Top 10 Assurance Wireless Free Phone 2021

Communication is a prime priority among residences in the United States of America. But not all people have the resources to be able to purchase or own a mobile phone for this purpose of having someone to contact to in times of emergency or trouble. This is especially true for people who are already retired and have a limited income in their hands.

Cellular phones were once known to be a luxury but through innovations and technological advancements, it became truly a necessity. As a matter of fact, it is being used as a part of the everyday lives of people, most especially through important matters where communication is very much needed. Without a wireless phone, other possibilities, opportunities, and priveledges are not attainable.

Assurance Wireless Free Phone

But don’t fret because Assurance Wireless provides mobile units with corresponding perks for those people who are eligible for their services. This special program is powered and provided by Virgin Mobile to compensate for the needs of those who truly deserve to have a wireless phone in their possessions. This means that there’s an Assurance Wireless free phone for every person in need.

Qualifications for an Assurance Wireless Free Phone

Since this is a rather expensive opportunity for those people who badly need phones but doesn’t have the resources to do so, there are specific qualifications that were set so that those who truly need it can have an Assurance Wireless free phone in possession. Listed below are in-depth and specific eligibility requirements that must be met to be able to avail this once in a lifetime chance of acquiring free phone and services.


Medicaid is known as a joint program by the state and the federal government to assist people who are seeking medical attention but lacks or has only a limited income. It caters to the needs of different people despite their age as long as proper verification was made to ensure that they really need some medical assistance. It is also known as the largest health and medical funding service available in the United States.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP

SNAP or is previously known as Food Stamp Program offers affordable or even free food assistance to families that have low or even lacks the income to provide sufficient food for themselves. It is a program that is spearheaded by the federal government through the actions and decisions of the Department of Agriculture of the United States of America.

Supplemental Security Income or SSI

SSI is administered by the Social Security wherein payments that have been made are sent to those less fortunate families most especially for people who are blind, physically challenged, or those who have an age of 65 and above that requires monetary assistance.

Veterans Pension and Survivor’s Benefits

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers this kind of monetary support to those deceased war heroes that have left some family members including spouse and unmarried children behind. They will only be eligible if and only if they have low-income and that the war veteran has been in service on or before the 7th of September 1980 plus other requirements that must be met.

Federal Public Housing Assitance or Section 8 of the Housing Act of 1937

The Federal Public Housing Assistance aims to provide affordable housing for low-income families across the United States. Through this, a housing voucher is given to those families who rent a house that costs more than 30% of what the family earns per month.

Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families or Tribal TANF

A person or family that is federally recognized to be part of an Indian tribe will be eligible to this program that gives assistance for low-income American Indians or Alaska Natives. Those who are proven to be fit for the requirements of this program can enjoy cash assistance, education and career development assistance, transportation assistance, emergency assistance, K-12 clothing assistance, educational or employment expenses, and a lot more.

Tribal Head Start

This is given to eligible families of the Indian tribe wherein it will help their children’s early learning programs, improve relationships within and outside the tribes, and raise the quality of the services received by their child.

Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance or BIA

BIA also provides general, child, burial, emergency, and adult care assistance for American Indians and Alaska Natives who don’t have access to Tribal TANF. The main goal of BIA is to help these tribes to improve their self-sufficiency.

Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations or FDPIR

The FDPIR permits Indian Tribal Organizations or ITOs to organize a program that will promote food distribution to the eligible tribes that are living or close to an Indian settlement. This is somewhat a form of alternative to the usual Food Stamp Program.

If you’re involved or have any of these government aiding programs then you are fully qualified to avail an Assurance Wireless free phone. You shouldn’t worry if don’t have any of these requirements because there is still one thing that can make you qualify for this awesome opportunity.

If your household has been categorized under the 135% to 150% below the poverty line then you are welcome to avail this plan. To check if you’re qualified, you can submit an application for Assurance Wireless online or snail mail or you can also contact them through a phone number that is available on their site.

Assurance Wireless Plans and Features

The perks of owning an Assurance Wireless free phone includes a basic plan of free 250 minutes worth of call and unlimited domestic text messages every month. Take note that the unused minutes wouldn’t be added to the following month’s free call minutes. Actually, there are other available plans for Assurance Wireless which mostly depends on the state you are located in.

A California plan usually comes with unlimited text and calls while some other basic plans have 350 minutes of free voice calls plus unlimited free texts. An additional 150 free minutes of calls every month for the first 4 months, an extra payment of $5 per month will entitle you an additional 250 minutes worth of calls, and an additional cost of $30 per month will enable you to have unlimited calls plus access to the internet are just some of the different offers provided in different states.

