10 Best Boost Mobile Plans with Hotspot 2023

Boost Mobile plans with the hotspot is considered to be a prominent wireless communication network existing in Australia and America.

This company engages through the Mobile Virtual Network Operator, a separate company whose owner is Sprint.

This is the major explanation of why Boost mobile provides for units that work on LTE of Sprint. It also supports units that work through a CDMA based network.

Boost Mobile has made available various plans for the consumers. These plans are mobile hotspot plans. Through this plan, one is able to maximize the use of his phone by making it as a hotspot to his other devices.

Other than that, Boost mobile also introduced a handy mobile hotspot device which is already obtainable in chosen wireless dealers.

These integrated hotspots will let consumers connect to 10 WiFi-ready devices simultaneously, regardless if these devices are placed outdoor or indoors.

Also, these devices are not sealed with a contract, and the consumer can still enjoy the benefit of safe web surfing but does not demand a high cost.

10 Best Boost Mobile Plans with Hotspot 2023

1. Boost Mobile Four Lines $100

This plan is actually an offer that has just ended, however for the purpose of discussing its features this item has been listed here too.

The idea for this plan is that the applicant should be a new one or he or she is going to shift to boost. Also, the activation should comply within the covered period. Many people have availed this plan after realizing its practicality and great offers.

Boost Mobile Four Lines $100

Plan $100 provides you with all your requirements for only $25 for each line. It offers unlimited gigs of data, 50 free allocated calls for domestic, and a minimum of 12 gigs of data just in case the user would decide to activate to plan $50. It is also an option to add a line.

Customers who switched were given a Motorola G6 Play for free. Another phone that is given free on this line is the Samsung J3 Achieve. If you want to have an iPhone 6s 32GB, you just had to add an extra amount that is $29.99.

Plan $100 is actually one of the best plants of Boost Mobile. An initial payment of $25 is only needed for 4 lines. After reaching 1 month, you are then able to switch to Plan $50.

This Plan $50 gives 12 gigs of data for a mobile hotspots and it also offers unlimited data on the phone. That only implies that for a rate of $100, you are able to get 4 lines with each line having 12 gigs of data for mobile hotspot.

2. Franklin Wireless Boost 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot

This plan will let you connect to 10 devices and it has 15 hours of battery consumption. With this kind of plan, you will maximize the use of your laptop, tablet, gaming console, e-reader, music player, and any other devices you may have.

Also, another complimenting factor is that you are also able to connect many devices using WiFi and USB at the same time.

Franklin Wireless Boost 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot

When purchasing this plan, you will get to enjoy its many features. Of course, it will be beneficial to know first what this plan is capable of doing.

Thus, it can help you well if you also learn about its features and capabilities to see if it can meet your requirement. Some of them are enumerated as follows:

  • Activation is simply done over the air
  • The device has a compact and slender design
  • Basic browser-based configuration without needing software in order to load
  • Carrier aggregation backup
  • Visible data usage and status of the network
  • WEP/WPA/WPA2 security
  • 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot router with 802.11.b/g/n
  • 4G LTE with 3G UMTS/CDMA fallback service

This plan is very convenient to use because of its friendly interface. Consumers will also appreciate its value for money because of its wide coverage that extends to most states in the USA. It is a good plan to consider because of its affordable cost.

However, it would also be good to note that although this plan promises great services, it also has some shortfalls.

The battery can swell if you use the device while charging it. Internet speed may also lack consistency while you are surfing the net.

3. Boost Mobile $80 Hotspot Plan

This plan is a limited offer only and it is conceivably one of the best plans introduced by Boost Mobile plans with hotspots. By availing of this plan, you are able to stream high-definition videos up to 1080p and also listen to your favorite music at a speed of 1.5mbps. But if your passion is to online games, then you can obtain a speed of 8 Mbps.

The plan offers Ultimate Unlimited. This means that consumers are given access to unlimited data, call, and text. To point it out, there are no restrictions on how you consume your data.

Boost Mobile $80 Hotspot Plan

This Ultimate Unlimited offers also absolute videos and music through Tidal Premium. Landline calls to other countries are also unlimited plus over 3 hours of international mobile calling.

You are also given data of 50 gigs if you make use of your mobile hotspot. This allocation is, in fact, the highest hotspot data given by Boost Mobile.

It may seem like the 50 gigs of data is not that much, however, this allocation should be more than enough in order for you to perform the things you need to do if you share the LTE connection of your phone with other devices like a laptop or tablet.

This plan is said to be the best plan for Boost Mobile. It does not only help you reduce your costs and it also gives you the best content and freebies Boost Mobile plans with hotspot can give. Thus, the consumer should see this as an opportunity to grab this limited offer.

4. Netgear LTE Boost Mobile Hotspot

Boost Mobile started the Netgear integration in July 2015 with no involvement in the contract. This WiFi hotspot plan begins with a rate of $25 per month equivalent to 1.5 gigs of data or a rate of $50 per month that is equivalent to 10 gigs of data. These rates are still exclusive of surcharges and taxes.

