals No Contract in 2023

There was a time when people on low budgets or who wanted to invest less money in their phone plans would ask for the best cell phone deals no contract.

Whereas, today, people want to opt for no-contract deals because it offers flexibility to them. People like to change to the latest phones, and they do not wish to be tied down with a phone until their contract ends.

If you want to be tension-free and do not want to worry about getting stuck with the same plan for a long time, getting a phone with no contract deal is a great idea.

You can subscribe to any new plan of your liking as and when you want. Cheaper and better-quality plans come to market every day.

With a cell phone with no contract, you would be able to switch to any of the plans without having to worry about wasting your already invested money.

Many cell phones deals without any contract are available in the market right now. It might even get confusing on which deal to go for and which cell phone to get. To help you out, we have done thorough research about the available phone deals without any contracts.

This article shares our unbiased review of these best cell phone deals with no contract. We are also listing down the features these plans have to offer so that you can easily choose which deal is best for you.

10 Best Cell Phone Deals No Contract in 2023

1. Tello Cell Phone Deal with 300 Mins

Tello’s plan of 300 Minutes Build Your Own Plan is one of the best no-contract phone plans available in the market right now. You get unlimited data under this plan. Most importantly, you get 10GB of high-speed data for usage, which is an enormous amount.

Best Cell Phone Deals

You also get 300 minutes of Talktime for calling anywhere in the US, Mexico, and Canada 300 minutes of calls to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

With this plan, you get an international calling service so you can call your loved ones who stay abroad. Plus, you can chit-chat as much as you desire with the unlimited texting service of this no-contract phone deal. Overall, it is a brilliant plan because it provides a sufficient amount of data for you to use every month.

The best thing is that if you use your plan, the balance gets shifted, and you can use it in the next month. Therefore, you do not have to get tense about getting anything wasted.

The thing of concern is the incoming calls you receive are charged from your prepaid balance as well. This means that you will be charged a lot if you receive or make many calls every month.

Therefore, if you are a person who calls a lot, this plan is not a good option for you. However, if you use your phone to communicate over texts or surf the web, consider this deal a great option for yourself.

2. H2O Wireless Cell Phone Deal

The monthly H2O wireless plan consists of unlimited talk minutes and a texting service. You can send MMS and make unlimited international calls to over fifty countries with an International talking credit.

Best Cell Phone Deals No Contract

In this plan, 4G LTE data is provided every month to the customer for data services. Therefore, you can easily stream videos at up to 480p. However, you should know that a fee is charged when you use extra services.

So, if you have any family members or friends staying abroad, this plan is a good choice for you as you can communicate with your loved ones without worrying about the extra bill.

This plan also offers a high download speed of up to 8 Mbps. First, 10GB of the data you get every month is 4G LTE data. However, make sure that your residence comes under the coverage area because this service is not applicable in all areas.

You can visit the company’s official website to see if this service is applicable in your area. Are you looking for extra discounts? You can refer H20 Wireless to any of your friends, and if they join, both of you will receive $30 each.

You can also get a total discount of 10% off on this plan if you use auto-recharge to make payments. In conclusion, this deal is one of the best cell phones deals no contract of 2022 for us. You can visit if you want to subscribe to this cell phone deal.

3. Mint Mobile Cell Phone Deal

If you buy the cell phones from Mint Mobile with prepaid service, you get to talk as much as you want with unlimited talk minutes and texts with T-Mobile’s network, which is appreciated all over for its good coverage and quality.

Best Cell Phone Deals No Contract

Plus, prepaid plans provided by Mint Mobile are cheap, and you do not have to pay any overage fee. The best thing, you can subscribe to them with just a $1 upfront payment. 

Mint Mobile’s plans – The company provides many small, large, and medium prepaid plans for their customers. Mint Mobile’s deals are featured with details on their official, which you can reach at www.mintmobile.com. These plans are popular in the MVNO market. Two of the best deals offered by Mint Mobile are as follows:

  • 3GB deal in $15/month only
  • 10GB deal in $25/month only

If you are a new customer of Mint Mobile, you get to select from various plans such as a three-month deal, a six-month deal, and a twelve-month deal. If you subscribe to the three-month deal provided by Mint Mobile, the prices are valid for the service of the first three months only.

After that, if you buy additional services for another three months, you will be charged the regular cost. Overall, this is a great plan for anyone who does not want to get tied down by the contract.

4. Boost Mobile Cell Phone Deal with Unlimited Data

This cell phone deal by Boost Unlimited provides you with unlimited domestic talking minutes, a texting service, and 4G high-speed data. You can enjoy boost mobile plans with hotspot service; subscribe to this plan as it includes a mobile hotspot of 12GB.