The benefits of having an Assurance Wireless plan includes free phone, no contracts or even hidden fees involved, free domestic and long distance calls, and no monthly charges. Other than that, you can still upgrade your Assurance wireless phones and plans and add up some extra minutes if you have exhausted all the free ones. These are still under the notion of having no contracts involved.

10 Phones Where Assurance Wireless is Compatible

Listed below some of the best Assurance Wireless compatible phones that’s included in Assurance Wireless program. Each of which offers a relatively unique feature that you will definitely enjoy. What’s more exciting is that it is free and no charge applied.

1. Kyocera Brio

This Assurance Wireless compatible cellular phone from PayLo Virgin Mobile presents a sleek QWERTY keypad that provides easy typing experience. This mobile phone’s keyboard allows fast and comfortable navigation from one letter to another that most people really loved and enjoyed.

Assurance Wireless Free Phone - Kyocera Brio

Kyocera Brio’s 1.3 Megapixel camera doesn’t have any flash but can provide a digital zoom capacity. You can completely store all of those precious moments caught in a snap to the built-in microSD storage. More than just a typical phone, this one can provide you access to your emails through Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, and Windows Live Hotmail.

This Brio phone is perfectly engineered so that you can browse the internet, send multimedia messages, and connect to other devices through Bluetooth 2.0. This phone also allows quick syncing of your contacts as well as easy dialing and calling through voice-activated mechanism present in it. It is considered one of the top phones for Assurance Wireless since it boasts an interface that can be easily navigated on.

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2. Samsung Entro

Coming all the way from a world-renowned mobile phone brand, this Samsung Entro can fully utilize the benefits coming from PayLo Virgin Mobile prepaid services. This unit of the phone only operates on Assurance Wireless and on Virgin Mobile which means Verizon, T-Mobile, Boost, AT&T, TracFone, Metro, and NET10 won’t function on this phone.

Assurance Wireless Free Phone - Samsung Entro

Unlike most phones today, this one doesn’t have a camera installed in it but it contains the features that a mobile phone should have which includes clear background display, lights on the keys, commands that activates through voice, text messaging, and voice caller ID. Since there’s nothing much to do on this phone aside from calling and texting, it has a very powerful and long battery life compared to other cellular phones that are installed with high-tech features.

If you’re that type of person that doesn’t want any fancy looking phone and would definitely settle for something that is basic yet can still live up to your expectations then this Samsung Entro is your perfect match.

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3. LG G Stylo Boost Mobile

Assurance Wireless Free Phone - LG G Stylo Boost Mobile

The LG G Stylo Boost Mobile is named as the best mobile phone that is truly compatible with Assurance Wireless functionality. It has a very elegant design that keeps you organized with all the things you need through the stylus that helps you conveniently navigate through your phone easily. Aside from that, this included stylus can provide you a free-hand writing experience on its HD IPS touchscreen which can turn your phone into a canvass.

Just like other Wireless Assurance free phones, this one is locked to Virgin Mobile and is very much affordable to have.

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4. Samsung Montage

Here’s another Assurance Wireless compatible mobile unit coming from Samsung that is exclusive only for PayLo prepaid users. This Samsung phone offers basic functionality for simple people who are not into too techy stuff.

This Assurance Wireless compatible phone has a rather limited storage space of about 40 MB. Although it only has a minimum storage capacity, what makes it a great phone to have is the ease and simplicity that it provides especially for older people who just need a wireless phone for communication purposes only. You can also access the internet and your emails through this phone.

Another great thing about this mobile unit is the sliding QWERTY keyboard that provides ease in typing messages. This Assurance Wireless compatible phone has a 2 Megapixel camera that is known to work perfectly with technology just like of CDMA. It is a very durable cellular phone that will surely last a long time in your possession.

5. LG Stylo 2

Assurance Wireless Free Phone - LG Stylo 2

The LG Stylo 2 walks along the best Assurance Wireless compatible phones in the market. For those techy people that seek convenient yet affordable mobile phones, this one features a 5.7-inch touchscreen, a good volume of storage space, and has a very powerful processor that helps you carry on different phone features with ease. Aside from that, you can also play games on this phone to your up to your heart’s content.

If you’re after a quick browsing and navigating experience then LG Stylo 2  is definitely the phone that you’re looking for. You can seamlessly update your social networking sites and chat with your friends and family members any time, anywhere. It also has am HD camera that produces high-quality pictures which allow those precious memories to be stored for a very long time.

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6. Alcatel OneTouch Retro

Assurance Wireless Free Phone - Alcatel OneTouch Retro

If you’re looking for a something that is compatible with Assurance Wireless and promotes the simplicity of the basic features that a phone should have then Alcatel OneTouch Retro mobile phone might be the one that you’re looking for. It is a very simple phone that can provide you with the basic functions that you need which include messaging, displays, settings, and ringtones.

