Top 5 AT&T iPhone Deals For Existing Customers 2023

Despite the presence of several reputable and prominent mobile network carriers in the US, more than 95% of Americans rely on AT&T. The popular mobile network service provider facilitates the majority of smartphone users to make calls, send text messages, and access the internet effortlessly. 

AT&T iPhone deals for existing customers enable the renowned telecommunication provider to stand out from the competition successfully.

Apart from being the largest network operator for Landline services in the world, AT&T Communications is also the second-largest wireless network carrier.

It provides top-notch wireless services to its customers. Besides an extensive range of wireless plans, the famous mobile network service provider also offers several affordable TV bundles and broadband plans.

Even the company often comes up with interesting marketing concepts and runs contests that compel many to switch to AT&T and get a free iPhone as a gift.

The mobile network carrier AT&T makes use of both LTE and GSM cell phone network technologies to make sure that all mobile phones are compatible with the service provider. We conducted research and found that AT&T offers get the awesome “iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max for up to $700 off” iPhone deals for its existing customers time and again. In the below-mentioned section, you will get to know about the top ongoing iPhone deals.

What Is AT&T Currently Offering To The iPhone Lovers?

Across the United States, the wireless network coverage of AT&T is extensive and reliable. The deals on smartphones and especially iPhones that AT&T offers to its customers are significantly cheaper.

However, the mobile network plans are a bit expensive, but if one stays up-to-date with the telecommunication provider’s wireless plan offers that change often, he or she is more likely to get hold of discounted plans effortlessly.

AT&T iPhone Deals For Existing Customers

Before we discuss the lucrative AT&T iPhone deals for new customers, let’s check out the wireless plans that AT&T offers to its existing users.

Despite being costly, the wireless network plans do not have any hidden fees and charge any extra for the consumption of data.

If you fancy streaming video and audio content on the internet, you can avail yourself the of unlimited data plans and browse online content as long as you want without worrying about any extra charge.

  • AT&T offers an unlimited no-contract internet package at $70 every month that allows users to stream Standard Definition video.
  • Users can receive unlimited internet data and stream High Definition videos online by choosing the $80 plan every month without any contract.

Apart from meeting the needs of the users that need loads of data, AT&T also offers shared network plans to make sure that families stay connected through calls and text and get the opportunity to access the internet without worrying about the need to buy add-ons.

  • AT&T offers an unlimited family-centric mobile network plan at $145 every month that consists of four distinct lines.
  • Another family-centric mobile network plan of AT&T is available at $170 per month.

The prepaid network plans of AT&T begin at $30, and the most expensive plan $70 allows customers to stream online video seamlessly.

The majority of Americans prefer AT&T because it is renowned for providing an extensive range of top-quality smartphones at affordable prices. Let’s check out the now AT&T iPhone deals for existing customers.

Top 5 AT&T iPhone Deals For Existing Customers 2023

1. AT&T (iPhone SE) Deals For Existing Customers

AT&T is offering the latest iPhone SE (64GB) for $5/month for 30 months as per the installment plan. One can save up to $250 by choosing this lucrative deal. Signing up for the auto pay and paperless bill option can help one receive a $10 discount per month.

The deal offers an iPhone lover unlimited data and enables to stream online video at 1.5 Mbps. A user gets unlimited calls and texts. The deal enables one to call and text and receive both from all over the US, Canada, and Mexico.

2. AT&T (iPhone 11) Deals For Existing Customers

How about making a purchase of a brand new iPhone 11 from the official website of AT&T leveraging the monthly installment plan option and receive a 50% discount right away?

It is one of the AT&T wireless free government phones. The telecommunication brand is also offering $300 off to existing customers while switching from another mobile network carrier to AT&T, trading in a legitimate phone and signing up for an unlimited wireless plan.

If you choose this money-saving deal, you can save up to $650. Even signing up for the autopay and paperless billing option, one can get $10 credit for single lines and $20 for multiple lines.

The deal offers a customer unlimited call, text, and data. You can stream video content online at 1.5 Mbps.

3. AT&T (iPhone XR) Deals For Existing Customers

You just need to pay $10 per month as per the installment plan option for 30 months if you purchase the sophisticated and productive iPhone XR from the official site of AT&T.

Even if an existing customer signs up for an unlimited wireless plan that AT&T provides, he or she can own a brand new iPhone XR at a reasonable price.

A customer’s discount will be applied as per the billing of the credits every month. Choosing this interesting deal can help you save up to $450 over 30 months in an effective way. One can make unlimited calls, send unlimited texts to 120 countries, and access the internet as much as one wants at 1.5 Mbps.

4. AT&T (iPhone XS) Deals For Existing Customers

You do not have to wait any longer and keep on saving money for purchasing your dream iPhone XS because AT&T is offering a lucrative deal, choosing which can help you save up to $700 over 30 months as per the installment plan.

You have to pay only $30 per month if you choose this profitable deal of AT&T. The deal enables every customer to enjoy unlimited calls, text messages, and 4G LTE data across the US, Canada, and Mexico.

An individual receives 15GB of mobile hotspot on choosing this deal. Signing up for autopay and paperless billing can provide you $10 off on a monthly basis.

5. AT&T (iPhone 7) Deals For Existing Customers

AT&T Communications offers AT&T iPhone 7 deals for existing customers residing in the US. The most interesting fact is that if you switch from a different wireless network carrier to AT&T’s network, you can get a brand new iPhone 7 for free.

When you sign up for a legitimate phone plan and monthly installment plan or choose a new line of wireless service with AT&T, you get to purchase an iPhone 7 for just $1 per month.

