AT&T TL96477 Review – Which is best TL96477 or VTech CS5159

AT&T has launched a cordless phone in the market which is enriched with fashionable technology named after AT&T TL96477 that will surpass many of its predecessors. Currently, it is considered as the best answering system phone by its customers. There are several cordless phones in modern times that offer limited perquisites but only this model of AT&T dispenses service without any hassle.

AT&T TL96477 Review - Which is best TL96477 or VTech CS5159

This model features smart call blockers and can connect bluetooth to cell phones and at the same moment you can block any number at blacklist permanently you wish with a single touch. You will be stunned, this cordless phone is available in the market at an affordable price.

Noticeable Features of AT&T TL96477

  • AT&T TL96477 has a power backup feature.
  • It will provide mobile notifications.
  • It offers a simulated full-duplex handset and base speakerphone.
  • It is a smart call blocker phone with 1000 name and number directory.
  • It includes caller ID and Call Waiting features so that you may notice who is calling you.
  • This cordless phone has virtual multi-line operation.
  • The customer can enjoy HD audio with equalizer for customized audio.
  • Easy to set up.

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Comparison Between AT&T TL96477 Cordless Phone and VTech CS5159-3 Cordless Phone

AT&T TL96477 Cordless Phone VTech CS5159-3 Cordless Phone
AT&T TL96477 Cordless Phone VTech CS5159-3 Cordless Phone
  • This cordless phone appears with a nationwide answering form which can record up to 22 minutes of calls and messages.
  • This cordless phone user can get benefit from freedom and mobility of 4 cordless handsets.
  • It comes with DECT 6.0 which helps you receive cell phone and landline calls from a single multi-handset phone system.
  • It offers you instant playback, save and delete, skipping and repeating option for messages from the handset and the base.
  • This phone is compatible with 2 lines by which you can know the location of your base with dial pad and speakerphone.
  • This cordless phone features  programming up to 200 names and combined phone numbers in the handset.

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  • VTech CS5159-3 is a digital phone answering system that comes with a feature that can seize calls if you can’t and records up to 22 minutes of talking time.
  • This phone answering system is easy to set up. You can mount it on the wall.
  • It includes a full duplex handset and base speaker phones by which you can enjoy your calls with an amazing speakerphone.
  • This phone answering system enhances participation by offering both terminals to talk and be informed at the same moment which are actual to life.
  • It can block and save up to 20 names and numbers and at the same time it stops unwanted calls by calling blocking directory.
  • It comes with DECT 6.0 technology and has a large backlit display.

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What Users Saying About  AT&T TL96477 Cordless Phone

AT&T TL96477 cordless phone is accepted by all classes and groups of people specially older ages and adults. It has been considered the best time spent companion for all. This amazing hands free cordless phone features incredible sound quality for thinking of hearing impaired people. Not only excellent sound quality but also it has a noise reduction technology by which you can enjoy proper sound wherever you speak. For this amazing feature customer sorting by mass.

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Last but not the least, this cordless phone system has call screening features. AT&T offers AT&T landline for seniors which encourages the customers most to have this cordless phone. Most of the landline customers make positive opinions about this AT&T TL96477 cordless phone. Because of having all the facilities, customers choose it at an affordable price.

Customers can meet all of their requirements. If you’re also a AT&T users, you may interested to know the latest at&t deals for existing customers. If you currently using other networks, you may consider switch to at&t and get a free phones when you switch to them. However if you still want to know more detailed about this landline phone model, just reviews its key features below.

Key Features of  The AT&T TL96477 Cordless Phone

Prodigious Display

This cordless phone has a breathtaking backlit display by which means you can get crystal clear viewing even in the dark. This phone is a subsidiary for visually impaired people. If you are a shortsighted this will work suavely for you without any wrangle. This display supplies you useful details such as Caller ID, name and call waiting notifications. 

Modern Technology

This cordless phone has freshest technology. For this reason after using randomly no defects are seen. This phone has run on DECT 6.0 technology. AT&T ensures you the best technical support at any circumstances. 24 hours you may get the customer’s service at no additional costs. If you have limited knowledge about then you can take instructions from customer care service.

Torment-Free Installation

Manufacturers provide detailed instruction over installation so that you don’t have to endure provoking. You don’t require to hire an experienced one for installing this cordless phone, rather you yourself can install it by apprehending the instructions.


The good looking part of this phone is its price. For being three penny, customers choose this cordless phone over other models. You may get several phones with this phone price but never capable of acquiring these sensational features with only $115.

FAQs About AT&T TL96477 Cordless Phone

Q: Does AT&T TL96477 phone has the best sound quality?

Yes. AT&T’s this model has astonishing sound quality. This model is the best cordless phone in recent market announced by consumer reports. For having DECT 6.0 technology to increase the range and solid sound quality with 4 cordless handsets and answering system. It also has noise reduction features for the hearing impaired. 

Q: Are DECT 6.0 technology cordless phones harmful?

Yes. DECT 6.0 technology phones are really harmful. Because of emitting the high radiation it is always like a cell phone tower. It causes nuisance in your sleeping and other health issues.

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Final Thoughts

This cordless phone is irreplaceable when it is compared with other AT&T cordless models. It will early and late be the same exotic like now for its customers. AT&T offers a variety of plans with this cordless phone especially for seniors. To sum up, you can purchase it at a three penny range. So you can feel free to buy.