Asus ZenWiFi AC CT8 Review – How it features make it worthy?

Asus ZenWiFi AC CT8 Review - How its features make it worthy?It may seem a less economical choice for building your Mesh network hub system around if you are opting for the AX models on the market. Where the Netgear’s AX models are in a cracking 700 dollars tag and on the other hand this model with the same specs is priced just under 300 dollars. For your Mesh system WiFi networking around your job site, you may have searched for the best WiFi router system for sure. Our ASUS ZenWiFi AC CT8 review will make you realize the router’s conceptions for your needs.

For building a perfect and long-lasting mesh WiFi system around your selected area we have analyzed a couple of routers and selected the ASUS ZenWiFi AC 3000 Whole Home Tri-Band Mesh System (CT8) for your meeting up requirements.

This ASUS ZenWiFi AC CT8 review will introduce you about the features, Best sides, user opinions, Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs). Without aunty ado, let’s move on to our main discussions.

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At A Glance Asus ZenWiFi AC CT8 router

  • Connects with more than 25 devices without any significant lagging issues at all for a longer period
  • Enjoy faster browsing and video streaming with the 3000 MB per second network speed
  • Cover your whole workplace or home with its 5400 feet area coverage capability
  • Launched with a dedicated backhaul wired and $ Gigabit ports connection for ensuring a maximum speed to your devices
  • It is compatible with all Internet providers including DSL, fiber, Satellites, Cables, and much more

Compare Asus ZenWiFi AC CT8 and TaoTronics Mesh Tri-Band AC3000 Whole Home WiFi Router

Let’s have a look at the comparison between two mesh system WiFi routers with approximately the same configurations for having adequate concepts about mesh system routers. So that you can choose any routers or modems wisely while going for the next purchase.

Asus ZenWiFi AC CT8 Router TaoTronics TT-ND001 Mesh WiFi Router
Compare Asus ZenWiFi AC CT8 and TaoTronics Mesh Tri-Band AC3000 Whole Home WiFi Router Compare Asus ZenWiFi AC CT8 and TaoTronics Mesh Tri-Band AC3000 Whole Home WiFi Router
Lets you cover your whole home with its Tri band Mesh system WiFi connectivity feature Lets you cover your whole home with more than 200 devices as its a Tri band Mesh WiFi system
Allows you to  enjoy a swift and wide area coverage as it covers more than 5400 feet area without any sorts bufferings Without any sorts buffering it allows you to  enjoy a wide area coverage as it covers more than 5000 feet area.
Makes your network usage more safer as it has a parental control features as well as lifetime network security It makes your children’s network using more safer since it has a parental control feature but it has no lifeline network security
Has 4 separate gigabit ports and 3 SSIDs for more speeded browsing and surfing. As it has 4 separate ethernet Gigabit and 1 USB ports for swift surfing of the internet
The data transfer speed of this ASUS ZenWiFi router is 3000 MegaByte Per Second thus it is committed to provide ultra-fast experience. The data transfer speed of this ASUS ZenWiFi router is 3000 MegaByte Per Second so it provides an ultra-fast experience
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What are user saying About Asus ZenWiFi AC CT8 Mesh WiFi Router

This WiFi router is a great Mesh option for having a different mixed usage of internet providers as well as it has a Third Band backhaul wired cables. Most of the customers have given it a priority for the easy usage manual first of all. Besides, others have mentioned it as their WiFi network speed booster and the design is also rock-solid as well.

But a sprinkle of consumers has a little bit of problem with the Crash issues of this Router. And they have reported that the memory message of the system logs is the issue that crashes most. Nevertheless, the overall performance has satisfied the majority of the customers so we are hoping that it makes you pleased too. You may also consider reviewing the best Netgear modem router combo

Key Features of Asus ZenWiFi AC CT8 Router

Great Coverage

The WiFi system will allow you to create the names with flexibility thus you can name them what you want. Side by side, it will vanish all the dead zones around your selected area for a hassle-free and constant wireless network facility. The speed and the dedicated backhaul wire are committed to delivering you internet to every corner of your household.

Easy Set-Up

The setting process and methodology of this router is super simple that it will require less than 10 to 15 minutes to set this whole tool package. First of all, turn on the ASUS Zen WiFi 6 router. Then you have to create an admin panel account as well as create and set up the WiFi Network name. Afterward, wait for 3 minutes and you are all done, simple. The user interface is also easily displayed in a helpful dashboard.

 Gerat Security and Parental Control

Charges literally no charge for the subscription as well as the device has a defensive feature against attacks. Moreover, it will protect you from malicious websites access and detect infections as well. The advanced parental control feature of this router will provide kid-safe browsing, content filtration, and schedule time blockage for child-friendly usage.

FAQs About Asus ZenWiFi AC CT8 Router

Q: Is there a monthly payment for continuous WiFi ?

You don’t have to pay for internet service. It’s all about paying your local cable or telecom company monthly for getting access to the internet service. That’s how you will be able to cover up your whole house with the coverage of the high-speed internet.

Q: Does it run on all Nodes with a single gigabit ethernet backhaul?

Definitely, it runs all the nodes consecutively with an ethernet backhaul wired connection. As it has AiMesh technology, it combines with varieties of modems with the ethernet cables and the speed is also comparatively swift.

Q: Is the ASUS Zen AC CT8 Mesh System a better option for home usage?

For your Mesh system WiFi features in the feel of home, you can undoubtedly select the ASUS Zen Mesh System, because it is one of the fastest and reliable Mesh service systems available in the shops. Besides, the speed is also a great feature for opting to thisTri Band Mesh System Router.

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Final Verdict

In the list of features, this ASUS Zen CT8 router will surpass Netgear’s Orbi model routers and stand first conveniently. By the way, it is not in the overall performance as you guessed first. It doesn’t mean that the performance is horrible, it has shown a decent performance over the period of time. They fulfilled their claim of covering the larger area, but the performance is good rather than outstanding.

Now, you may ask why you should choose this as your next partner? The answer is simple if you prefer the affordable price range opting for it is a decent choice. A pretty lower budget tag doesn’t always mean poor quality and service. It has a good reputation for satisfying the consumers with overall decent service.

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