The 5 Best AARP Phone Discounts Plan 2023

AARP is mainly a United States-based non-profit organization that has been aiding facilities and empowering the aged senior peoples. The AARP stands for the American Association of Retired Persons.

The primary focus of this organization is to ensure better facilities and additional power for the aged people in various aspects of life.

As a senior citizen having one of the best AARP Phone discounts is the ideal option to access versatile services when you need them most.

The cellphones that are purchased with the “AARP’ tag have been enabled with the membership facilities of AARP. The main benefit of having an AARP membership is you can get added discounts wherever you go and whatever you do like Travelling, Phone Plans, and more. Amongst the numerous sectors where AARP is working, providing cell phones is one of the major sectors. 

They want to assist senior citizens to obtain affordable the best aarp cell phone for seniors that will help them to stay connected on social media and to call in time of emergencies.

Here is the best AARP Phone discounts provider that you can switch to avail the benefits of AARP Cell Phones.

The 5 Best AARP Phone Discounts Plan 2023

People who are at least above the 50-year-old limit can now designate as an AARP member for accessing AARP discounts on mobile phones, cell phones, mobile phone accessories, and mobile phone plans.

Best AARP Phone Discounts Plan

There are a plethora of popular cell phone providers available the best AARP phones for elderly. Here you can acknowledge the best AARP Phone discounts and Cell phone providers for joining and having the advantages of being an AARP member.

1. Consumer Cellular For AARP Phone discount Plan

Consumer Cellular is one of the most popular cellular phone service providers that offer AARP phones and discount plans for all occupied AARP members.

Consumer Cellular is a cell phone provider that has pretty much affordable deals and plans for senior citizens to shift.

The phone deals that Consumer Cellular provides are very friendly for the aged peoples. If you are the one who0 is interested to move for the AARP plans from Consumer Cellular, here it takes off just as light as 10 dollars.

Consumer Cellular discount Plans

They offer plans for AARP phones that start at 10 dollars in the Consumer Cellular. On the top, Consumer Cellular offers Doro Phones which is a better and friendly option for senior citizens. From the overall cost of their cell phone plans, the members can get a 5% discount each month.

Moreover, in the mobile phone accessories, the AARP members can get a 30 percent discount from Consumer Cellular. 

In contemporary times, the AARP registered members can also get the chance of availing a vast 50 percent discount on each of the new lines they switch or shift for.

Not only plans but also Consumer cellular provides cell phones. Some of the cell phones from Consumer Cellular is even free of cost.

For example, Motorola W259 is the one that is available at a low or reasonable price range. You can also access the Samsung A177 which costs let’s say just 40 dollars.

Since you are a senior citizen, for making your life easier try to shift to devices that suit your requirements and make your usage comfortable. In our opinion, flip phones and standard phones are the best choices to shift for availing of AARP discounts.

To get further updates about your location based plans and discounts contact Consumer Cellular at 1-888-726-7951

2. AT&T For AARP Phone Discounts Plans

For getting a better and preferable discount plan from AARP, AT&T is one of the most popular providers in the marketplace.

AT&T has a unique deal with the AARP that should provide you the chance of getting a 10% discount per month.

The AT&T discount deals and Plans don’t suit the unlimited plans of the services. And for the special signature customers, they offer a 10 dollar discount each month.

AT&T Discount Plans

If you are willing to shift for the AARP deals from AT&T telecommunications company, then subscribing to their elite or signature program will be the best option. In our consideration, their AARP Member savings are pretty much high evaluated for the Premium members. 

From a list of added benefits, per phone lines, you will be able to access a decent amount of discounts and savings each month.

AT&T and AARP are also in a combined corporation to offer a 10% discount on the wireless charges every month and the offers do not apply to unlimited plans, overages expanses, and shared plans that have data packages of below 300 MB per month.

In addition, on some mobile phone accessories, the AARP members will get another whopping 15% discount. Moreover, in the activation and upgrading fees as a member, you will be able to access 45 dollars savings.

Accessing the AT&T offers and deals you can apply for them online. It will be the easiest way to obtain them. Nevertheless, as a senior, you can also contact your local representative for further details.

3. Verizon for AARP Discount Plans

Verizon is another popular telecommunications company that used to provide the best quality services and telephony deals available.

To get the AARP membership facilities and better advantages within a cheaper amount of budget, Verizon will be a better option.

Besides, Verizon Deals will allow you to save more when you shift for any of the plans or services. Verizon has two types of deals- Personal Category and Business category.

The AARP plans are included in the personal category of the Verison Service List category. As an aged p[erson of the society/country, It has more to deliver you for a convenient lifestyle.

Verizon Discount Deals

From the aged peoples, especially if you are above the line of 55 age, then Verizon has exclusive offers and discounts for you to sort your last periods more smoothly and smartly.

When you don’t want to move away from your house to anywhere for accessing the necessary goods, it will offer you things to your reach. On the online platform, you will be able to register for their offers and plans with lesser hassles and procedures. 

