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AT&T ML17939 Review – Why its better than VTech CM18245?

AT&T’s ML17939 is the latest model which makes your office more efficient with 2 line corded telephones. This AT&T ML17939 telephones built with a digital answering system which confirms its callers that if they get the line busy they can leave messages and because of additional congeniality the two line design allows easy three party conference calls.

This telephone digital answering system has Caller ID call waiting features which helps you to know who is calling you while staying on the other line and move on that line whether it is obligatory. In this AT&T telephones system also included the 100 name and number directory which remains the total business contacts of yours that is effortlessly reachable in an individual location wrangle free calling.

AT&T ML17939 Review - Why its better than VTech CM18245?
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Noticeable Features of the AT&T ML17939 2-Line Corded Phone

  • AT&T ML17939 Telephone digital answering system has a Monochrome LCD display which helps in clear viewing.
  • This telephone answering system is coherent with up to two lines because of extended calling competence.
  • This system features conference phones which accommodate multiple participants to discourse concomitantly.
  • This answering system supports eliminating missing essential business messages.
  • This answering system has a speakerphone that keeps your hands free.
  • It also included Caller ID and Call waiting features to help you in seeing who is calling.
  • This phone answering system includes conference, speakerphone, directory,delete, headset, flash, pause, mute, hold, and redial buttons because of multipurpose working.
  • This isn’t long lasting. According to the manufacturer it lasts in a 1 year warranty

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Consequently, in case you are looking for an amazing quality telephone answering system that has versatile features for your office use then AT&T ML17939 is the faithful option for you.

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You can update your business telephone network accompanied by its AT&T corded telephone in the company of digital answering system. This telephone is an assured corded phone which is fulfilled for deliberate about responsive to business subjects. During the time that the speakerphone choice helps you speak on the phone by means of your hands free for discovering paperwork or running your computer.

The AT&T ML17939 telephone has two colours of Black and Silver, but black one looks majestic when you keep it on your desk and free to study LED displays to assist you operate its purposes. 

Compare AT&T ML17939 and VTech CM18245 Land line Telephone

Comparing two amazing models is the most complicated task. However, we have tried to show the real good one for the benefit of the users, so that they can choose the best model between two.

AT&T ML17939 allows 3 way conversationsAT&T ML17939 allows 3 way conversations
Compare AT&T ML17939 and VTech CM18245 Land line TelephoneCompare AT&T ML17939 and VTech CM18245 Land line Telephone
AT&T ML17939 has 2 lines capability which means it can dial and receive calls from 2 different phone lines.

If you compared VTechCM18245 telephone answering system with AT&T telephone answering system in terms of phone lines capability then the vote will surely go to VTechCM18245.

Because VTechCM18245 has 4 line capability. That means VTechCM18245 can dial and accept calls from two different phone lines.

AT&T record incoming messages and outgoing statements and memos up to 12 minutes which is comparatively low.VTechCM18245 can record incoming messages and outgoing statements and memos up to 180 shared minutes.
AT&T users can enjoy a speakerphone by which you can continue your calls without taking the handset.VTech users can enjoy a speakerphone which can continue your calls. It also allows its users to speak and listen without taking the handset.
AT&T allows its users to have 3 way conversations.VTech allows its users to have 6 way conversations.
AT&T stocks up to 18 phone numbers for uncomplicated dialing.VTech stocks up to 32 phone numbers for uncomplicated dialing.
AT&T has Caller ID History with 99 Name and Number.VTech has Caller ID History with 50 Name and Number
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What Are the Users Saying About AT&T ML17939

Majority of the users opine this phone by saying it is a good hearty phone. As this phone has an answering machine, speaker option, headset option and trouble free to set up. But a couple of users share negative opinions for having only 3 way conversation and stocking 18 phone numbers.

AT&T tries to improve their limitations. For your assistance, you may also find out the most popular at&t cell phones for seniors also the affordable even cheap at&t cell phone plans for seniors too. However, review below to discover more detailed about the AT&T ML17939 corded telephone model.

AT&T ML17939 2-Line Corded Telephone with Digital...
  • 100 Name/Number Directory
  • Headset Compatible (2.5 mm jack).Make sure that the software is installed and running for your...
  • Caller ID/Call Waiting Capability*

Key Features Of  The AT&T ML17939 2-Line Corded Telephone

Fluently Handles Two Phone Lines

This corded telephone supplies assistance for two phone lines to handle the requirements of your small business. It has an automatic line selection which assures recent calls move to the free line, losing unresponsive calls and a line indicator button helps you to know which line you are using all times to assist you refrain from disorder.

Feature- Rich Answering System

The users can use this telephone with a digital answering system to keep away from missing essential business messages. It has a recording time of 40 minutes which is faithful for weekend use and appropriately saves also long messages as late as you receive to the office. This features rich answering system comes up with time and date stamps in order that you realize exactly although the customer called and distant entrance for checking messages even if abroad your desk. 

Forwarded Call Screening

Count on the structured caller ID to produce the name of each caller, losing time you expend on the phone and serving you to concentrate on your phone answering. Call waiting imparts an easy way to receive a new preference call when setting your current call to maintain to confirm one receives a busy signal. 

FAQs About AT&T ML17939;

Q: When my cordless phones will stop working?

If your cordless phone suffers power issues then it will stop working, as power issues are an ordinary nuisance with cordless phones. Luckily, this issue are pretty effortless to solve in the at&t ml17937 model.

Q: What should I do if my AT&T Cordless phone doesn’t ring?

This problem can compose without a hitch. If your AT&T cordless phone doesn’t ring in this case you have to discharge the ringer. The phone and base have separate ringer programming. For synthesizing the phone and base ringer volume you have to press MENU while the phone is not in usage.

Q: Is it possible to set up a two line phone system?

Many users think that it is not possible to use two phone lines. But that’s not true. You can use two phone lines except using a two line phone. For this reason you have to buy a two line splitter.

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Final Thoughts

AT&T ML17939 is an exceptional and tremendous phone if you require a good speakerphone for business calls. In this respect this phone is incredible. Last but not the list the phone is easy to catch up and it works majestically. It is built in digital technology, for this reason the customers of modern epoch recognize this phone answering system with their hearts.

According to the manufacturer, AT&T constructed this phone system to contemplate every group of people so that all can deal with it.  So do not apprehend your decision to buy AT&T ML17939 phone answering system.

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