6 Best AT&T Business Phone Plans in 2023

We know how good the AT&T business phone systems are. But what would you do with simple phones lying on your desk? You need a connection and the best phone plan that suits your business. 

So, we’ve reviewed and talked about AT&T business phone plans in detail for your convenience. You can easily get one of these plans for your multi-line phone systems including smartphones in the plan.

6 AT&T Business Phone Plans 2023

AT&T Business Unlimited: AT&T business unlimited plans are for small and mid-sized businesses. There are 3 types of plans under this category. 

1. AT&T Business Unlimited Preferred

You might be thinking about why this plan is preferred. It’s because the AT&T Business Unlimited Preferred plan has the ultimate quality of service, 5G-enabled features, and the ability to unleash the potential of your business.

AT&T business phone plans

Though you’ll not be able to use 5G everywhere, you can still their very fast 4G LTE network. There are major cities and popular areas that have a 5G network and the range is increasing as we speak. So, you’ll be in the fastest lane with AT&T very soon.

Talking about the quality of service, the plan also includes fast lane assurance which means you’ll get fast connection speed during network congestion. Moreover, you’ll have AT&T’s secure private Wi-Fi features which you can use to securely connect on the unsecured public Wi-Fi networks. 

To unleash the potential of your business the plan has unlimited data, voice, and text features eligible for up to 10 devices.

Moreover, you can use more devices using the eligible phone’s mobile hotspot/tethering for a maximum of 100GB. But the connection will not be cut after the data limit. Only, the connection speed will be slower to 128 kbps.

Another benefit of this plan is having an automatic fraudster blocking feature. It also blocks unwanted calls and telemarketers.

You’ll be able to create a personal block list using the Call Protect App by AT&T. So, this is one of the best AT&T business phone plans for medium or large businesses.

Key features

  • The preferred plan allows access to 5G Evolution technology with compatible devices which can give you more than 2X faster speed than standard LTE.
  • It features AT&T Dynamic Traffic Management or now you know it as AT&T Business Fast Track which ensures speedy connection even when the network is congested.
  • The AT&T Call Protect Basic will protect you from unwanted and fraudulent calls so that you do your daily work in peace.
  • You can connect your eligible and compatible Smartphone to the insecure public Wi-Fi with your own security using AT&T’s private Wi-Fi app.
  • The plan will allow using 100GB mobile hotspot usage for every line which is more than enough for your monthly requirement.


  • For a single-line monthly unlimited preferred plan, you’ll need to pay $100. But if you opt for autopay, you’ll get a $10 discount every month after 1 or 2 bill cycles. 
  • For a multi-line monthly unlimited preferred plan, you’ll need to pay $165 for 2 lines, $195 for 3 lines, $215 for 4 lines, $265 for 5 lines, $310 for 6 lines, $355 for 7 lines, $400 for 8 lines, $445 for 9 lines, and $490 for 10 lines. Those rates have an autopay discount of $20 per month included.

2. AT&T Business Unlimited Plus

As the plan tells you that it’s an Unlimited Basic plan, you should accept certain restrictions. The AT&T Business Unlimited Basic with a Private Wi-Fi plan is designed for small businesses that have no problem having a little bit slower connection during peak hours. Otherwise, you’ll get almost all facilities like the Preferred plan.

AT&T business phone plans

You can have 10 devices connected in this plan which is sufficient. Moreover, with eligible devices, you can go to Canada or Mexico, use the same unlimited talk and text plan, and pay no roaming charges.

On the other hand, you can do video streaming with standard definition and get connected to the public Wi-Fi networks using their app. The app securely connects you through an unencrypted network for safe browsing. 

Key features

  • The plan features unlimited data, talk, and text for your business which is perfect for small businesses.
  • It allows up to 10 eligible devices to stay connected to this single plan. 
  • You’ll not need to pay roaming charges in Canada and Mexico with this unlimited plan.
  • The private Wi-Fi feature is enabled in this phone plan for secure connectivity via a public Wi-Fi network.
  • You can stream videos with a standard definition for business purposes at 1.5Mbps.


  • For a single-line monthly unlimited basic plan, you’ll need to pay $80 including a monthly autopay discount of $10 on each line. 
  • For a multi-line monthly unlimited preferred plan, you’ll need to pay $145 for 2 lines, $165 for 3 lines, $175 for 4 lines, $215 for 5 lines, $250 for 6 lines, $285 for 7 lines, $320 for 8 lines, $355 for 9 lines, and $390 for 10 lines. Those rates have an autopay discount of $20 per month included.

3. AT&T Business Unlimited Basic

With the name of the plan, you can understand that you’ll be getting some extra benefits than the Basic one. The AT&T Business Unlimited Plus will not slow down your connection during network congestion until you’ve used 22GB of data with your eligible Smartphone.

Moreover, you can use your phone’s mobile hotspot to connect other devices that are not included in the plan and use a maximum of 15GB of data at full speed. After that, your hotspot’s connection speed will be reduced to 128kbps.

So, this plan is more suitable for a small business than the Unlimited Basic plan. Also, the monthly payment is less than the previous plan. 

Key features

  • It offers unlimited data, text, and talks with some conditions that’ll meet the need of your business.
  • The plan allows you to create a mobile hotspot and share the data up to 15GB with a top speed.
  • With AT&T Business Unlimited Plus with a Private Wi-Fi plan, you can stream high-definition videos.
  • The private Wi-Fi feature securely connects you to the public Wi-Fi network and eliminates all possibilities of hacking.