You can also watch videos of great quality. To be precise, you can stream videos at a resolution of 480p. This deal also allows you to have fun with cloud gaming at the speed of 2Mbps.

For music lovers out there, you can stream your favorite music at the speed of 500kbps. However, you can charge extra and get additional HD service at $10 every month.

With this, you can enjoy video streaming with the resolution of 1080p and listen to music at the speed of 1.5Mbps. You receive a speed of up to 8mbps for gaming as well. You can get the details about all the deals provided by Boost Mobile

This whole deal can also be subscribed to within a family plan, with five lines at maximum. Boost mobile will add all the costs and taxes to the plan’s fee every month.

This deal allows the facility to communicate without any limitations in the area under Boost’s domestic coverage area. Therefore, if you like to talk over call for hours with your loved ones, this deal might be what you are looking for.

5. AT&T Unlimited Cell Phone Plan $50

If you are looking for an unlimited plan provided by the best carriers in the nation, this AT&T cell phone plan for seniors is worth considering. 

The facilities like video streaming in HD and mobile hotspots are not added to this plan. But at the price of $50 per month, this plan is still one of the best cell phone deals available in 2022, especially if you do not use any extra purposes other than calling, texting, and using social media.

You get unlimited call minutes, an international texting service, and full-speed data. Know that your speed can get reduced during the time of congestion.

You can stream videos at a speed of 1.5Mbps. Besides, the resolution of your videos can go up to 480p. You can get further details about this and other plans offered by AT&T. 

If you subscribe to this deal, you can call, message, and use data in the US, Canada, and Mexico. You get unlimited text service to over a hundred other nations as well in this deal.

You do not have any overage charges if you are using the services of this plan in Mexico and Canada. However, when you are in these countries, you can use only 50% of the total amount of service available.

6. AT&T Unlimited Cell Phone Plan $70

This plan by AT&T offers you the facility to communicate with your friends and family members without any limitations with unlimited texting and calling services.

You can also perform pictures, videos, and sound messages. You can use all these services to and from the US, Canada, and Mexico. Also, with the unlimited calling service of the AT&T unlimited cell phone $70 plan, you can make calls to the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

However, this plan might not work well for you if you desire constant high data speed. You would have to bear with the reduced speed at the time of congestion until next month’s service starts. You get to enjoy the perks of unlimited calling, unlimited international texting, sound messaging, and full-speed data usage.

If you are into this plan, the happy news is that you also receive mobile hotspot data of 10GB. However, you can only use this in the US. If you like to stream videos in HD, this plan is one of the best choices. In conclusion, this plan is good for the residents of the US who desire to get a cell phone deal with no contracts. You can subscribe to this plan at www.att.com. 

7. T-Mobile Cell Phone Deal

T-Mobile has ended its service of other postpaid plans, but this One prepaid cell phone plan with no contract is still available for customers. With this deal, you get unlimited talking minutes, data, and text service. You also get an unlimited mobile hotspot which is excellent if you use many devices simultaneously.

Best Cell Phone Deals

T-Mobile provides this plan’s coverage in three countries, namely the US, Canada, and Mexico. You have to pay $70 every month for the usage of this plan.

For all the music lovers reading this, you get the facility to stream unlimited with the selected streaming services such as Pandora. If you like to chat with your friends and relatives, you would be glad to know that you can communicate to over 210 nations with the international text service. 5GB 4G roaming data roaming is also provided for users.

If you like to stream HD Videos, you can also add HD video service at $3 per day. Also, you can discover T-mobile deals for existing customers out there.

This deal provided by T-Mobile does not contain taxes and any overage fee. The standard speed goes up to 128 Kbps in this plan. However, you can upgrade it up to 256 Kbps with the no-cost upgrade. Overall, this plan receives thumbs up from us. You can visit www.t-mobile.com if you want to invest in this deal offered by T-Mobile.

8. Verizon Wireless Cell Phone Deal $65

This Prepaid plan with no contract by Verizon consists of unlimited talk minutes, unlimited texting, and data usage allowance. With this deal, you do not need to worry about any annual contract, fees, or monthly bill.

No overages are included as well. When you surpass the limit of full-speed data, you can continue using the data at the speed of 128 Kbps without any extra fee.

The added benefit is that you can make as many calls as you want to Canada and Mexico and Canada under this deal. Not only can you talk without any limitations in the US with unlimited talking minutes and texting service, but you can also text to more than 200 countries.

