Access Wireless Vs Assurance Wireless – Comparison Battle

Access Wireless and Assurance Wireless are both renowned lifeline assistance service providers in the US. Both of them are pretty much similar in providing services, plans, and coverages.

Assurance Wireless has recently merged with the T-Mobile network in late 2020. On the other side, Access Wireless operates under the network coverages of Sprint or Virgin Mobile.

In March of 2022, Access Wireless will also upgrade to the T-Mobile network. Now the question is, which one is best between Access Wireless Vs Assurance Wireless?

From our observation, Assurance Wireless provides more excellent coverage of the T-mobile network. They also have the best government aid offerings, phone plans, and smartphone bundles.

Access Wireless has nearly similar offerings, but they run under the wings of MVNO, where Assurance Wireless runs under a major carrier.

Slide down below to explore more about the details of both these government Lifeline cellular service providers.

At A Glance Comparison – Access Wireless Vs Assurance Wireless

FactorsAccess WirelessAssurance Wireless
CoverageMore than 35 statesMore than 40 states
Operating Carrier NetworkSprint MobileT-Mobile
Provided Free DataUp to 3 GB of LTE dataUp to 2 GB of 4G LTE data
Provided Free MinutesUp to 250 Minutes to all coverage states(Except for California)Up to 350 Minutes to all coverage states(Except for California)
Provided Free MessagesUnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly PlansAvailable(Paid)Available(Paid)
California Free OfferingsUnlimited talk time & text, up to 3 GB LTE data, and Free Government Cell phoneUnlimited voice minutes & text, up to 6 GB 4G LTE data, and Free Government Cell phone
Data Add-on PacksAvailable(pricing from 1 dollar to 30 dollars)Available(pricing from 10 dollars to 30 dollars)
Bring Your Own Device OptionAvailableNot Available
Customer Support Number1-866-594-36441-888-898-4888

1. Best Deals – Access Wireless Vs Assurance Wireless

Access Wireless Vs Assurance Wireless

Both Access and Assurance Wireless are lifeline assistance service providers, which offer free cell phone services under the Federal government.

Both Wireless carriers are prominent for providing the best deals, including talk, text, data, and a free phone. Let’s discover which one leads the way!

Access Wireless

Since Access Wireless is an approved Federal Lifeline aid provider, they mainly focus on the unemployed, low-income families, disabled, and disadvantaged households. Access wireless free government cell phones to minutes, messages, and browsing data to the qualifying members free of cost.

Nevertheless, they provide these data and talk times to a specific limit based on the states’ residents. Access Wireless comes with basic government phones free of cost. These phones come with essential features like calling, messaging, cameras, etc.

They don’t have any fancy features like gaming, social media, NFC, and so on. Moreover, with Access Wireless, you can bring your own phone to their lifeline aid program. Overwhelmingly, they also offer mobile financing and other similar services at easy installments.

Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless is also a similar Lifeline service provider which T-Mobile currently owns. But previously, they were operated under the Virgin Mobile Network, just like Access Wireless. They provide cellular services with internet access and a free government gadget(cell phones).

The free phones and their services are pretty much similar to Access Wireless. However, the consumers are reporting different user experiences in terms of customer support and plan pricing. Assurance Wireless is now under the coverage of T-Mobile so that you can get comprehensive 5G nationwide.

For the California residents, Assurance Wireless has an excellent program named California Freedom Program. Their California based program offers elevated services, more data, and unlimited essential features for the eligible residents.

Winner: Assurance Wireless is the winner for the best services and specified benefits of a national carrier.

2. Best Plans – Access Wireless vs Assurance Wireless

Access wireless vs Assurance wireless comes with identical cellular plans and offerings for their eligible Lifeline participants. However, as they are two different carriers, they have some slight variations in the programs. Let’s find out the contrasts between the plans of these two!

Access Wireless

For the qualifying Lifeline participants, they offer unlimited complimentary messages, 250 to 350 domestic minutes, and up to 2 GB of LTE data.

Moreover, you can also get a free government cell phone with that if you qualify. Like other lifeline service providers, Access Wireless also offers specified programs & perks for California residents.

California residents with a qualifying Lifeline membership can get up to 5 GB of 4G LTE data access, unlimited domestic talk, and unlimited messages free of cost.

Almost all Lifeline cellular service providers have specified pages for the residents of California. You can also add extra perks starting from just 1 dollar for 100 MB to 30 dollars for 5 GB data access(validity 30 days).

Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless comes up with great benefits for the eligible participants of the Lifeline program. If you qualify, you can get up to 3 GB of LTE data, a free smartphone, unlimited domestic minutes, and messages(for the residents of other states).

As they are a part of T-Mobile’s coverage, you can get 5G speeds in selected areas(requires 5G device).

Californian inhabitants with a qualifying Lifeline membership can get up to 6 GB of 4G LTE data access, unlimited national talk, and unlimited messages free of charge.

You can also get an international calling to Mexico & Canada(200+ countries) by combining extra 5 to 10 dollar add-ons with your plan. They also offer landline calling to more than 70 international countries and destinations.

Winner: Both providers are pretty close in terms of offering and providing extras. Assurance Wireless is the winner again as it offers 5G data speeds, international mobile calling & landline calling benefits.

3. Network Coverage – Access Wireless Vs Assurance Wireless

Network coverage of both these carriers is pretty much the same, but it depends mainly on the parent network. One Lifeline provider runs under the coverage of an MVNO.