Netgear LTE Boost Mobile Hotspot

Netgear provides 4G speeds while connecting up to 10 WiFi-ready devices simultaneously. Nowadays, users may now browse the web in many places as the network already reaches over 280 million people which is equal to over 80% of the population of the US.

Netgear LTE Boost Mobile Hotspot is equipped with features that aim to provide great service to the consumers. Here are some of the features:

  • Longer battery life – Netgear uses a reliable battery that is 2500mAh which supplies power for 10 straight hours
  • Portable – Netgear is not that bulky and it can actually just fit in the pocket; thus the user can conveniently bring it anywhere he goes.
  • Software installation is longer needed – Simply power on the device then you can already connect and browse the web.
  • It has a 1.77” colorful display that allows the consumer to monitor his data consumption, connectivity of the network, and life of the battery.
  • Netgear LTE is set up with thorough security. It has password protection. It also has the capability of blocking and unblocking certain users to your device. Also, consumers may make a guest WiFi to give one-time network access to guests while keeping a secure connection.

Netgear LTE Boost Mobile Hotspot offers fast browsing speeds and it is easy to manage. This plan will also make a good service to the consumer. However, it is also necessary that consumers are aware of their capabilities and limitations.

5. Boost Mobile $60 Hotspot Plan

Plan $60 is the newest introduced plan of Boost Mobile plan with a hotspot. It provides suitable services that simply complement its value. The plan grants unlimited 4G LTE data, which lets you stream videos of high definition up to 1080p.

Boost Mobile $60 Hotspot Plan

It also offers unlimited music streaming. Unlimited call and text nationwide are also offered, and 50 more minutes are allocated for domestic roaming calls. You will see that this plan presents great offers that support the objective of satisfying the consumers.

Basically, this plan is Plan $50 however it differs in a way that you are streaming high definition videos rather than a standard definition.

Aside from that, this plan has more allowable data compared to Plan $50. The plan offers 30GB of mobile hotspot data.

This data allocation can already content download on a laptop and also share online media files. You can add up to 5 lines if you want.

Each added line has 30GB of allocated mobile hotspot data. Obviously, there is a corresponding cost for adding more lines.

It can be that this Plan of $60 is not as powerful as the Plan of $80, but it still gives you the basic services from a common Boost Mobile plan in a cost that is only around $10 more costly than Plan of $50. This only justifies the value of money.

Every cent you spend on this plan is well utilized. If you think that the Plan $80 is quite costly, then you can try the Plan of $60. It is definitely one of the best offers given by the boost Mobile plan with hotspot.

6. Boost Mobile NETGEAR Allegiant 4G WiFi Hotspot

NETGEAR Allegiant provides lesser details to offer. Know that there is no SIM card attached to this product. It is a WiFi Hotspot wireless standard. Also, the device has been built with a great structure in order to address the current needs of the biggest media users in residences that use numerous devices.

Boost Mobile NETGEAR Allegiant 4G WiFi Hotspot

However, when talking about NETGEAR Allegiant, some disappointments come in when it comes to failure in connection.

With the advanced features and superior technology of NETGEAR, the consumer will lower interface and take the pleasure of dependable internet connectivity.

When it comes to the usefulness of this device, NETGEAR is seen to improve well.  Presently, setting up the device and connecting it to your devices to the mobile hotspot.

Also, they have managed to keep full levels of security beyond the network of the user varying from ranges from averting phishing or restricted access for guests and kids.

NETGEAR Allegiant is economical, hence it wouldn’t be too hard to own it. It is also user-friendly because of its simple usage.

However, one thing that might be considered as a downfall of this device is that boot up can take longer. It is equipped with features that complete the functionality and efficiency of the device. These features are factors to consider when choosing a Boost Mobile plan. Some of the features are listed below:

  • 1.77 inch LCD
  • Able to connect WiFi-ready devices (up to 10 units)
  • LTE Speed, Sprint Spark capable
  • 11 hours of utilizing the life of the battery

7. Boost Mobile $50 Hotspot Plan

This type of plan is a standard unlimited plan of Boost Mobile. Basically, this plan offers a basic unlimited plan which gives users unlimited access for LTE data, calls, and texts.

Boost Mobile $50 Hotspot Plan

You will also notice that this plan is substantially similar to the Plan $60 in a way that it gives you unlimited access to music streaming and 50 minutes allocation for roaming calls. What only differs is that Plan $60 is the high definition plan.

Given the fact that Plan $50 is a standard plan, only videos in standard definition can be viewed. Similarly, you can only play music up to 500kpbs. If you are a fan of mobile gaming, speeds can only be up to 2mbps. Basically, you are shelling out $10 lesser for a type of plan that does not offer similar high definition abilities such as the Plan $60.

