AT&T CRL82212 Review – Consider FAQ & Users Opinion First

AT&T CRL82212 ReviewWe are here for the AT&T CRL82212 review so that you can get a perfect phone system within your budget. Not only that, but you will also be able to get benefited from AT&T switch deals.

We think that a small business owner and a homeowner will love it immediately after the review. It is because it has all the necessary elements for such use cases.

Let’s have a quick look into its key features and then continue to the shared experiences of the experts and real users. 

Key Features

  • Both the desk set and handset have large high-contrast screens for clear viewing.
  • It has ECO mode for power savings, which will give you 7 to 8 hours of talk time.
  • It has a voicemail LED indicator along with an automatic answering machine.
  • The phonebook directory can save up to 50 IDs and redial the last ten numbers.
  • You can add a maximum of 12 handsets to the central console and make intercom calls between handsets.

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Compare AT&T CRL82212 and AT&T CL82207

Both phones are great for homes and small offices. But there are some minor differences between them and different people choose one of them over the other.

AT&T CL82207

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AT&T CRL82212, which we are reviewing here, is capable of supporting people with hearing problems. Moreover, the phone system’s base station can be put for vertical viewing.

On the other hand, AT&T CL82207 can block unwanted calls by pressing one single button. Though it is put horizontally, you will still be able to see the screen from a few feet away. The editors spoke highly of this model over the other one.

Key Features of the AT&T CRL82212

Key Features of the AT&T CRL82212

Audio Quality

A phone needs two things for a clear audio call quality. One is the quality of the communication hardware, and another is the speakers.

The handsets of this phone system come with AT&T DECT 6.0 technology so that the communication between handsets and base stations is uninterrupted even from a distance.

On the other hand, the earpiece speaker and the loudspeaker both have the quality to deliver the sound without any hardware-related noise. In the end, you get a conversation so crisp that you won’t need to ask again what was said.


This model allows only cordless handsets, and that is why the range for noise-free communication is an important thing. With AT&T CRL82212 DECT 6.0 technology, you will get more than 800 feet when there are no obstacles between you and the base station. But walls or any other signal barrier may reduce the range significantly.


Well, you know how flexible a wireless phone system is, and it saves us a lot of time. For example, you can do other things with the loudspeaker being turned on or go to fetch something while you are on the phone. Moreover, the base station has some keys so that you can hear the saved voicemail without using the handset.


The phone can be programmed for quick dialing up to 9 numbers with its numeric keypad. Also, you can redial the last ten numbers from history. As a result, you will be able to call more frequent numbers and manage calls more efficiently.

On the other hand, you can add multiple handsets to the base and place intercom calling between handsets. For this reason, you will never have to shout within the house or office to call someone. Lastly, this phone allows a conference call with one outside line and four internal telephones, which is a bonus for such phones.

Battery Life

Not only for AT&T cordless phones but also for other wireless phone systems, range and battery life are one of the main concerns. Here, the AT&T CRL82212 is significantly optimized in terms of low power consumption, for which they got the certification of the EnergyStar. As a result, you will get more backups than other competitor phones with the same battery capacity.

What are users saying about AT&T CRL82212?

We noticed a lot of positive vibes in the AT&T CRL82212 review. Most of the customers were happy and satisfied with its performance. This phone has great, easy-to-use features so that people of any age can operate it intuitively.

But we also got some negative opinions and tried to investigate the problems. Some told us about inadequate packaging and damaged parts. For example, one complained that the phone’s loudspeaker was not transparent, and they had trouble hearing the caller.

We noticed that most of the complaints occurred due to the mishandling of the product during repackaging and delivery. So, we couldn’t blame the manufacturer for faulty devices. You should contact the authorities of the online selling platform, and your issues will be resolved.

For most real users, this works fine with many functionalities and flexibility. They can keep it on a desk standing or mount it on the wall. So, placing it in any of your convenient spots is no big deal.

How Worthy AT&T CRL82212 is Compared to Features and Performance

We got a bit higher price from some other online selling platforms of this phone. So, we thought that this phone was not worth comparing its features and performance to the amount. But then we got lower pricing and reconsidered our opinion.

Indeed, this phone is perfect for homes or small offices, which is why we considered price a deciding factor. The performance and durability test results were beyond our expectations.

FAQ About AT&T CRL82212 DECT 6.0 Phone Answering System

My grandma has a hearing problem, and she needs increased volume; can this phone provide that?

Yes, this model has a button named Audio Assist, which will temporarily increase the volume. As a result, anyone with hearing challenges will be able to adjust the sound frequencies to their hearing level.

I am frustrated with the telemarketers and want to block some numbers; can I do that?

Unfortunately, you can’t do that on this model because there is no feature. However, we have reviewed some other models, and you can check those out for this function.

For example, AT&T CRL82207 is an excellent phone for call blocking. If you are talking to someone and don’t want to talk with him/her anymore, you press the dedicated call block button, and it will end the call as well as add it to the blacklist.

I keep getting the message “Out of Range” on the handset; what should I do to resolve it?

This can happen for either power issues or range issues. The power issue means that your base station has no power, and your handset has lost communication.

On the other hand, the range issue means that you are too far away from the base that the handset can’t establish a reliable and steady connection. Take the actions accordingly, and you will be ready to take calls in no time.

For cheaper call costs, I want to use VoIP features; can I use this phone for VoIP applications?

Yes, this phone model from VTech is compatible with Vonage, Ooma, etc., which are cheap VoIP calling applications.

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Final Verdict

So, you can rely on this phone for the positive and real-life AT&T CRL82212 reviews. We highly recommend it for the price and value for money, especially for big homes.