This sleek-designed flip phone allows you to input texts without any trouble through the large keypad that is installed in it. You can also record videos and take pictures of great moments with your friends and family through the 2 Megapixel camera that comes with this phone.

For music lovers, this Alcatel OneTouch Retro might be the mobile phone that you have ever dreamed of. It can play music on the mp3 format and you can also freely listen to its built-in radio or what shows on the TV functionality that it has. You can also download and upload media from your computer through its Bluetooth feature.

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7. Samsung M340

Assurance Wireless Free Phone - Samsung M340

This flip-phone coming from a world-trusted brand has a very durable body that will surely last on your possession for a very long time. It comes with speakerphone functionality, VGA camera, as well as a Bluetooth feature with a state-of-the-art voice-activated phone dialing.

Aside from that, this Samsung phone that is Assurance Wireless capable can also support text messaging, Java applications, and most of all helps those who have hearing impairment through its hearing aid compatibility.

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8. Motorola Triumph

This Motorola mobile phone is known to go up the ranks with those Assurance Wireless capable phones in the market. It has a very fast processor speed of around 1GHz that avoids the lag time when important details or messages are needed to be accessed or to be done. Here’s another phone that will surely fit the tastes of people who are into techy stuff.

Assurance Wireless Free Phone - Motorola Triumph

The Motorola Triumph boasts a 3G network coverage capability that is powered up by Virgin Mobile to enhance its multimedia functionalities. With Virgin Mobile, you can freely choose from different plans that comes with this mobile phone which includes unlimited voice calls, texts, and internet data that you can use to improve your life.

This Assurance Wireless free phone comes in a very thin and compact design that allows you to carry it around without taking too much space on your pockets or in your bags. It has a 5 Megapixel camera on the back while an extra VGA camera situated on the front side for better video communication with your relatives or friends.

You can also increase the memory storage of this phone through the expandable microSD slot which can accommodate up to an extended memory of 32 GB. This means you can have more of your memories saved on your phone compared to other mobile phones in the market. Aside from this, there’s powerful and fast Wi-Fi connectivity that allows quick hotspot activation when you’re at home or even outdoors.

What’s more appealing with this Assurance Wireless free phone is its battery life that can sustain up to 4 hours of non-stop calls and about 3 days if it is left open and not in use. There’s more to it than this incredible stuff and it’s up to you to discover those awesome features yourself.

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9. Kyocera Contact Black

This very light and compact mobile phone will truly make you happy to have it in your possession. You can access the internet with this Assurance Wireless free phone which can enable you to sync your contacts and check on your emails any time you want. Chatting and messaging your friends and family members wouldn’t be a problem with this Kyocera Contact Black phone.

Assurance Wireless Free Phone - Kyocera Contact Black

It can provide 6 hours of non-stop calling and chatting with your relatives or friends. Getting lost in an unknown place will not be a problem anymore since this mobile phone has an accurate GPS functionality that allows you to track your location and helps you get the fastest route out. You can also play your favorite mobile games with this phone as well.

What’s more fascinating about this phone is its message predictive function that provides ease of messaging and adapts on the most common words you are using for future references. It also has a camera with 128×128 pixel resolution and a front LCD screen that measures about 1.44”.

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10. Kyocera JAX

Last but definitely not the least is the Kyocera JAX that is very compact in design and fits any pockets or even small pouch bags. This is also powered by Virgin Mobile and creates a wonderful world for people who are in dire need of easy communication through text messaging, voice calls, and social media access.

Assurance Wireless Free Phone - Kyocera JAX

This one also has an awesome speakerphone function, a 250-capacity phonebook, backlight for added convenience even in the lack of adequate lighting, customizable organizational tools, and a very long-lasting battery life that can live up to 3 hours of non-stop voice call time.

There are great plans that come with this Assurance Wireless free phone that you can avail depending on your preference and needs. As mentioned in the previous sections, you can avail plans that have unlimited calls, texts, or data or a combination of these that will match your preferences and needs.

There’s actually more available phones that support Assurance Wireless but these listed above are on top of the ranks. You can always check them up close and personal and see which one really matches your taste.

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Save the Trouble, Get Yourself an Assurance Wireless Free Phone

As the years go by, owning a trustworthy mobile phone is becoming a need more than a want since it is involved in a lot of negotiations, communications, and business transactions that are needed for future references. If you’re having doubts about having a quite expensive phone, the Assurance Wireless program will always have your back as long as you fulfill the requirements to enjoy this great opportunity to own phone for free.

Just a simple reminder in choosing a good phone that has Assurance Wireless compatibility, make sure that you select the most feasible and trustworthy phone which you can use at full capacity. Don’t go for something that is super appealing but will render you a hard time to navigate or use. Always remember that you vouched for a phone mostly for convenience, comfort, and communication.

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