8 AT&T Deals For Existing Customers in 2023

What are the latest AT&T deals for existing customers? We tend to settle down with that service-providing company that satisfies our needs for any service.

We don’t switch even if other service providers are as good as the current one or better. With AT&T, we got what we need and kept supporting this company for many good years.

As a result, AT&T deals for existing customers reflect their gratitude towards us. These offers and deals include smartphone discounts, data plan discounts, accessories discounts, and many more.

So, if you’re an existing customer in need of some discount offer or need to upgrade your line, or planning to buy a smartphone, you should check out this article.

Before you go into detail, for your assistance, a quick look at recent popular AT&T offers. Get $300 in AT&T Visa reward cards when you buy at&t tv and internet online.

Also, you can enjoy HBO on at&t for a year. Exclusive military savings on AT&T unlimited starter plans which are less than $27/mo.

AT&T’s THANKS program and offers and at last compare all at&t plans and get at&t lowest price ever, on at&t prepaid data plans for (Unlimited talk & text). Also, don’t forget to consider AT&T’s more lines = more savings options.

8 AT&T Deals For Existing Customers in 2023

1. AT&T Smartphone Deals For Existing Customers

There are more than 40 smartphone deals that you’ll find on AT&T’s online store. Here’s the link to those deals. Listing all those offers seems illogical.

That’s why we’ve listed 3 of the most desired AT&T deals for existing customers for smartphones. The last deal is not for the existing customers, but we still wanted to include it so that you can motivate your close ones who don’t use AT&T.

AT&T Deals For Existing Customers - AT&T Smartphone Deals

$500 Discount Deal

This offer is for a $500 discount on credit when you purchase a smartphone fulfilling some requirements. So, for a smartphone with a retail price of less than $500, you’ll get it for free. The offers described below are for a limited time only. So, click on the link to see if the time is up before you act.

Offer Details

The requirements are simple to be eligible for this offer. Firstly, you’ll need to buy a phone of your choice from AT&T on a monthly installment plan. Secondly, you’ll have to trade in an eligible smartphone that is in good condition.

The list of eligible smartphones to buy and eligible smartphones to trade-in are given details here. The trade-in value of your current smartphone needs to be at least $40.

Also, the down payment for the newly bought smartphone may or may not be required based on your payment history.

Thirdly, get a new line on an existing or new account. After that, buy an eligible monthly unlimited data plan which costs a minimum of $80 and activates that line.

Finally, pay the taxes and fees, including activation or upgrade charges and start having the discount on credit within 3 bill cycles. Will give the full discounts within equal to 30 monthly installments. To see more details on the deal.

$300 Discount Deal

Just by upgrading your existing line and trading in an eligible and working good condition smartphone, you can enjoy a massive $300 discount. You can buy a new smartphone eligible for this offer on a monthly installment plan and enjoy this discount offer.

Offer Details

So, if you have an existing line and want to upgrade it, don’t do it before you read about this offer. To upgrade the line, you’ll only need some upgrade fee. Also, the new upgraded line needs to have an active unlimited wireless plan which costs a minimum of $80.

Finally, you’ll get a $300 discount on credit which will pay in equal 30 monthly installments. With this amount, you can buy a new smartphone. Just go to AT&T’s online store, choose a phone you like, and buy on a monthly installment plan.

You may or may not require to pay a down payment, and you’ll need to pay the taxes and other fees in full as they’re not included in this offer.

After all that, you’ll start receiving the credit amounts within 3 months of a successful subscription. Here’s the link for you to check the offer availability, eligible smartphones list, and more details.

2. AT&T Special Deal for existing customers

This special deal includes a huge $700 discount on eligible phones. That’s why we couldn’t help ourselves but to tell you about it though it’s not an AT&T deal for existing customers.

If you know someone who’s not using AT&T’s service and is quite unhappy with their current carrier’s plan and service, you can recommend this offer for switching and gaining at the same time. You can even get free phones when you switch if the phone’s retail price is less than $700.

Offer Details

The first qualification for getting this offer is to port in from an eligible third-party carrier with a working good condition smartphone. The list of supported devices for both trade-in and purchasing a new one is given in this link.

So, start by getting a new connection and a new line. Then, the port in and buy a smartphone of your choice chosen from the eligibility list. Must purchase a monthly installment plan.

The taxes and other fees are not included in this offer. For this reason, you’ll need to pay all fees and down payments for the smartphone in the beginning.

The offer also requires the new line’s activation with AT&T phone deals for existing customers monthly $80 or more for existing customers. When everything’s done, you’ll start receiving the discount amount in credit within 3 months or after 1 or 2 months of billing cycles.

The cancelation of this offer may happen if you opt out of the wireless service within 30 months or cancel any service on another line of the same account within 45 days of purchase.

The trade-in device must be on the eligible list and have a minimum trade-in value of $40. Find out more for more details and descriptive steps.