Although Plan $50 is quite dominated by Plan $60, it is still ideal that it offers unlimited calls, texts, and surfing. Hence, if you are not after video streaming and you do not always your mobile phone as a hotspot device, then Plan $50 can do well for you.

Plan $50 only allocates 12 gigs of data for mobile hotspot. This implies that the allowable data to be shared on other devices is only 12 gigs data. Nevertheless, based on how you utilize your internet connection, this 12GB allocation may be enough already if you only intend to do basic functions like emailing, sharing small files, or accessing social media.

8. KuWFI Smart Mobile WIFI Hotspot 3G Router

Throughout the years, KuWFI managed to give dependable, economical, and fast internet connections. Lately, they introduced their 4G network which seems to attract the larger market.

KuWFI Smart Mobile WIFI Hotspot 3G Router

In order to connect fast in the LTE network, it makes use of a battery-operated, used either for indoor or outdoor without securing a Broadband. Further, its WiFi coverage can reach up to a distance of 50m. KuWFI uses a 2100mAh battery which is able to stay up for 10 hours.

KuWFI Smart Mobile WIFI Hotspot 3G Router has features that are truly impressive. These features are seen to blend well together so that the device itself can perform and deliver well. Learning about the features will help you see the worth of your device. This is how you also establish the practicality of buying this product. Some of the promising features this device possesses are the following:

  • KuWFI has smooth surfing speeds and it is also stable
  • Supports 4G network band frequency
  • Requires an updated APN Sim card
  • Handy and compatible
  • Has a screen display which is useful for notification
  • Has a secure connection
  • Authorizes 10 multiple users

KuWFI Smary Mobile WIFI Hotspot 3G Router is user-friendly. Its operation is basic and simple so anyone can easily maneuver it. It does not take It also secures connection eliminating the occurrence of cybercrime. Users can also maximize the use of this device because they can connect up to 10 various users. Still, users are able to save a certain amount because of the sharing of data allocation to other devices.

9. Boost Mobile $35 Hotspot Plan

Plan $35 is the budget plan for Boost Mobile. This plan is ideal for people who are searching for a line which is not too bulky in the pocket while also allocating data connection.

Boost Mobile $35 Hotspot Plan

The plan will give you 3 gigs of data monthly allocation. Once you are able to consume the entire 3 gigs of data, you will notice your speed to significantly reduce until the last day of the month.

You can use your phone’s line as your hotspot device however it consumes your 3GB monthly allocation of data.

To make a point, you may only find it necessary to use your mobile hotspots during the moments that you really need to connect other devices, otherwise you might end up exceeding your monthly allocation.

With this type of plan, it is important that you know how to manage your data consumption. You must know your priorities and that your priorities should be catered first before anything else.

Similar to other plans, putting additional lines in Plan $35 will help you save some amount. Two lines will cost you $60 each month. Three lines will cost $90. Four lines will cost $120. Looking at it, Plan $35 is a basic plan.

It is ideal for people who do not require unlimited data or plenty of allocation for mobile hotspot data. To make a point, if you do not want to spend $50 in a month, Plan $35 will make a great option. It provides basic functions and services. Truly exists to provide impressive capabilities.

10. Netgear Nighthawk R7100LG Mobile Hotspot

There is no doubt that Boost Mobile has done a great achievement by introducing this product. It is perfect for a huge group. The only thing that has to be considered is that this device is not handy.

Netgear Nighthawk R7100LG Mobile Hotspot

However, there are numbers of ways of overcoming this problem. Netgear Nighthawk is the ultimate answer if you want to share the internet with a huge number of users.

Netgear Nighthawk suggests a free application to operate the router, the 4 gigabit Ethernet Ports, and open port support. This Ethernet has the so called offloading abilities. All these capabilities are supported with strong safety features. This device has improved network performance through its Dual-band 2.4GHz dual concurrent WiFi.

Owning this Netgear mobile app will give you the most beneficial method to collaborate with the Nightwalk. The said application lets you manage the connections of WiFi to all of your devices. It also helps you configure your settings, checks the consumption of data, play high quality media files, and create parental controls.

Obviously, it is important that you understand well the capabilities of this device before finally choosing it. It is safe to say that its qualities are truly impressive. Netgear Nighthawk comes with a bundled app. However, it is also good to note that it may be laborious to do some workaround in order to make this device fully portable.

It may be costly for a price, but you should know that its quality and capability can justify its price. If you are looking for an amazing performer when talking about speed to surfing, Netgear Nighthawk should be considered.

If you want unlimited data, unlimited calls, or want to have some of the great performing phones available in the market today, then you should know that the best place to go is the Boost Mobile.

Many of the carriers, as well as mobile operators, are no longer proposing unlimited data. There are some that may offer unlimited data, but it is absolutely expensive. Understand the basics of the above plans then choose the one that best suits your requirement.