Access Wireless Bring Your Own Phone Deals 2023

Access Wireless is a successful participant of the Lifeline Aid program based on low income families and needy individuals. You can go for the Access Wireless Bring your own phone SIM card, which costs just 9.99 dollars if you wish to switch to Access Wireless while using your existing phone.

Access Wireless Lifeline services are offered to the eligible participants who qualify with their income status or participation in the federal programs.

Access Wireless is going to merge with T-Mobile within March of 2022. Thus you can feel confident to switch to Access Wireless for nationwide high-speed data and comprehensive coverage of the T-Mobile network.

For the Access Wireless BYOP option, you need to purchase the SIM card kit to activate your Access Wireless Lifeline service.

For bringing your existing phone to Access Wireless, you must have an unlocked GSM phone for compatibility with the BYOP SIM card. Let’s discuss the ins and outs of Access Wireless Bring Your Own Phone Deals.

Access Wireless Bring Your Own Phone Deals

Before you go for the BYOP option of Access Wireless, you must acknowledge the crucial factors of the SIM and its services. Since Access Wireless is a Lifeline participant of the Federal Lifeline program, they have specific rules for qualifications and applying.

Access Wireless Bring Your Own Phone Deals

Moreover, you should check the device’s compatibility you are using now. If the current device is incompatible with the Access Wireless BYOP service SIM card, then you may have to struggle a lot in the long run. Before you leap, it is better to check out the device compatibility.

How To Check BYOP Device Compatibility

As we have mentioned upper hand, you must check if your device is compatible with Access Wireless or not. Let’s discuss the procedure of checking device compatibility!


  • Initially, you should enter into the website of Access Wireless
  • Following, You should visit the shop phones page(here you can find various phones and the BYOP SIM purchasing option)
  • After that, go to the page titles, Eligible phones
  • Here, you should enter the IMEI number of your device(dial *#06# for the 15 digit IMEI number, if you don’t know)
  • Afterward, fill out the “I’m not a robot” captcha
  • Lastly, press the “Check My Phone” button, and you’re done!

Essential facts: With your recurring Access Wireless account, you can use any unlocked 5G, 4G LTE, GSM and CDMA cell phone with the Access Wireless BYOP SIM card. Suppose you have cell phones that you did not purchase from the Access Wireless stores, check the warranty beforehand.

For checking the warranty, you can contact your cell phone provider and make sure that your device is unlocked first. Because you cannot shift to Access Wireless with any phones that are locked into the barrier of a specific carrier or provider. The first condition is that you must unlock your device and be GSM compatible. Like you may compare with the best Assurance Wireless compatible phones.

Access Wireless Bring Your Own Phone SIM Card

Like any other cell phone provider that offers Lifeline benefits, Access Wireless also has a Bring your own phone alternative. You can find it on the best access wireless compatible phones which are separately purchasable for any Access Wireless users.

It is primarily a GSM SIM card that will go with all compatible GSM cell phones. For the Access Wireless GSM SIM card, you have to pay just 9.99 dollars. Nonetheless, there are specific prerequisites you must follow before going for the BYOP alternative.

Requirements for Access Wireless BYOP SIM

  • You must be a qualified member of the Access Wireless cellular services(Lifeline users can also participate)
  • Your cell phone needs to be compatible with the Access Wireless network
  • Pick devices that support the GSM network standards since Access Wireless BYOP is a GSM SIM card
  • You should close all the dues and contractual obligations with your previous service provider
  • Go with a device that is not reported as lost, stolen, or free from any fraudulent actions
  • Ask your service provider if your device has a valid warranty
  • Your device must have an unaltered and unmodified operating system
  • Last but now least, your device needs to be an unlocked one for the switch with Access Wireless

Purchasing Procedure Of Access Wireless Bring Your Own Phone SIM Card

If you find out that you have a GSM LTE compatible device that will support the Access Wireless network, it is time to purchase the BYOP SIM card.

All the Access Wireless new phones that need a SIM will have a SIM card inserted into them during the purchase procedure.

