What Is The Best 2 Line Phone Plans With Free Phones

If you want to save some money with your free phone, joining the force and signing up for low rates 2 line plans are best. The good news is that all the large carriers have 2 line phone plans. Several MVNOs also offer discount 2 line phone plans with free phones.

Who provides the best 2 line phone plans with free phones? To help you pick the right plan, I presented only the best cell phone plans from every cell phone career offered for 2 users.

What is the best 2 line phone plans with free phones

Here I listed 10 cell phone carrier plans with free phones for 2 lines/users, from the cheapest AT&T to the last but most affordable Verizon plan.

1. Metro by T-Mobile

2 Line Phone Plans With Free Phones - Metro by T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile has a few 2 line phone plans with free phones. The company made it simple to turn one prepaid plan into a family plan.

That means you can add up to five lines to any of its unlimited data plans and limited data plans. By adding 2 lines, you will be able to get a slight discount.

10GB Data Plan: Cost $70/month for 2 lines. It offers unlimited music streaming from select services but doesn’t include hotspot data.

$50 Unlimited Data Plan: Cost $80/month for 2 lines. It includes unlimited music streaming, 5GB mobile hotspot data, 100GB Google One membership, and automatic backup on a capable Android device.

$60 Unlimited Data Plan: Cost 90/month for 2 lines. It includes 15GB of mobile hotspot data, 100GB of Google One and Amazon Prime memberships, and automatic backup on a capable Android device.

Besides, Metro by T-mobile offers a variety of add-ons, which means you can adjust the plans as you need.

2. Visible


Visible is known for offering the best and most affordable single-line plans on the market. On 2-line plans, you will get an additional $5 discount each month on each line. a $5 discount isn’t that much of a big deal compared to what the provider is offering.

But, Visible single-line unlimited plans are one of the cheapest plans, at only $40/month. So, if you sign up for 2 line plans, you will pay $35/month for each line, or $70/month in total.

The standout point of Visible’s 2 line plans for free phones is that you don’t need to have one person responsible for the plan. That means each individual can manage and pay for their own portion themself.

  • Unlimited monthly text, talk, and data.
  • Unlimited Mobile Hotspot (Capped at 5Mbps).
  • Network backed by Verizon.
  • $70 each month for 2 lines ($35/line).

Besides the unlimited data plan, you can also choose the limited plans and add two lines. The discount would vary depending on the plan.

3. AT&T

2 Line Phone Plans With Free Phones - AT&T

AT&T also has a total of 19 2 lines plans with free phones, but the Unlimited Extra is my personal favorite. The reason is, it comes with a huge 50GB prioritized high-speed data each month, 15GB mobile hotspot, international privileges, and 5G access.

As AT&T recently expanded its 5G network, you will most likely get a 5G network.

This Unlimited Extra Plan charges $75/month for single-line. But, you will get a $10 discount on each line, which means $65/month, a total of $130/month for two-line.

AT&T’s plans are quite expensive than T-Mobile or other providers, except Verizon’s. But, if you consider the perks, this plan is reasonable. If you roam around neighboring countries, this plan is perfect for you.

4. Verizon


Like AT&T, Verizon also has many 2 line phone plans. But, among all, the Verizon Do More Unlimited is the best, in my opinion. Though it’s the most expensive two-line plan on this list, there isn’t any better answer than Verizon for the fastest and most coverage.

The plan is suitable for anyone who wants an unlimited 5G experience. This plan lets you 5G access anywhere the network is available.

If you sign up for 2 lines, this plan will cost $70/month, totaling $140/month, $10 discount per month on each line. Its single-line cost is $80/month.

  • Unlimited text and talk.
  • Unlimited monthly data ( includes 50 GB of prioritized high-speed data).
  • 15 GB hotspot high-speed.
  • Unlimited 4K video streaming.
  • $140 each month for 2 lines ($70/per line).

Verizon’s Play More plan also can be an excellent option for 5G users for 2 lines. This plan is cheaper than Do More Unlimited. It includes unlimited text, talk, and data and 25 GB of high-speed hotspot data.

For perks, both plans have a free subscription to one of the streaming sites – (Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, or Hulu) and Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass.