  • For a single-line monthly unlimited basic plan, you’ll need to pay $70 including a monthly autopay discount of $10 on each line. 
  • For a multi-line monthly unlimited preferred plan, you’ll need to pay $125 for 2 lines, $145 for 3 lines, $160 for 4 lines, $195 for 5 lines, $230 for 6 lines, $265 for 7 lines, $300 for 8 lines, $335 for 9 lines, and $370 for 10 lines. Those rates have an autopay discount of $20 per month included.

Additional Device Plans for All 3 Categories

  • You can add Tablets, cameras, and connected cars to the existing Business Preferred plan for $30 per month and $20 per month for other plans.
  • Also, you can add featured phones for $35 each per month, wireless home phones for $20 each per month, connected wearables for $10 each per month, and HARMAN Spark for $30 each per month.

To have a clear idea about the plans, please visit by clicking the link from here.

AT&T Mobile Select

This is a mobile data plan that includes a term called pooled data plan. There are 2 categories in this plan. So, let’s see what are those categories and their key features but begin with some information about the pooled data plan.

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What is the data pooled plan?

Pooled data means you do not buy different data allowances for different devices. You buy a data pool and let the devices use data from the pool. This helps to balance the heavy users with minimal users.

So, you get the most efficient use of the data. With the pooled data, you’ll see that over usage and under usage are netted out at the end of the billing month.

So, if you see that the users of your office have a huge difference in data usage, you should go for these pooled data plans.

4. AT&T Mobile Select Priority – Pooled 

The AT&T Mobile Select Priority–Pooled data is the shared data plan with 5G network access, unlimited text and talk, intelligent traffic management, and private Wi-Fi features. You can have the flexibility to balance the data usage amount with a heavy user and a light user in the same pool.

AT&T Mobile Select Priority - Pooled 

On the other hand, you get its stream saver benefit which ensures you get the data available when you need the most for your business. What it does is keep the video streaming at a standard definition which saves data on video streaming. 

Also, the traffic management feature will give you the benefit of enjoying a speedy connection during network congestion. However, you’ll get more other benefits from subscribing to the plan.

Key features

  • The plan allows access to the available 5G network at a maximum speed of 2Gbps.
  • You can have unlimited domestic calls and texts, texts from the U.S. to over 120 countries, and talk from the U.S. to Canada and Mexico.
  • It saves data by allowing standard video streaming only and you can use the data to the most necessary required cases.
  • The Dynamic Traffic Management feature of the plan allows optimum speed at the busy hours
  • You can stay protected via AT&T’s Private Wi-Fi feature and connect with public Wi-Fi zones with full confidence. 

5. AT&T Mobile Select – Pooled

This Mobile Select-Pooled plan is for the businesses that are looking for pooled plans with a little bit less monthly bill and have no need for traffic management or private Wi-Fi features. 

So, you’ll get a more convenient plan for your business. Moreover, there will be no roaming charge applied to your plan if you are using data in Mexico. Let’s talk about the key features of this plan.

Key features

  • The plan has flexible pooled data which means that the data usage amount will be netted out at the end of the month in case of over usage and under usage.
  • You’ll be able to enjoy unlimited calls and texts inside the U.S. and unlimited texting from the U.S. to 120 countries.
  • You’ll not be charged with any roaming charges in case you use the data plan while you’re in Mexico.
  • The plan also includes an unlimited talk from the U.S. to Canada and Mexico.

Note: The pricing of those plans will seem confusing in a paragraph. So, click here to see the detailed pricing presented in a simple manner.

6. AT&T Mobile Share Plus for Business

In businesses, unlimited texts and calls are the top priority for choosing a plan. That’s why the AT&T Mobile Share Plus for Business would be an attractive plan for you. Moreover, you’ll also get shareable data and mobile hotspot/tethering use. There are no categories in this package.

AT&T Mobile Share Plus for Business

With the subscription to this plan, you’ll get suspected spam and fraud alerts which are very important to avoid the possible loss of your business.

The most important feature of this plan is that you can use the unused data of the current month in the next month. 

The stream saver feature is particularly important to save your data plan from getting overused with just video streaming.

So, you’ll see that the data is available when you need it the most for business purposes. On the other hand, the plan includes international perks with very convenient offers. It’ll help you grow your business overseas. 

Key features

  • You can connect up to 10 or 25 smartphones, feature phones, tablets, or other devices in the plan according to your certain plan selection.
  • The plan allows mobile hotspots for data sharing.
  • You can enjoy unlimited texts to 120 countries, calls to Mexico, and calls to Canada only for a 20GB plan subscription.
  • Moreover, you can go to Mexico and use voice, text, and data without paying any roaming charge. 
  • Most importantly, it has a Rollover Data feature that allows your unused data of this month rolled over to the next month and adjust with the next month’s data limit. 


To see the complete pricing list, you can visit this link. It’ll clarify the data plan and respective pricing with eligibility, terms, and conditions.

Final Verdict

We’ve reviewed all the AT&T business phone plans and now it’s time for you to choose one. For medium or large businesses, we think AT&T Business Unlimited Preferred plan will be the best choice.

But if you own a small business, you can choose the AT&T Business Unlimited Basic plan for heavy usage. Or you can choose the AT&T Mobile Select-Pooled plan for mixed usage.