It means the MVNO also runs under another major carrier. But the other Lifeline provider delivers services under the wing of a major national carrier.

Access Wireless

Access Wireless is a Lifeline cellular service provider which operates under the network of Sprint Mobile. As an MVNO, Sprint Mobile also operates under the coverage of T-Mobile(which is a major carrier).

With Access Wireless bring your own phone, and you can get the best quality 4G LTE data speeds. The speeds & coverage perspective varies from state to state. Access Wireless includes coverage to more than 35 states from the 50 states of the United States.

Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless, on the other hand, has merged with T-Mobile in the middle of 2020. Before that merger, they were operating under the coverage of Virgin or Sprint networks.

But now, Assurance Wireless has come with the country’s best 5G and high-speed 4G LTE coverage through the network of T-Mobile.

Moreover, you can get specific coverages based on the state you are living in. If your state has better coverage of T-Mobile, then you can stay pretty sure that you can get great coverage from Assurance Wireless as well. Moreover, they have now extended their coverages to more than 40 states across the USA.

Winner: Because of the broadest 5G/4G LTE coverage to more than 40 states, Assurance Wireless stays at the top of the leaderboard.

4. Free Phones Offer – Access Wireless vs Assurance Wireless

Free Phones Offer - Access Wireless vs Assurance Wireless

Access wireless vs Assurance wireless is approved participants for the Federal Lifeline Assistance program. They provide free cellular plans and government smartphones.

The eligible Lifeline members can get free cell phones when switching to one of these providers under the Lifeline benefit program.

Access Wireless

Access Wireless comes with a wide range of free government cell phones to eligible participants. You can get free cell phones for seniors and other smartphones from renowned brands. Amongst their senior cell phones, the Alcatel Go Flip 3 is the best.

Moreover, you can also get Access wireless compatible phones from the latest models like Nokia, Samsung, BLU, LC, Motorola, etc. Some of the best smartphones are- Samsung Galaxy A01, LG Aristo 4 Plus, Samsung Galaxy A10e, Samsung Galaxy J2, Motorola Moto E6, Google Pixel 2 XL, BLU C5L, etc. Besides, you can also Buy Your Own Phone SIM cards at their shop at just 9.99 dollars.

Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless is also a lifeline aid provider similar to Access Wireless. They also come with great cell phones for senior citizens and smartphones for middle-aged Lifeline participants. Amongst their senior cell phones, the Alcatel One Touch Retro is the best.

However, they also have great smartphones, flip phones, retro, or button phones from well-known brands. Some of the Assurance wireless compatible phones are Kyocera Brio, Samsung Entro, LG G Stylo, Samsung Montage, LG Stylo 2, Samsung M340, Motorola Triumph, Kyocera Contact Black, Kyocera JAX, etc.

Winner: We suggest Access Wireless as the winner of the free phone offering section for the wide variety of smartphones and flip phones.

5. Application Process – Access Wireless Vs Assurance Wireless

The applying process of both these Lifeline service providers is pretty similar. Both come with a straightforward applying process. They have a set of eligibility requirements for the applying members.

For applying to their Lifeline benefits program, you can simply visit their website, download the application form, contact with local retailer/dealer, fill out the form, and submit. Within a couple of business days, they’ll respond with the necessary elements and details to switch.

However, before applying, you need to fill up the requirements. Both come with pretty identical requirements for the Lifeline benefits program. So, let’s discuss them below!

Eligibility Requirements: First, you can qualify for the Lifeline if you are an approved or qualifying participant in any Federal programs.

Here are the qualifying Federal Programs that you need to participate in:

  • SNAP or Food Stamp
  • Medicaid
  • SSI, or the Supplemental Security Income
  • Tribal Temporary Assistance Programs
  • Pension Benefits programs relating to Veterans
  • Tribal Head Start
  • Public Housing Assistance by the Federal Government
  • Survivors Benefit Program
  • FDPIR, known as Food Distribution Project On Indian Reservations

However, if you fail to qualify for the Lifeline aid program through one of the above programs, there is an alternative way! As an alternative method, you can qualify by showing your annual income status as well.

If your annual earning is at or beneath 135 to 150 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, you can be eligible for the Lifeline Program. You should keep in mind that you must keep all the valid proofs of your eligibility requirements during the application period.

If you apply through any Federal Program, you must show valid documentation of your participation in the program. If you apply through your income, keep the last year’s tax return as the required paper.

FAQs About the Access Wireless Vs Assurance Wireless

Does Assurance wireless provide unlimited data?

Assurance unlimited is the most widely used unlimited data plan, which offers the most benefits and takes less from you. It is mainly a combination of Lifeline and EBB(Emergency Broadcasting Benefits), which offers users unlimited data, talk, and text features along with 10 GB of hotspot data.

Do Access Wireless offers free phones?

Under the government Lifeline benefit program, they offer users free government phones who qualify through financial status.

Is bringing my own device available in Assurance Wireless?

Straightforwardly, bringing my own device is not available in Assurance Wireless. However, they give a free unlocking facility to eligible members.

Note that the device needs to be under the coverage of Assurance Wireless. Moreover, your device needs to be active for at least one year, and it wasn’t reported or flagged.

Final Verdict

To wrap up, I will opine that Access wireless vs Assurance wireless both come with convenient services. However, both Wireless services are ahead in terms of providing enhanced benefits to the residents of California.

After all, Assurance Wireless offers more benefits to Lifeline eligibles compared to the contestant. They are great for coverage and have the best government aid offerings, phone plans, and smartphone bundles.