For over 30 months, you get the opportunity to save up to $370. The discount is applied as billing credits every month.

Choosing this money-saving deal can help you to make unlimited calls, sends texts, and use data at 1.5 Mbps. You get 15 GB of mobile hotspot.

Comparison Of AT&T iPhone Deals For Existing Customers With Other Mobile Carriers 

Similar to AT&T deals for existing customers, other reputed mobile network service providers in the US also offer lucrative deals.

The wireless carriers are Verizon, Visible, T-Mobile, Sprint, Simple Mobile, Twigby, and Boost Mobile. However, the popular among all deals is the iPhone deals that the carriers offer at low prices to new and existing customers.

iPhone SE (64GB) Deals

The iPhone SE is a highly productive smartphone that has drawn the attention of a significant number of iPhone lovers after its launch.

Due to the popularity of iPhone SE on the market, all the major network carriers have started offering affordable iPhone SE (64GB) Deals.

Verizon Deals (iPhone SE)

  • Users get unlimited calls, texts, and data.
  • One needs to spend $60 per month for purchasing iPhone SE with an installment plan.
  • The unlimited plan offers you YouTube TV for free.

Sprint Deals (iPhone SE)

  • Users receive unlimited call time, text messages, and data.
  • $65 is what one requires to pay every month based on the installment plan.
  • Users get $11.67 off per month on purchasing iPhone SE.

Visible Deals (iPhone SE)

  • Apart from unlimited calls and text messages, the network carrier also offers unlimited data. The download speed varies between 5-12 Mbps, and the upload speed varies between 2-5 Mbps.
  • One needs to pay $40 per month for purchasing iPhone SE with an installment plan.
  • Switching to Visible carrier facilitates one to receive a $100 Prepaid Mastercard Virtual Account.

AT&T Deals (iPhone SE)

  • Unlimited talk time, text message and data for online streaming SD & HD video
  • $70 month as installment for buying iPhone SE
  • AT&T switch deals enable new customers to buy iPhone SE for $5 per month

iPhone 11 Deals

The majority of the carriers are offering profitable iPhone 11 Deals to both the existing and potential customers. It is loaded with super-advanced features and boasts a spectacular camera system. Choose the mobile network carrier that is offering this deal within your budget.

Verizon Deals (iPhone 11)

  • Unlimited calls, texts, and data.
  • As per the monthly installment plan, one needs to pay $80 every month for iPhone 11.
  • A customer gets YouTube TV for free by purchasing the unlimited plan

Visible Deals (iPhone 11)

  • Unlimited calls, text messages, and data.
  • $40 every month you need to pay for purchasing iPhone 11.
  • Switching to Visible carrier enables one to receive a $200 Prepaid Mastercard Virtual Account

Sprint Deals (iPhone 11)

  • Apart from unlimited text and calls, Sprint carrier’s iPhone deals also include unlimited data.
  • One needs to pay $60 per month for the owning iPhone 11
  • Apple TV+ trial is included in this deal.

AT&T Deals (iPhone 11)

  • Unlimited calls, text messages, and data that allows a customer to stream online video at 1.5Mbps.
  • All you need to pay is $86.67 every month if you purchase iPhone 11 with an installment plan.
  • Upgrading on an unlimited AT&T wireless plan, a customer gets 50% off and $300 credit.

iPhones XS Deals

People who are searching for the best deals on iPhone XS should check out the below-mentioned information. Even today, iPhone XS enjoys excellent popularity, and many want to purchase it within their budget.

Sprint Deals (iPhones XS)

  • Besides unlimited calls and text, those who choose this deal get unlimited data as well.
  • One requires paying $70 per month if purchases iPhone XS with an installment plan
  • Apple TV+ trial when one buys iPhone XS

Verizon Deals (iPhones XS)

  • Unlimited calls, text messages, and data.
  • $80 is what one needs to pay if buys iPhone XS with an installment plan
  • $200 Prepaid Mastercard Virtual Account

AT&T Deals (iPhones XS)

  • Unlimited calls, texts, and data for streaming online video at 1.5 Mbps
  • One requires to pay $105 as installment every month
  • A customer receives up to $700 in credit for trading in an eligible smartphone, doing port-in, and switching on an unlimited plan.

iPhone 7 (32GB) Deals

Although iPhone 7 was released a few years back, its popularity remained the same due to its various striking features.

Apart from AT&T iPhone 7 plus deals, a few wireless carriers still offer iPhone 7 deals to its existing and potential customers often.

AT&T Deals (iPhone 7)

  • Unlimited calls, texts, and data.
  • One needs to pay $75 as an installment per month
  • You can even get iPhone 7 for free after monthly bill credits on an unlimited plan.

Boost Mobile Deals (iPhone 7)

  • It offers 3GB high-speed data.
  • One needs to pay $20 per month for purchasing iPhone 7
  • A customer gets $150 off on buying iPhone 7 and receives $49.99 when switched to Boost Mobile.

 T-Mobile (iPhone 7)

  • It offers 2GB data + Annual upgrade data of 500Mb for the initial 5 years.
  • A customer requires to pay $15 every month
  • Apple TV+ 1-year trial once you buy iPhone 11

Final Verdict

All the lucrative AT&T iPhone deals for existing customers come at discounted prices. Despite the iPhone deals that other mobile network carriers offer in today’s time, the ones that AT&T Communications offer are way better and more productive.

You may get hold of iPhone deals from a different carrier that requires you to pay a relatively less money every month, but the connection and the data speed won’t be much reliable and fast as AT&T.

You can visit the official website of AT&T to check out and purchase one of the iPhones that suit your budget perfectly.