3. AT&T prepaid plan deals for existing customers

There are 4 monthly prepaid data plans available on the AT&T network. 2 of them are limited data plans, and another 2 are unlimited. This AT&T deals for existing customers is for those 2 unlimited data plans. The data plan is limited to users in the U.S. only and can use the text and voice plan in Mexico and Canada.

Also, if you use a basic phone or you’re 55 plus, you can check out the AT&T cell phone plans for seniors. Now let’s see how you can save some money by taking advantage of this limited-time offer.

AT&T Deals For Existing Customers - AT&T Prepaid Plan Deals

Save $25/Month

The actual price for this unlimited plan is $65 per month. But with autopay, you can buy it for only $50. Let’s talk about what you’ll get for $50.

Plan Details

This is an unlimited data plan, but you might get reduced speed during network congestion and enjoy videos with only S.D. quality at a maximum of 1.5Mbps. Also, you’ll not be able to use the mobile hotspot option.

On the bright side, you’ll get unlimited talk and text in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. Moreover, some helpful add-ons available that you can add to your monthly plan so that you won’t miss out on anything. Find out here to see if the offer is still available and more details with a well-organized web view.

Save $15/Month with WatchTV.

This is the ultimate unlimited data plan for AT&T iPhone deals for existing customers. You’ll get to save $15 when you enable autopay like the previous one. In addition, you’ll get a WatchTV subscription for free. So, the $85 plan gets reduced to $70 only with WatchTV included.

Plan Details

This unlimited data plan has a full-speed 10 G.B. hotspot data sharing option. After that, the hotspot connection speed will be decreased to 128Kbps. Moreover, the AT&T terms will apply once you’ve used 22 G.B. before the billing month ends.

All other benefits apply to this plan. For example, unlimited talk and text within the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, multi-line discounts, and more. If you explore this, it’ll tell you more about those plans.

4. AT&T TV/Internet Combo Deal For Existing Customers

AT&T has one of the best T.V. deals with Live T.V. and 55,000 on-demand titles. Also, you’ll get a Cloud DVR storage of 500 hours so that you won’t miss any T.V. program that you like anymore.

Moreover, these T.V. plans include access to more than 5000 apps, including Netflix and Pandora. With these awesome T.V. deals and Internet plans combo, you’ll be able to enjoy a maximum of $250 in reward cards and a $20 per month discount. Let’s see the deal in detail from this link and remember that it’s a limited-time offer.

Offer Details

Before we begin, you should know that a minimum of 8Mbps speed is required per stream for an uninterrupted video streaming service for which a high-speed internet connection is necessary. You can go to the AT&T official website from the link given above to see eligible areas for high-speed internet connection.

Also, beware that AT&T can change, modify, or discontinue this offer anytime, and you should check its availability first. The $250 reward cards are given in 3 steps.

Firstly, you’ll get the $100 reward card by purchasing AT&T internet deals for existing customers. The T.V. package must be $49.99 per month or higher, and the Internet plan must be 25M or higher with a $40 per month or costlier package.

Then, you’ll get the second $100 reward card with another qualifying AT&T bundles for existing customers and a final $50 reward card with an additional 25M or higher internet plan that is eligible for this offer.

When you get an e-mail with redemption requirements for this offer, you must act within 75 days, and you’ll get the reward card within 3 or 4 weeks after the redemption is done. These details will tell you everything in detail with FAQs and other terms and conditions.

5. AT&T Accessories Deals For Existing Customers

With our busy schedule and increased tasks for everyday work, we need some accessories with our smartphones for better phone management. Apple Watch is one of them that helps us a lot. So, AT&T offers many exclusive deals on various accessories, including Apple Watches.

AT&T Deals For Existing Customers - Accessories Deals

$200 Deal on Apple Watch

This discount applies when you buy 2 Apple Watches. The eligible series starts from Series 4 44mm and qualifies for up to Series 5 with $788.99. You can get them with a single payment or monthly installment. Let’s see full details for getting $200 off of Apple Watches.

Offer Details

First of all, check if Apple Watch AT&T deals for existing customers is available in your location or not. After that, choose an Apple Watch of your desire and order 2 of them on a monthly installment option. The down payment will vary depending on your credit rating. You might not have to pay any down payment if your credit history is excellent.

On the other hand, the taxes and other fees are not included in this $200 discount offer. So, pay those in full to get the amount in credit from AT&T.

For postpaid existing customers, a wearable and data plan is required, and you’ll pay $50 per month until you start getting the discount money which usually happens within 3 bill cycles.

This offer can’t be combined with other offers, and you can’t take other offers using the same account within 12 months after you take this $200 discount.

You need to get 2 lines for these 2 wearables, and you won’t be able to cancel any of the services if you want to get the full discounted amount. Here’s the link for the offer. Scroll down, and you’ll see the $200 discount for Apple Watches. Click on the discount details, and you’ll have everything you need to know about it.

25% Off Deal

If you’re looking for a Belkin wireless fast charger for your smartphone, you’re in luck because you can buy a Belkin 10W Boost Up wireless charging pad with a 25% discount.

So, the retail price will be only $26.24 instead of $34.99, and the discount is for a limited time period. You can get a maximum of 4 chargers with your account. Here you can check the availability of the discount offer.

