AT&T CL84107 Review – Truly its better for official use?

AT&T CL84107 ReviewFor offices, one might hesitate about buying the AT&T CL84107 as it can operate with only one line. But the home users love this one for its practical and convenient features. A loud caller ID announcement is not very helpful in offices but necessary in households.

Like that, there are other features that we will get to know below about this phone system.

With better call quality and reliable build quality, you will be able to use it for many years. Now, let’s get started with its key features in short and then know what real users honestly think about it.

Noticeable Features

  • The package contains one corded home phone and one cordless handset, which can be expandable to up to wireless 12 handsets.
  • It has a digital answering machine and auto voice attendant system with a maximum of 22 minutes of recording time.
  • With the DECT 6.0, advanced noise-filtering, and improved antenna design, you will get more range and strong signal strength.
  • The display is big enough to show all the necessary information at once with two context-sensitive buttons.
  • It has a smart call blocking feature and a dedicated button for blocking up to 1000 unwanted numbers.

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Compare AT&T CL84107 and AT&T TL86109

We could not find the difference until we reviewed the specs by only looking at those phones. It is because both have a corded handset on the main console and a wireless handset in the package.

Key Features of the AT&T TL86109

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The AT&T CL84107 that we are reviewing here comes with some unique features like a caller ID announcement system and handset finder. With those features, you will be able to know who is calling without getting close and never lose the handset.

On the other hand, the AT&T TL86109 is a 2-line phone system that is preferred by even mid-sized businesses. You will also be able to use Bluetooth headsets for a truly hands-free experience maintaining your privacy.

Key Features of the AT&T CL84107

Key Features of the AT&T CL84107

Audio Quality

For HD audio, the phone is made with high-end speakers. You will get the best call quality with clear sound production and better signaling technique.

Also, the loudspeaker is loud enough to make people with hearing loss listen to the caller clearly. On the other hand, its full-duplex feature will let you talk and listen without mixing up the sounds.


For AT&T CL84107 DECT 6.0 technology, the handsets will have the capability to operate from very far away. It is only possible when there is no obstacle between the handset and the central console. With signal barriers, you won’t get a long range. But still, it will be enough to cover a large apartment.


To ensure the maximum flexibility of the user, this AT&T cordless phone has a full-functional corded deskset. Also, you can add a maximum of 12 handsets with the main console for covering more rooms and a large area.

So, you won’t have to leave your bed in the middle of the night and take a call. Moreover, its push-to-talk feature will let you call any extensions within seconds and call a family member without shouting.


The phone has a lot of useful functions so that handling calls never become a headache. You can go away from your phone to do something more meaningful and still don’t miss any important message.

It is possible with its digital answering machine, which can record up to 22 minutes of voice messages. Also, it has some call blocking features that you have already noticed above. Overall, it has got everything that you need for your home phone system or for AT&T small business phone systems.

What are users saying about AT&T CL84107?

Home users are super impressed with this phone’s performance. What they liked the most was its smart call blocking feature. It makes the caller say their names out loud and then asks to press a button for a successful call.

As a result, software-generated calls can’t get passed in this test, and you can attend other important calls. Also, with the caller ID announcement feature, the user instantly knows how important the call is and acts accordingly.

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Previously, the phones they used couldn’t block many numbers. The list got full in no time, and the annoying calls would have got started again. But as soon as they bought this one, the calls stopped automatically. The remaining ones are also blocked by pressing a button on the handset.

Moreover, the limit for blocking numbers is 7 or 8 times higher than the old phones. On the other hand, the phone has performed significantly for years, and the users are very happy with the overall performance and large area covering capability.

How worthy AT&T CL84107 is compared to features and performance

The price seemed a little bit over the standard for a single-line phone. But after some testing, we realized that it is reasonable due to the features and performance.

So, we think the CL84107 is worthy compared to its features and performance. For getting the benefits of both wired and wireless handsets, you can consider this one without any doubt.

FAQ About AT&T CL84107 Expandable Phone

Will I get any discounts while buying this phone system?

Unfortunately, there are no offers right now, but you can check them on special occasions like Black Friday or Christmas. Otherwise, you can check out some AT&T deals for existing customers. With those deals, you will be set for some money-saving schemes in no time.

The loud caller ID announcement is helpful on some occasions, but I don’t need it, so, can I disable the feature?

Yes, you can, and this is how I made the phone in the most practical way possible.

Can I use a Bluetooth headset with this phone?

Unfortunately, you can’t do that, but you can check out the other model that is mentioned in the comparison section. Scroll a bit further, and you will see some key functions of AT&T TL86109, which will meet your requirements.

Will I be able to block calls with my wireless handsets?

Yes, you can do that as all of the handsets are connected and work as one.

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Final Verdict

Now, the question is, who should buy AT&T CL84107? Due to its features, it can be considered one of the best AT&T phone systems for homes.

The main reasons are its smart call blocking and caller ID announcement. So, you will never have to compromise the peace of your home because of annoying marketers. Get the phone today with the best deal one can find online.