Arris Surfboard Max Plus Mesh AX7800 Review

Arris surfboard max plus mesh ax7800 reviewFinding an effective router in contemporary times has become tougher than ever before. The main reason behind it is the economic promotion of routers, there it is meant to people that a single router has to handle the overall tasks of your household. But it is a matter of common sense that the single one can’t be in two places to cover the larger field. That is why the concept of Mesh network routers have invented to peoples mind.

Mesh router systems have been launched to fill up the gap. Amongst the router’s name, Arris is a pretty trusted one across the users. There is plenty of routers from Arris that performs impressively. The Arris routers also have a distinct look and contain a pretty much smart and sleek design. If you want both of the performance and design within one device, then Arris SurfBoard Max Plus AX7800 is the one to qualify. Too much talking! It’s time to start Arris SurfBoard Max Plus AX7800 review at last.

At a Glance ARRIS SURFboard Mesh AX7800 Wi-Fi 6 Router (W30)

  • Arris Surfboard AX 7800 is made with the Next-generation gigabit WiFi 6 for better internet surfing as well as gaming and much more.
  • The data transfer rate of this Arris W30 Plus is 7.8 Gb per second thus the speed is delivered like lightning-fast.
  • As a Tri-band router, it provides a longer coverage of up to 3000 square feet that fits your whole home.
  •  Ensures Up to 7 times better battery life on Wi-Fi 6 client devices so you don’t have to stay worried about the power.
  • Works with Alexa devices as well as Surfboard Max Plus Mesh Wi-Fi System.

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Compare ARRIS W30 Plus With NETGEAR Orbi Pro SRS60 Router

When you will stare at the comparison between two routers that carries almost the same specs, it will provide you a greater concept about the routers thus allows you to choose the best one.

Arris W30 Plus Router NETGEAR SRS60 Router
Compare ARRIS W30 Plus With NETGEAR Orbi Pro SRS60 Router Compare ARRIS W30 Plus With NETGEAR Orbi Pro SRS60 Router
ARRIS AX 7800 router provides a longer coverage of  up to 3000 square feet that fits your whole home easily. Inside Netgear Orbi Pro SRS60 Each of the WiFi band satellites covers up to 2500 square feet area conveniently.
As the data transfer rate of this Arris W30 Plus is 7.8 Gb per second so enjoy lightning-fast speeds. Ensures a blazing fast speed  as it has a data transfer rate of 3 Gb per second.
It works with Alexa featured devices as well as Surfboard Max Plus Mesh Wi-Fi System for more facilities. Since the router works with Orbi APP thus the setup is pretty simple and can be done in minutes.
Launched with 4 ethernet gigabit ports so that the router delivers at its best speed possible to more devices. The 4 separate ethernet ports are given for ensuring a faster speed to wired connected devices.
Has Self-optimization Msah system as well as 8 streamlines for a better connection through multiple devices. Designed with MU-MIMO, Smart Connect, and beamforming for more possibilities.

What Users Are Saying About ARRIS SURFboard W30 Plus AX7800 Router

Among some of the considerable routers for having the 802.11ax standard of WiFi, this ARRIS Surfboard W30  plus router is a trending one to choose from. As it has triple bands, you can easily run a library with this without any issues. Since the router has a breakdown of 4X4 dedicated backhaul for up to 4.8 Gb per second the speed is pretty much astonishing.

“This ARRIS AX7800 is one of the best WiFi 6 routers that will allow accessing the most upgraded format of WiFi standards”, quoted by the users. It delivers a noticeable performance in the initials installments days and slowly it lags in with some issues. When given the update to the latest software the issue automatically fixes. For the Best modem router combo for Comcast, you can use this AX7800 as a helping hand.

Key Features of ARRIS AX7800 W30 Plus Mesh System WiFi 6 Router

Next Generation WiFi

When you talk about the Next Generation WiFGi standard, the name of WiFi 6 or 802.11ax will smoothly come out of the mouth. ARRIS Surfboard is launched with the latest WiFi 6 technology to cope up with the generation. This Tri-band Wi-Fi 6 technology of this router provides efficient network traffic management resulting in true gigabit Wi-Fi speeds.

Intelligent Compatibility

This ARRIS AX7800 router has compatibility with Alexa devices. As well as it is made with the optimization feature with the Surfboard Mesh system for ensuring the best possible speed for every device.

Easy Setup

Setting up this router with the application is very simple and convenient. With the Arris App for Android or IOS, you will be able to set this up and manage all the functions securely and easily.

FAQs About ARRIS Max Plus AX7800 (W30) Mesh System WIFi 6 Router

Q: Is the Lan IP address customizable?

No, the IP address for the LAN is not customizable. Currently, the IP address for the Surfboard MAX is not changeable or customizable. The default LAN IP address is but the choice of customization would be available in future firmware updates.

Q: Is this model supports only wired ethernet backhaul?

After setting the devices the backhaul wired can be used only for the wireless connection. The manufacturers have assured for further updates in the future for wired backhaul connections.

Q: Does the parental control feature to block websites?

In recent times, the ARRIS SURFboard MAX supports the capability to pause/unpause the internet. In future firmware updates, the product would have content blocking enabled whereby you would also be able to block specific websites under the tag of parental control.

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Final Verdict

When we talk about the latest WiFi versions for getting access to the fastest internet possible then the hype usually goes high. But the selection of the best mesh wifi system router from the available routers of the market may be a pretty sweat breaking task if you are unable to get the proper guidance to pick the best one according to your needs. The guided/detailed review will help you a little bit to find out the best one for you.

Before going to buy the routers you have to keep in mind some of the issues to have a smiling purchase. First of all the speed of the router will matter to a greater extent. Besides, the area coverage and the frequency bands need to be looked at a little bit. After all, the budget of the router will make the final decision, as the pocket matters. 

Finally, the ARRIS AX7800  W30 Plus WiFi router will be pretty higher in the budget range but it will be a value for money purchase for sure.

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