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Arlo Pro 2 Vs Blink XT2 – Which one Is the safest?

In contemporary times, a reliable and best security camera is considered as one of the most compulsory elements to protect your precious wealth from intruders. Having a reliable security camera is a no-brainer task because saving your priceless wealth is more important than spending some money on security cameras. At the initial state which devices were just used for business, security purposes have now spread across every household. 

The concept of close circuit Cameras have developed day by day and now appeared in the existence in the form of the wireless security camera. Wireless security cameras have now been in the hype of popularity just because of their wireless connectivity and great performance in security purposes.  Moreover, these wireless security cameras have little to no installment costs and replacement hassle; that’s why they are very widespread amongst peoples.

Here we will represent two of the best security cameras from the streaming market and it will help you a bit to realize, learn, and choose the best one for your needs. In this context, we will try to illustrate Arlo Pro 2 Vs Blink XT2 and sort out the best one for your needs.

Compare Arlo Pro 2 Vs Blink XT2 Security Camera

Arlo Pro 2 Security CameraBlink XT2 Security Camera
Compare Arlo Pro 2 Vs Blink XT2 Security CameraCompare Arlo Pro 2 Vs Blink XT2 Security Camera
Arlo Pro 2 is made with 1080p High Definition video with sharper and brighter details  both in day and night.Blink XT2 has a 1080p video quality at the daylight and infrared technology recording for the night.
Comes with totally wire-free technology and it runs in wireless connectivity way for more utility.It has an easy and hassle setup as it has no wired and no tooling required for an installment.
It has flexible power options like a rechargeable battery, no wired connection, or plugged in feature for convenience.Has two powerful AA lithium battery with extended battery life(2 years) as the source of power.
With 2-way audio and wall-mounted feature, set it anywhere and ensure your overall security.Packed with 2 sided audio feature and various mount elements for setting it anywhere in the home for more protection.
Cameras with siren, Cloud Storage and Alexa enabled features makes it a perfect tool for overall home security.With free cloud storage and Alexa enabled voice controlling features, you won’t have to worry about your properties while you are outside home.
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1. Arlo (VMS4230P) Pro 2 Wireless Home Security Camera

Arlo Pro 2 is a security camera from Arlo technologies. Arlo technologies is a home automation company that is used to produce a variety of cameras for security purposes of homes and other workplaces.

Arlo (VMS4230P) Pro 2 Wireless Home Security Camera

Arlo wireless security cameras have a sophisticated quality security feature to enhance the overall privacy protection of homes and offices from intruders. Arlo Pro 2 (VMS4230P) is one of the most widely used security cameras with a reasonable budget and versatile quality features.

Key Features Of Arlo Pro 2 – Wireless Home Security Camera

Multiple Power Source

Arlo Pro 2 has a wide range of power sources to provide more flexibility while using at different places in your house. It comes with a wired and wireless power source. Moreover, you can connect it to sockets by using the wires.

And if you’re placing it at a place where using wires will be very hassling, then there is also a wire-free option. Furthermore, it also has 2 rechargeable Lithium batteries for a longer power availability through the usability period.

Great Alarm 

To maximize your overall security protection for homes and wealth, it has a better quality siren to make things clear and loud while any intruder enters. Besides, it has a motion detection technology, by which if any motion is detected at your selected range it will use the louder siren to notify you instantly.

The Alexa enabled voice commands are also an excellent option for having better security. Ensure better protection with the 2 way audion of this Arlo Pro 2 Security camera.

Better Quality Vision

In the world of security cameras, the first thing that is always observed is the camera quality of the product. This Arlo Pro 2 has a better 1080p camera vision in the daylight. Moreover, it will provide an infrared vision for a clear view even at night. The 1080p HD resolution and an advanced motion detection feature make it an excellent tool for home security.

What Users Are Saying About Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera

Makes your security concern blow away from mind since the installment of this Arlo Pro 2. The first concern, obviously the camera quality; it’s been pretty better than any other security camera. Side by side, the alarm is quite loud as well as the notification system is great. As it provides varieties types of notification gateway like- Email, 2 sided audio with Amazon Alexa, and many more.

Furthermore, the battery fact is the best one to mention. It is one of the best indoor/outdoor security cameras since it operates perfectly in the household interior as well as in freezing temperatures outdoor. While mentioning so many positive sides, we haven’t found any significant drawbacks to mention from our view.

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2. Blink XT2 Outdoor and Indoor Security Camera

Blink is a parent organization of Amazon since 2017. Blink Home is the best quality producer of home security products since 2009. Your indoor and outdoor security concerns will be gone after setting this to your around.

Blink XT2 Outdoor and Indoor Security Camera

Blink XT 2 is the best selling security camera for indoor and outdoor security purposes. Stoiods in the front line of security products with varieties of sophisticated features like Advanced Motion detection, Day hand night vision, 2-way audio, extended battery life, and more.

Key Features Of Blink XT2 Outdoor Indoor Security Camera

Easy Setup

As this Blink XT2 has a wireless connection so the setup process is pretty simple and convenient. It has an easy and hassle setup as it has no wired and no tooling required for an installment. Just create an account with Blink App. After that connect with the plug, add the sync module, and connect to your WiFi network. At last, insert the batteries and then sync them to the cameras to wrap the installment process.

Long Battery Life

With a longer and extended battery life definitely, you don’t have to worry about t the other power connections or sources. Moreover, Blink XT 2 has 2 AA rechargeable Lithium Batteries. The batteries are made with 2 years of large-scale life span to provide the best experience since you don’t have to stay worried about the power source.

Excellent Sight Vision

In terms of the daylight view of this Blink Xt 2 Security camera, it has a better 1080p HD camera to ensure crystal clear vision in the day time. In the night time, it also has the best. With infrared technology, it ensures an HD view even at the night. The infrared view is mainly black and white or gray, but the clarity is just awesome.

What Users Are Saying About Blink XT2 Security Camera

In the overall pricing and performance, This Blink XT2 is not a bad choice to shift for. Since it has mainly focused on the battery, the power source is pretty much solid. But on the notification side, it doesn’t have email alerts that Arlo Pro 2 has.

It runs on IFTTT and Mobile Alerts to notify about the motion detection. Doesn’t provides a local storage facility that Arlo Pro 2 has, since it runs with cloud storage features. The view angle is pretty much satisfactory but not as great as Arlo Pro 2. The budget tag is pretty much reasonable in terms of the features. So this is one of the best budget-friendly security cameras out there.

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Final Verdict

For the best quality security and overall privacy protection, you will search for the best wireless security camera with extended battery life. For the both safest and price-conscious choice of security cameras, we can opine for the Arlo Pro 2 security camera.

Not to mention, none of these cameras provide you true security, they just give you the ease of mind that if your house is robbed you will get notified in the shortest possible time. At the last point, you are the one who has to take initials and other steps for the incident.

Wait a minute! Don’t get me wrong. I also state that having a surveillance camera is an eminent option for enhancing your protection system. In the motion detection and video quality factor, both of the cameras delivered the same. In the customer experience, the Arlo has slightly further ratings than the Blink. Truly speaking, Blink is the best option for one who wants the facilities within a less expensive budget.

But if you are the one who doesn’t bother about the money, then Arlo Pro 2 is the preferable option to shift for. As Arlo Pro 2 has a better 100 Decibel siren that Blink doesn’t have. Now, the overall decision making is up to you regarding your requirements and desires.

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