5. T-Mobile

2 Line Phone Plans With Free Phones - T-Mobile

It isn’t possible to leave T-Mobile when it comes to multi-line customers. T-Mobile has the best perks and affordable prices for the multi-line. Among them, you will get a free Netflix subscription with two or more lines on Unlimited Plans.

Similar to others, T-Mobile also has various plans for two-line customers. Magenta Max is the most expensive and beneficial plan.

Besides unlimited 5G internet access, it also offers a generous 40GB of mobile hotspot for each line per month.

You will get the Magenta Max for 2 lines at $70/line each month with a two-line sign-up. It has $15/line less compared to a single-line plan at $85/month.

  • Unlimited talk and text.
  • Unlimited High-speed data. (No speed cap)
  • 40GB dedicated hotspot for each line.
  • Free Netflix subscription.
  • $140 for 2 lines each month ($70/month).

6. Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile offers the cheapest unlimited plans. For multiple lines, though there won’t be any discount, the cost/line can’t go lower.

Mint Mobile has two plans for 2 line phone plans with free phones – Unlimited Data and 4GB of data. As 4 GB of data is too low, I recommend the Unlimited plan. For the unlimited plan, Mint Mobile charges only $30 per line.

You will get everything unlimited. But, the 5G and 4G speeds will slow down after 35 GB of data use each month. Moreover, the plan will cost you more after the first three months. But, if you are willing to pay for 12 months in one go, you will again enjoy $30/line.

  • Unlimited Text and Talk.
  • Unlimited data ( Speed slows down after 35 GB per month).
  • Free mobile hotspot data (5GB cap on unlimited).
  • Free calling and texts to Canada and Mexico.
  • $60 for 2 lines per month ($30/line).

7. Tello

2 Line Phone Plans With Free Phones - Tello

Although Mint mobile offers excellent affordable plans, you can go cheaper with Tello’s Economy plan. You can get the plan for only $10 each month.

But, your data will be limited to 1GB each month, while the calling and texting are unlimited. So, it would be for you if you don’t use the internet that much or have other arrangements.

Besides this plan, you can also make your own plan with Tello. Texting is free for any plan you make. And, there won’t be an additional discount for 2 line phone plans with free phones as the plans are already cheap.

You can choose from no data to unlimited data for the flexible plan. Same with the minutes – no minutes to unlimited minutes.

  • Unlimited talk and text.
  • 1 GB 4G LTE Data.
  • Mobile Hotspot.
  • $20 for 2 lines per month ($10/line).

8. Reach Mobile

Reachmobile 3 lines Plans

Reach Mobile Basic is a reasonable plan for 2 lines. Their plan doesn’t include heavy perks similar to the plan from large carriers, but $50/month for 2 lines, you won’t let you complain about it.

Moreover, it uses the Verizon network, which means you will have great coverage.

This plan offers 3GB LTE data and unlimited text and talk. Although this much data might not be enough, that’s what you got at a cheaper price.

The plan is worthwhile with its 50% discount for the first free month. That means you can get the plan for $25/month for 2 lines for the first three months.

Anyways, I should remind you that you will only be able to access Verizon’s slowest 5G network with this plan. You will need to upgrade to pricer options to get access to the fastest network.

  • Unlimited Text and Talk.
  • Monthly 3GB High-speed data.
  • Mobile hotspot availability.
  • $50 each month for 2 lines. ($25/month for each line).

9. Google Fi

2 Line Phone Plans With Free Phones - Google Fi

Google’s wireless service, Google Fi, is quite famous among Google phone users. Your network also works with other phones seamlessly. Currently, Google Fi has three different plans for 2 lines. Depending on your situation, all the plans are great, but I recommend the unlimited plan.

The unlimited plan costs $70 per month for a single line. If you sign up for this plan for 2 lines, you will get a $10 discount for each line, a total costing $120/month.

Besides various other perks, the plan is best for international roaming. You can use the plan in more than 200 countries without disruption or additional charges.

But the issue is, data speed will slow down to 256 kbps after 22 GB each month per user. Video quality will reduce to 480p.

  • Unlimited talk and text.
  • Unlimited data ( Speed limited to 256 kbps after 22 GB used).
  • 100 GB Google One Cloud Storage. (per line).
  • Free Calls to over 50 countries.
  • No roaming on traveling 200 countries.

10. Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless can’t be said best for their affordable price. Their unlimited plans come at $50 per month for single-line, which is comparable to the large carriers. The other MVNOs offer much less in comparison.

But, the perks it offers are also top notched. The unlimited plan includes 15GB hotspot data, 150GB cloud storage, and HBO Max access. As Cricket uses AT&T’s fastest network, you will get full access to the 5G network.

This plan costs $5o for a single line each month. But, if you sign for 2 lines of free cell phones, you will receive a total $30 discount each month and need to pay $80.

  • Unlimited text and talk.
  • Unlimited data (No speed cap).
  • 15 GB dedicated mobile hotspot.
  • HBO Max subscription.
  • $80/month for 2 lines ($50/line).

The Limitation of 2 line phone plans

While all of these plans theoretically provide unlimited data, many of them will put a limitation someplace in the plan to limit you little.

AT&T retains the right to begin limiting data for Unlimited Extra users at 50GB; Unlimited Starter customers may be throttled. On the other hand, Unlimited Elite users no longer have to worry about caps since AT&T has eliminated that restriction from its most costly plan.

Verizon can throttle data after 50 GB of usage by Do More, Play More, and Get More subscribers. T-Mobile similarly allows you to consume 100GB of data before throttling kicks in; however, if you choose the more costly Magenta Max plan, there is no data consumption restriction at all.

There may also be restrictions on the video quality you may stream – some plans limit video streaming to 480p, allowing you to pay extra for HD video streaming.

Many plans also impose hotspot data limitations, allotting just a limited amount of high-speed hotspot data. This isn’t nearly as serious as it appears. Hot-spotting is merely a bonus for the average individual, and you won’t suffer too much if you don’t have access to it.

How to pick the best 2 lines plan For Free Phone

Aside from selecting a carrier that provides decent service in your region — check out our guide to the fastest wireless networks and ask friends and family about coverage — consider both pricing and features.

Choose the most acceptable cheapest cell phone plans for 2 lines from major carriers ranging in price from $60 to $90 per month, or turn to a bargain carrier like Mint or Visible. Consider the perks that each cell phone provider provides with its various tiers of unlimited data.

Know your area: Before we go into the plans, ensure you have the coverage you require to receive the best rate. As a result, we cannot issue a blanket recommendation for any one carrier. T-service Mobile in New York is outstanding, while Verizon is more dependable in rural Iowa.

While your mileage may vary, the good news is that these networks are always developing and improving, especially as the three big competitors battle to cover the United States with 5G.

You likely left a network complaining about its poor service a decade ago, but that network has now improved due to the drive to recruit users.

Know your deals and discounts: Another thing to bear in mind is the availability of discounts. Depending on your company, military status, student status, or age, all carriers provide extra savings that you may be qualified for.

Every major airline offers discounts to first responders, military members, veterans, nurses, and teachers. Verizon offers student discounts, while T-Work Mobile’s benefit might save you $10 per month on a Magenta Max plan, and AT&T has a similar scheme for its Unlimited Elite plan, which it calls Signature.

Is Hotspot Included With 2 Line plans for free phones?

The capability to share your phone’s internet with other devices, known as hotspots, will differ depending on your plan. Some, like AT&T’s Value Plus and Verizon’s 5G Start, do not include it at all, while others, like AT&T’s Unlimited Starter and T-Essentials Mobile and Magenta, provide limited amounts of high-speed access before restricting your hotspot performance to “3G” or “2G” rates.

In short, if hotspot access is essential to you, consider a more expensive unlimited plan like T-Magenta Mobile’s Max (40GB of high-speed data); Verizon’s Play, Do, or Get More (25GB on Play/Do, 50GB on Get More); or AT&T’s Unlimited Extra (15GB of high-speed data) or Unlimited Elite (40GB of high-speed data).

Final Verdict

Both the large carriers and MVNOs offer 2 line phone plans with free phones. You can select either of them. If you go with large carriers, the plans will be expensive, but you get top-notch internet speed, coverage, and perks.

On the other hand, MVNOs offer inexpensive plans, where you need to make some adjustments. Anyways, among the large carriers, Verizon and AT&T offer the most expensive plans for 2 lines, including the most exclusive perks.

On the other hand, T-mobile has a pretty affordable plan, with an impressive perk – a free Netflix subscription. That’s all for best unlimited data plan for 2 lines with free phone.