But what if you don’t have an Access Wireless phone and you want to use Access Wireless affordable services?

In such circumstances, you have one alternative for going forward purchasing the Access Wireless BYOP SIM card. So, let’s discuss how you can purchase the BYOP SIM Card from Access Wireless!


  • Go to your browser, and enter into Access Wireless website
  • For shopping phones or SIM cards, enter into shop phones page
  • Here, you should go to the BYOP SIM card page
  • Select the “Add To Cart” option for picking your SIM card
  • Within 2 to 3 days, Access Wireless will deliver the SIM card to you

How To Connect With Access Wireless Network From BYOP Device

If you find out that your current device is not syncing with the new Access Wireless Network, you should turn it off for 10 seconds and check if the issue is solved.

How To Connect With Access Wireless Network From BYOP Device

Usually, this will connect the new device with the network. You can also reset your device for compatibility with the new network. Here is a detailed process for setting up the new network(Android & iPhones).

For GSM LTE Phones

  • Enter into Phone Settings and the Network page(enter advanced option if required)
  • Select Mobile Network page and select LTE for the preferred network type(select Automatic if none are available)
  • Afterward, select the network, Access Wireless, if you haven’t selected it already.
  • Switch off your device and restart it again.
  • Lastly, confirm Access Wireless as your final Network operator.

Reset Process For Apple Devices

  • Similarly, enter into the Settings and then go to the General option
  • Scroll a bit under the page, and you will find the Reset or Network Reset Settings
  • Tap to the Network Reset Button and enter the phone PIN/Password for confirmation
  • Wait for a while and let the phone do the rest of the process
  • If your device doesn’t work with the process, then verify your account by contacting Access Wireless

Benefits Of Access Wireless Bring Your Own Phone Services

As a Lifeline service provider, Access Wireless offers extensive coverage to more than 35 states across the United States. They offer dedicated services and benefits to the residents of California.

You can still get decent benefits from the Access Wireless Lifeline program from other states with less generous services.

Plan Benefits For California Residents

  • Provides access wireless free government cell phones with BYOP option as well
  • Get unlimited talk times and messaging access across the country
  • Get up to 5 GB of free high-speed data
  • You can add up to 250 minutes for just 10 dollars per month.
  • For each Voice minute, they charge just 10 cents.

Plan Benefits For Non-California Residents

  • Provides a free government smartphone with BYOP option also
  • Get 250 to 350 minutes of free domestic talk times
  • Get unlimited messaging access for the whole nation
  • Get up to 3 GB of free high-speed data
  • You can add up to 250 minutes for just 10 dollars per month.
  • For each Voice minute, they charge just 10 cents.

FAQ About Access Wireless BYOP Service

Are there any differences between Access Wireless BYOP switching procedures for New and existing customers?

Yes, there are slight differences between BYOP options for new and existing users. If you are a new user, you should first qualify for their Lifeline program; apply here.

For existing customers, call 866-594-3644 from any other phone than your current device and contact the Access Wireless agent for the details.

Does Access Wireless has phone selection options available?

Since Access Wireless is a Lifeline cellular service provider and they offer free phones for the eligible, you can’t pick any device during activation.

They will randomly provide you with a free device based on your eligibility, area coverage, and network standard.

How to add top-ups for Access Wireless Bring Your Own Phone services?

If you finish the free perks before the end of the running month, you can add extra features from Access Wireless. You should dial #BUY from your phone, and they will provide a page with preferred top-up plans.

If you want to purchase from the Web, visit here and log in to your Access Wireless account for add-ons. All the top-up or add-on costs will be deducted from your added credit or debit card amount.

Final Verdict

Above, we have described all the essential facts and data about Access Wireless Bring Your Own Phone Deals. Buy a BYOP SIM card, and switch to Access Wireless with your existing cell phone.

You can save a lot in the long run by switching to the Access Wireless Lifeline program. However, check out all the requirements, conditions, and terms before you decide to switch with the BYOP option.