AT&T CL83207 Reviews – Truly it’s can cover multiple rooms?

AT&T CL83207 DECT 6.0 Cordless PhoneAre you looking for AT&T phones for sale without a contract for large houses or small offices? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place as we are here with the AT&T CL83207 review.

This phone can have one landline connection and multiple handsets for covering multiple rooms or desks. The CL83207 has all the features that one expects from such phones with something unique.

A feature called Smart Call Blocker will let you have a sound sleep by blocking all unwanted software-generated robocalls.

The detailed review and description are below, but let’s begin with a quick view of the crucial features.

Key Features

  • It has a maximum capacity of recording 22 minutes of voice messages.
  • You can expand the network with up to 12 handsets using the DECT 6.0 technology.
  • Its caller ID announcement and push-to-talk feature are beneficial for a household or small office user.
  • You can block 1000 numbers as well as unlimited robocalls with advanced features.
  • It will allow you to assign buttons for quick redial of frequently used numbers.

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Compare AT&T CL83207 and AT&T CL82257 Cordless Phone

First of all, by making a comparison for AT&T cordless phones, you can consider the price and some unique features. It is because other standard features and durability are almost identical.

AT&T CL82257 Cordless Phone

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Here, on the AT&T CL83207 review, you will see how helpful this phone’s Smart Call Blocker feature is. Also, it has the benefits of having a desk phone and also the advantages of a wireless phone. So, deciding on the phone will not take much time.

On the other hand, the CL82257 will also impress you with its features and offered price. With the caller ID announcement feature, you won’t have to come close to the set to see who is calling. Overall, the flexibility will give you more room to do essential tasks as well as manage calls.

Key Features of the AT&T CL83207

Compare AT&T CL83207 and AT&T CL82257 Cordless Phone

Audio Quality

For any phone, the first concern is the call quality, and you can rely on this one. It is because this phone has HD audio quality with high-end speakers.

Both the earpiece and the loudspeaker can produce clear sounds. The base speakerphone has a full-duplex feature so that you can talk and listen at the same time.


With improved noise filtering technology and DECT 6.0, you will be able to talk from a great distance without compromising the call quality. Those technologies can prevent other signals from interfering and can keep your handset connected with a strong signal.


You know how much flexibility a cordless phone system can provide, and one can get something even more from this one. This one supports up to 12 cordless handsets for extended coverage.

The digital answering machine can record 22 minutes of important voice messages when you are away. Moreover, you can answer calls using only the base station as it has all the necessary keys like a regular phone and a loudspeaker. So, you won’t ever have to stop an important task to manage calls with AT&T CL83207.


There are some unique functionalities of this phone that you will find interesting. For example, it has a voice-guided auto answering system, smart call blocker with advanced features, intercom system, ECO mode for power saving, etc.

Moreover, you can buy some other models, and you will find that this one is compatible with your existing phone system. Even you can access the phone remotely for hearing voice messages.

What are users saying about AT&T CL83207?

The first great thing about this phone that users like is its Smart Call Blocker. Many of us, indeed, had different phone systems with a call blocking feature. But the problem was that the limit would soon reach the limit, and we started getting annoying calls again. So, those were not real solutions.

But now, having the CL83207, you won’t have to receive the robocalls again. Other than the automated calls, you will also be able to block telemarketers with the call block button.

On the one hand, the smart call blocker asks the caller to say the name out loud and then press the ‘#’ button. As a result, software-generated calls can’t pass this first step, and the call gets disconnected automatically without even ringing. On the other hand, if the caller passes the test, you will still have the option to clock them, and the limit is 1000 numbers.

So, this is a phone that the users are considering one of the best AT&T phone systems for homes. Moreover, the base station has all the features of a complete phone. So, you will be able to take calls at a time when you won’t find the handset.

How worthy AT&T CL83207 is compared to features and performance

After reviewing this model, we told one another that one would happily buy it even if the price was more. So, you will be able to understand the performance test results from that comment.

However, we compared this one with similar ones and found out something. The thing is that this can be one of the perfect AT&T small business phone systems features which you won’t find on other phones in the market.

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FAQ About AT&T CL83207 Expandable Cordless Phone

There is no option for putting this phone on a horizontal plane; can I wall-mount it?

Yes, of course, you can do it, as there is a bracket inside the package that will help you mount it on the wall. Most of the AT&T phones that come to our review team have a wall-mounting option.

Can anyone tell me if I have to set the time and date again in case of a power failure?

Yes, you have to reset the date and time if your phone is turned off due to some unavoidable circumstances.

I get some automated calls that I don’t anymore; how do I block them?

You will find a call block button on the bottom right corner of the AT&T CL83207 DECT 6.0 expandable cordless phone. When you are attending an unwanted call, you can press the button, and it will instantly end the call and put the number on its block list. This way, you can block almost 1000 numbers.

I have a two-storied home, so will I be able to use this phone system without having a range issue?

Yes, you can consider the CL83207 because it has advanced hardware for an enhanced range. The primary console can be on one floor, and the wireless handset can be on another story, and you will still have a strong signal reception.

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Final Verdict

After completing the AT&T CL83207 review, we went to test some other models. But we couldn’t like those as the performance and features of this one had a long-lasting effect on us. So, now it is up to you, and we recommend that you should at least read the reviews of the users and then make a decision.

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