AT&T 1080 4-Line Speakerphone Answering System Review

AT&T has launched their catching corded phone with an answering system named after at&t 1080 4-line phone system for small business Currently it is contemplated as the best and advanced technology corded phone which is enriched with gigantic features and as good as all are favorable for users.

This is the most ongoing corded model in the current market. It can comfortably handle calls for a small office. According to the manufacturer of AT&T they designed this 1080 4-line corded phone with DECT 6.0 technology which has an answering system and that is unparalleled for business. 

The users can use this corded phone without any wrinkle. This at&t 1080 phone allows you to use up to 4 lines. This phone is well suited with DSL and features three party conferencing. It supports you to conduct business with three people together at the same moment on three different lines. All the same, you will secure all your wishing features at a common price.

Noticeable Features of AT&T 1080-4 Line Speakerphone

  • This phone comes with 1 to 4 line small business phone system.
  • It includes a speakerphone.
  • It features Caller ID and Call Waiting.
  • It has new calls and new message indicators.
  • It has an expandable system up to 16 stations.
  • It includes ringer volume control.
  • It can record up to 60 minutes of incoming and outgoing messages.
  • It features a 32 number speed dial.

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Compare AT&T 1080 4-Line and VTech CM18445 Phone

AT&T 1080-4 Line Phone VTech CM18445  Phone
Compare AT&T 1080 4-Line and VTech CM18445 Phone Compare AT&T 1080 4-Line and VTech CM18445 Phone
  • The user can use this phone up to 4 lines and it includes an intercom for easy organisation.
  • It has caller ID and call waiting features so that you can see who is calling you.
  • It allows you to conference with 3 way calling, a speakerphone, mute and flash etc.
  • It can stock up to 32 phone numbers to make your dialing easy.
  • This phone supports up to 200 names and numbers caller ID history.



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  • This cordless phone is compatible with 4 lines and  features a full duplex speakerphone.
  • It comes with caller ID, call waiting, call recording and do not disturb features.
  • It has DECT 6.0 technology and an expandable telephone system up to 10 stations.
  • It can record up to 180 minutes of incoming and outgoing messages.
  • For easy and crystal clear viewing it has an extra large display.
  • It allows up to 100 names and numbers phonebook directory with 50 names and numbers caller ID history.
  • It has a remove button and it is convenient for hearing and visual impaired people.

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What Users Saying About AT&T 1080 4-Line Phone system

AT&T 1080 4 line phone is a notable model of AT&T which is wholeheartedly accepted by all the users. But while we checked the customer’s opinion about this phone, we noticed some mix reviews.

Like a couple of customers opine it is the best speakerphone for small business, good to use and extremely reliable. But some of the users pay negative opinions and say that AT&T should use better quality control.  Otherwise, this phone has no major limitations. 

Key Features of the AT&T 1080 4-Line Speakerphone

Neoteric Technology

This corded phone has appeared with neoteric technology with DECT 6.0 and this is one of the reasons behind why this phone provides astonishing service. No corded phone literally no corded phone offers thrilling technical support like this model. That means in any circumstances this corded phone is ready to provide you with the best technical support. If you fall into major nuisance with this phone AT&T customer service favors you without any additional charge.

Fancy Display

This corded phone has a sensational Monochrome LCD display so that you can use your phone even in the dark with crystal clear viewing. This phone has been designed aesthetically especially for visually and hearing impaired people. As this phone comes with speakerphone features so for this reason you can use it with handsfree.

Price and Performance

This is one of the best multi line phone systems for small business. You can see missing calls and messages by this amazing phone with an answering system. This phone’s price is inexpensive in comparison to its features and performances. AT&T fixed this phone price thinking of all classes of people. So you can understand it is a low-priced phone. It is easy to use and available in the recent market. So don’t worry all can buy this affordable corded phone. 

FAQs About AT&T 1080 4-Lines Phone Answering System

Q: Which is better: corded phones or cordless phones?

Of course a corded phone is undoubtedly a better option. Because cordless phones always provide lost signals more importantly, in urgent situations the circuits get full. On the other hand, a corded phone is reliable in terms of signals. It has a substantial backup system. All of these prove that corded phones are better.

Q: What does AT&T 1080 phone system mean?

This 10 1080 AT&T small business phone systems is a kind of landline phone system by which a user can use up to 4 lines within a line. The At&t 1080 4-line phone is perfect for a small business owner and it runs amazingly. The lines can be both internal and external. When you need more than four lines, several systems offer you the option to connect.

Q: What will I do if my phone answering system doesn’t work?

If your phone answering system doesn’t work firstly you have to check whether your answering system is plugged into a live telephone jack or not and power source as well. You have to ensure your answering system is switched on. A few answering systems don’t have the features of recording messages. Check your phone answering system is fixed to record messages.

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Final Verdict

At&t 1080 4 line phone speakerphone is severely proper for a small business office. No one can protest against its features. Its service is incomparable with all other phone answering systems in the recent market. AT&T offers numerous plans for seniors and all as well. So, don’t think much about buying it. Just go and buy with a little amount.

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