Do you like streaming videos? Availing of this deal, you can stream videos with a resolution of 480p. This deal by Verizon will cost $65 per month if you make payment with autopay. Also, you may discover the Verizon phone deals for existing customers.

Verizon never goes much low on their prices, but we cannot deny that they are one of the best networks available in the US. This plan is also not cheap, but even then, this deal is one of the top cell phone deals with no contract available in the market right now.

If constant high speed and reliable coverage is your priority, this deal is best for you. You can subscribe to this deal by visiting the Verizon website.

9. Verizon Wireless Cell Phone Deal $35

This deal by Verizon provides unlimited minutes and text. You get 3GB data bonus data with the 3GB of data of the plan. In total, it becomes 6GB of data. There’s no annual contract, no fees, and no monthly bills. You can also consider saving $5 every month by making payments through autopay.

The most awesome thing about this deal is that Verizon will shift all the data used to the next month. This means you can use all the data that you could not consume in the previous month.

The extra data you purchase over the month will also be rolled over the next month if you do not use it. Therefore, investing in this plan is a great choice if you are unsure of your data usage.

If you like to talk over the phone with your loved ones staying in Mexico and Canada, you can add the service of long-distance calling to these countries without any limitations at the charge of $5 per month. Once the full-speed data under this deal has been consumed, Verizon wireless may reduce your data speed to128 kbps. If you are interested in buying this deal, you can purchase it at www.verizonwireless.com.

10. Cricket Wireless Cell Phone Deal

If reliable network coverage is your priority, this plan by Cricket might not be what you are looking for. However, if you want to get a cell phone deal with no cheap contracts, this deal is definitely worth considering.

The coverage offered by the company is definitely low in quality than what ​Verizon and AT&T offer. But Cricket is best suited for customers who care more about the price than quality and do not want to be tied down by the annual contracts. 

Best Cell Phone Deals No Contract

They can get a talking and texting deal package by Cricket at the starting price of $25 every month. However, you can receive full-speed data under the premium deal at the charge of $60 each month.

If you are planning to use the premium deals and are a heavy user of data, you should know that when you cross the limit of 22 GB of data in a month, they might reduce your data speed to make room for other customers.

No overages are charged under the deals offered by Cricket. You can also enroll in this deal with a family plan at $100. You will get unlimited data on four lines if you invest in this family plan provided by the company.

Therefore, this is one of the best cell phone deals with no contract available in the market. You can reach the company at www.cricketwireless.com to invest in their deal.

Benefits That Come With Cell Phone Deals With No Contract

Investing in cell phone deals with no contracts saves you from a lot of hassle. They are a brilliant way to make sure that you do not have to deal with surprise charges.

You only have to pay a fixed amount of fee and you are sorted. No contract deals really help you save money if you are using any of the four most expensive networks in the nation.

However, there are so many other benefits that come with no contract cell phone deals. You do not have to bother about credit checks anymore.

Any contracts do not tie you down so that you can cancel the subscription of deals at any time. The family plans offered with no-contract cell phones are worth considering to save money and effort.

Guidelines for Investing in Cell Phone Deals with No Contracts

You need to ask yourself questions like – How much I talk over the phone in a month? Do I text more often? What is my budget for monthly phone plans?

What amount of data do I require in a month? And when you have the answers to these questions, it would not take long for you to decide which kind of deals are best suited for you. However, there are some crucial things you need to look out for when you are finding the deal to invest in.

Do Not Avoid the Fine Print on the No Contract Plans

Customers often miss out on the minute details about the cell phone deals with no contracts and feel disappointed at the end. Companies might hide some elements of the deals to make them seem more beneficial than they actually are. Therefore, make sure not to go through all the details of the cell phone deals before investing in any of them.

Use Autopay for Payment of the Deals

You can pay through different sources for the enrolment in the cell phone deals, but autopay is definitely a great option for making payments. In general, you can save up to $5 every month on the charge of cell phone deals with no contracts.

If you are a customer of carriers like AT&T, you can save up to $10 every month on some deals. This might not seem much, but if you add up these discounts, you will be saving around $60 every year to purchase your cell phone deal.

Small Carriers Provide Better Offers

Most people go for the best companies when they are searching for cell phone deals with no contracts. However, if you want to save on money, consider that small carrier generally offer better options. Therefore, make sure to not choose the deal by considering the name of the network carrier but by checking if your requirements match the services they are being provided.

If you follow all the above-mentioned guidelines, you will choose one of the best cell phone deals with no contract available in the market.