AT&T EL52213 Review – Does its users truly satisfied?

AT&T EL52213 ReviewThe AT&T EL52213 is an EnergyStar certified phone, and it means that the phone will consume far less power than a non-certified one.

With its minimalistic design and two handsets in the package, you will get an easily adaptable phone system.

The build quality of this model is okay, but the buttons will impress you. It is because the numbers and signs will never fade away.

The handsets have large buttons and a big screen so that anyone can use them easily. It is so convenient that even seniors love it.

Noticeable Features

  • The handset has a full-duplex speakerphone so that you can talk and listen at the same time.
  • This phone system has an unsuppressed handset range and can cover larger areas with an additional five handsets.
  • It has ECO mode for less power consumption, ensuring longer battery life than the competitor phone sets.
  • The phone has a digital answering machine for storing essential messages, and you can hear those remotely.
  • You can put it on your desk or mount it on the wall with a wall-mount bracket included in the package.

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Comparison Between AT&T EL52213 and AT&T EL51203

Switch to AT&T deals won’t get you any of those phones, but your mind will be blown once you have seen them. Whatever, the phones are not much different from one another in terms of features and performance.

AT&T EL51203

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One extra feature you will notice just by looking at them is that the EL52213 has a large message counter and some buttons to manage the recorded messages. Also, you will be able to control the volume and locate your lost handset.

On the other hand, the EL51203 has only a handset locator button on the main console. This design makes it look very minimalistic and attractive to some users. Without much complexity and easy-to-navigate functionality, the EL51203 is the first choice of many households.

Key Features of the AT&T EL52213

Key Features of the AT&T EL52213

Audio Quality

Without a clear sound, the purpose of AT&T cordless phones fails in the beginning. So, HD audio quality is our first priority before selecting a phone for you.

Choosing the At&t EL52313 dect 6.0 was no different, and it passed the test without a second trial. You can expect crystal clear sound quality and full-duplex speakerphones from this wireless phone system.


After the sound quality, the second most important concern is the range of handsets. With improved and the most advanced AT&T EL52213 DECT 6.0 wireless connectivity, you won’t get any problem taking calls far away from the desk set. It also prevents noise and eavesdropping so that uninterrupted conversation and your privacy are maintained.


After that, you have to look for the features that make it flexible to use while passing a busy day. To save the initial cost, you can get the two-handset package and then go for more handsets as you need more. On the other hand, you can connect your smartphone so that you can have more flexibility in attending calls and answering messages.


This phone has all of the primary functions that one expects from a land phone. The main console has a message counter, and you can manage the messages using some dedicated buttons. Another minor but important function is the ability to access the phonebook directory and find an ID quickly.

So, getting this phone system will give you practical and useful features. Overall, the manufacturer kept the needs of seniors in its mind while designing this phone. But this is not the only product as they also made AT&T cell phones for seniors.

What are users saying about AT&T EL52213?

The one opinion echoed among hundreds of users of this phone is its flimsy quality. For the price, one could argue that you get what you pay for. But the customers are willing to pay for better quality and not waste money on something like this.

If you are planning to use it in your home and the quality isn’t much of a concern due to a low budget, you can go for it. Otherwise, there are far better models that you can get with a little bit more budget.

People like this type of phone for its simplicity and no-contract option. So, you can use the landline service from any company you want and use one of these phone systems. If you like smartphones with almost similar benefits, you should check out AT&T phones for sale without contract.

How worthy AT&T EL52213 is compared to features and performance

We think this phone’s price is reasonable for the features but not worthy of its performance. Understandably, wireless technology and two handsets in the package increase the manufacturing cost. But making it low quality to keep us happy for the price range is not a good practice.

FAQs About AT&T EL52213 Cordless Phone

For hands-free use and maintaining the privacy, I want to use a headset; does the phone system have a headphone jack?

No, this one won’t allow using a headset. You can look for some other models for that feature if it is a must for you. We have reviewed all kinds of phones, and we are sure that you will find one according to your needs.

I want to call between handset; will this phone system allows me to do it?

Yes, like other land phone models, this one is also capable of making intercom calls. As a result, yelling for dinner will not be necessary anymore.

My mother has difficulties hearing things, and I need a phone that is loud and clear; will it be able to meet the requirement?

This phone performs well in all aspects except the sound category. You won’t get much louder sound from the handsets. However, the speakerphone is loud, but we are afraid that clarity might be an issue.

I am sometimes away from the phone because of certain reasons like every other person; how good is its answering machine?

The answering machine of this model works fine but not that great like others. It is because it won’t give you the time of the record or the name of the caller. So, you will have to guess the person.

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Final Verdict

Our verdict about AT&T EL52213 should be clear to you by now. If you don’t have any other option, you can go for this one. We are still recommending this one because it is not that bad. It is only not up to the standard for office usage.