Device Details

Would you please act before 5th December 2022 because that’s the deadline for this offer? This charger is optimized for both Samsung and Apple devices so that you can safely charge your device without any accidents.

Also, you can stay assured as the company is working with these technologies for over 35 years and has matured on safety charging devices. This charging pad can also support other Qi-compatible phones delivering 5W power, which might not be fast chagrin but very close to that.

Moreover, a wall charger is also included, which is compatible with quick charging. If your device is quick charging compatible, you can have a 0 to 80% charge within 35 minutes for a battery capacity of 2750mAh.

Furthermore, the charging pad has an LED indicator for showing the charging status. You can use it for 2 years without worrying about anything. Buy, unbox, plug, put your phone on the pad, and start charging it; that’s how easy to use this device.

20% Off Deal

You can get a 20% discount on the total price of the 3 ordered items for some other selected accessories. This means that you’ll have to buy 3 items from a selected accessories pool, and you’ll get 20% off of the total retail price.

Accessory Details

This is also a limited-time offer, and you can get a maximum of 10 accessories for a discount. The total amount must be $100 or more to be eligible for the discount claim. Check availability as the offer can be changed by AT&T anytime without any notice.

The list includes various accessories, including Apple AirPods with charging case, tempered glass for phones of different models, back covers, fast charging pads, smart Wi-Fi extender, Galaxy wireless earbuds, converters, car charger, T.V. remote, and wall-charger.

6. Other Discount Deals From AT&T

The online store of AT&T has almost all necessary accessories, and if you order online, you can get from $3 to a maximum of $45 discount on selected items. These are limited-time discount offers, and most of them are available for online purchases only.

Offer Details

For the items such as USB charging cables, MicroSD cards, screen protectors, socks, t-shirts, power banks, and more, you can discount from $3.75 to $45, which will make those items cost less than $25.

There’s an item: a screen protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It costs $50, and AT&T offers it for only $5 with a huge $45 discount. Check availability to grab the offer now.

Moreover, with discounts from $5 to $40.50, you’ll be able to get wireless charging pads, car chargers, Smart Plug Wi-Fi, audio adapter, cases for Apple Phones, etc, at a cost of less than $50.

If you want Bluetooth headphones, a soundbar, a media player, and more, you can get them with various discount offers. However, the list goes on, and you should check those yourself. Check availability today of what you need.

7. AT&T Military Personnel Deal

Many people and their family members sacrificed a lot to keep our homeland safe. AT&T honors them and does whatever it can to better their lives and veteran families’ lives.

The phone company created more than twenty thousand jobs for veterans and their families. But we’ll talk about the deals they offer for the phones they use and some extra benefits.

AT&T Deals For Existing Customers - Military Personnel Deal

Offer Details

You can get a 25% discount on the AT&T Unlimited & More wireless data plan. Also, there are monthly savings plans. You have to be active military personnel, a qualified veteran, or a qualified spouse of active duty or deceased personnel with a valid defense sponsorship card to get this discount offer.

A .mil email address will be enough to prove your affiliation with the U.S. Military for active military personnel. A valid form of I.D. will be required as a proof for military veterans. After the verification is done, the discount will be applied within 3 bill cycles.

The included plans for the offer are the AT&T Unlimited & More and AT&T Unlimited & More Premium. For pricing and more information, you can find this here.

There are more benefits to AT&T’s THANKS program. Military personnel and their families can enjoy insider access and exclusive benefits for music and sports events, premier customer service, and more. You can check those out here.

8. AT&T THANKS Deals for existing customers

With this offer, AT&T is literally thanking its existing customers. Let’s see how we can get benefitted from various exclusive deals and offers.

Offer Details

Like many exclusive offers from other carriers, you won’t need to collect any point or anything else to be a part of the AT&T THANKS program. It gives you insider access and exclusive offers with no strings attached.

There are 3 tiers of benefits. The first one is called Blue, which is enabled to your account just by getting AT&T deals for existing customers. It can be either any wireless data plan or T.V. package or high-speed internet connection.

The second one is called Gold which you can get by choosing any 2 of the 3 core services mentioned on the Blue tier. Choosing all 3 will also make you eligible for the offers, and it’ll open the doors to get Platinum discounts.

The Platinum is the ultimate tier of this program. After choosing all 3 core services, you’ll be able to buy either 15GB+ data or a T.V. package with 240+ channels. After successful subscriptions and signing up for the exclusive discounts, you’ll be able to enjoy premium movie tickets, exclusive food items with discounts, and many more.

Final Words

We’ve covered all AT&T deals for existing customers. But don’t get disheartened if you’re using phones from a different carrier. You can also get to know about T-Mobile deals for existing customers and Verizon phone deals for existing customers on our website.

With many years of loyalty, you’ve trusted AT&T and supported them to grow big. And AT&T says thank you by offering such amazing offers and deals to their supportive customers. They also welcome new customers. So, stay with AT&T for exclusive deals and more.

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