In some occasional events, they throw some of the special deals for AARP members, which allows them to get AARP cell phone discount Verizon.

Furthermore, in their current deals and plans list, there is a plan for the peoples aging more than 55 years with special discounts.

In this offer, if you are running two active lines from Verizon you will get up to 40 dollars of saving per month. The following makes this selection great for older couples that are very connected and use their phones very much.

The deals and the offering may change in the flow of time. To get the most updated information concerning special AARP deals at Verizon, you can call a local Verizon dealer for more inquiries.

4. GreatCall Cell Phone Discount Plans

GreatCall is another mentionable provider of deals and cell phones for the AARP members to optimize the lifestyles of the old citizens. GreatCall is mainly a health technology company which is located in San Diego, California.

Now it has become a mobile Network Operator Company. GreatCall used to offer health and safety products, services, and mobile, devices for senior citizens.

It is a parent organization of BestBuy which also delivers mobile app services and cellular services as well. For the seniors, they also provide medical alert systems and mobile medical alerts.

GreatCall Discount Plans

Amongst the discount plans of GreatCall, the mobile devices facility is the greatest option from above all. They offer Jitterbug mobile phones and Lively flip Smartphones.

In the senior’s plan list, the Jitterbug Smart 2 mobile device is one of the most preferable devices. Greatcall offers discounts of up to 60 dollars per year on some of their selected plans.

They will let you choose the suitable one for you among the Jitterbug Smart 2, which is a smartphone, a Jitterbug Flip phone.

In addition, they offer a Lively Mobile Plus device and Lively Wearable 2 set, which can serve you as a lifesaver.

GreatCall doesn’t want any specific age requirements for the mobile phone service. However, phones are preferable as an ideal option for senior citizens who want a simple plan. And they can be used for travel purposes, emergency incidents or cases, and low-volume calling.

GreatCall gives 24-hr customer support which can give directory aid, making calls, and adding names to your contact list plus other essential assistance services.

If anyone is interested to apply for the discount plans and cell phones from GreatCall, then he/she should be an AARP member first of all. Then apply online for ease or contact the providers.

5. Cricket Wireless For AARP Discount Plans

Cricket Wireless is another great telecommunication service provider which is founded in 1999. Now it is located in Atlanta, United States. It is one of the largest providers in the United States.

Not to mention, it is owned by one of our mentioned providers, that is AT&T. It has a huge 10 million subscribers in the United States, which defines the popularity and reliability of Cricket Wireless.

Cricket Wireless Discount Plans

The discount plans from Cricket Wireless for the AARP cell phones for seniors are available for the AARP members.

The applicant should be an active member of the AARP organization first of all. If he or she is interested in buying any of the cell phone devices from Cricket Wireless, a promotional Visa card it will allow them to save 20 dollars as a discount.

This offer may not be the best one for all, sorts of senior citizens. This offer is a great option for those who prefer to be fully connected to the lines and are completely ample with operating a smartphone.

There are some abidable instructions that all interested AARP members should follow accordingly to receive a Visa promotion card through the mail-in rebate.

For availing, AARP members have to purchase a smartphone from Cricket Wireless exclusive local stores, Cricket Wireless online stores, shops, or from authorized dealers. It applies to up to a maximum of 5 service lines. Allowance forms processing and accomplishing the Cricket Visa Promotion Card process can hold up to 8 weeks.

Note: This offer is only available for specific models. This offer is unavailable to customers from Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Miami-Dade Country, Florida.

What are the Requirements for Getting An AARP Phone Discounts?

Any of the AARP members can get access to an AARP recommended cell phones. This comes to a sense that you have to be a member of the AARP organization.

But here are some procedures or methods to follow before getting the things in hand. At first, one has to use the benefits of that membership towards the purchase of your phone or/and phone plan. 

If you are one who is 50 years old or more, you can become a member of AARP origination and start enjoying numerous benefits that come with this badge of membership.

The easiest way to avail or to apply for an AARP membership is in the online platform. Continuing the memberships includes a yearly fee, which is as little as 10 dollars for the first year.

Go to the AARP website at and then click on the “Join” button in the upper row to become a member from now.

Final Verdict

To sum up the content, we have demonstrated the top 5 AARP Phone discount in the above for your convenience. But in the end, we have to come to a decision, which will be the best one in terms of all the factors and facilities.

To mention the best one we will take the Consumer Cellular in the first position. Nonetheless, as we have introduced several times above, there are radically countless wireless providers, who oftentimes offer special opportunities for the senior population and even provides additional discounts to the AARP members.

Before applying or registering any of the deals, make sure to ask a designated wireless provider/retailer about the best offers.

Besides, before you sign up for the AARP association, be sure to verify with them to notify you which cell phone carriers will offer you the best discounts based on their membership requirements. 

Furthermore, if you are already qualified to avail the Lifeline support, you do not need an AARP membership at all. In broad, the Lifeline Assistance will take you to far more affordable offers AARP free phones for seniors.

In many cases, some of the FREE plans and phones are also provided other than an AARP membership.